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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 195

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 7, 2012 05:48 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 195

Anime is good. I still have this unease feeling that it won't end nice, but at least the first episode is OK...though I got the most excited at the ending. SUZU LUV~ >_<"

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:195 "1/200 miracle"

Pg. 1
Sakura - MOMIJI!!
** A single moment of carelessness led to the loss of their precious one!? **

Pg. 2
Classmate - B-...
Bastard!! What have you done!!?

Sakura - Momiji!! Hang in there, Momiji!!

This is...!!

Pg. 3
Rui - That was close...

Sakura - Prince-dono!!
[She protected Momiji with her shadow just in time...Momiji barely escaped her crisis...!!]

Classmate - Thanks goodness...!!
But, if Hachiouji-senpai's shadow doesn't make it, Momiji would've been...

Criminal - ...Too matured people really make killing no fun.

These kids gave a really nice sound, y'know...?
That pleasant wheezing sound of the air leaking out through their throat.

Classmate - Wha...?


Pg. 4
It's OK now...
You're safe now, Momiji...!!

How could you've done that...How could you!!
Momiji...all of us were trying so hard to help you...

Criminal - Pfft.
...Help us then.

I...can't live on without some dead girls. Help me.
I don't feel like living without the smell of human's fat burning.

Classmate - Wha...

Pg. 5
Aoba - Shut up, trash!!
??? - Aoba!!

Aoba - Not only you hurt countless number of innocent people...
but even Momiji...

You guys get it now, do you!? You're just being too naive!!
It's all because of that boring sympathy you have for these fiends that all this happened!!
I'll give all of them the death sentence myse-...

Pg. 6
Sakura - ...We already know.

we all already know that.
We know how terrible these people are...!!
They had shaken us in rage with their action already.

Classmate - [These guys are better off dead!!]
[I can understand how people felt when they press that button!!]

Sakura - But...
Classmate - [You can't. They were already judged by law.]
[We fought to protect you, you know?]
[We'll stop this "Angel's Judgment" and show you the good side of people!!]

Even so!!
No matter how terrible they are, their lives shouldn't be tampered by those rarekinds...

Pg. 7
Don't say you'll kill someone so easily!!

Aoba - Sa...

Criminal - Untie us right now!!
Untie us right now if you still want to live!!
It was our haven before you guys showed up.

Sakura - Wha...

Criminal - See...?
Check this out.

Pg. 8
Look at how many I've collected.
I can still sense the taste of blood on them!
Mine are nails...
Nails are great.

Sakura - [People's teeth and nails...!?]

[The blue flame burned their ropes...!?]

Pg. 9
Sakura - Ogami, what're you doing...!?
Ogami - Hmmm.

I'm bored now.
No more foolish play after that sport day, please.

Sakura - Huh!?
Ogami - ...You guys,

I've you give the choice.
Turn yourself in and atone for you sin,
or die here:
which one do you choose?

Criminals - Wha...

Sakura - O-...Ogami, what're you...

Pg. 10
Sakura - Don't tell me that you...Ogami...
you're extremely angry right now...

Criminal - I want his fingers...
I'll take his brain...
I want to slit those girls' bellies...

Let us feel lives with your lukewarm blood!!

Pg. 11
Sakura - Oga-...

Criminal - Haha!! I'll start with yours first!!
Come out!! More!! I'll drink all of the-...

Pg. 12-13
Ogami - Evil...
is just evil after all...

Criminal - Eh?

Ogami - Burn to ash.

Pg. 14
Classmate - O...

Sakura - Why...
Why, Ogami...

If you didn't free them, you wouldn't have to kill them, yet why...!!

Toki - And what good will that do?
Just having breathes...heartbeats...and lives is already OK with you? Of course not.

Ogami was waging on their good side to atone for their own sin.

evil people are still evil.

Classmate - What we did is really wrong then...
Just what have we done...for the sake of those heinous people.
We could've just pressed that "Death" button...

Pg. 15
Criminal - Yeah...you're right...

Classmate - Y-...You're!?
Criminal - Pure and innocent kids like you trying to play hero? Dream on.

this was the first time...anyone had ever taken me seriously.
I'm feeling so great like I've never felt before...

...I'll turn myself in.
Thinking of your dumb faces on that execution stand isn't a bad idea either.


Pg. 16
Classmate - [One...]

Sakura - [Our virtue really reach him,]
[even though he's only one in two hundred...]

Pg. 17
Classmate - Wha...


Four-eyes - That isn't good.

Pg. 18
The game is supposed to move on my accord.

Toki - R-..."Ruggae Four-eyes"!!

Pg. 19
Four-eyes - My game is over now,
and I'd say I'm satisfied with the result.

as the game has already ended,

I'll need to get rid of a leftover pawn...

Pg. 20
** Ogami's infuriated!! **
Ogami - You...

next: The color of the sky they each believe in
to be continued

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