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Persona 4 40

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 19, 2012 19:11 | Go to Persona 4

-> RTS Page for Persona 4 40

Now...where to start then...? ._."

OK, first, I'm really sorry. I actually don't mean to jump 25 chapters ahead. I only have one issue of Maoh with me (the latest issue). My Persona 4 hype became really high again after I started playing P4G and rewatch a lot of scenes of the anime (which made me finally realize that P4A is probably one of the best anime I've ever watch...>.>"), so it's kinda like...translating just because I feel like it, type of thing. (CB isn't here yet as well, and P4 is an easy one to translate, so... ._.")

As for the raw...sorry, can't do that right now. I'm out of my home, and probably will be back at the end of the month, so I have no access to scanner as of right now. Please bear with the translation alone for now.

Also...I have some problem. Yeah, I'm really busy with my university right now, so I probably can't come to update monthies as much anymore, but there's more problem than that. Thanks to my stupidity, I cancelled my Maoh subscription since the beginning of the year for Tales of Xillia manga in Comic Gene. I'm kinda short of money as well, so I can't order more than three magazines a month. I only resume my subscription for Maoh (and cancel Gene) this month, and barely was lucky since the bookstore I frequent at has spare copy of this issue that I can have. However, that means I have almost one year gap. There shouldn't be much problem from the translation front, since I'm planning to fill the gap up with tankoubon (though I'll have to find out which volume), so I can still translate, but I am not going to scan tankoubon raw. I don't want to debind a tanko, so there'll be no raws from me for those chapters.

Also, I just knew that my mom packed all my mangas and magazines into cardboard boxes. I have some Maoh from last year still left outside of the box, and Persona magazine, so I can only translate from those, unless I unbox those boxes. So...if I do come around and translate again, it'll probably be the chapter inside Persona Magazine vol.1 (which...are the camp chapters, iirc...though they change Souji to Yuu in those chapters and the ending of the first part (right after Mudoon Curry scene) kinda changes from the original, from a single page to double pages of Souji "ascending to heaven" and have "Never More" song lyric next to it...)

PS. No, I'm not going to change from Souji to Yuu, and I still believe that Souji is just as official as Yuu.

Please proofread this before using for scanlation.

Persona 4
#40 "Shirogane Naoto (part 4)"

Pg. 1
Shadow Naoto - I am a shadow...the true self...
I bet you guys are fed up with your own self too, don't you!?

Kanji - Hmph! We'll see about that.
** Shadow Naoto vs. Kanji!! **

Pg. 2

Pg. 3
Rise - Kanji...
your Persona!

Souji - ...Looks like

he has become clear with himself now.

Pg. 4
Kanji - RAWRR!!

Shadow Naoto - AAAAAH!

Pg. 5

Kanji - Tch...Shit, I overdid it...

Shadow Naoto - So slow!
Is that first blow all you've got already!?

Pg. 6
No matter how powerful you are, you won't get anywhere with force alone!!

Kanji - Ngh.

You're just like a kid who's always so simple
and use force with everything!!

Pg. 7
Rise - What's wrong! Kanji!!
Souji - ...Hmm.

Kanji - That guy is swift, but that's no big deal to me...

this really isn't good...!

Pg. 8
Shadow Naoto - Kids can never accomplish anything anyway!

Pg. 9
Souji - Tch...!

Rise - Naoto-kun!

Listen to me? OK!?
I have a lot of things I have to tell you...

but right now, let me only say one thing.

Pg. 10
I want to apologize to you.

I said "We're not fooling around" to you
without even considering how you feel. That's why all this happened.

I'm sorry.

Pg. 11
We've both said our shares, and argued.
But since I already apologize, we're now friends.
Got that!!

Pg. 12
Naoto - You guys are really...

...My dream is to become a cool...hard-boiled detective...
My parents are really proud of their work, so I never have to rethink whether I should inherit their work...

A lot of people may find it as restricting, but I never even want to reject it. Rather, I really look up to it...
Guess I've inherited that from them as well.

Pg. 13
I believe...my grandfather also wanted to help me fulfill my dream as well, seeing that I was always by myself after my parents passed away.

I only was secretly helping my grandfather with his problems, and before I knew it, I was already called a "Detective Boy"...

It really pleased me at first...but it wasn't all rosy either...

Polices - "He's just a kid."
"Just a brat."
"That brat"

Naoto - Even though I helped them solved mysteries, what I got in return wasn't all pleasant...
A lot of them were even irritated just by the fact that I'm a "kid"...
That problem will probably go away over time,

Pg. 14
the fact that I'm a woman won't...

Rise - You despise being a woman?
Naoto - ...It doesn't fit with the "cool detective" I dreamed of...

Not to mention, police is the society of men...If people found more reasons to neglect me, I will lose my importance...

Kanji - You're just...
assuming things yourself!

Pg. 15
Rise - Hey...but now you understand, right?

Naoto - ...Yes...
I understand now...

Pg. 16
that my wish
is neither to become an "adult" nor a "man"...
** Naoto awakened!! **

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