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Tales of Xillia 2 2

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Feb 17, 2013 12:06 | Go to Tales of Xillia 2

-> RTS Page for Tales of Xillia 2 2

And the journey to repay the 2015 million gald debt of the unluckiest and most pitiful hero of the whole series begins~ XD

Please PM me for permission to use for scanlation first.

Tales of Xillia 2
Chapter 2 "On the same boat of debt"

Pg. 1
Ludger - I'm Ludger Will Kresknik,
a perfectly normal townsman who lives in Trygraph, the town powered by Spyrex,

and a new chef of the train station.
On my first day of work, I end up in an incredible mess.

An unknown girl accused me of molest,
[<- While she sneaks into the train ✩]
Elle - [Sorry!]
Ludger - WHA, ONE SEC!!!

and I fought with the terrorists who hijacked the train.
Because of that, it's really chaotic inside the train right now,
if this keeps on, we'll crash right into our destination in a few hours!!

That isn't all yet.
While we were fighting, the girl's watch started to shine bright.
I was engulfed into that light,
and my body...!

Pg. 2
** Ludger's sudden transformation!! What exactly is that form!? **

Pg. 3
Exodus - A-...A monster!?

Ludger - WOOO!

Pg. 4

Pg. 5


Pg. 6
[What's...going on?]

My head just suddenly went blank.
Everything's normal...huh?
Was I...just dreaming?

Jude - Are you alright, Ludger?
Ludger - Yeah...

Pg. 7
Jude - Umm, and you're?
Elle - Elle,
Elle Mel Mata.

Jude - Don't worry though, Elle...
Elle - Elle is worried!
That guy and Elle's watch just went weird!

Ludger - It really...wasn't a dream!?

Jude - That's alright,
since his form is similar to a spirit.
Elle - Spirit?

Jude - Yep, my hometown actually has tons of those.
Elle - Of that scary thing!?
Jude - Spirits might be powerful, but they're friendly to us.
Not to mention,

he's the owner of this cat.
Then he can't possibly be that scary, can't he?

Elle - ...Alright...

Pg. 8
Ludger - Jude...

Nova - President Velland! This way, please!


Ludger - Nova!
Aww, been forever!
Ludger - You...never changed too.

Nova - Well, I...

wait a sec, what's this, Ludger?
Who's this little girl here? Could she be your...
Ludger - No! I only just recently met her.

Nova - Really?
Ludger - You seriously don't change one bit, do you?
[You tire me even more than those terrorists!]

Jude - Umm...do you happen to know the situation in the other bogies?
Nova - Oh, yes.

Pg. 9
We came from the bogie right behind the VIP one.
Oh, and this is my boss, the president of Velland Bank, Mr. Velland.
The terrorists are indiscriminately attacking the passengers.
One of them was incredibly strong too.
He just took out all the guards...
Ludger - One of them?

Yep, he's the man with glasses, white coat...and wields two swords.

Ludger - Wait, you mean my brother!?
Don't joke around in the time like this!!
Nova - I'm not joking!
Wait, Ludger, you have a brother?

Ludger - ...? What do you mean?
You knew about my brother.

Nova - I've never met him though.

Jude - How about we go further back inside the train first?
We might be able to find something there.

Elle - Elle'll go too! Elle has to go to the "Land of Canaan"...
Julius - The Land...of Canaan?

Pg. 10
Where did you...learn about that from...?
Depending on your answer...

Nova - Ludger, it's him!
Ludger - Julius...

Nova - Be careful, Ludger!

Ludger - Nova...
you really don't recognize my brother...?

Something isn't right here...
What's this feeling of unease?

Julius...what's going on here? Tell me!

Pg. 11
Julius - I have no need to tell you.

Lulu - *SNAAAARL!*

Ludger - Lulu!?


[isn't my brother...!]

Pg. 12
Julius - Why...

Why, Ludger...
Why did you approach Bisley...!?

Ludger - What's he talking...

Pg. 13
Jude - Majinken!!
== Demon Fist

Ludger - Jude!

Jude - There's something wrong...with Julius...
We have to fight him...
Ludger - I know...!


Pg. 14
Julius - UWOOOOO...

Jude - Ludger! I'll follow your steps!
You go in first!
Ludger - OK!

== Double Fury

Pg. 15
Jude - We did it...
Ludger - *huff*

He just promptly and perfectly got along with my move.
Jude...He's really something.

Velland - Great!
Kill that terrorist for us right now!

Ludger - ...Kill?

Julius - You're really kind...aren't you?

Pg. 16
Ludger - ...Ju...

Velland - GWAAA

[He...killed them...?]

Ludger - That's why I told...
you...not to come...!
Otherwise...those two...wouldn't have...
Ludger - N...

You're...You're not

Elle - Ah...

Pg. 17

Ludger - my


Pg. 18

Pg. 19
Julius - Lu...

Pg. 20
The dimension is...

Ludger - [You're not...]

Pg. 21
News - -broke into the express train heading for the nature factory, Ascald...
The terrorist group, the Exodus,
Ludger - Ugh...
News - had claimed several lives and caused tremendous-

Ludger - Ummm,
what was going on again...?

Where am I...
[The Dark Harbor]
[De Vall: Infirmary]

Ludger - An infirmary...?
Just what...exactly hap-

Pg. 22
[I can...]
[still feel it...]

Redau - Hey, you're up now?
Ludger Will Kresnik.
Sorry, I just used your GHS to confirm your identity.

Ludger - Umm...
Redau - I'm Clanspia's medical agent, Redau,
and I was the one who saved your tattering lives from that train accident.

Pg. 23
Elle - *SU*

Ludger - I see...thank you very much then.

And Jude...my friend, where's he?
Redau - Oh,
he's fine. He's outside, phoning with his friend.
Ludger - ...I see.

Isn't this...

That wasn't my brother...
I'm sure that he wasn't, but...

Elle - Give Elle's watch back!

Pg. 24
Ludger - But this is my brother's!
Elle - No! Papa gave that watch to me!

Redau - Sorry for butting in, but...

the treatment fee for both of you
will be 15 million galds...

Ludger - Wait! But that's just...
Redau - That is the cost of your lives...Cheap, isn't it?

Elle - But Elle...doesn't have any money...


Pg. 25
Redau - There are plenty of ways to earn money,
even for kids.

Redau - Being aggressive, are you?
Let's go with the society's rules here, boy.

Ludger - And you just scare a little girl with force too...!

Nova - Excuse me, is Mr. Redau here...?

Eh? Ludger!?
You were the one requesting for that loan!?

Pg. 26
Ludger - Nova! You're...safe!?
[Not just a ghost...right?]
Nova - [Huh?]
What "safe"?

Ludger - But from the look of it...I was sure that Nova...
She's supposed to be dead, but she's still alive...

Then that means "Julius" too...

Redau - Can you leave the greetings for later and make up your mind right now?
You can go ahead and run if you want to,
but I'll have this little girl pay instead, if you do.

Or maybe I should have your brother pay?
He's also Clanspia's agent.
Bet his salary must be good as well.

Ludger - If it's...
my brother...

Pg. 27
Jude - Sorry, I'm ba-...

What's this?
Redau - Contract

Jude - I see...
I thought I can trust him, since he's an agent from Clanspia.
Never though he's that kind of person...

I'm sorry, Ludger...for not being of any help to you.
Ludger - That absurd price is way beyond what anyone can pay anyway.

Jude - What're you...
going to do now?

Elle - The Land of Canaan!
Elle has to go to the Land of Canaan!

Pg. 28
Papa said it's the place where all wishes come true...
It's true!

Jude - It might not be just a makeup story though...

The Land of Canaan is a name mentioned in the traditional folklore.
It's the place where the Spirit who governs over the cycle of souls lives...
and it's said to be the place where "Kresnik", the sorcerer who wields the spear of volition, traveled to.

Elle - And you have the spear!

Jude - If "that" is the truth,
then maybe the Land of Canaan too...

how are you going to go to the Land of Canaan?

Elle - I don't know...Papa told me to try my best to go there and he'll follow me...

Ludger - Why do
you want to go to the Land of Canaan?

Elle - I promised with Papa!
I have to keep the promise!

Ludger - OK...
[This girl...]

[really trusts her father...]
Ludger - You're right.
Elle - Yep!
Ah, and that scary old man with glasses seem to know about the Land of Canaan too!
Ludger - Can you not call him old man?...He's my brother,
and he isn't really scary.

Elle - Why? But he...
Ludger - I want to believe in him.
That's what it means to be a family.
Don't you agree?

Elle - Yep!

Pg. 30
Ludger - The Land of Canaan and Julius,

we share the same destination.
Want to go together, Elle?

Elle - Yep!

Pg. 31
Jude - Ludger...
Ludger - Jude, I know that that isn't the Julius that I know.

You also felt that something wasn't right too, didn't you?
Jude - Yes...and the thing around Nova doesn't make sense as well.

Then let's search for the true Julius!
I'll help you.
Elle - You're coming too!?

Jude - Am I just being meddling?

Ludger - [This man is really...]
That'll help a lot.

He might already got back home.
Let's go to my home...to Trygraph!

Ludger - Oh yeah...GHS of "criminals" and "large debtors" will have movement restriction installed in them.
Jude - Ah!
But it's fine! If you repay those debt, they'll lift that restriction for you...
[Giant debtor]

Pg. 32
People - Seriously, what have he done...at such a young age.
His life is over, I guess...

Elle - You didn't even know what he had been through!

Let's go, Ludger!

** First to repay the debt...then onto their destination, the Land of Canaan!! **

Ludger - "Ludger"...hm?
[...At least it's better than "old man"...I guess?]

Elle - Ludger isn't even old yet, but he already got all that debt.
We too will do our best too, right! Kitty!
Ludger - His name is Lulu...
Elle - Oh! Let's do our best! Lulu!
Lulu - Meow~

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