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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Code:Breaker 192

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Sep 28, 2012 18:09 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 192

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:192 "The Sport Day's Last Match"

Pg. 1
Shibuya - Of course, before we get to the cavalry battle in the afternoon session,
let us first go to our prefinal, the cheer leading competition!

First is the red team~
Everyone - Red Team~~

** All spirits in before the final match!! **

Pg. 2

Toki - Aww <3 Lovely fluttering cute little pirates~~
Classmate - Which team are you cheering for!!? We'll lose to them...

Sakura - Prince-dono...

[She mesmerized everyone that they forgot their cheering in a matter of second!!]

Shibuya - Anyone wants one? [With 8tears' live photo if you buy it now.]
[From the red team.]
Rui - You just asked to be soaked in blood, do you~?

Pg. 3
Toki - Well, let's eat!! Gotta fill ourselves up before the cavalry battle...

Sakura - But Yuuki-kun, what do you mean when you say you'll turn the table in the cavalry battle...?
Toki - If you guys don't eat them fast, I'll take all the fried chicken fi-...


What!? All our lunches turn into a basketball...
What's going on...

Classmate - Dekasugi!! You switched all our lunches with basketball with your "Exchange" power!!?

Toki - What are you up to!! And give back our lunch...
Uesugi - A turn of table.
Toki - Huh!?

Pg. 4
Uesugi - You can have our lunch.
In return,
if we won in the upcoming cavalry battle, you must turned things over and stop this "Angel's Judgment" right away.

Toki - Wha...
[He just asked him that directly...!!]
Just when he opens his mouth...
[I know Lunch likes to eat lunch boxes, but there's no way he'd give an OK to...]

Lunch - 'kay.
Uesugi - Right.
Yuuki - Great job, Dekasugie.
Toki - [HE'S OK WITH IT!!?]

Pg. 5
In cavalry game, whoever snatches the most headband wins. I'll be the knight for ya.
Now, who're going to be my horses...
Yuuki - Me too!! I'll be the knight!

Classmates - Alright!! It's super stable now!!
You sure this is better than having 5 people as horses?
Toki - Eh?
Sakura - Leave it to me!!
We'll protect you, Sakura!!

Toki - Wh-...Why are you guys forming team on your own...
Classmates - Don't worry. We know.
Toki - Eh!?

Classmates - You guys are the only ones who can act as the horses for our Cap'n Ogami, right?
We'll form into our own team, so you don't need to worry.
Protect our cap'n though!!
[No need to worry about us.]

Toki - [Wh-]

[Why does it end up like this!?]
Rui - Why do I have to be the base!!?
Heike - My, this maybe some trouble. If the captain falls down, we'll be disqualified.
Ogami - Stay still!! Falling before even hunting is just suicide.
Yuuki - I would be a better knight though.

Heike - Should I bind you all then? ☆
Toki - [Stop! STOP!! STOP!]
[Heike, you bastard!]
Classmates - They get along really well...
Announcer - [With that, let's the cavalry battle...]

Pg. 6
Ogami - Eh!?

Kanda - G-...Good luck, everyone!!
[The Master team is completely fallen apart because they're all bossy again...]

[To begin with, "Code:Breakers" are all lone wolves who never relies on anyone...]
Yuuki - Right!
Rui - No, it's the left!!
Ogami - Listen to me, dumbass!!
Heike - Fufufufu.
Kanda - [They are more cooperative to each other than before, but they've never fought in team after all...]

Classmate - Got one!!
Kanda - [But it should be fine!!]

[The other two teams are awesome with their team work, and they're doing well too!!]
Sakura - Got one!!

Pg. 7
Classmate - Next!!

Damn it!! 3 against 1!!?

Ugh...We won't lose!! Everyone!!
To the left!! Ready,

dash off!!

Got three now!!
No one can win against our team work...

Pg. 8
No one can win us, the rugby team, in team work as well.

Sakura - Kyaa!!
All the girl's knights are finished now!!

Students - Sakurakouji-san~~!!

Aoba - Don't you dare get near to Sakura!! You dirty pigs!!

Sakura - Aoba, you're really so strong!!
Aoba - I'll protect you, Sakura...

Pg. 9
Student - Wah!!
Hey, what're you do-...

Idiots...it's much faster to make the cavalry collapse by tackling the base
than snatching the headband.


Ogami - We're completely surrounded even before we knew it...
Rui - It's all because you guys are slacking off.
Heike - Can't say I didn't expect this though.

Classmate - O...Ogami...

Pg. 10
Ogami - You guys...
[The headband's gone...]
[Then they're already...]

Classmate - Get serious already!!

Stop messing around...and acting all cool.
You still haven't got serious about any of these competitions even once, haven't you?

This is the end, y'know!!
Can't you at least get real at the very end!!

Pg. 11
Sakura - Ogami...everyone...it's all up to you now...
Classmate - You've worked so well together up till now, haven't you?
Don't let it all go to null...!!

...It'd be
It'd be a waste if we end like this, after all the efforts we've put in...!!

Just win...

Win on our behalf too!!
Got that, Ogami!!

Pg. 12
Toki - ...Well, how 'bout we work together just this once, huh?
Yuuki - The stronger one pace with the weaker one.
Toki - Just once in a while isn't bad either.
Heike - Let's☆Code:Breaker then.

Ogami - LET'S GO!!

Pg. 13
[Not for our sake...]
[But for them!!]

Pg. 14-15
Student - Ugh...

Aoba - What an idiot.
Sakura - Everyone!!

Ogami - Got all of them...
...All that's left

is your team now, Fussy Lunch.

Sakura - [If we find their vital spots, then the victory is ours...!!]
[And we can then stop this cruel game...]

No way...

Pg. 17
The "Death" gauge...has already gone above 80,000 votes!!
Bu-...But since when!?
How come...!?

Lunch - ...That means humans have chosen for the execution of the criminals.

Sakura - H-...
How come!?
How did it suddenly...

Classmate - Take a look at this!!
No way...!!

Pg. 18
The criminals are running loose in the city...!?
People - Kyaaa.

Sakura - Wh-...Why did it become like this!? They stopped the execution!?
[But that aside,]

[you mean those criminals who have committed all those terrible crime are all over the town...!?]

Classmate - You got to be kidding!! That's impossible!! We can't go out of school like this!!
Someone go take care of them, please!!

[I see...!! So that's why the "Death" gauge increased so rapidly up till 80,000 votes...]
They're stirring fears in humans this time...!!?
But why do they have to debauch the people to that extent...!?

Pg. 18-19
The judgment of humans had been passed.
In another word, we the Angels
will now start our public execution of those criminals.

Pg. 20
Kanda - Master!!
I wasn't able to track them down due to the 10 km limit last night,
but now we know where those criminals are judging from the location in the video clip.

Th-...The place...where those criminals were let loose...
is near to the train station 2 million people have to pass by every day...

the scramble intersection in front of Shibuya station...!!
People will be all in panic if we don't do something...!!
** The unstoppable madness!! The unstoppable tragedy!? How will the "Code:Breakers" make their move in the face of the public!? **

The author is taking a break in the next issue to gather information. Please stay tuned for the return in Issue 43!!

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