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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 204

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 22, 2012 07:29 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 204

Please credit Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:204 "The Pledge of Immortality"

Pg. 1
??? - [We have to throw him]
Zed - Yep. If you do, I'll tell you everything...!!
[a debauch...?!]

Ogami - What're you bab-...
Toki - Wait... Hold it...

It's better that we just do as that guy says for now.
Ogami - But how are we supposed to pull off something that grand...

Lord - ["We'll have a party."]
Narration - [All the village cats were troubled by the lord's impossible request,]
[except for Nyanmaru, who never gives up.]
Nyanmaru - ["Leave it to me, Nyan."]

Yuuki - Leave this to me...
** Zed the freewheeler!! Yuuki firmly replies to his request!? **

Ogami - ...Eh!?

Pg. 2
Sign - [Tenpouin Hotel - Tokyo]

Man - Welcome, President Tenpouin.
Yuuki - Yay!!
** The erotic man who does not show a single trait of a founder!! **

Pg. 3
Zed - The high class lounge reserved only for VIPs!!
The high-grade wine!!
And all the cute model stars <3

Toki - Yu-...Yuuki owns this entire hotel...!?
Ogami - The Tenpouin Group is indeed very extensive.

Man - Please enjoy your stay, sir.
Yuuki - Can we go back to "Shibuya Mansion" yet?
Toki - The prez himself is incredible too...

Rui - And why do we need to babysit that bastard!?
Ogami - Because we can't help it.

...This is all
to stop the rare kinds.

Pg. 4
Man - *huff*



Pg. 5
Death must be repaid with death!!




It's fake...

E-...Even if I seek revenge, those two won't come back...
I'm so stupid... There's no way...

Pg. 6
Cat - Who said you can't seek revenge?

Man - Wh-...
Who're you!?
Cat - Don't worry. There are tons of people like you.
I'll kill the guy you want dead for you.

Hmm, a human sure has much lesser life force than a power user.

Man - Wh-...What're you...
I'll surely get revenge for you.
...But in return,

give me...your life. <3

Pg. 7
Heike - Now,

I've cleared out the people.
Ogami - We've granted you your wish. Tell us how to make the rare kinds mortal again.
Zed - [...Melissa-chan was so cute. And Ballantine was so good...]

Don't be so hasty. This is my precious lost hours, 'kay? Let's just have some more fun.
Hey, Masaomi, let's go talk about our old days while having a drink...

Hey, Masa-kun.


Pg. 8
kun <3

Sakura - A-...A ball!?

the same mark as the one on Yukihina's chest...!?

Zed - Don't be so cold, Masaomi... I was the one who let you have Yukihina's "life",

Pg. 9
Sakura - H-...His "life"!?
Zed - Yep, that's right.

My "Death" power is the power to materialize "life" and retrieve it.
I had materialized Yukihina's "life" and took it from him, making him immortal.
As long as this "life" isn't returned to him, he can never "die".

Rui - A-...And the one holding that "life" is Heike...
That's why Yukihina can't die, even though he was chopped into pieces...
[And since Heike was the one who requested for it, he despises him and tries to get his "life" back...!!]
Yukihina - That guy took my "life" and "way of living" away from me.

Zed - I made Yukihina an undead just as you requested.

I'm...your friend, Masaomi <3 [But I can only retrieve the ball when I'm in my lost form.]
Heike - You...

Pg. 10

Who said I'm your friend!?
In the end, you opposed me and the current "Eden" and sided with them instead, didn't you?
As "Re-CODE" 01...!!

Rui - Re-..."Re-CODE" 01!?
Is Zed!? ...Impossible.

What're you saying, Heike... What's the meaning of this, Zed!!
Zed - Oh!? Rui-chan <3 Yeah, I'm "Re-CODE" 01.

...But what is it again?

Yuuki - It's "Seeker's" army, set up to destroy "Eden".
Rui - That's impossible!! Even I don't know who 01 is myself.
...You are 01? Are you kidding me...!?

Pg. 11
[C-...Come to think of it...]
Hey, who's 01? Considering his number, he's even stronger than you?
Yukihina - Yeah, he is, but you don't need to know him, since he's useless in battle.
We only give him that title so we don't ever have to fight him.
Kouji - Hahaha!! True, he'll definitely be the worst enemy.
Rui - What's so funny?

No way...and I've always been looking forward to it...
Sakura - It can't be helped as he had always been sleeping in his grave...

Zed - Oh, the "Re-CODE"? I remember now. It's the bunch that even the skeptical Yukihina have some faith in, right?
Rui - Enough. Don't you ever mention that name again!!

Heike - ...Everyone just sticks around Yukihina...

You're always so thoughtless...!!
And careless...!!
Extremely rash and frivolous...
I really hate you for all those traits since long time ago...!!

Zed - ...C'mon, relax,
Your sexiness will be all for null if you keep furrowing your bro-...

Pg. 13
You don't have both eyebrows AND glabellae?

Ahahaha. [So slippery <3]

Ogami - H-...He's fooling around with Heike...

Zed - Chill. I'm a man who can only move during my lost form for 24 hours, y'know?
I don't give about who's friend and who's foe.
I just want to have fun during these hours. Get a clue, will ya?

Sakura - I'm sorry to hear how desperate you are...

Toki - Hey, can I have a word?
...If that's the case, you mean someone else has the lives of the "rare kinds" just like how Heike has Yukihina's then?

Pg. 13
Zed - No...
Their lives are with me,
as they chose to become immortal for Lunch's sake.

Rui - All three of them...
have different colors from Yukihina's...

Toki - That means you'll have to give their lives back to them directly, otherwise we'll never be able to kill them?

Zed - Why don't you give them back yourselves then?


Pg. 14
Toki - Th-...The balls of "lives"
went inside us...



Sakura - G-...Guys!!

Zed - Whoops. Forgot to tell ya.

The symbols on those "lives" are engraved with the person's blood, and since that's rare kind blood,
the venom will suck away a power user's vitality even at the touch of it.
Unless you're a dignified power user, be careful not to lose...

Pg. 15
Toki - UWA!!

Zed - Looks like I was too late.
Toki - Your carefreeness knows no bounds, huh!!

A-...Are you serious...? We'll always be in our lost forms if we have this inside us...

Zed - Treat it as your training then. If you can endure that, your power will definitely go up exponentially.
Toki - Th-...That's none of your business...
Zed - ...And

those rare kinds...inevitably chose to become immortal...
But if you can save them, then please do.
...As I can't fight, I couldn't save them.

Sakura - Zed-...-dono?

Pg. 16
Zed - If you can't even endure this,
then you won't surive the "next battle".
Got that?

Toki - [Then this guy...!?]

[The "next battle"!? ...What is it that he knows...!?]
Well, I just want to simply enjoy my time.
Ah~ Can't just drink my hangover away, huh.

Sakura - So you really are that desperate yourself, then?
C:E - Nah, he's just a good-for-nothing geezer.
Ogami - ...That's not true.
C:E - Eh!?

Ogami - He can walk around without a care even with those three balls that just caused those three to lose their power instantly.
The last founder...Zed the Hero is quite something.

Pg. 17
He might be even harder to deal with than Heike.

C:E - Hey, Zed!! Stop fooling around and just give Rei back the key to his sixth flame already!!

Zed - Oh...that key, you mean?

...Well, about that,

Pg. 18-19
I already gave your key to the sixth flame...
Asmodeus of Lust
to Mishiru-chan since she asked for it. <3

Pg. 20
Ogami - Wh-...
What did you...
Zed - Well, during the last time when I lost my power, Mishiru-chan was there beside me.

Guess what? That girl can use the seven flames that incinerate the seven deadly sins just like Ogami-kun.
So I already gave her the key to the sixth flame. <3 [She's a real cutie after all <3]
In short, you won't be able to use the sixth flame ever again. Sorry for you!!
[No hard feelings, yeah? You can still use the other six.]

Ogami - Y-...You can't be for real.
Zed - But well, guess I prefer giving it to a cutie rather than to a snotty brat like you...

Ogami - Hopeless old bastard!!
Sakura - O-...
Ogami!? Calm down!!
** He's just a good-for-nothing old man after all!? **

next: The darkness of the heart which sinks down to no end!!
to be continued

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