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Tales of Xillia 2 4

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Apr 20, 2013 19:01 | Go to Tales of Xillia 2

-> RTS Page for Tales of Xillia 2 4

Know what? It's funny how badly treated Ludger is in this manga. Elle punched him HARD every chapter, at least once...and now Milla stomped right on his face. Justice for the NEET, please? >.>"

Please ask me for my permission before using.

Tales of Xillia 2
Chapter 4 "An order to destroy the Altaworld"

Pg. 1
Ludger - [I'm Ludger,]
[Ludger Will Kresnik,]
[a fresh cook who's out searching for my missing brother.]
** The party heads for Helioborg Institute! **

[During our journey, we were attacked by the group of terrorists who are after Jude's life.]

[His development of the Origin doesn't go as well, and now the terrorists threaten him.]
[He isn't that much older than me, but I can feel how grave the burden he has to bear.]
Leia - Is it really OK for you to come with us, Rowen?
Rowen - It's perfectly fine, Leia.
Gaius already consents me.
I'm curious myself too,
of whether this might be some kind of bad omen...
Ludger - [That's when a sudden news hit us.]
[Helioborg Institute, Jude's workplace, is under the Exodus's attack.]

[A new reporter who's Jude's childhood friend, Leia,]
Jude - And what about your work, Leia?
Leia - This is also my work! I can sense some big scoop in this!

Ludger - [and the prime minister, Rowen, also joined us, and we head to Helioborg together.]
Jude - Helioborg is just ahead of the Lusar Road.
Rowen - So we'll walk from here then. [Tohoho.]

Jude - Hey, are you alright?
Leia - Gosh, I'm not a child, 'kay!
Ludger - [A strange world with a strange monster...a journey with a reporter and a prime minister...I never know what my tomorrow will be after all these sudden twists!]

Pg. 2
Jude - Seems like there's going to be a thunderstorm.
Let's hurry!

** An enemy close in at Elize and Teepo!! **

Elize - *pant*


Pg. 3
Teepo - Here they come~ Elize!
Elize - I'll handle it!


Elize - I-...
It should be fine now,

Teepo - Watch out, Elize!


Pg. 4
Alvin - Hang on tight, Princess Elize.

== Tiger Rage

Elize - Alvin!?

Alvin - But who would've thought that your school would be chosen as a representative of Rieze Maxia to visit Helioborg?
Elize - Yes,
my classmates are currently hiding in the storage room, waiting for me to go call for help.
Alvin - Get off my head.

Elize - And why are you here?
Alvin - For a business talk...Baran is the boss here, right? So I was thinking of using my connection to have my products sell in the cafeteria here.
[Parange Favor ver. 2]

Teepo - Great timing, Alvin~!
Alvin - How is me getting involved in this any good?

Pg. 5
Crap! We're surrounded...


Alvin - ...But well,

look like these guys come at awesome timing as well!
Jude - Elize!
...Eh? And Alvin too?

Pg. 6
Alvin - So that's why you're with Ludger, huh?
Jude - Yes, either way, we've already helped Elize's friends.
All that's left now is to restore the security system.
Let's meet up with Rowen's team first.
Teepo - Hello!
Elle - Gross!
Teepo - Argh!
Ludger - Hey, isn't it "cutross"!?
Teepo - That doesn't even help!?
Elize - Teepo is cute, OK?

Alvin - Rowen is here too?
Jude - Yep, and Leia as well...
Ludger - Thunder...?

Elle - KYAAA!

Ludger - The watch!?

Teepo - Eh!
Alvin - Wow, what's this!?
Jude - Ludger!

Ludger - Elle...?

Pg. 7
Alvin - Just what's going on?
Jude - Ludger...
Ludger - Yeah...we're in that world again...

Jude - Eh...what's that?

On the roof of the developmental block.
That's not...thunder.
An electrical discharge?

Ludger - Do you have any clue of this?
Jude - No...there's no such equipment in Helioborg...

Researcher - Dr. Jude!

The Origin Volt is going on rampage because of the Exodus's attack!
Jude - Origin Volt!?

Pg. 8
How come!? The system isn't even completed yet. How come there's a the Great Spirit Class Origin being made already...?
Researcher - How come?...But you were the one in charge of the production yourself...

Jude - I...did?

Ludger - Calm down, Jude.
I think it's different "here"...!
Jude - Ludger...


Ludger - Jude...

Let's head to the developmental block.

[Helioborg Institute]
[Rooftop of the developmental block]

Pg. 9
Jude - It's really...the Origin Volt...!
Ludger - ...That black aura...? Isn't this the same...as with Julius and Rowen?
Jude - Yes, then that means...

Volt - Soul, pollution...progress.
Jude - Soul...

Volt - JIG!
Jude - UWAA!

Lulu - GYIAW!

Elle - Lulu!

Pg. 10
Ludger - ...Bastard...
how dare you hurt Lulu!!!



Jude - Ludger!

Pg. 11

Pg. 12
Elle - Lulu...

Teepo - He's fine now!
Elle - Thanks so much, Elize, Teepo!

Alvin - Hey, Jude...
Jude - I know, I'll explain to you later.

Ludger - Elle, it's my turn now? Right?
Elle - No~ Not~ yours~ yet~
Ludge - Wah, hey...
Teepo - I'm jealous!
Elize - His tummy is so squishy...!

Jude - Baran, you...didn't make any...Origin Volt, right...?
Baran - Origin Volt?

Pg. 13
Let alone making , we aren't even prepared for one.
Plus, we still can't even control the Origin properly, so the Great Spirit level is totally out of the league.

Jude - As I thought...
Baran - As you thought?

Jude - No, that's our business...
Good that you're safe though, Baran.

Everything we've seen this time just never happened.
That world...isn't it related to the "power" of your transformation?

Ludger - No, I think it's actually Elle's power.

Jude - Elle's!?

Ludger - When I transformed, I can feel power flowing into me, but
I don't feel anything when we get into "that world".
In both case, the watch was reacting.

That watch causes Elle and me to become one.
I can't say it's completely unrelated.
Jude - Elle, hm...

Pg. 14
Ludger - Well, it's just a speculation though.

Jude - You're just being too reckless.
Let me see it.
Ludger - But that guy hurts Lulu.

Hey, Jude.

You're the one...who destroyed the Shell, right?

Alvin and Elize too...
Jude - Yes, sorry for keeping it quiet though.
Ludger - It's fine. I already knew that anyway.
Jude - Eh?
Ludger - You're really popular in the underground magazine, you know?
...And you know what? At first, I thought...
you're an easygoing genius who can do anything.
[Like someone who's perfectly satisfied with his life?]
Jude - Y-...You thought so?
Ludger - Yeah...but my thought had changed now.

I still think you're really intelligent, but
you're someone who works hard for happiness of others, right?

You care. You worry...
You're willing to drench yourself in sweat and mud...

Pg. 15
So, like...
I'm not sure how to say it, but
you're the type of softie I like.

I mean...
I'm cheering for you, sorta...
Erm, what am I saying...

Jude - Done!
Ludger - OWWW!?
What're you doing!?

Jude - I too
gets some courage just by looking at you who always look straight ahead, despite of how painful the path is.

Ludger - Y-...You sounds so fishy...
Jude - Hey...you're the one who started it first!
Ludger - No...I mean, yeah, but
anyway, I don't feel any malice coming from you...

From Clanspia...?

Pg. 16
Bisley - Welcome everyone.
Ludger, and

Dr.Mathis, Conductor* Ilbert,
as well as everyone who had worked to destroy the Shell.
[* Rowen's alias]

Jude - So you actually knew everything then?
Bisley - Please don't make light of our information network.

Ludger - The information we got from you weren't of any help though.
[Julius Meowstatin the Third]

Bisley - That proves how impressive your brother is.
Not to mention, you didn't get any clue on him either, did you not?

Either way, Ludger,
I have a bad news for you.

I heard the polices are currently hunting for you.

Pg. 17
Ludger - They're hunting...for me...!?
Bisley - The polices are vigorous after all.

With that said,

we've taken you in as our agent
in order to shelter you.

We'll keep the polices at bay at all cost.
Ludger - But why would you...

Bisley - Did I not tell you before? We're just like family...Isn't that enough of a reason?
Ludger - Please tell me the truth.

Bisley - Hmph...
The reason is simple.
It's because you're valuable enough for us to do that...That's our reason.

Jude - What are you...planning to have him do?

Bisley - Destruction of the Altaworld.

Pg. 18
Ludger - Alta...world?
Bisley - You're already aware of it, are you not?

This place we're here right now...
is the "Rightful World" which flows in the true timeline...The parallel worlds which stray off from that are what we called the "Altaworlds".
As the Altaworld is being created, the soul energy as existed in the Rightful World will be dispersed.
Jude - Disperse? Isn't that bad?

Bisley - If left idle, all the souls will perish from this world.
Of course, humans will too face extinction.

Alvin - Wow now,
isn't that a little too sudden...?
Bisley - The devastation of Elenpios and the failure of Origin...
if I were to say that all of that is due to the depletion of soul energy then...?

I believe you can comprehend this, Dr.Mathis?

Originally, this Clanspia Corp. was founded by the protector of this world, "Clan Spear".
From ancient time, we've been destroying the Altaworlds.

Pg. 19
Ludger - Then you mean...
that's what I've already done?

Bisley - I'm glad you're quick at picking up.
Yes...that's the "power" we want from you.

Not only that,
the will to face what's present and the power to accomplish that,
those are the qualities that we want inside you.

Jude - But you're only setting him up...

Ludger - Is this work...related to my brother as well?

Bisley - He was an excellent agent,
who had destroyed over 100 Altaworlds.

Think of it like this then?
We'll help you escape from the police's pursuit.
We'll even give you clues for you to chase after Julius.
Depending on your result, our company will even help you repay your debt.
That's three birds with one stone.

Pg. 20
Ludger - You won't even let me take my pick, won't you?

Bisley - Very good answer.

With that, you're now our anti-Altaworld agent.

Follow me, Ludger.
First, I'll need to teach you how to use your power;

the power to destroy the Altaworld,

"Corpse Shell".
Ludger - Corpse...Shell?

Pg. 21
I did it...I can activate it at my will now...

Bisley - The "Spear"...
As I thought, the power of the "Key" is...

Elle - What's this...?
My neck feels tingling.

Bisley - Yes, that's it.
Jude - Is that the Corpse Shell...?
But why did Ludger have...

Bisley - In fun, the spirits granted the Kresnik lineage with this power...
or should I say...this "curse".

Jude - The curse...of the Kresnik lineage?

Bisley - It's also the last power as left for men.
I'm sure you can master it...Ludger!

Pg. 22
Vel - We've linked your power to the navigation system installed in your GHS, so you can now penetrate into the targeted Altaworld,
along with any of your comrades.

??? - We understand. You want us to treat this as a top-secret...correct?
Vel - It seems like we can trust you then.
Elle - So many people!

Vel - If the "Time Factor", the keystone to the formation of the Altaworld, is destroyed, the altaworld will too perished.
The Corpse Shell user have an ability to sense Time Factor, so please make use of it.

Finally, the Time Factor can only be destroyed with the weapon used by Corpse Shell user.

Before you enter the Altaworld, please make sure that you have everything ready.
Now, please do excuse me.

Alvin - She's really cool, huh.
But she sure had asked you for everything it feels suffocating really.

Ludger - Are you really OK with this?
This is definitely a dangerous work though?

Pg. 23
Leia - I'll go with you! This will make an awesome scoop after all!

Elize - We would like to help you if we can too.

Alvin - I'll help too, at least during my spare time though.

Rowen - After all, this matter is a threat to the world!

Jude - Let's go, Ludger!

Ludger - You guys...


Elle - OK!
Let's go!

Pg. 24
Elize - This is the same as that world from last time, right?
Teepo - Looks like a station.
Rowen - So this is the entrance point then.

Jude - It looks just the same as the original world though...
Can you sense the Time Factor then, Ludger?

Ludger - I can sense it very far from here...I guess?
Jude - It's far from here...hm?

Pg. 25
That schedule...
There's a train heading for Ascald...
And...no Maxbard...!?

Ludger - Jude?

Jude - There's one place that I'm curious about.
Can we go there?
[Lusar Road (Altaworld)]

Ludger - Elle...

could you also be part of the Kresnik lineage...?
Elle - Eh...?

Jude - We're here.

Ludger - Isn't this...

Pg. 26
Jude - Since there's no Maxbard in this world,
that means this world is the world where the Shell hasn't been lost yet.
So the dimensional rift that we used to come to Elenpios in the past doesn't exist.
[The hill where dimension rifted (Altaworld)]

Khronos - If only the Rightful World was like this, you mere humans would never be able to lay your fingers on His Land.

??? - UWAAAAH!

Elle - Ludger!

Pg. 27
Khronos - One from the Kresnik lineage,
do you still fumble throughout the Altaworlds in search of the "Key"?

Ludger - Who're you!?

Khronos - I am
the guardian of the Land of Canaan.

Elle - The Land of Canaan!?

Khronos - The Great Spirit

I shall thrust you into the dimensional threshold,

the same as that woman who sided with humans...Maxwell!
Jude - Maxwell!?
What do you mean...

Pg. 28
Khronos - You need not to know.

??? - UWAAA!

Alvin - Ah...ugh...
He's absurdly strong...!
Jude - Khronos...his power is indeed at the level of the Great Spirit...
but why would he...!?

Khronos - I will never allow you mere humans to touch "Origin"...!

Ludger - Origin...? Why Origin?

Plus...what does he mean by "never allow to touch"...?

Dammit...Is this over for me...?


Pg. 29

Pg. 30

Julius - Ludger!
Lend me...
your watch...!

Ludger - My...watch?

Elle - Ludger!
No! That's Papa's...

Pg. 31
Jude - That's...the dimensional rift!
Everyone...jump inside!

Ludger - Julius!

Julius - Ludger!

Pg. 32
Khronos - Tch...
they were lucky.

[Rieze Maxia - Nia Khera Approach (Altaworld)]

Leia - So...we managed to get away?

Ludger - Julius...isn't here?

Elle - Hey, Ludger!
You can't give that old man with glasses Papa's watch!
Are you listening!?

Jude - Ludger, Elle, behind you!

Elle - KYA!
Ludger - Crap...I can't get my weapons out in time!

Then I'll have to use...my Corpse Shell...
Milla - You're in the way.

Pg. 33
Ludger - Pgh!

Milla - This place is our santuary.
Leave, outsiders.

Ludger - Wait a sec! You just stepped on my face, and yet...!

Milla - What?
It's your fault for getting in my way yourself, isn't it?

Pg. 34
Any problems with that?

If you get it now, then get out already!
Ludger - W-...Wait...!

Jude - Milla.

Ludger - Milla?

Great Spirit...
Milla Maxwell...
** Who exactly is she!? **

[To be continued in May Issue (On shelf on March 27)!]

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