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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Tales of Xillia ~Side;Milla~ 5

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 22, 2013 14:01 | Go to Tales of Xillia ~Side;Milla~

-> RTS Page for Tales of Xillia ~Side;Milla~ 5

As you might notice, yep, I'm slowly changing names to match with the English official ones as more names are being released. Surprisingly enough, the English trailers and such do motivate me up a little bit as well...more like I need to keep it going...:p

Reserved for Eternal Scanlation Group.

Tales of Xillia ~Side:Milla~
Chapter 5 "Detour"

Pg. 1
Milla - Let us first find out the movement of the La Schugall army before returning to Aladhi Seaheaven.
Jude - Since it's on our way already as well.

[Back to Hamill Village]
** They've revisited Hamill, but what's this horrible sight!? **

Pg. 2
** Fight with that sword by her side...and continue moving on. **

Pg. 3
Just what happened...?
Milla - Is this the La Schugall's doing?

Villagers - Get out!

You're just an outsider! Yet what nerve!
You plague! It's all because of you!
Fuck off already!

Teepo - Stop it!
Please don't be mean to us!

Jude - What're you doing?
She's just a small girl!

Pg. 4
Head - ...You...
do you have any idea what we've been through because of you!?

Nothing good ever comes from outsiders at all!
We don't need any outsiders in this village.
Get out!

Jude - Ah...
Head - Hmph!

Milla - I will inquire the villagers about the movement of La Schugall's army.
Keep in mind that we will not stay here for long though.

Jude - Yes, I got that.
Thanks, Milla.

Pg. 5
Head - Get out!
I have nothing to say to you.

Milla - Rest assured. I have no intention to stay here for long either.
Head - Hmph.
...What do you want?

Milla - I want to know the movement of the La Schugall's soldiers. Have they already left this place?
Head - Hmph.
Sir Jyao already chased them away.

Milla - Sir Jyao?
Head - He's a huge bearded man.
If it weren't because of him, things might've been much worse than this.

Pg. 6
Milla - And where did that Jyao go right now?

Head - I don't know.
To begin with, that girl Sir Jyao brought to us is the cause for all of our bad lucks.

He should've taken that girl with him as he left...
I don't want anything to do with outsiders anymore.

Milla - ...Do excuse me then.

[No significant information...I guess.]

Pg. 7

Jude, I have nothing else with this village now.
I am finished with this place. We are leaving.
Jude - Wait, I need to talk to you about this girl.

Milla - [Getting into other's troubles again, hm...]
...Say it.

Jude - This girl...she seemed to have been isolated from other villagers.
Milla - Yes.
I can see that from how the villagers treated her just now.
I have heard that she was brought here by Jyao, that huge man we met before we left this village...but he no longer is here.
Jude - That huge man is Jyao then.
But I heard that this girl got locked up when he was still around.

Pg. 8
If that man is here, she'll get locked up. If he isn't, the villagers will treat her badly.
...So can we take her along with us...?

Milla - And what will you do by taking her along?
Have you consider what we'll be facing from here on?
You do know my objective, do you not?

Jude - Yes.

Milla - Fine.
Jude - Really?

Milla - ...Jude, do you remember what I said back at Kijara Seafalls?

Pg. 9
I remembered already telling you
that you can try and fulfill your mission in your own way.

I have no intent to back off right now.
Should I take it as that this is also in order for you to find that answer?

Jude - Yes

Milla - ...Alright,
we will still head for Aladhi Seaheaven, but
I permit you to take that girl with us.
Jude - Thanks, Milla!

Milla - [Should she becomes a burden to me or happens to lose her life, I can always dispose of her.]
[It will not influence my mission.]
[From the very beginning, I intended to fulfill this mission alone after all.]

Pg. 10
[Aladhi Seaheaven]
Jude - Er, what is the departure time of the ship heading for Fennmont?

Sailor - Sorry, sir.
All our trips had been cancelled since the whole capital area is currently sealed off.
Jude - And any other trip?
Sailor - Currently, we only have the ship heading for Sapstrath Seaheaven.

Jude - This is bad...What should we do?

Sailor - I heard the king of La Schugall commanded for the blockage himself.
His Majesty's dictatorship is really extreme, huh.

Alvin - In that case...
how 'bout we get to Sapstrath Seaheaven and head for Sharilton then?

Pg. 11
Jude - Alvin!?
Alvin - Yo!

Jude - Why are you here?
Alvin - Your Oracle, Ivar, requested me on a job,
since he's worried about you two.
And getting paid more than the weight of the work is against my pride.

Milla - Fufu, I see. That's really reassuring, Alvin.

Alvin - So? What's the plan then?
Jude - Right...we can take your suggestion,
board the ship heading for Sapstrath Seaheaven and head for Fennmont by land.

Milla - That sounds good.
Alvin - Rogers that then~

Pg. 12
[Aladhi Seaheaven ~ Sapstrath Seaheaven]

Jude - A letter? That's quite unusual.
You are exchanging letters using birds?
Alvin - Well yeah,

to my love one in a foreign country.
Just telling her that I've met with a wonderful lady.

Jude - Heh...
Oh, that's right.

Pg. 13
Jude - I haven't introduce Elize properly yet, haven't I?
Teepo - I'm Teepo~
Elize - I'm...Elize Lutus.
Alvin - Hmm, bet you'll be one awesome chick if you're just 5 years older.

Elize - No...I...
Alvin - I'm Alvin. Let's be friends till then, 'kay?

Alvin - Wah, what's this!?
The plush is talking!?
Jude - Awesome, right?

Looks like we're almost arrived.
Alvin - Yeah.

Pg. 14
[Sapstrath Seaheaven]

Milla - Strange...there is the security around here than I thought.
They even sent soldiers after us to Adjuhl before though.
Alvin - Maybe they just found something more important than chasing you.

Milla - [...That's right. Providing that they have some time,]
[they might even be able to remake that "key"...]
[We have to hurry...]

Jude - I'm sorry, Elize.
We'll reach a large city in a meanwhile, so can you hold on just for a bit more?
I'm sure someone good will later adopt you.

Elize - ...Eh,
Teepo - What are you talking about, little Jude?

Pg. 15
Alvin - He never mentioned anything to her, yet he suddenly talks about having someone adopted her.
It's obvious she'll be surprised.

Milla - He lacks "empathy" then.
[I'm starting to understand humans more now.]

Alvin - In the end, he's just a kid...

Milla - Hm?
Alvin - ...Whoops.

People - Hey, they're putting up checkpoints ahead now.

Pg. 16
I have fresh food products too...
and now I'll have to be delayed?

Alvin - Checkpoint, hm. Well, no surprise.
Things can't be that smooth after all.

Jude - What should we do then...?
Alvin - Hmmm,

[Rieze Maxia]
[Nia Khera]
[Aladhi Seaheaven]
[Sapstrath Seaheaven]
[Sapstrath Deepwoods]
Alvin - guess we're left with no other choice but to cross this Sapstrath Deepwoods then.
We'll get to Sharilton once we got out of that woods, but...

Pg. 17
that place is a maze people rarely enter though.
Jude - But if we go through that, wouldn't Elize...
Milla - Jude,

you must've already seen this coming, have you not?

Elize - ...I...umm...

Teepo - No fighting! We're all friends, no!?

Pg. 18
Jude - Elize...
Milla - Elize had already acknowledged it, so there should be no problem now.
Let's go.

[Sapstrath Deepwoods]

Alvin - Ah...
what's that...?

Jude - Maybe it's a warning...
to us not to go in any further?

Pg. 19
Teepo - Ah.
Looks like there's a path here! You two, hurry up!
Alvin - ...Seems like we boys are the only cowardly ones here.

Watch out.
There are lots of bugs.
Teepo - AAAH!
Guess it'll really hurt if they sting us!

Milla - ...But how can that plush talk?
Elize - Eh...
He has...already been talking since long ago.
Milla - Do you mean I'm the strange one then?
Teepo - Sure thing~

Milla - Hmmm,
To be refuted by a plush, there really are many more mysteries in this world, I see...
Alvin - [You sure you can say that though...?]

Pg. 20
Jude - Are you alright, Elize?
You're not tired or...


Alvin - *cough*...*cough*...
Geez, just what's this thing...?
Jude - My eyes...hurt...
Teepo - You guys alright~?

Pg. 21
Jude - These mushrooms seem to give out tear spores.
Let's be careful...not to step on them...


Milla - Those monsters...
Alvin - Looks like they're up for a fight this time.

Jyao - Good. You all did well to inform me!
I've been searching for you, little girl.

Elize - You're...
*hah* *hah*
that huge man...!

Pg. 22
Milla - Then you are...Jyao.
Jyao - Hm?
I don't recall giving you my name though.
Milla - Hamill's village chief told me about you.

Alvin - Well? What's your deal?
Jyao - Obvious question.

Now, little girl, let's return to the village.

Pg. 23

Jyao - Ngh...

Milla - How are you related to Elize?

Jude - ...Are you...going to lock her up at Hamill again?

Jyao - That has nothing to do with you. Now, hand over that girl!

...It cannot be helped then!

Pg. 24-25
Milla - He's coming!

Jyao - NWOOH!

== Devil's Maw

Milla - Ngh, this man...!

Pg. 26
[I cannot stop in the place like this...]

[If what he needs is Elize, handing her over would not affect my mission.]
[Jude is currently trying to fulfill his own responsibility.]

[How should I break through this...!?]

[...That's it!]

Pg. 27
Listen up, Jude.
Jude - Eh?
I doubt...we can defeat that man merely by force.
I will need you to cooperate with me.

Jude - What're you planning?
Milla - It doesn't have to be long, but can you please buy me some times?
I might not be able to use the power of the Great Spirits...but it does not mean I cannot use any Spirit Artes...

Jude - [It'll be dangerous for me to stand at the front line,]

[Milla believes in me...!]

I'll believe...in you.
[of what I'm capable of!]

Pg. 28

Jyao - Ngh...!

Milla - HAAAAAH...

Jude - Kuh.

Pg. 29
Jyao - Fall into slumber...!

Alvin - Jude...

Pg. 30
He went behind him!?

Pg. 31
Milla - Now, Jude!

Jude - [The Lesser Spirits...?]

[The wind...]

[lightens...my body...!]

Pg. 32-33
== Final Gale

** Milla and Jude, woken up to a new strength!! **

To be continued in the next issue - March issue: On sale on February 15!!

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