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Tales of Xillia 2 ~Soukyoku no Crossroad~ 1


-> RTS Page for Tales of Xillia 2 ~Soukyoku no Crossroad~ 1

Please ask me for permission before using.

Tales of Xillia 2 ~Soukyoku no Crossroad~
Chapter 1

Pg. 1
[Rieze Maxia - Fennmont]

Alvin - Oh,
how'd your new outfit feel then?

Jude - ...Guess I'm not used to it yet. The material is completely different.
Kinda feels like I'm being worn instead...
Alvin - Not at all. You look 100% manlier in that, y'know?

Jude - Am I...really?

Alvin - ...Well, it's 70% with that tag though.
Jude - Wah, sorry, can you pull it out for me!?

Alvin - Well, at least they won't look down on you for your look now.
Don't worry, just get going.
Jude - ...Right.

Pg. 2-3
Alvin - Good luck with your work then. See ya.
Jude - Yeah, till the next time we meet then.

[A flashy opening with the double color pages!]
** A new official serialization from Kasukabe Akira!! **
** Move on, **
** and believe in the future **
** we've chosen... **

Pg. 4
Leia - Ah, Jude!
Welcome back!!
[Rieze Maxia - Lu Rondo]

Jude - Wah,
you all come to see me off? You're embarrassing me.
Leia - Don't be such a stranger. You're about to go out to the world!
Ellin - Yes, plus, we didn't get to celebrate your graduation yet either.

...In fact, your dad actually said the same thing as you though.

Jude - I'm back, dad.
Derek - Yes,
why do you come back?
Ellin - Hey!

Pg. 5
Derek - You need to get yourself settled "over there" as soon as possible, no?
Shouldn't you focus every single piece of galds for that?

Jude - Yes,
I did expect you to say that.

...But, as Leia said, this is a big turning point in my life.

Derek - ...I see.
Do send me some letters afterwards then.

Jude's mom - You know? Even though he said that,
but I'm sure he fully understands your intention.

you can always depend on him, alright?
Jude - OK.

[I'm about to leave this Rieze Maxia, the place I grew up in,]

Pg. 6
[head for the civilized country, Elenpios,]
[in order to fulfill the "promise" I've given to that person.]
Leia - Jude. Just curious, but...

is that an Elenpian clothing?
Jude - Yeah...There already are a lot of Elenpian trades going on in Fennmont after all.

I just met Alvin in the town a while back,
and when I talk to him about my move, he actually helped me pick my clothes.
Alvin - [Take it as my present to you for your graduation.]
Jude - [It's alright. No need for that.]
Leia - Oh, he has been doing fine then.

Now that brings back some memories.
You were really serious about your clothings so no one can tease you back when you first entered the Tarim Medical School too.

You really care about your style, right!
Jude - And look who's talking...

Pg. 7
Jude - Ah, before that,
I have to pack things and look for something too, so I'll excuse myself then.
Leia - Eh?
Hey, wait...

Ellin - ...I might sound like I'm saying in his favor, but

I believe that boy was actually expecting you to say "it suits him"?
Leia - ...Can you please relay that to him for me then?

Jude - ...So all the records had been disposed then.
Derek - You've seen Elenpios, so you should already know
what kind of technology is it that back up the "Medical Jintechs".

Jude - ...Yes.

Pg. 8
Derek - All the information regarding this technology should never be left in Rieze Maxia.
Its formula should only be left inside my memory alone.

Jude - I see.
I actually thought it might help in the research on that side though.

Derek - There's no easy way to your dream.
"That girl" has already experienced it first-handed as she had used this device before.

Jude - You're right.

Pg. 9
Derek - It won't take you that long to overcome what I've invented,
...so don't worry.

Jude - I'll mail you once I arrived there.

Leia - Then you mean you didn't be gain anything at all?
Jude - I actually kinda figured that already, but
I don't feel regrets or anything about it either.

Leia - Don't you feel anxious at all? I mean, you're going to go live in Elenpios.
He should've at least give you some hints for your research...
At first, I thought he will too, but

Pg. 10
Jude - Maybe I just want a gentle push behind my back and that's all.
I'm glad I come back, since I get to see your face too.
Leia - Eh!? Really!?
That's great then! Ahaha!!

...But you're awesome though,
You've become so firm with yourself.

Jude - What's the matter?
Leia - Since your appearance changes everytime you come back.
You've accomplished so many things so quickly I couldn't even catch up too.

Jude - Are you angry at me going to Elenpios?
Leia - No,
in fact, I'm jealous of you.

Pg. 11
You've met with Alvin, right? Is he doing fine?
Jude - Eh...well yeah. He hadn't changed at all.

Ah, but he did say he's going to start up his business, so he seemed to be busy too.
Leia - Yeah, Elize also told me that.

Jude - She sent you a letter?
Leia - Yep, y'know, Elize is going to school now.
And Rowen has become a key person of the country, so he hadn't returned to Sharilton at all.

Jude - ...What's the matter?

Leia - Everyone is quickly moving on forward,
but all I do is helping with my housework.

Ever since that journey ended,
I think I'm the only one who just stopped at a same spot.

Pg. 12
The time she gave us is limited, yet...

Jude - Leia...
Leia - Wah! I'm sorry, Jude!!

Why am I whining right now! When I should be cheering for your new life!
[This is exactly the strong point of my staff style!!]
I was joking just now, 'kay! Actually, I'm perfectly fine!!

Jude - Pff.

You know?
I didn't really grow up like you thought I did though. I'm still indecisive as well.
Leia - ...But
Jude - Not just me, but I think everyone else think like that as well.

Pg. 13
After that journey,
all of us were just trying to push our way to do whatever we can do.
Even I still have my hesitation to go to Elenpios too.

What if my research is fruitless?
What if my research doesn't change anything...couldn't change anything...?

But I thought that giving it all my best
to choose the path which I think most fit is my way of fulfilling the "promise" I had with her.

Leia - Aaah,
I end up being the encouraged one, huh.
Jude - Sorry.
I must've sound arrogant, right? Since it's not like I have no hesitation either.

Leia - ...Now I don't feel like following you anymore.
Jude - Hm?

Pg. 14
Leia - It's nothing!
Ah, look, Jude. The ship is about to depart now, isn't it!? Get going now!
Jude - You're right...but don't push me, Leia!

...Well, send me some letter that isn't just about yourself too, 'kay?
Leia - Gosh, do you need to be nasty in the time like this?

...Oh, and Jude,

let me just warn you one thing!

After that journey...
we're not the only one who walk onto a new path after that "decision" was made.

I think you're already aware of this, but

Pg. 15
the "Exodus" isn't dead yet.
Not to mention, there's rumor that they got more reinforcement after we're connected to their home country, Elenpios.

And...I bet
they must've detested us for making that "decision".
So, be careful.

...Be safe, 'kay!

Jude - Yeah,

see you then.


Pg. 16
[this path that we've chosen will lead us to the right future, right?]

Sailor - For those heading for Elenpios, Maxbard's Rieze Port.
please switch the ship at this port, please.
[Rieze Maxia - Fennmont Seaheaven]

License of trade, please.

Export of ores...to Elenpios, sir?
Please pass on forward.

People - Hmph, too easy.
I really don't believe we'll ever be able live in peace with these guys.

Pg. 17
reject the progress of this world.

??? - ...Oh dear,
that's really dangerous.

Let us check your belonging, please.
...This is an equipment for self-defense, correct?

Ede - Oh, isn't that Dr.Jude?
I heard you're going to work at Elenpios. Is that true?
Jude - Hello, Edde. Thanks for all your hard work.
...And I'm not a doctor anymore though.

Edde - Please be careful of them though, doctor.
Things are really dangerous as of late...

Pg. 18
Merchant - This isn't the price we've agreed upon!
Ridiculous. Just how much do you think we've paid for the shipment?
Did you Rieze Maxian bums ever read the contract at all?

Bullshit! How the heck am I supposed to understand that when the contract is written in Elenpian!?
Soldier - You guys! Please take your querrel outside this seaheaven!

Edde - ...As you've seen, the treaty of trades between the two countries still are full of flaws.
There is no end to the dispute following those trades.
I think what we lack most is the understanding for each other's culture.

Jude - I get it. Thank you very much.
Please be safe too, Edde.
Edde - I'll keep that in mind.

Pg. 19
People - ...Damn, those Elenpian people are just too sly.
Did that country of machines just drive people nuts or something?
Rieze Maxia is really an undeveloped barbaric country.
We're making fair trade with them just because they have the natural resources, yet just look at how cocky they get.

Announcement - [The ship is departing for Rieze Port.]

Jude - I know it won't be easy for them to come to understand each other,

but I-
we humans must seek for the new possibility.

That's the promise I made with her.

Pg. 20
Announcement - To all passengers onboard.

Pg. 21
Jude - Are you kidding me?
Leia's concern came true this quickly...


Announcement - We are the Exodus.

** The accident attacks Jude as he's about to move out! In the end... **

To be continued in January Issue (On sale on Nov. 28)!

Omake Page
** The dream world of 4komas brought to you by Kasukabe the master artist. Titled "It's Xillia!". Let's begin~ **

[The hungry Maxwell]

[The land of Rieze Maxia is protected by invisible powerful beings, the spirits.]
[And the ones standing above all spirits are these two siblings, Musee and Milla.]

Musee - I'm back, Milla~
I even bought a cream beef rice with me too, so let's eat together.
[The older sister, Musee, has an ability to cross over the dimension, so she can freely move between the spirit world and human world.]

Milla - Musee,
we spirits actually don't any food in order to continue living.
[The younger sister, Milla, is successor of the spirit lord and the spirit of elemental, Maxwell.]

[Both of them really take likings for human world, so it seems.]
Milla - Firstly, this shop doesn't give enough red ginger in their beef rice...
Ngh, it tastes stronger than before. I love it!
Musee - I love how you complain yet still chomp it down.

[Maxwell who always have space for sweet.]
Milla - So,
how is the human's world today, "sister"?
Musee - Well,

[Milla loves human's world so much, so she ends up forgiving Musee so easily justso she can listen to her story.]
Musee - oh yeah, they made a new plum custard flavored "Gaius dumpling".
[She only call her "sister" at this time.]

Milla - Plum custard...!!

Human's idea never fail to surprise me...!
Musee - I love how you're so happy at this kind of story.

** Special 4komas will be featured every month! Stay tuned~!! **

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