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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 212

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 5, 2013 15:22 | Go to Code:Breaker

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Well, that's one of the reasons why I actually didn't want to read the scanlations, especially when it's by someone else who simply jumped in at chapter 200 something out of thirst for popularity without caring about the story itself. It made me don't want to drop it even more, even though I know no one will read my thing anyway.

Please ask me for permission before using.

code:212 "The 'Mitarashi' family"

Pg. 1
** The inevitable battle broke out!! **

Yukihina - You're not going anywhere...

Heike - ...Interesting.
If so,

Pg. 2
** The fateful encounter of Heike and Yukihina!! As they put their lives into ending it!! **
I shall make you move by force then!!


I'm back to my lost form thanks to your doll, but
this is quite dangerous. Those two are really serious.
Sakurako - Oh, this is entertaining.
Doll - Aspirate.

Zed - Are you really OK with this though? Those kids had gone to stop Lunch now, y'know?
...Why don't you go too?

Pg. 3
Sakurako - Silence. [Make him return to corpse now.]
Doll - Return.
Zed - Awwww.

Sakurako - Despite of everything, Shibuya and I had abandoned our daughter.
...Sakura already have two wonderful parents, Goutoku and Yuki-san.
There's no place for me right now.

Yukihina - ...Why did you make me immortal...
Give me

my life...!!

Pg. 4
Heike - This

...You're not getting it back.
I will never forgive what you've done "back then"...
[...Back then,]

[as I'm about to journey out...]
Yukihina - I will not let you go...!!

Neither the rare kinds nor the power users should be expose to any hazard...
The "Emperor" has really mistaken this time!!

Pg. 5
How should I say it...

Heike - Hina...

those words are unnecessary.
...I still have faith in the "Emperor".

...Let's go.
You are to protect my back...

Pg. 6
Yukihina - ...No.
Heike - Tch...

Yukihina - I'll stop you even if it means to kill you...!!

Heike - You...

...You betrayed me. You deserve the punishment worse than death itself, to be "immortal".
I'll never satisfy no matter how many hundreds time I tore you apart...

I shall discipline
you with my very own hands.

Pg. 7
Yuuki - I'll never forgive Second.

Rui - ...He's extremely loyal to the prime minister, yet he cooperates with Lunch...What exactly is his goal?
Is it the Negation energy inside the "Pandora Box"?

Heike - The "Final Key" is required in order to open the "Pandora Box" to its fullest.
Yuuki - He even mentioned something about the "Final Key".

Ogami - ...Never mind him.

If he's evil, then I'll burn him.
...That's all.

Rui - ...Anyhow, let's hurry.
We have to stop Lunch while Yukihina is holding Heike back for us...
Yuuki - ...But

Pg. 8
where exactly is Lunch?

Rui - ...Co-

[Come to think of it...]
W-...Well, we can just use your "Sound" to find him!!
Yuuki - But he's a rare kind.
Rui - L-...Lunch is after the "Pandora Box"!!
We just need to find out where that box is!!
Yuuki - And who has it right now?
Rui - W-...Well that...

Sakura - Ogami!! Everyone...!!

Ogami - Sakurakouji-s...

Inoichi - Top priority.
Ogami - "Inoichi"!?

Pg. 9
Rui - Where've you been all this time!?
Inoichi - It's my top priority.

Sakurakouji - "Inoichi"!?
??? - She's set to follow after the "Pandora Box" as her top priority as soon as the box was taken out of Shibuya Mansion's underground.
Sakura - "Inoichi" has been following the "Pandora Box" all this time, so she knows where it is.

Rui - [Awesome luck!]
Oh yeah, that's right...
Yuuki - That's awesome, Nyanmaru.

Sakurakouji - Let's go!!

To stop Lunch-dono!!

Yuuki - "Inoichi", you're awesome!!
Kanda - Sakurako-san's dolls are really efficient.

Rui - But it's good that Sakurako-san's safe, right, Sakurakouji?

Pg. 10
Rui - A lot had happened, but she's your mother, correct?
After all this, you two can spend your time together.

Sakurakouji - Eh!?
But I...

Rui - ...Hm?

Sakurakouji - ...That doesn't matter.

It's good enough to know that she's safe...
I have no need to see my mother...to see Sakurako-san.
Just don't mind me!!

Rui - Sakurakouji...
[We know that Sakurako-san had her own reasons,]
[...but she still couldn't forgive her...?]

Pg. 11
Ogami - We've arrived now.

Rui - Eh!? Al-...Already!?
It can't possibly be this cl-...


[Sakurakouji's House!?]
Why are we here!?

Pg. 12
Rui - Hey, Rei!! What's the meaning of this...?
Ogami - Excuse me.

Goutoku - Sakura!! Ogami...kun!?

Sakurakouji - I-...I'm back now though it's sudden...
Ogami - ...But

why are you here?
Shibuya - Of course, a lot had happened, so...

Pg. 13
Goutoku - We were talking about you, Sakura-chan...
You knew everything now, aren't you?
About December 32, and why your true parents had to abandon you.

Sakura - Yes, I do...

Rui - [...Eh?]
[Wait...isn't this]

["Inoichi" who'll leak everything to Sakurako, the real mother, as her sensation is connected to her main body.]
[Shibuya, who's her real father (though Sakura is unaware of it)]
[one serious battlefield here!?]
[A daughter who always hovers in the background.]
[The parents who brought her up.]

Wait....w-...we're in hurry right now, so let's leave the talk for later...

Rui - Eh!?

Pg. 14
Goutoku - Y-...Yes, how about some "Mitarashi"?
Your love for that must've come from Sakurako-...

Sakurakouji - No, I won't eat a single piece of it.

Rui - Sakurakouji...
[You really despise Sakurako-san and Shibuya then...]

...I still have at least some vague memories.

Pg. 15
Shibuya - [There're three pieces of "Mitarashi", so let's have one each.]
Sakurako - [And if there're four, Sakura-chan can have one extra.]

Sakurakouji - I was really happy...
and I even...

got to eat with my mother and father.
[One - for - each - of - us]

Rui - Th-...That's wonderful,
yet why are you not eating...

...I can't eat a stick of three or four anymore.

Pg. 16
From now, I'll only eat if there are five pieces of "Mitarashi dangos",
since I have four awesome parents with me.

Pg. 17
I'm already very pleased with two parents,
but now I have double of that...
That means I have double the pleasure of others.

Rui - S-...

Yuuki - Nyanmaru really love all of her parents.
Rui - Then why did you lie about not wanting to meet her...?
Ogami - ...She's just trying to be considerate

to you, Prince.
Rui - Eh!?
To me!?
Ogami - You've lost your parents since very young age, and both Yuuki and me never really have a family.

Sakurakouji - How...How did you know!?
You're incredible, Ogami!!

Ogami - ...Are you making fun of me?
I'm already at the point where I can read your thought without you saying it now.

Pg. 18
Rui - No one needs that kind of consideration,
Sakurakouji - Wah.

Rui - [I'll give you a hundred smacks.]
Yuuki - [Me too, me too!]
Kanda - ...I'm moved,

"Inoichi" is crying...

Rui - [Get back here, Sakurakouji~]
Yuuki - Me too!

Zed - Want a wipe?
Sakurako - I-...It's alright.

Pg. 19
Goutoku - Ogami-kun, since Sakura has already come to learn of everything, I have something to tell you as well.

The "Final Key" needed to open the "Pandora Box" to its fullest
is that box's creator, Sakura herself.

...You came here to confirm that, didn't you?
And I'm fairly certain...that both Lunch-kun and the prime minister already know this.

...She isn't a girl who'll listen to what I say.
Yuuki - Yay!
Sakurakouji - Let's once again go stop Lunch-dono!!
Sakurakouji - So, please protect her.

Pg. 20
Yuki - I finally can see that good smile.
Shibuya - Of course, Sakura-ch-...Sakurakouji-san's goodness is rubbing into Ogami-kun and everyone else as well.

Yuki - I actually mean Sakura-kyun though.

While she's a good and obedient girl, she also has her rigid part.

However, right now...

??? - [Those children will certainly show us the way]
I'm sure it's because she's smiling for someone else, not for herself now.]
Shibuya - W-...Who!?
??? - [to a promising future.]
** They head to their last battlefield with the power of their considerate smile!! **

next: From the bad comes the worse...!!
to be continued

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