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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 189

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 18, 2012 13:19 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 189

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:189 "Not there!!"

Pg. 1
** Relaxed, they move on to gain themselves more victory!! **
Radio - [For today, we have this requested song.]
[Nyan-nyan Nyanmaru]

Rui - Now, fill yourself up before the afternoon match. Eat up and work hard.
[Tch, why can't I have any booze?]
[Friends of everyone~]

??? - Wow!! Those are awesome!!
Toki - Huh?

??? - The assortment of those lunch boxes!! They're so lovely.
The arrangement is just perfect too!!

Hachiouji-senpai, you're so awesome. You have my admiration. [Cooking Prince-sama.]
How you made it so well and smoothly is just so cool!!

Toki - WAH!!
You idiots, don't praise her...
??? - Eh!?

Pg. 2
Rui - I...
I'm not really...

??? - UWAH
Toki - I told you not to praise her!!
Ogami - She's just as shy as ever.

Heike - [Hmph]
So what if she's just a little good at cooking.
She's still a former evil person. How disgusting.

??? - You don't get along with Hachiouji-senpai, Heike-senpai?
But she's very generous...You really seem to have some grudge for her.

Toki - [Eeks!! They asked him the taboo question which everyone already knows but never dare to ask as if it's nothing!!]
[Normal people are scary~]

Heike - ...I

Rui - If it doesn't suit your mouth, then just say it, Heike.
Just watch!! I'll definitely make a meal that'll make you go "delicious"!!

Pg. 3
[Why don't you...?]

Heike - Hmph!! It suffocated me to be "friends" with evil. That's never going to happen!!

Seeing Prince's face made me think of my past. That's why I hate her.
Toki - I just don't get...anything that old geezer is thinking...

Sakura - E-...Erm, Lunch-dono, if you don't mind, why don't you come and-...

Pg. 4
Ogami - Are you stupid!?
Sakura - Hm!?

Ogami - Who'd invite the enemy into our lunch circle?
Sakura - But we might be able to see some hints on how to stop him that we can't see during our clash if we have lunch with him...
Ogami - No, we won't.

Sakura - Then why don't we just ask what Lunch-dono thinks first...
Ogami - Listen to me!!

...Geez, just what do you have these ears for?

Wah!? What!? Stop overreacting!!

??? - Next is the "Poles Toppling".
All participants...

Pg. 5
Pole toppling is the game when you topple the opponents' poles down to collect the flags which are on top of it.
All you need to do is to wrestle with your opponents!!

Let's fight our best like what we did in our six-legged race!!

We'll beat you up with our infinite power...

Pg. 6-7
??? - That concludes our first day of Kibou High Sports Day...
[Utterly defeated.]
** After their brief moment of joy, they face their total annihilation!! **

Pg. 8
Aoba - What'll we do now!! We can't win against those rarekinds, can we!!
In the end, we can't reduce that "Death" gauge at all...

The gauge is back to 30,000 votes again...!!

Sakura - B-...But it slowed down now...
Aoba - We can't even compete with them in something as stupid as sport competitions.

This isn't good, Sakura. The power gap is too large.
We won't be able to do anything if Lunch gets bored of the competitions and start off with their execution...!!

Pg. 9
Sakura - Aoba...

Aoba - I know that those data will definitely help us, but when is he going to finish analyzing it!!?

Sakura - Calm down, Aoba. We still have tomorrow.
Plus, everyone's training hard. Kanda-sensei is gathering more data too...
We all already did whatever we can do right now.

our classmates had shown us
that even though people were angry at those criminals, it doesn't mean they'll all press that "Death" button.
...I want to believe in the virtue of people.

Aoba - But...

that's your good side of you, I guess.

Sakura - Aoba, I'm tired, so I'm off to bed now.
Aoba - Good night, Sakura!!
Phone me if Ogami does anything fishy to you!! I'll definitely come to help you.

Pg. 10

Pg. 11
Shibuya - There, rarekind power! [Though it's just water.]

Of course, you won't stand a chance against Lunch-kun's team with this.
Toki - Shut it!!
Shitty cat!!

You even let those rarekinds enrolled themselves into the school!! Neutral stance my ass, damn opportunist!!
Rui - To side with those bastards is just low.
Yuuki - Who exactly are you siding with? Make it clear.

Shibuya - Of course, I can't do that.

Not only Sakurakouji-kun's, Ogami-kun's and Lunch-kun's lives all got messed up because of December 32...and the cause of it all is me.
As they all have the right to hate me, I can't lean myself to either one of them.

Toki - President...

Ogami - ...My life is messed up, you said?

Pg. 12
You're just being too conceited.

Shibuya - Bu-...But
After that have to go to so many hardships...

Ogami - That doesn't matter. All the choices I made are only of my own will.
I don't recall anyone messing it up for me.

...There's nothing you should be blamed for.
Plus, you could've blamed it on someone else at any time if you want.

Shibuya - Ogami-kun, you're...
[Such a strength...]

[You might really]
[be the only one who can stop Lunch-kun...]

Pg. 13
Ogami-kun, you all must've known by now, but just like Saechika said, you already possess the frontier unknown to anyone within your genes.
Of course, if I were to say

that you've already been equiped with the power to oppose rarekinds, how will you think?

Toki - Huh!? But special power doesn't work against them, and we're far weaker than them in term of physical strength!
Shibuya - ...Of course, that's because

all you ever did was to recklessly challenge them into brainless battle of strength.
You didn't even make use of your own power~


Pg. 14
Shibuya - "But well, it won't mean anything if you don't find out the way by your own self, right?"
Ogami - That shitty cat, I just want to kill him right now.

Not to push on forcefully but to draw back?...Then how are we supposed to attack them?

Ogami - ...You just never learn, do you?

Not even laying the bed down...What family play are you trying to play tonight then?
[If you don't return back to your room, I'll kick you out again, you know?]

Sakura - O...

Pg. 15

Ogami - Wha...

Pg. 16


Toki - Hey...
Wait, I thought you already went to be-...
Rui - ...One sec,

Pg. 17
Rei...What's wrong? You seem kinda pale.

Sakura - OGYAMI~!!
I won't let you get 'way~~

Letz dasht toward that risin' sung tergether~
Ogami - I-...I can't. The sun doesn't even rise yet!!

Sakura - 'Den go find it, 'en will run ter it.
Ogami - I said that's not possible...
Sakura - Yer can. Der'zt nothin' yer cant find~
Ogami - Hey...lower you voic-...
Rui - Sa-...

Pg. 18

Heike - That's just...

the Final☆Answer!! I get it now!!
Toki - Wah!! You were there?

I'm done with one part of the data inside Saechika's USB drive now☆
the rarekind's weakness.

Toki - Weakness!? But those rarekinds are invincible. They can't possibly have any...
Heike - It took me some while to analyze it as it's a single special trait that was made into data, but

Pg. 19
to make it easy, all rarekinds have a certain "vital spot".
When this spot is excited, their physical strength will drop down drastically and some will even become mentally unstable, in another word, became drunken,
just like the state Sakurakouji-san is in now...!!

Ogami - The excited...

That means she became like this because I touched her ears back then!?

Pg. 20
Heike - The location of this vital spot and their excited condition will differ from one to another,
but in general,

if we find out their vital spots, we may get our chance of winning in the battle against rarekinds.
[This is the weakness of rarekinds!?]
** Their single ray of light!? Await for them is their delicious victory!? **

next: The cornered rat will finally bite back...!?
to be continued

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