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Tales of Xillia 2 3

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 30, 2013 06:15 | Go to Tales of Xillia 2

-> RTS Page for Tales of Xillia 2 3

And his journey to clear his 1520 million galds debt continued. Poor NEET...T_T

Please ask me for permission before using.

Tales of Xillia 2
Chapter 3 "The demon lurking in the back alley"

Pg. 1
Jude - Wh-...What's
** Jude is dumbfounded by the desolated world? **

Milla - It's already too late, Jude.

Both humans and spirits, all lives had already perished...
We couldn't make it in time.

It's our sin for...
destroying the Shell.

Jude - No...




Pg. 2
** Asserting her rights to not eat the tomatos!! **

Pg. 3
Ludger - [I'm Ludger,]
[Ludger Will Kresnik,]
You don't like tomato?
Don't be so picky with food. It's delicious.
[formerly a new chef...who can be anywhere.]
[Just look at how polished this morning tomato is!]

[This tomato hater is Elle,]
Lulu - Meow!
Ludger - [and the cat is Lulu.]
Elle - I'm not picky. I'm just being assertive!

Ludger - [And this man is Jude.]
Elle - And I have the right to be assertive!!
Jude - You sure know a lot of difficult words.

[We four were completely unrelated...]
Ludger - No picky person in my house!
Elle - Tyrant!!
Lulu - Meow!
[but we all were strangely caught together in the terrorist activity on a train.]

[Elle and I were severely injured.]

[A self-proclaimed doctor, Redau, barely saved our lives,]
[but he charged us 20 million galds for it!...And I got myself in a massive pile of debt.]
[Lulu's treatment alone was 5 million galds too...]
[Just what exactly had I done...!?]

Pg. 4
[As we are restricted due to the debt, we had to make money through taking requests from the agency...]
[Am I on a journey? Life IS a journey!]
[And last night, I finally made it back to my home in Trygraph.]
That was such a long trip.
Elle - But when will I get back home!

[I don't know what happened to Julius who was also on the same train either.]
There you go.
Elle - I'm eating now!
Ludger - [What'll happen to us next, I wonder...]

Elle - So delicious~!
Almost the same as Papa's.
Jude - This is really at the pro level, Ludger!
Ludger - Well, I'm a pro after all.

Elle - Thanks of the meal-lionnaire!
Ludger - Glad you like i~t-ting.
== My yet another fail try at word play. Will have to think about "Otsukarei~a <3" now that I think about it...>.<"

Elle - Elle knows that song!
Ludger - Really?

Elle - Papa used to hum that song when he cooks too.

Pg. 5
Ludger - Oh.
My brother used to hum that as well.
Jude - But Elle

where's...your Papa then?

Elle - I don't know...
Some scary people came to my home and Elle ran out alone...so...

...That's why I have to go to the Land of Canaan!
It's the place where all wishes come true...
so I'll wish for it to save my Papa!

Jude - Elle...

Ludger - Who is it...?

Pg. 6
Bisley - May I enter, Ludger?

Jude - So you were unharmed too!
Bisley - Yes, since I'm-

Ludger - GAH!?

Jude - You're...

Ivar - Still have time to...

Pg. 7

Jude - I knew it...

Ivar - be surprised...?
Jude - Ivar!

Bisley - Hahaha! You're awesome, Dr.Mathis.
Even though he's an ordinary agent, he still has his skills.
Get back, Ivar.

Ivar's...an agent?
What is the meaning of this?

Bisley - So you still didn't know of the situation.

News - Yesterday, the terrorists had taken over the train and assault Asgold, the nature factory. 2000 were killed.
Right now, wanter posters of the leader of the terrorist group,
an employee of Clanspia Corp, Julius Will Kresnik, have been distributed throughout the country.

Ludger - Wha!?

Pg. 8
[The following day]

[Special Exchange District - Maxbard]

Jude - Ludger,
are you really going to go
with what Mr.Bisley had proposed to you...?

Bisley - Ludger, people are also suspecting you as you're his brother,
but if you can catch Julius for me,
I'll use my authority to deal with the polices for you.

Ludger - I know that...it'll mean I'll have to hand Julius over to the authority...

Pg. 9
but that's if we really only do as they said...
We can use Clanspia's information network now too.
[They even prepared...all three sets of weapons for us.]

It's alright.
I'll find him before either the polices or the Clanspia agent do,
and clear his suspicion.

Jude - ...You're really strong, Ludger.

Ludger - Well, a lot of things kinda get me to become more serious...
[Like the debt and people hunting down Julius.]
Better to act rather than to just sit down and sulk...right?

Plus, I'm not as strong as you though...
Ah, by the way...that Ivar guy...is he your friend?

Jude - Well, I'd share...a lot of fate with him.

Ludger - OK.

Jude - Better to act rather than to just sit down and sulk...huh?

Pg. 10
Elle - Wow~ So many people!
I've never seen these many people before!

Jude - This city is the central of peace where the two worlds meet.
According to the Clanspia Corp., it seems like there's someone who is looking for Julius in this city...
Ludger - [Don't move around on your own though.]
Elle - [Don't say that!]

Jude - But finding one person in this whole town won't be easy...
Elle - Ah!

I found a shady person!

Jude - Isn't that back...

Leia - Now, now.
Don't be scared.
Come on here~

Jude - What're you doing there?

Pg. 11
Leia - Wah, umm, I'm not suspicious or anything though!?
Jude - Leia...

Leia - Eh,

Elle - You're playing with a cat?
Leia - No!

Well, I have some reason that I need to capture this boy.
I'm at the critical point now, so can you wait a little more?

Leia - C'mere, Julius!

Jude - Then the Julius we heard about...is actually that cat?
And the person who's looking for Julius is probably Leia then...
Ludger - [Getting worried.]
Said Clanspia's information network...!?

Leia - Yay!
Julius Meowstantine the Fourth,

Pg. 12
Leia - Well then! Let's start this over again.
I'm Leia Rolando,
and I'm Jude's childhood friend.

Ludger - I'm Ludger Will Kresnik.
Elle - I'm Elle! And this is Lulu!
Lulu - Meow~

Elle - You work as a cat catcher?
Leia - NO! I'm a journalist!
[Quiet down, meow!]
It's a prideful job where I get to seek out the truth!

Ludger - Jude, then this girl is...
Jude - Yes...
She's the one who told me to get a scoop on the opening ceremony of Ascord.

Sorry for getting you involved, Jude...[Though I already apologized over the GHS before...]
[I'm glad you're safe though, really.]

Leia - But are you tired? You seem kinda pale...
Jude - I do? I'm fine though.
Oh yeah, have you heard of anything...regarding that train hijacking?

Leia - There're still a lot of mysteries behind that incident though.

Julius Will Kresnik, the elite agent of Clanspia Corp. is being hunted down, and...

Pg. 13
Jude...you got yourself into some trouble again, don't you!?
Jude - ...Yes.
Ludger is really Julius's brother...

Leia - I know! He's your friend, right!?
I know of a great informer in De Vall.
I'll introduce you to her!

I'm sure she knew something about that train hijacking!
Sorry to keep you waiting!

Joe - Took you long enough, Leia!
[One penalty for you then!]
Leia - Sorry~ [I had to send the cat home.]

Jude - Leia, then this person is?
Leia - Yup, this is the informer, Joe.
Joe - Nice to meet you. I'm Joe!

Leia - I'll cut the chase then, Joe.
Joe - About that train incident, right? Well, I do have some information on it, but...

I'll need "money" or "info" in trade for my "info" though.
Are you alright with that, Ludger?
Ludger - Yes...

Pg. 13
Joe - So that's what happened inside the train...
Alright, what do you want to know?

Ludger - About the whereabout
of Julius Will Kresnik...

Joe - Hmmm...
It's not exactly confirmed, but I've heard of one rumor.
Ludger - Rumor?
Joe - Yes, I heard a demon swordsman appear at the back alley of De Vall

to hunt down the Blurt, it seems.

Ludger - Swordsman...
What's Blurt?
Joe - On the surface, it's the Commerce Associates of De Vall.

Jude - And what's its true face?
Joe - They'll eliminate me if I say that.
They had been acting strange lately though...wait,

Leia, isn't this person Dr.Mathis?
The researcher from Helioborg?
Leia - Eh? Yep, that's him.

Elle - Jude is famous?
Joe - Or course he is!
He's the main person behind the development of Origin, the new generation system to replace Spyrex which depletes energy resources!
Elle - That's too hard! I don't get it!
Joe - Anyway, he's a great person!

Is he real though?
Leia - Yup, he is!
Joe - Never expected you to do this well, Leia.
Leia - Can you leave out the "never expected" part?

Pg. 15
Joe - I'll give you one more piece of news as our sign of friendship then.
Recently, Blurt has been selling something in secret...

That is the material for Origin.
And their client is...

Leia - The demon of the back alley who's after Blurt...?
Elle - I hope he doesn't show up though.

Leia - You're scared, Elle?
Elle - I'm not!

Ludger - Owww...
Elle - This is necessary for me to get to the Land of Canaan!

Leia - Don't worry!
Elle - Wah!

Leia - Despite of my looks, I'm actually really good with staff, 'kay!
I'll definitely protect you~!
Elle - [I wasn't on my guard just now!]
I SAID, I'm not scared!!
Ludger - [They got along better than they seem?]

Pg. 16
What's wrong, Jude?

Jude - Oh, sorry. I just got something in mind...
Ludger - Was it about that Origin just now?
Jude - Yes...

Ludger - Hmm...
It's embarassing for me to ask you this, but...
what's this "Origin"?
[Hardly watch TV nor read news. ->]
[Sorry, I really don't know...]
Jude - Well,

You know what Spyrex is, right?
[All the machinery, like GHS, cookwares,]
[or even factory are powered by Spyrex.]
Ludger - Yes, it's the power system that's used throughout Elenpios, right?

Jude - Yes, but Spyrex is the system which functions by salvaging the mana out off all the spirits.
Because of that, the spirits died away in Elenpios...
Spyrexes are currently powered by the surplus mana from the destruction of the Shell, but it won't be long until that depletes too.
Ludger - [Doesn't even understand half of what's said...->]
Jude - That's why we're working to create the syetem which can reuse energy resource to replace Spyrexes. That's what Origin is...
Well, let's just say...it's a very ecological energy system!

Ludger - I-...I see...but
about that Blurt's client that Joe mentioned,
I'm wondering why does the Exodus need those raw materials of Origin?
Jude - Yeah, I was thinking about that too.

Ludger - Blurt and that demon...
I hope I'll find some leads to my brother in this though...

But as I though, Jude really is an awesome man.
He's younger than me, but he's already working in such a huge project...
He's at a completely different level from me...
[I mean, I'm a suspect in crime and the debt king, y'know? (T_T)]

Pg. 17
But is it really OK for him to help me out?
[What about his research?]
Man - Did you guys say Origin just now?
If you want, we have all the materials for it, y'know?

Ludger - They came at us first, huh...
Jude - Yeah.

Umm...have you heard of that rumor about a certain group of people collecting the raw materials of Origin?

Man - Of course,
the Exodus, right?

Don't move, Dr.Mathis.

Jude - What?
Man - The Exodus has been looking for you.

Jude - These people are...

Pg. 18
You're from the Blurt...
no...the Exodus!?

Ludger - Why would you need Jude!?
Man - Hmph.
That's because this man take parts in the formation of peace!
You think everything will settle if you can just solve the energy problem!?

Like I'll ever live with those Rieze Maxian freaks!
You can't trick me with that rubbish!
In the end, you're just another Rieze Maxian.

Then who cares if I just kill all of you guys!

Starting with that kid first!!

Elle - NOOO!

Ludger - [This is...!?]

Pg. 19
Leia - E-...Eh? Where did those people go!?
Jude - Ludger...isn't this...
Ludger - ...Yeah.

It's exactly the same thing
as what happened in that train!

Elle - Kya!

Man - What's it, little girl? Is there something sticking on my face?

Pg. 20
Jude - I can understand that hatred you Exodus have towards me,

Please believe in the Origin!
We're almost at its practical stage right now!

Ludger - Jude...

Man - To hell with that Origin!
All you Rieze Maxian freaks must die!

Pg. 21
Rowen? - Is that so?
I shall not hold back then...

[Fire Ball!]
[Free transformation!!!]

This fire...
Spirit Artes...!!?

Ludger - Freak...

Jude - This isn't just a normal Fire Ball.
This arte is...

Pg. 22

Rowen? - That was close.
Jude - Rowen...Why do you...have to take it that far!?

Rowen? - Stupid question.

This is my atonement...
for destroying the Shell.

Let's kill those two as well.
As all Elenpians must die anyway!

Leia - No...
While he's Rowen...
Jude - but he's not!

Pg. 23
Rowen? - Why are you stopping me?
The war between Rieze Maxia and Elenpios was all
due to our destruction of the Shell, am I wrong?

If you insist on standing in my way...
I'll have to kill you all too!

Rock Tri!
Jude - Wah!

That powerful Spirit Arte...!
He might not be Rowen, but his strength is just the same...Be careful!

Ludger - Do you know him...Jude?
Jude - Appearance-wise, yes...but it's the same thing as with Julius back then.
I don't know what he's talking about...
What does he mean by war...?

Pg. 24
Leia...let's lure him in.
Leia - Rogers!

Ludger - Jude!?
Jude - Don't worry about her...

She was my training partner!

Ludger - OK, I gotcha!

Come! Rieze Maxian old man!
I'll be your opponent!


Rowen? - Elize, Gaius, Lady Drussel...I'll avenge for all of them!!
Ludger - So strong...
Is he...that demon...!?
Rowen? - Die! You Elenpian!

Pg. 25
Leia - Don't say something depressing like that,

== Soaring Swallow

Pg. 26
Ludger - UWOOOOOO!

Jude - Ludger!?
You're back in that form again...!
Ludger - [Monster!!]

Pg. 27
Leia - Eh?
What? What!?
Elle - Ugh.

I can't breathe~
Leia - Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-Wha-.

Man - People can't just vanish into thin air!
Find them! They gotta be hiding somewhere!

You guys, since when did you!?
Is that Spirit Arte!?
Leia - What's with all of this, one after another!?
Man - Rieze Maxians are really monsters!

Pg. 28
Gaius - That's enough.

Tell me.
Why is the Exodus gathering raw materials for Origin?

Pg. 29
Man - ...We're planning to use the rampage of Origin for our terrorist attack,
and appeal to the world of how dangerous that is...

Gaius - That doesn't sound as bad.
Man - You're not going to kill me?

Gaius - I'm...
not a monster after all.

It won't go away in one or two day, I see.
Rowen - The anti-Rieze Maxianism is really strong in this town.

Elle - If we wish for that at the Land of Canaan, then maybe that's possible...
Rowen - The Land of Canaan?

Elle - It's the strange place where all wishes...
come true.

Rowen - Hohoho, that is a really inspiring story,
but it'll be very terrifying if one really can change people's heart so freely.

Gaius - Since humans will lose their humanity.

Jude - That's the real Rowen!

Pg. 30
Leia - Thanks, Rowen and Gai-...
Gaius - I'm not Gaius. I'm Erst.
Currently, I'm just another townsman.
So call me Erst.

Rowen - He's concealing himself in order to hear voices of Elenpian citizens.
Jude - Eh...but is that really OK though?

Since you're the king of Rieze Maxia, no?
Elle - King!?
Elle has never seen a king before!

Gaius - I'm not the king.
I'm Erst!

Rowen - Despite of his looks, he does have a childish obsession, it seems. [Hoho.]
Ludger - Then that demon is Gai-...no, Erst then?
Gaius - What did you say, Rowen?


Jude - I know.
Instead of sitting down and sulk,

I'll work harder to complete the Origin!
Ludger - Jude...

Pg. 31
Jude - Yes, Mathis speaking.

Helioborg is being attacked by the Exodus...!?

Girl - I'm so scared, Elize...
Elize - Please stay firm, everyone!

Girl - But we can't do anything against those terrorists...
Elize - You'll be fine!
Teepo and I are here...

Pg. 32
Teepo - Plus, help will definitely come!
Elize - Yes, my friends are coming.
So we'll be fine!

Ludger - Jude,

let's go!
Can't let you lose your workplace too!
I know how hard it is to be unemployed!

Jude - Ludger...

Let's go!
** They head out to save Elize and her friends!! **
To Helioborg!!!

To be continued in April Issue [On sale on Feb 27]!

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