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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 190

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Sep 21, 2012 16:14 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 190

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:190 "The Feelings which Never Cross"

Pg. 1
Everyone - Rarekind's weakness!?
** Is this the channel to their victory!? **
Toki - You mean, all rarekinds have some kind of vital point that can make them turn to that ->!?
== Arrow is pointing at Sakura


Pg. 2
Shibuya - Of course, I can't stay up so late with the Sport Days coming tomorrow. Let's get to...

Toki - One sec!! Stupid cat!!
Shibuya - KYAAA!! [Perv!]

Toki - Prepared yourself now...I'll make you pay 100 times the humiliation you gave us.
Rui - Yeah, before we get to those Angels, we'll crush...

your weakness first!!

Shibuya - Of course, your attack is really off the mark...

Pg. 3
WAAAH, so loud...

Heike - He wiped them all away with his rarekind power.

Pg. 4
Of course, you can never stop me with thi-...

Yuuki - We'll...

find out your weakness right now!!

He's weakening!!
Did we get hi-...

Shibuya - Of course~

Pg. 5
Rarekind power for you again! [And again, just water.]

Toki - Si-...since when did he...
Shibuya - Alright, that's enough for today, of course~

To know our weaknesses is one big step up for you, but it means nothing if you can't find where it is.

Toki - Ugh...
[I hate to admit, but he's right. We'd be dead by now if it were those Angels...Before we can face them off directly,]

[we got to find out their weaknesses first in these ridiculous Sport Days first!!]

Ogami - That bastard Heike, why did he have to put this drunkard in my room...
Heike - It's unique to each person, but it shouldn't be long till that side effect wears off. [She'll be back to normal within a split☆second]

Ogami - Well, I'll carry you to your room before you really fell-...
Sakura - N-...

Ogami - Hey!! What now, you drunk-...!!
Sakura - Do ya
not like meh?
Ogami - Huh?

Sakura - Yer...not wanna become my family?

Ogami - ...Eh!?
Sakura - Fiance...

Pg. 7
Chibigami - Let's marry then.
Ogami - No, I don't want to remember it.

Ogami - By fiance, you mean...

Sakura - Yer don' wanna be my fiance nor my family, do ya?
Yer never approve it.

Always seems so hateful!!

...Am I really no good?

Ogyami...do yer hate me...?
...I don' want ya to hate me...

Pg. 8
What...are you saying...
...Weren't you the one who

always throw yourself in with your extraordinary values without ever thinking other people at all?
Sakura - [That will make you stop killing other people...]
[Love me. I'll never turn evil nor betray you.]
[I want to be part of your "normal life".]
[Become my family, Ogami.]
You're always a stubborn airhead.

That's why I...

Sakura - ...So you really hate me...

Ogami - ...Hate?
...Not really.

Pg. 9
I'm not...

Kanda - Master, are you still awake...? I have something to report to you...

Ogami - Ridiculous.

The answer...
is clear from the very start...

Pg. 10
I'm the sinful evil...The only place the "nonexistent" like me will end up in is hell.
...One day, I'll vanish from your sight.

Pg. 11
Chibigami - [Let's marry.]
Ogami - I'm not the same as back then...

It's not possible for our pairing to be considered as "obvious".

Ogami - ...It's not like I hate you,

...I can't become your family.
...I just can't, Sakurakouji-san.

Pg. 12
Hitomi - One last thing, Kanda...never grow any affection for the "Code:Breaker".
We'll just leave you behind...
Kanda - ...Eh!?

Ogami - Good night...

Pg. 13
Second day of the Sports Day!!

Th-...The white team is really fired up for the cheer leading competition.
Such an eye-candy.
Why can't we have Sports Day everyday!?

Toki - We aren't going to stay still either, 'kay? Sure, they are sexy...

Pg. 14
but we got something much better. <3

Classmate - [Shorts!?]
Whoa...as expected of Fujiwara-senpai. So cute.
B...But that's way too maniac...?
Toki - You just don't get it, do you?

Classmate - It's good that it doesn't show too much of our skin, but I just can't help feeling unease.
Sakura - I think it's really too tigh-...small, I mean.
Aoba - Not to mention, it's harder to breathe in this thing than that loose jersey, I already am starting to sweat...

Classmate - U-...

Pg. 15
Toki - Respect me!! Worship me!!
Heike - Toki-kun is really full of lives. [Fresh☆Boy]
Yuuki - Flashy girls are the best.

Rui - Dammit!! I...I definitely am not going to take this off!!
Toki - That rock solid Guardian!

40,000, huh...
It certainly is slowing down now, but we can't relax yet.

Ogami - I'll definitely stop them.

Pg. 16
Announcer - Our first competition is the obstacle race.
First runner, ready at the starting line...

Classmate - You can do it, Takky!!
Announcer - GO!

Classmate - So fast!!
But if you run that fast...

you're going to slip...


If he falls, he'll need to start all over again!!

Huh!! Like some slacker from the music club can win against gymnastics club in balance!!
...Balance!? Heh.

Pg. 17
Don't you dare underestimate the guitarist who can rock in any stance anywhere!!

Announcer - The red team's on the lead!!

Rui - You call this thing an obstacle? Don't make me laugh.



What the?
I can't get...

Pg. 18
Classmates - [Her hip got stuck...!!]

Announcer - Oh! The white team gets back on the lead!!
Sakura - J-...Just because she has an extra-large hip...
Toki - And her short is in full display.

Cool - So a bat can be of other use other than smashing on people, huh.
All right!!

Sakura - He's so fast!!
None of us can really match up with the strength of the rarekinds then.
Heike - But will he really be able to run straight from there on though...

Pg. 19
Classmate - Ah...I'm sorry...
Cool - Oh.

Classmate - He fell down!!

Cool - Now that's a real trouble...
Not even I can polish up my semicircular canals...
== Semicircular canals are the structure inside the inner ear responsible for self-balance and sensing body position.

Classmate - We found his weak point!!

Pg. 20
Sakura - N...No...
[I would've never notice that abnormality up till now, but]
[just now, he clearly]
[protected his right leg before he collapsed!!]

[Then Cool Yankee-dono's vital spot is on the right leg...!!?]

** Have they found the "Achilles' heel" at last!? **

next: Color spread with the announcement of the air date and time of the anime.
to be continued

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