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Midgard no Shugosha ~Rebirth of Norse Mythology~ 1


-> RTS Page for Midgard no Shugosha ~Rebirth of Norse Mythology~ 1

Wanna try to see if anyone will pick it up, but looks like no one will, hm...? This time, I didn't put my summary in, since I can't think of a good way to summarize it... ._."

I end up translating the whole chapter, because after reading 5 chapters of it, I'm pretty much convinced that I love this series. I'll just put the raw here as well, for everyone who hadn't seen in yet. This raw is also scanned by myself, but I believe that Rena will be the one doing the rest of the series as far as raw goes. You can also wait for her first chapter raw if you want to. Don't have to use mine. :p

Please ask me for permission before using this for scanlation.

RAW: http://www.directmirror.com/files/1NLH6F1D

Midgard no Shugosha ~Re-Birth of Norse Mythology~
Episode 1 "Volition"

Pg. 1
** New series "Midgard no Shugosha ~Re-Birth of Norse Mythology~ **

Narration - Long time ago,
in the age where several clans of intelligent beings dwell,
** The birth of the heroic epic of God!! **

The world was divided into nine, supported by the giant tree, Yggdrasil, which grows high up into the sky.
This is
the epic song of the north.

Pg. 2-3
** An encounter with the heroic God changes the fate of that boy!!! The new Edda has now begun!! **

Pg. 4
The plot is set in one of the nine worlds, "Midgard",
the glorious world of humans.

In a small village of Suden, to the north of the land,
in the middle of winter.

Soah - The sky is so clear we can see the Yggdrasil today.
Definitely a perfect day for training!

Pg. 5
Talking of training, swimming is the best!!
[A villager boy, Soah. Clan: Human]
We might even grab some fish as we go!

Friends - Ugh, swimming in a freezing morning like this!?
The water is -1.5 C...
We can't! We'd die if we swim here...!!
Soah - Are you stupid? This cold won't even budge me.
You know why?

It's because
I dream of becoming stronger!!

Pg. 6
Friends - Oh...

...I don't get anything you said!
Soah - In short!
The determination to become the top...

the spirit and guts sizzling inside my heart
is burning hot~~

Friends - [I really don't get him...]

Pg. 7
Soah - SO COLD!
Why the!?
Friends - Well, DOH!
I can feel the chill only at the sight of you, so stop it already...!

Soah - Don't give up so easily...
Now that I've stripped myself...

I'll go all out with it!
Friends - Eh!?

You sure you'll be alright!?

Friends - WOW!

Pg. 8
The river king...!!
Got to admit his greatness, despite of his stupidity...!!

Villagers - Chief, Soah is acting weird again...
Chief - WHAT!?

What is it this time...
[Village chief]

Soah - Hey, hands off! This thing is mine!

Pg. 9
Soah - GWYAH!

Chief - What are you doing, skipping out of class again!?

How many times had I told you to stay away
from the river since there are bears there!

Soah - No worry.
I'll protect my fish with my life!
Chief - Protect your completely naked self first!
Put something on!

...Gosh...always coming up with weird ways of training and causing tons of problems...
Friends - [Put some clothes on first.]

Chief - Soah...
can't you behave a little better so your late parents don't have to be so worried about you...?

Pg. 10
Isn't that exactly why!?
Mom and dad surely want me to become stronger too...

Strong enough to beat up
those bastards Jotunns who killed them!

Friends - J-...Jotunn...?
That's absurd!
Chief - Gosh...

You three, return to your seats. I'll explain it thoroughly again.

Other than us humans, there are several other clans living in this world.

[Overall known as Divine clans]

Pg. 11
Those within the Divine clans hold an immense power, "Meging" which we humans don't.
Jotunn is also one of them...!

is an extremely malicious and heinous clan.
Their eyes shine blood red. Their forms range from looking like normal people to monsters and beasts.
They're fearsome beings. Their body is extremely tough, and their meging allow them to use magic.

Pg. 12-13
The fateful arch enemy of the Jotunn
is the "Aesir" led by King Odin!
The two clans wage war against each other for so long...
Their opposition is right at the height of this era!

Lately, the vanguard of Jotunn has marched into Midgard.
Left to right - [Jotunheimr (World of Jotunn)]
[Midgard (World of Humans)]
[Asgard (World of Aesir)]
Chief - They see their conquest over this land as the first step to assault into Aesir's base.

Pillage, destruction, massacre;
Slowly but steadily, the evil Jotunns start to gnaw at Midgard...

Pg. 14
...What those Jotunn did in this Midgard is unacceptable.

However, unfortunately...the only one who can fight against their Meging is the divine clans which hold the same power,
and humans who are heroes with incredible power and weapons only...

Don't even think of fighting with them.
Got that?

Students - Yes~
Soah - Hell no!

Then I'll just
train like hell until I become stronger than those Jotunn!

Pg. 15
Chief - Fool, your spirit and guts won't take you anywhere!
Soah - We wouldn't know until we try!

Chief - You ignorant stubborn brat!
Soah - [Shut up, geezer!]
Villager - Chief...!

Lord Thor
Lord Thor has returned from his journey to suppress the Jotunn!!

Chief - Oh...!
Soah - Really!?

Pg. 16
Thor - Still a really peaceful place, hm.
[An Aesir. 218 years old. As a wielder of the thunderous hammer, Mjolnor, he's named the "Thunder God". Son of Odin, the King of Asgard. He has powerful meging, invincible power and incredible physical strength. Including Mjolnor, he wields three different meging arms. He is the heroic God who patrols around the World of Humans, Midgard, in order to exterminate Jotunns.]

Pg. 17
Villagers - Lord Thor!!
Yay, Lord Thor is here!
Chief - Welcome back, Lord Thor. I'm glad you seem fine.

Thor - Village chief, I'll have to bother you again until my next trip.
Chief - Please feel free to!

Thor - Thanks. This village is just perfect to be a base for my journey.
I can really relax here.

Chief - We're the one who have to thank you...!
It's because you rid those Jotunns away for us
that our Midgard really becomes a much safer world...

This senile man...just don't know how to show my gratitude to...
Soah - THOR!

You're back!!

Pg. 18
Sure took you long enough.
Do you even have any idea how long I've been waiting...!?
Thor - Oh...
There you are, lil' fireball. Been doing well there?

Soah - Never better!
I even caught a huge salmon today...


Do you even know who this man is!?

Soah - Of course, he's the super strong Thor, no?
Chief - Then show some respect!
Thor - No need to be so angry, chief.

He's already an interesting lil' guy, isn't it!
Soah - I've already grown up 3 cm, so stop calling me little!

Pg. 19
Thor - Oh? You sure 'bout that?
You don't look even a mil' taller than you were to me though, lil' one.
Soah - That's because you're too big...
Stop saying it already!!

I want to be as big as you right now.

Thor - You do? Best be stuffing yourself up more then!
I brought some gift for you on my way here too.


Soah - So huge!
Villager - That's the violent king of the west woods...

Pg. 20
Thor - Awesome!!

Villager - ...Wow.
He seems so pleased with himself...

Thor - Hm? What's the matter? You guys gulp some down too!
Villager - W-...We couldn't dare to...!
Servicing you is our duty...

Pg. 21
Thor - There's no Aesir or Humans in drinking together.
Don't worry too much over trivial stuff!

You guys better learn from him a bit!

Villager - KYAAA
Soah, that's Lord Thor's food...
Soah - Excellent!

Villager - Ahahaha, there goes the chief's third fist of the day~!
Soah - Stop knocking on my head already! You're making me more stupid!
Chief - No worries. You can't be any more stupid than you already have! [You're already stupid.]

Village - Lord Thor seems to really enjoy himself.
Yes, he seriously is a great man.

Pg. 22
While he's of the Divine Clan, he always treat us as equal without ever looking down on us.
No one in the Divine Clans will ever be as generous as him.

Soah - Thor, you've kicked a lot of Jotunn's asses, right?
Thor - Well, yeah.

Soah - Cool! What makes you to become so strong?
Thor - Hmm...even if you ask me that...
I have Meging after all.

Soah - That sure is great...
I hope I can have Meging too...

Thor - ...You want to become strong that badly?
Soah - Of course I am!

You're strong. That's why you can protect so many people, no?
I want to be like that too.

Pg. 23
Thor - ...You're right.
Power serves to protect someone,
...especially innocent people.

Soah - Innocent...?
Thor - Humans did no wrong,
yet we got all of you involved...
into our silly battle between Divine Clans...

Soah - But...you didn't do anything wrong too, no...!?
Thor - My clan's mistake is also my mistake.

That's why I've decided,
to use this power for Midgard.

Soah - You're seriously awesome, Thor!

Pg. 24
Villager - That boy has become really attached to Lord Thor.

Haha, he must've really admire his strength then.
That's what it is to be a boy.

Chief - But because of that, he kept on saying that he'll fight with the Jotunn without listening to anyone...
Such a troublesome kid...

Villagers - A-A Jotunn's here!!

Pg. 25

Dad - Ug-...Ugh...
Soah - Dad! Please, get up...!!

Dad - ...I...can't...

Live...for both your mom's and my sake too...
Soah - Uu...uuh...uuh.


Pg. 26

Pg. 27

Just watch it...
I'll definitely be able to defeat those Jotunns if I just train hard enough...!

Thor - What's the matter?
Being all fired up ever since the break of dawn?

Soah - I had one horrible dream last night...

Thor - I've heard,
that your parents were killed by the Jotunn, is that right...?

Pg. 28
Soah - ...The chief doesn't even think of avenging for them...
He said human can never fight with the Divine Clans...

But are we...
going to let them do as they pleased just because of that...!?

never accept that.
I'm sick of just running around without ever...
protecting anything...!

Thor - ...You're afraid of your own weakness then...?

Soah - Right, so just watch it...
I'll definitely become strong like you...

Pg. 29
And one day, I'll journey out to defeat all the Jotunns
and protect everyone like you do.

Thor - ...Lil' one...

So you're just copying me then?
Soah - Of course, I want to copy you.
Thor - Hm?

Soah - Since you're really cool!

Pg. 30
Thor - Acting all cool now, eh, lil' one!
You can't become like me with only your spirit and guts, y'know?
Soah - Huh!?
Then what'd you think I should do!?

Thor - Here.

Soah - What's this?
Thor - If you want to become strong, then start with the basics.
Practice these everyday now.

Push-up and jogging? Isn't this kinda ordinary...?
Thor - Basics are always ordinary stuff after all.

But they're also important! I don't take apprentices who doesn't know any basics...
Go get yourself bulk up until I return from my next journey.

Soah - You mean...you'll give me some trainings!?
Thor - Yeah, at least during my stay.

Pg. 31
Soah - OK, I'll do it!
It's our promise now, Thor!!
Thor - Yup.

Chief - WAI~~T.

You're not going to skip my class today!
I won't get any stronger through classes!

Chief - PFFT, SO FAST!

Th-...That boy's just too swift. [I've lost to the youth...]
Thor - Hahaha, he got away again, hm?

Chief - He has been saying training, training all day, that kid...
He's stubborn as rock...and won't listen to anyone if he has his mind set on something...

Pg. 32
That shows how strong his "heart" is.
And his stubbornness isn't that of rock,
but of diamond...!

It's nasty for an idiot like him to have that though!
He's seriously an interesting one!

...But don't worry.
He'll be fine.

Let's just watch him with open mind for now.

Chief - Lord Thor...

Pg. 33
That geezer is such a fuss.

Alright, time to get started with that "basics"...

Ummm...so first...



Pg. 34
Geez...just what's with that strange wind...?

Gadain - [Welcome.]
[I've been waiting for you, kid.]

Soah - Wh-...
Who's there...!?

Gadain - I can easily create
a gust of wind just with my Meging Spell.

[That means...]

Pg. 35
Gadain - Yes,
I'm a man who can mercilessly crush humans
with my superb strength...!

You'll definitely be of some use to me,

in killing Thor!!

Pg. 36
Thor - You should be able to spread your field a bit now, if I move this.
Villagers - Th-Thank you very much!!


Pg. 37

Gadain - Hmph.

Pg. 38-39
Already this messed up in one jump?...How fragile...

Villagers - J-...

Pg. 40
Gadain - So you've come, Thor...!
How'd you like my flashy smoke signal?

Thor - You're...
Gadain - Don't you say you've forgot!

I'm Gadain!
You defeated me 3 years ago, letting me to live in shame!

Chief - Lord Thor...!
Thor - Stand back.

That Jotunn is a tough guy who not only has strong body, but also capable of Wind Meging Spell...
He barely got away from me last time...

Gadain - ...Yes...I got away, looking like a mob...

Every time these limbs that you severed ache, I just wish more and more for my revenge!!

Pg. 41
I'll certainly make you pay this time...!!

Thor - You coming out yourself sure spare me a lot of time.

You're not getting away this time.
[Meging Arms - Megingjard]
[By tying this belt, the user's Meging will be unleashed, bringing out much more immense power. It also acts as a switch to control Meging.]

Pg. 42
[Meging Arms - Jarngreipr]
[The strong armlets which protect the user's arms from all kinds of damage.]

Respond to my Meging...!

[Meging Arms - Mjolnor]
[Well-known for its immense power, each strike of this ground-crushing hammer unleashes tremendous flash of lightning.]

Pg. 43
Gadain - Finally bring out your accursed Meging Arms, huh...?

You beat me up good last time, but
that's not happening this time...!

this boy's body after I've fused him with myself through Meging Spell!!

Pg. 44
Thor - ...Lil' one!!

Chief - Wh...What's this...

Soah - ...U...Ugh.
I'm sorry...Thor...He captured me...

Gadain - Kukuku, do you know what I mean by fuse?
If I were to be damaged, this boy will also take the damage.
If I die, it'll mean he too will die!

You might be the best fighter among Divine Clans,
but you have one big weakness.

That's you can never as ruthless as us!

Pg. 45
I'm fully aware that you take liking for this boy.

dare to smash me up with that Mjolnir now, Thor!?

Soah - ...Thor...

just defeat him along with me already.

Pg. 46
Chief - Soah...!?

Thor - What...!?
Soah - Waiting to find some way out won't be any different than running away.

Didn't I already tell you...?
I don't...
want to run away from the Jotunns anymore...

Gadain - Shut your noisy hole up, kid!

Pg. 47
Soah - Thor, why...!?

Thor - Say your wish.

Gadain - ...Hmph...

Pg. 48

Just take a good watch silently right there then!

Thor - Ngh...

Villagers - KYAAAA

S-Somebody, please...

Pg. 49
Gadain - Hahaha, you really love this village, right!?

Then just watch! As I blow up all the houses and people!
This'll be the last of you!
I'll take every single thing away from you, and slowly torture you to death!
Blame it on your foolishness for not being able to do anything just because of one kid!

Pg. 50

Just get to it already!
You're the strongest man of Aesir. Don't freak out just from this trivial thing, YOU CHICKEN!!

Pg. 51
Save everyone, please!
You're going to protect them, no!?
Isn't that what your power is for?

Soah - S-...So...

Gadain - I told you to shut up, brat...

Pg. 52-53

Pg. 54

What the!?
You mean...you're going to...!?

That can't be!
This boy is precious to you...
Thor - And that's exactly...

why I can't betray his feeling!!!

Pg. 55
Chief - Lord Thor...

Pg. 56

Pg. 57

Pg. 58
Aah, no...

Thor - I'm sorry...lil' one...

Soah - What're you saying...
You...defeated that...Jotunn...for us...didn't...you...

for protecting...my...village.

for calling you...a chicken though...

Pg. 59
so cool...

Chief - Soah!

Thor - ...Idiot...

you think I'll let you die!?

You said before that you want Meging, right...

Pg. 60-61
You can have
my Meging.

Soah - [I'll definitely become strong like you!]
[And one day, I'll journey out to defeat all the Jotunns]
[and protect everyone like you do!]

Thor - ...Yes...

If it's you, then I can entrust my Meging with ease.

Pg. 62
Protect Midgard
in my place too...


lil' one...

Pg. 63
Chief - Lord...Thor...

Pg. 64
Soah - Uh...

Chief - S-...

Soah - ...Huh...?
How come I...

Where's Thor?

Pg. 65
Chief - ...He put his Meging into you...
to save your life...
Soah - Eh?

Chief - and...

Soah - ...Thor...
you've planned for this...
from the start...?

Pg. 66

Why, Thor...!?

...are you doing this for me...?

Pg. 67
Chief - ...Soah...

Soah - Uuh...uuh...uh...uuh

[was the bond formed in a small corner of Midgard between a human boy and the Divine hero that no one knows of...]

[Time has passed...]
[the Jotunns' invasion into Midgard become more and more vicious.]

[6 years later]

Pg. 68
People - HEEKS...!

A Jotunn!

Jotunn - FUSHRURURU! You guys seem delicious.
I love the taste of human's flesh!

Soah - Outta the way, pig. You're blocking my path.

Jotunn - Huh?
'da fuck...?

A human dares to pick fight with a Jotunn like me, huh?

Pg. 69
Soah - Yeah, I am!! Have problem with that!?

Jotunn - That's Meging's radiance...How come a human can...!?

Soah - This is my first day out of the village,

so be nice to me, 'kay!!?

Pg. 70
Jotunn - Y-You...


Eat this, Mjolnir...

Thor's hammer!!

Pg. 71
he sure flew up really high, huh.

People - U-...Umm...
thank you for helping us!
Soah - No prob.

It's all thanks to Thor's power and my 6 years of training...!

Pg. 72
[I'm off now,]
[on the journey to fight with the Jotunn]

[and protect Midgard!!]
Just watch, Thor!

** He inherits the spirit and will of the heroic God!! **

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#1. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Mar 2, 2013
Now you make me want to jump ahead and scan this, since I've pretty much looked over all the Rival issues and just yanked out what I'm going to scan so I can easily retrieve just this manga XD;
#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Mar 2, 2013
This raw is also scanned by myself, but I believe that Rena will be the one doing the rest of the series as far as raw goes. You can also wait for her first chapter raw if you want to. Don't have to use mine. :p << AKA I'm leaving it to you now, Rena. ^_^b
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