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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Midgard no Shugosha ~Rebirth of Norse Mythology~ 2


-> RTS Page for Midgard no Shugosha ~Rebirth of Norse Mythology~ 2

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Midgard no Shugosha ~Re-Birth of Norse Mythology~
Episode 2 "Old Sod"

Pg. 1
[Jotunn's world of everlasting cold.]

Jotunn - It has been 6 years since Thor has gone missing.
Where did he go!?

I doubt this, but could it be that someone had already killed him...?
Are you saying
that "that" prophecy has gone off?
That's impossible!

Pg. 2
Then he just missed his home and returned to Asgard?
This is Thor we're talking about...I'm sure he's planning something in secret right now...!
But we've already wasted our 6 years time because of that idle rumor...

Let's care not of what he's doing.

What's important is that Midgard currently has "lost its protection".

Thanks to that, our conquest has become much easier.

Pg. 3
Our archenemy, Thor, has gone.
Let's end the age where we couldn't do anything due to the fear of that man.

I've sent my subordinate to that town to signal the change.

It might be just a cheap trick,
but the effectiveness is expectable.

[This is an ancient folklore]
[of the groundshaken war between those who deem the "Divine Clans".]

Pg. 4
[Massive response! Second chapter of the serialization of the story of Norse Mythology!!]

** Those Meging Arms and spirit, entrusted to the boy by the God! **

Pg. 5
Soah - But this woods sure's big...
I thought I've walked a fair distance already, though...

[Six days after he set off from Suudenn,]

[he currently is on his way heading south.]

Once I'm out of this woods, it's finally Baruboros!
[...I see...]

Chief - So it's finally time, Soah...
Soah - Yeah, I've trained real hard for these six years.
I'm well prepared now!

Pg. 6
Soah - Let me say this though. You can't stop me, geezer.
[Never stop the journey of a man.]
Chief - I already know that!
Have you ever listen to anything I said anyway!?
Villager - Not even once...

Chief - ...So? Where're you heading to first?
Soah - I heard from a traveling merchant that there's a town called "Baruboros" to the south of here.

Thor seemed to have made that town his main base in Midgard.
People even call it his "second home".
Chief - Oh...

Soah - I've decided that that'll be the first place I'll go to.

Chief - Good choice.
Lord Thor is with you,
You should learn about him more.

Soah - Well, I'm off now.
Chief - Hm.

Pg. 7
Be safe.
Villagers - Grow big, Soah!
And don't forget to bring us some souvenirs.

Soah - Alright, let's get out of this...

Thinking of that geezer made me lost in some weird place!?

...Umm...the south is that way...
...Or was it this way...?
Wait, which way did I come from...?

Pg. 8
[I'm already...]

Tch...ah well...Guess I'll just walk around randomly and I'll make it out somehow...

Hawk - No, that's the west.
Soah - Mgh?

Then this way...
Hawk - That way's the north. It's the direction you came from.

Soah - Then which direction is it!?
And who's there!?

Hawk - Yes, this way.

South is this way.

Pg. 9
Oh, it's some some bird...

OR NOT! WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!? [He's talking.]

Hawk - ...Oh dear...
Not only do you lack sense of direction, but you also lack prudence...
Your whole body is really sloppily built, I see.
Soah - Huh!?

Hawk - ...Dear, this is rather bad...
I can't see any good point in you at all...
Soah - Don't just conclude things yourself! You really get on my nerve!

Oh yeah,
guess I'll have chicken soup for dinner today.
Hooray for the chicken!

Hawk - And hot-tempered as well, hm?

Pg. 10
Soah - Ah...I'm back to the road...
Hawk - Excuse me here then.

Baruboros is just a little ahead now.
Soah - Wait...

Hawk - ...What the?
Soah - He know where I'm going too...?

...Oh well, at least I'm not lost anymore...

Merchant - Hey, kid. I'd advise you not go to the south now though.
Soah - Hm? Why?

Pg. 11
Merchant - A large number of "Megils" are out loose.
I couldn't do any peddling with that, so I escaped from there.

Soah - Megils?
Merchant - Oh, you didn't know?

They're Meging monsters created by Jotunn.
Since they're tons of them roaming around there, their parent must be nearby too,

and targetting for Baruboros...
Those Megils have been continuously assaulting that town for two days now.
Soah - Really...!?

Merchant - But it seems two great fighters are protecting that town,
and currently keeping those Megils at bay.

...If I recall...
they're two famous siblings named...
the "Tanng Brothers", I think...
Soah - Thanks.

Merchant - Ah...hey...!

Pg. 12
[The Fortress City "Baruboros"]

[North Entrance]

Risnir - Meging Spell...

Pg. 13
"Earthen Shield"!!

Njostr - Great job, Risnir!

Eat this,

"Sizzling Flame"!!

Pg. 14
Tch, they just won't stop coming in...
Risnir - Be careful, Njostr.
There are much more of them coming today.

Njostr - But we still have to do it!
This is the place for "him" to return. We must protect it!!
Risnir - Yes, that's our promise after all...!


Pg. 15

Pg. 16
Njostr - ...Hey, wasn't that...
Risnir - That person's...

Both - Lord Thor's lightning!!

Risnir - Welcome back, sir...!!
We, the Tanng Brothers...had been protecting this town well!!

Soah - Tanng...?
Oh, so you're those fighters then...?

I'm Soah.
Nice meeting you!


Pg. 17
Soah - GOATS!?
Both - WHO'RE YOU!?

Soah - Today's really a strange animal day, huh...

Njostr - How did this man have Thor's Meging and Meging Arms!?
...W-Who...are you...!?

We're Lord Thor's servants!!
[Tanngnjostr the black goat & Tanngrisnir the white goat]
[Race: Aesir twin, 216 years old]
[They're the magical goats with comprehensiveness, knowledge and powerful Meging.]
How did you get that power!?

Pg. 18
Soah - You're Thor's...

You're Thor's comrades...?
Njostr - We've served him for over 200 years.
Now answer my questions!

Soah - I see...

I'll tell you...

Njostr - ...No...way...

Pg. 19
That's bullshit!
Lord Thor's dead...!?

Soah - Yeah...
Njostr - Dammit, that's just insane!

Why would Lord Thor need to die in your place...!?

The one who we're waiting for is Lord Thor,
not you!!
Risnir - ...That's enough, Njostr...

Pg. 20
Lord Thor chose to give his life to this boy with his own will.
We can't just blame him, bleat...

Njostr - ...But...

Lord Thor...promised us that he'll come back...!!

Pg. 21
Risnir - Njostr...!

...I'm sorry...about what Njostr said...

We...made a promise with Lord Thor, bleat...
Soah - Promise...?

16 years ago...
Thor - [I'll be away for some while.]

Risnir - Are you saying that you'll leave this town after living in it for over 10 years?
Thor - The Jotunns' invasion are becoming more and more vicious...
I cannot protect Midgard if I settled myself down here.

Pg. 22
So I'm going to be bold and patrol all around Midgard.
I'll fight those Jotunns and save as many people as possible.

Njostr - Then we'll accompany you too...
Thor - You two remain here.

Njostr - Eh...!?
Thor - I have a favor to ask you...

Can you two protect Baruboros in my place?
I really like this town.

Pg. 23
I've been here for so long I'm feeling more attached to this town even more than Asgard now.
People - [Ah, Lord Thor!]

Thor - This had become my second home.

Njostr - ...But if you go alone, you might...
It's dangerous, sir! Those Jotunns will pull even the dirtiest tricks in order to defeat you...!

You might die if you do that...

Thor - Your overworrying just never cease in these 200 years, huh.


Pg. 24-25
I'm talking big about protecting this huge entire Midgard here, you know?

I'll even put my life on stake for it.
That's what you call the resolve.

Risnir - [We couldn't change his faith.]
[While we have our regret about it,]
[we also have our pride for it.]

Pg. 26
Thor - I'm heading out then.

Njostr - Lord Thor, please promise us one thing.

We'll definitely always protect your beloved town,
so please promise us that you'll come back!

Thor - Yes, I promise!

Soah - ...I see...
It's obvious he'd be angry then...

Pg. 27
...Aren't you too...

Risnir - ...I'm sad about it...
but I want to protect Lord Thor's "last wish", bleat...

You shouldn't blame yourself too much though, bleat.

Soah - You're really a good guy.

Soldier - Sir Risnir...!

We just received a report from the patrols that the second wave of Megils is coming...
from both the south and the north...Their number is three times that of the previous attack...!

Pg. 28
Soah - Three times!?
Risnir - This town is surrounded by strong walls. There's only two entrances, which are at the north and the south of the town.
Maybe they're planning on flooding in all at once from both direction.

...And I believe the real Jotunn will appear soon too...
Soldier - What should we do...!?

Risnir - Your sentinel troop protects the south entrance, bleat.
Soldier - Rogers!

Soah - Hey,
I'll fight too.

This is Thor's hometown, no?
I gotta protect it.

Pg. 29
Risnir - Thanks,
I know you'll say that, bleat.

Then please reinforce with the sentinels.
Njostr and me will take care of the north entrance.
Soah - Right, count me on then!

Risnir - Be careful with your use of Meging though.

Meging is an infinite energy lie inside the divine clans,
but for human, it's different.

The Meging you have only corresponds
to the amount Lord Thor had given you.
In another words, there is a "limitation" to your usage.

You can restore your Meging by taking some rest,
but if you overuse it, you might deplete it all at once, bleat...

Don't forget
you were revived through that Meging.

Pg. 30
If you use it too much, you'll become exhausted,
and if you use it all up, that'll mean your life.
To you, Meging is a very lethal two-edged sword.

So you have to switch the activation and deactivation of the Megingjard,
and carefully decide your usage of the Mjolnir.
Explnation (Left to right) - Meging activation by tying the belt (Meging will gradually decrease during activation)
[Deactivation by untying the belt]
[While it's powerful, Mjolnir will use up a lot of Meging in one blow.]

Soah - As expected of Thor's follower, you really know a lot about this.

You're right.
I already know that I can't do a long fight.
I've already tried different things, but my limit is only several minutes a day...

Don't worry though! I've already gained control over that during these 6 years.

Pg. 31
[North Entrance]
Risnir - Njostr...!

I'm relieved! I was worried that you won't going to fight anymore, bleat...!
Njostr - Huh!?
Don't be stupid...!

Even if Lord Thor isn't here anymore...
I'm still his follower...!

my pride.

Risnir - Me too, bleat!

Njostr - ...But...it really feels empty...
with Lord Thor disappearing, leaving only his power inside a human brat...

Risnir - Is it really...
just his "power" though...?
Njostr - Huh?

Pg. 32
Risnir - ...Doesn't Lord Thor save that boy
because he saw "something"...he's willing to risk his life for in that boy...?

Njostr - In that stupid brat...!?
No way!
Risnir - ...But...

Njostr - Stop it, Risnir...

No matter what you're expecting of that boy,
Lord Thor will never come back.

[South Entrance]
Soldier - Are all the citizens evacuated now!?
Th-They're here...!

Pg. 33
Stop them no matter what!
We're done for if they manage to flood into the town...!

Dammit, there're too many of them...
Th-...They're pushing us in.

Soah - I've used some of my Meging already, so

about 14-15 mintues left, huh?

Pg. 34

Pg. 35
Soldier - Who's that boy...!?

But aren't that armlet and belt...

[North Entrance]

Jotunn - Thor's goats and their useless struggles...

Pg. 36
Geh-geh-geh. Thor's stupid pets acting all cocky, heh.

Pg. 37
This Geirrod will discipline ya.
[Race: Jotunn]
[With his ugly appearance, he's said to be the most barbaric of all Jotunns. He can manipulate his giant wedge with his long arms.]

Njostr - You finally show himself, huh...?

Soldier - The Jotunn at the north entrance...
This is bad...the Tanng Brother is being closed in...!

Pg. 38
Njostr - Why are you guys attacking this town...!?

Geirrod - It has been 6 years since Thor disappeared. It's about time we put some "breakpoint" in it, eh?

Risnir - Breakpoint?

Geirrod - This town is the town Thor used to reside and protect in the past.
To human, you can say that this town symbolizes "Thor's protection",

which means

the destruction of this town will also mean that Thor's protection is gone!
And people will know that Thor no longer is protecting them!

Pg. 39
Both the Aesir and humans will fall into despair,
while our morale will soar up at once!

The victory in the prophecy of Ragnarok will then goes to us Jotunns.

Risnir - !! That prophecy...!?
Njostr - Heh, we don't even believe in prophecy to begin with. Plus...

we won't let you Jotunns win either!

Risnir - Njostr...! If we defeat him, his Megils will also disappear.
This is a chance for our counterattack, bleat...!

Pg. 40
Njostr - Right, let's go all out then!

Geirrod - Geh-geh-geh. Goat's meat...

is best roasted.
[Meging Spell "Fire Enchant"]
["Scorching Wedge"!!]

Pg. 41

Risnir - "Earthen Shield"!!

Njostr - Wha!?

Pg. 42

Geirrod - Geh-geh-geh.

Become my flesh and blood!

Pg. 43

Pg. 44
What's this brat!? Where did he get all this power...!?

Njostr - Y-You...why're you here...!?
Soah - "Why"!?
You want to become his dinner, idiot!?

Risnir - Y-...You can't, bleat...!! Your Meging is about to run out now. You've to untie that belt!

Don't worry about us, bleat. Just run...!
Soah - Shut up! No way in hell!

Pg. 45
Njostr - [Wha...]

What're you doing? You might die, y'know...

Soah - Thor believed
and entrusted this power to me.

Pg. 46-47
I'm not using it with some half-assed "resolve"!

Njostr - ...Re

[Inside him...]
[is the "resolve to put his life on stake" in order to protect someone...]

Thor - [I'll even put my life on stake for it.]
[That's what you call the resolve.]

Pg. 48
Geirrod - ...You little...

Charge in, you lots!

Soah - ...If that's how it goes...

then I'll finish it in one blow...!

Pg. 49
Njostr - Risnir, take care of those Megils...!!
Risnir - Right!


Geirrod - That shining hammer is...!?

No, that can't be.
No way a human can use that Mjolnor!


Pg. 50
Njostr - Take this!
"Sizzling Flame"!!

Geirrod - Ugh, you damn goat,
hiding under cover...

Soah - Nice, black goat.

Geirrod - Heeks.

Pg. 51

Pg. 52
Alright, how's that!

Pg. 53

Pg. 54
Phew...that was close...

Pg. 55
Njostr - Y'know what, Lord Thor is huge and strong unlike a tiny shrimp like you!
Soah - Huh!?

Njostr - Not to mention, Lord Thor is lots and lots manlier
and more clever than stupid wimp like you.
Soah - Shut up! I'm exhausted here, and what's your deal now!?

Njostr - In another word, you can never become like Lord Thor, EVER!
Soah - Why you, still not satisfied after all of that, huh...!?

Njostr - But

Pg. 56
you're exactly the same "inside".
Nothing has changed at all.
You've protected us with that supreme power and the sublime faith not even us can distort.

...I think I know now why Lord Thor
chose to save you...

...I'm sure...
he had reincarnated and returned to his hometown...


Pg. 57
for keeping our "promise".

Soldier - Oh, there you are!

Pg. 58
That was awesome, bros!
We would've suffer much worse at the south entrance without you.
I actually thought Lord Thor got reduced to a boy and returned to us...!
Hahaha, me too!

But who exactly are you though?
Soah - ...Well...that's...

Hawk - That indeed was marvelous.

It would seem that you've also inherited that acceptance by both Thor's followers and the townspeople from Thor.

You've finally piqued my interest in you now, Soah.

Soah - Ah, it's you...

Pg. 59
You come to tease me again!? I'll seriously have a chicken soup...
Njostr - Wait...that isn't just a normal bird...!

Soah - You knew him?
Njostr - ...Yeah...

While he's a pureblooded Jotunn, he's also a blood brother of the King of Aesir.
Formerly a resident of Asgard...

Loki - Long time no see, Njostr, Risnir...

Pg. 60
and nice to meet you, Soah.

My name is Loki.

** A new God made his appearance before Soah! **

To be continued in January Issue - On sale on Dec. 24 (Tues)

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