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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 188

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 18, 2012 04:12 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 188

I just wish they at least put the furigana on the names...since it's hard to get them right. ._."

Please credit Rena Chan for proofreading as well.

code:188 "Teamwork"

Pg. 1
Sakura - 2-...26,000 votes!?
What's happening? It was only around 3000 a couple of minutes ago... What's going on!?

** What is the reason behind the soaring number of "death" wishes!? **

Toki - The number can't possibly increase at this speed all of a sudden!! Did those Angels edit the votes themselves...

Pg. 2
Otowatooru Jirou (35)
On July 4, 20XX, he kidnapped Shiori-chan (9), a girl who just happened to be walking through the Koudan District, killed her and even took pictures of her murder. The corpse was torn into pieces and cast into the ocean. At that time, he packed Shiori-chan's corpse into her backpack and tightly fastened it with scotch tape.
[The photo of when the corpse was found at present during the trial]

Toki - What...!!
[They uploaded details of the crimes those criminals had committed...!!]
Rui - They even got information that weren't supposed to be made public...

Roman Shouichi (40)
On August 6, 20XX, he broke into the Masatsuki house in the Fuyutsuki District and stabbed Miyu---
who was in the living room for over 30 times before grabbing the sleeping 6 months old Miyu-chan
and smashed her onto the ground, killing her.

??? - Ugh...
That's just too-

A-...Are those guys even humans...!?


Pg. 3
Toki - So this is what they're after...!!
[They used this information to enrage everyone,]
[and get them to vote...!!]

[There's someone who just got enraged,]
[and pressed that "Death" button...!!]

[At this rate...]
[the votes will get to 80,000 in no time...!!]

Pg. 4
Toki - Sakura-chan!?
Sakura - ...-forgivable.

Those guys are unforgivable!! Absolutely unforgivable...!!
Laws can't even give these fiends the punishment they deserve...!!
Unforgivable!! Those guys are unforgivable...!!

Rui - Sa-...Sakurakouji.
Sakura - These guys,

[Soon, they'll just...]


Toki - Sakura-chan,

Sakura - No...
I can't let that...

Pg. 5
??? - I knew it!!
These guys really should just die.

You're right!! They're way too cruel.
Sakura - Eh!?
??? - To be honest, I do understand the feelings of those who pressed the "Death" button.
Me too!!

I seriously want to kill them over and over again and let them taste how fearsome death is!!

Sakura - Wait...

??? - Bu-...But we can't... They were already judged by the laws, weren't they?
They've already received punishment for what they've done...

You're just being way too optimistic!!
Like we can calm down after we knew what those bastards had done!!
I'm so pissed off right now!!

Pg. 6
They can be this brutal even with little kids and innocent people.
Who knows if they'll come back to the outside world one day!?
The laws are being too nice to them!!
Yeah, they can't be forgiven.

It's just like what they say!!
"An eye for an eye" "A tooth for a tooth"
We can't let any of those murderers live!!

Sakura - Bu-!?
But that's...

Aoba - Why don't just kill them then!? Go ahead and kill them yourselves!!
Not by pressing that button, but go and grab them by their necks and squeeze them!!
You can't do that, can you!? You're all just talk then!

??? - Wha!?
Aoba - You're just cowards who want to play heroes!!

Pg. 7
Sakura - Aoba!! Don't agitate them!!
They're speaking their mind. They didn't say that killing is a good thing.
None of them has pressed the "Death" button either!!

Aoba - ...Speaking their mind? In the end, everyone'll just...
wipe even the worst incident out of their minds once it dies out!!

??? - Aoba...
Aoba - ...Yeah,

if you're going to get riled up, then go kill those fiends and be prepared to bear their death for your entire life...

Ogami - ...That isn't good.
Aoba - Wha-...

Pg. 8
Ogami - ...You can be
angry, mad and resentful all you want,
but don't lay down your arms as long as you want to remain a human.
The minute you lay hands on anyone, then you're the same as those rare kinds...

You'll just become evil.
I'll burn anyone who has fallen into evil, no matter who it is.

??? - O...

Pg. 9
Heike - Not to mention, there's no need for those who had already been judged by the law to be judged again by the people.
Those rare kinds who used the anger of people to justify their executions are truly evil.

Sakura - Senpai!?
Aoba - But...
Heike - Either way,

The law of talion in the Code of Hammurabi, "An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth",
might be mistaken as a law that permits revenge, but it actually limits the punishment to not exceed that as needed.
...Laws don't exist only to pass punishment to evil people. It represents the reasoning of humans.

??? - Really!?
Heike - You can be burning with hatred, but please maintain your rationality.
...And even if there are evil people who cannot be judged by the law...

Pg. 10
Ogami - Evil for evil...
Just leave the judgment of evil to the evil...
We the "Code:Breakers" will be the ones to pass the punishment onto them.

??? - Ogami...

Lunch - It's futile.

Pg. 11
The "Death" gauge will fill up to 80,000 votes and we'll start our execution soon.
You might get their rational mind fixed up, but there's no cure for the human instinct.
They might get swayed by that flimsy sense of justice, but deep down, they still want to see those fiends executed... That's why humans are all idiots.

Toki - We just have to win, right!?
So if we win this next fight, you have to reduce that "Death" gauge by 10,000 together with our victory in that sprint!!

Lunch - Fine.

Pg. 12
??? - Next is the "six-legged race".
All participants, at the starting line...

Toki - We just have to tie our legs and run together right!? [Piece of cake.]
Rui - If the tie comes loose, we'll get disqualified. Fasten it tight...

Heike - Let's do the 2x5=6☆running!!
Toki - GYA!!

Heike - No need to worry. This definitely will not loosen up. The more you move, the tighter that shackle becomes...
Toki - Th-...That isn't good though.

??? - We'll just move at our own pace,
to match with Momiji who's the slowest and has the smallest steps.

Referee - Ready,
get set~
Yuuki - It started!!

Pg. 13
??? - [One two, one two]
Heike - That team is just an average team.
And that team is completely out of their league...
The team of rare kinds, whose strength is much superior to anyone else, lack in number of people, so they have to get two normal people in their team.
With four power users and one rare kind in Ogami's team... It'll mean...

We're in the lead in terms of power...!!
Toki - Right, we can do this!!
You guys, follow my rhythm!!

Ogami - Huh? Don't fuck with me. I'm the leader, so you have to follow me.
Toki - Huh!?

'da hell... Who'd follow you!?
Rui - Are you nuts!? I'm the boss of "Shibuya Mansion". Follow my pace!!
Toki - Huh!?

Heike - Everyone, have you forgotten who CODE:02 is?
Toki - Do you have to bring that up right now!? [You're not a kid anymore, gramps!]

Sakura - Umm, we don't have to match with each other, right? We can just zoom ahead with our power...
Toki - Like we can use our power with one rare kind here!!

Pg. 14
Shibuya - [Oooh!] Of course, the red team got four "bosses" in their team!!
With zero teamwork, they're slowing down!!
Heike - [Ufufufufu.]
Toki - [Stop bossing around, Prince.]
[To begin with, why do we have the sixth as our leader!?]
Shibuya - You might be well-trained, but everything is meaningless if you don't pace yourselves together~ [Well, they're always like that anyway.]

Aoba - ...They're all morons.
Yuuki - I'd definitely lead them if I was there.

??? - And while they're fighting, the white team is now on the lead!!
Check out their incredible speed!!
Their cooperation is marvelous!! The two in the middle did extremely well to keep up with the other three...!!

??? - But they're both unconscious, aren't they?

??? - Magnificent!
They're moving with their sandwich strategy!!
Shibuya - Of course, they're just like a sandwich lunch pack!!

Lunch - Sand...wich

Pg. 15
[lunch pack.]

Cool - Head!! Can you not stop that abruptly!?
??? - Oh, what's going on? Some accident with the leading white team!? Of course, that makes the victor hard to predict once again.

Toki - Just keep on running!! Everyone just keep on running forward!!

Cool - Damn...
if we just take these two out...

Pg. 16-17

Pg. 18
Yuuki - I didn't even notice them getting to the finishing line!!
Aoba - What!? You guys made it first!? But that team has the physically fragile Momiji who's really bad at sports.

??? - Huh!! Don't think so little of us...

Ogami!! We might not have any awesome power like you guys do...
But team sport is about helping each other out, not just about power!!
We can do what you guys can't do!!

Ogami - [We will be the ones to pass the punishment onto them.]
??? - We aren't going to just sit around, doing nothing after shoving all the work to you...
We are part of the red team too...!!

Pg. 19
Sakura - Maeda-kun...!!
Aoba - Why are you all fired up, simpleton?

Lunch - You sure you want to win?
But I thought you were pissed off at those criminals.
Maeda - Shut up... To be honest, I don't know what's right and what's wrong anymore...

how you can call humans as bloodthirsty idiots pissed us off!!
We'll stop your "Angel's Judgment" thing, and show you the good side of humans!!
Now, take 10,000 votes out from that "Death" gauge!!

Pg. 20

??? - ALL RIGHT!!
** The bond between "friends" opens the path to victory!! **

next: Announcement of OP&ED songs!!
to be continued

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