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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 194

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Sep 29, 2012 19:47 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 194

Fuck, I thought I can never come to like ToX2, but the third PV is too full of wins! Now I can't resist buying it. D:

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:194 "The Righteous Justice"

Pg. 1
Toki - There are 200 of those criminals that those Angels let loose, right...?
Heike - We got to capture all of them alive and restore peace to the town.
If we killed them, we'd be playing right into their hands.
...I'm not interested in those that had already been judged by laws to begin with though.
40 each then...
** They dive in for the sake of the weak, without ever looking back at the danger it'll bring to them!! **

Yuuki - The strong has to help the weak.
I'll hunt down double that number myself.

Heike - Oh...?

Toki - Big thing you said there, bossy genius.

Ogami - ...Sounds good.

Rui - How 'bout we let aside our Code:Number...

and decide who's the best now!!

Pg. 2
** The cross he bears on his back detests sins and punishes all scoundrels!! **

Pg. 3
People - Nooo



He's gone...

Pg. 4
Yuuki - Got 5!! I'm leading now.

People - Agh!!

Damn!! Stop it!!

Criminal - Outta way, bastard!!

Pg. 5

Wh-...What the hell is this...
Toki - 8 done...piece of cake.

Criminal - Wh-...What the!?
I...I can't move!!
People - Let...Let's run away now...!!

Pg. 6
Criminal - What the hell is going on!?

Rui - 14...I'm number one.

Heike - No, I got 22...I'm the Great☆Number One.

Pg. 7
Sakura - Everyone...

Awesome...!! They just came by they've already captured so many criminals...

Criminal - Move it, move it, MOVE IT!! I'll crash right into the defense line now...
People - Kyaa.

Ogami - Mammon.

Pg. 8
Police - Secure them...
Secure them!!

People - J-...Just what is going on...
I think I saw someone there just now...

Ogami - ...25, hm.

Why are you fluttering...

Pg. 9

People - KYAAA

Pg. 10

Ogami - Ugh...!!
[It's too big I can't burn the whole thing...!!]

Pg. 11
People - Wh-...What's that...?
There's blue fire...coming out from his arm...
He's not a human!?

Ogami - Run!!
Go, quick...!!

People - H-...He's not a human...
Aaah, my back...


Pg. 12
Ogami - Ugh...



Pg. 13

Ogami - ...I'm fine...don't worr-...

...Your first time seeing a monster, huh?

Sorry though...but this isn't some freak sho-...

Pg. 14
Police - I-...It was you!?
It was you, wasn't it!?

You were the one who...set that fire...that gigantic blue flame, weren't you!?
No...it got to be you!

You freak!! Enemy of people...!!
I'll kill you along with those criminals right now...!!

Kanda - ["Eden" will no longer be able to conceal it...The power users will be buried into darkness!!]
[We finally have a place we can settle ourselves in, yet...!!]

Ogami - Do you even have to ask...?
Police - Wh-...What's so funny!!?

Ogami - Shoot me.
Yes, I was the one who...

Pg. 15
Boy - He isn't, Mr. Police!!

He isn't the fire guy.
Yo-...You're completely mistaken!!

Police - Are you joking me, kid!? I don't have the time to play along with your...
Woman - No!!

H-...He isn't the one!!
The fire person already ran off that way!! I'm certain of it.

Police - B-...But there's no one else...
Old man - He's a plump, stern-looking man!! I clearly saw him with my very own eyes!!

Man - I'll help you look for him, so let's go!!
Police - B-...But!!
Old man - Hurry up, 'else that guy will really get away!!

Pg. 16
Ogami - W-...Why..Why are you helping me?
What good will that ever do for you...?

Boy - What are you saying?

You're the one who helped us while you won't gain anything.
Woman - Yes...!! If it weren't for your help, my baby would've been...
Old man - You really saved us.

Thank you.

Pg. 17
Yuuki - Found ya, Ogami~
Why're you loafing around here? Let's go. It's still chaotic over at that side.
Ogami - Yuuki.

Old man - Now, go before the police comes back!!
Boy - Mister,

next time, teach me how to make that flame too.
I'll use that power to save people like you do!!

Pg. 18
Toki - Gosh, we only captured about 100 of them.
There's really no end to thi-...

Yuuki - You lack Nyanmaru's heart.
Toki - So you're back...
Yuuki - If we want to help everyone, we five have to work together.

Heike - True.
[Blind them with the light]
[Protect people with the shadow while moving at the speed of sound.]
[Ogami-kun and Toki-kun just take care of the rest of the criminals.]
If we follow as said, we can capture all of them in no time.

Toki - Hah!! Fine by me, though~!? But what 'bout Mr. Boss Hater Ogami?
He isn't a cap'n like in that cavalry game anymore. Plus, I doubt he's really going to...

Pg. 19
Ogami - ...Let's get on with it.

Rui - Yeah!!
Heike - Well, shall we go then?

Pg. 20

Pg. 21
People - Wh-...What happened...!?
All the bad people just vanished after that flash of light...
What exactly...
we're safe now.

We're really safe now!!
Thanks goodness!!
I'm sure...
someone must've saved all of us...!!

Pg. 22
That wasn't a natural phenomenon. I don't know who did it and how,
but I'm sure...
Kanda - Sakurakouji-san!!

Sakura - Aah...if only Hitomi-senpaidono is here with us!!

Hitomi-senpaidono tried to let people learn of the existence of the Code:Breakers, so they remain in people's hearts...
What he did might be wrong, but he did it to prove of their existence.
Kanda - ...Yes.

Sakura - But

we didn't have to even go to that extent. Everyone here right now already have strong impression of their existence...!!

People - [The Heaterman saved me.]
[I'm Nyanmaru~]
[It's a supernatural power, seriously.]
[That's awesome.]
Sakura - [That's right...]

Pg. 23-24
[No one might know who they are,]
[but they're already inside the hearts of everyone.]

Pg. 25
Cat - Tch...they really pulled it off.

Lunch - Rei.
It's futile.
No matter how much you want to trust the virtue of people.
Humans will always have that spite inside them.

That heinous spite
which surpasses everything else.

Aoba - Now!! Spit it out, fiends!!
We need clues about those rarekinds and you guys are our only leads!!

Pg. 26
Criminal - S-...Stop, please...

Classmate - Aoba!! Stop being so violent!!
I know that they're evil, but they're all victims of those rarekind's game too, aren't they?
Aoba - What're you saying...

Classmate - ...I think they want to know that not all the people press those "Death" button so lightly, too.
Yeah! We've fought to save these guys!!
They may even turn a new leaf.

Sakura - Everyone...

Aoba - Huh!! All of your pure-hearten people~
Your angelic kindness makes me want to puke though.

Classmate - ...You're bleeding. Please wipe it out.
Criminal - Th-...Thank you...

H-...How old...are you?

Pg. 27
Classmate - I-...I'm 16...
Criminal - S-...16...

I don't need an overly matured one.

Sakura - M-...

** The ruthlessness which nullifies their compassion!! What sentiment is burning inside each of their heart!? **

next: The wicked flower fully blooms inside their hearts
to be continued

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