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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Hataraku Maousama! High School! 9

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 3, 2013 18:06 | Go to Hataraku Maousama! High School!

-> RTS Page for Hataraku Maousama! High School! 9

Because it took less than 30 minutes for me to get this done (Yeah, it's that easy, tbh...-_-"), and since I have something to ask. Sorry, I don't know how else to draw attention other than to just slap it in with some kind of treats.

Anyone knows of any good site to keep light novel translations, preferably a little well-known...but not BT? I actually start to consider translating the LN for this to English, but don't really know where to put it if I were to start doing it. I don't think I want to do it for BT, because their procedures are just too confusing and complicated, really. I prefer not making my own blogs or anything either. I'm not sure if it's OK to post novel translation here either (since it's not a manga).

Spoiler warning for anime watchers, regarding Alas Ramus. And I don't allow this to be used for scanlation no matter what. FTH is handling it just fine and I don't want to stick into their things. I have no plan on continuing to translate to English either, since this is supposed to be my Thai project, not English. Take it as a teaser then, but if possible, please just give me some suggestion to my question as well. Once I find a good place, I'll start translating something from the novel just for the fun of it.


Hataraku Maou-sama! High School!
Lesson 9 "The Owner of the School Made Her Decision"

Pg. 1
Alas Ramus - Alas Ramus

Maou - ...Umm
Chiho - What does...
she mean by "Daddy"...?

Maou - I wonder too...
Emi - Don't ask me.

Pg. 2
Is that her name then...? [And she can actually speak!?]


Alas Ramus - Mommy!!

Emi - W-Why the!?
Maou - Hey, chill.
I'm still lost here as well.

Let's do something about this first!!!

Pg. 3
Kisaki - ...Hmm,
...So that's why you called me...
...But the thing about this kid fallen from the sky
isn't a story you can swallow so easily either.

Maou - Sorry, but we really don't know who else to go to...
Kisaki - ...No, it's alright, but...

[Seeing you come dashing all pale like that, I actually]
[thought you already came up with some new menu...]
Maou - [...Am very sorry.]

Kisaki - By the way, where's that kid you mentioned then...?
[I don't see her anywhere though.]
Maou - I already pushed her over to Ashiya before things get chaotic.

[10 minutes ago]
Maou - [Well, I'll leaving her to you now.]
Ashiya - [Wha!?]
[Eh? Wait, my lord!?]

Pg. 4
Kisaki - Even so,
this situation isn't something I can handle alone.
Emi - [Why do I have to come too...]
Kisaki - Why don't you try talking to the president?

What's with that face?
Maou - ...No.

[If possible, I wouldn't even want to get near to that school prez...]

Kisaki - Well, I'll give her a ring then,
but for now, you two
return to the classroom.

Pg. 5
Maou - Hmm...Just what's that kid...?
But she clearly isn't from this world.

[Oh, she's pretty shocked too, huh.]

Emi - *sigh*

Pg. 6
do I
have to be "Mommy"...

[GOSH, nothing good ever happens at all!!]
Chiho - *sigh*...

Maou-san is "Daddy" while Yusa-san is "Mommy", huh...?

Maou - She's pretty hurt, ain't she?

Pg. 7
Ashiya, I'm back now...
[Ashiya's butt]

Ashiya - [Welcome back, my lord.]
Maou - Yeah. [You all right?]

Oh...she already slept.
Ashiya - Yes, sir...
[But it was really tough though.]

Maou - ..."Daddy"

Pg. 8
Gosh, made me wonders what'll happen next.
M-...My lord,
but before that, could you please explain this to me?
[About that child and this "Daddy" thing as well.]

Maou - Come to think of it,
Kisaki-sensei did say she'll contact the school prez for us.

Guess she'll be here soon...
Ashiya - [He ignored me!]
Kisaki - Hey, Ma-kun.

Maou - Oh,

Yes, Kisaki-sen-

Pg. 9
Shiba - [It had been a while,]
[School President - Shiba Miki]

Shiba - My, that must be the child then?

I've already heard about it from your teacher,
but it was a surprise even for me too.

Pg. 10
...Well, regarding what'll become of this child from here on,
before we get to that, Maou-san,
do you have the readiness to "work" even harder than you already had...?

Maou - P-...Pardon...?
Shiba - What I'm getting to is this.

Consider how this child is still very young,
perhaps it would be best for her to be by your side, correct?

That's why I'm thinking
of having this child
enrolled as a student of our school.

Pg. 11
Maou - [WHAT?]

B-...But ma'am,
[first of all,]
I'm not really her dad.

I'll have her in class 2-A then...Kisaki-sensei, if you would please?
Kisaki - Yes...
Maou - [She isn't even listening!!!]

Kisaki - B-But!
If this infant will become our student...
[Will this really be OK though...?]
I'll need to revise my teaching plan then.

Shiba - ...Oh, that's right.

Pg. 12
As of the enrollment...
though this is merely my suggestion,
but you'll have to take full responsibility for her tuition fee, Maou-san.

Maou - [So this is what she meant by the readiness to work!!!?]

Ashiya - N-...N-No...No way...

Pg. 13
Shiba - And not only the tuition fee.
The payment for all the necessary school supplies,

I'll cut it off from your salary.

And I'll wait and see
your effort to work harder from now on.

And yours too, Ashiya-san.
Ashiya - ...Y-Yes ma'am.

Shiba - [Well then, could you handle all the enrollment procedures please?]
Kisaki - [Yes, ma'am.]

Pg. 14
Ashiya - ...My lord-
Maou - Don't say it, Ashiya.
I'm currently thinking of what to do right now.
That is the living expense just enough for us two to hold off for a day...

If we don't come up with something, one of us must be starved to death.
Ashiya - [Giving that choice in this ridiculous situation is just so wrong though!!]

Maou - ...Ah.
Oh yeah!!
We still have Mommy!!

I'm off to phone at the teacher room!!
Ashiya - M-Mommy, you said!?
My lord, since when did you have your spouse!!!?
Maou - I didn't!!

[Mommy at that time]
Emi - [...I have some kind of bad feelings.]

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#1. by jagman1x3 ()
Posted on Jul 3, 2013
Not sure about sites that are specifically for LN translations, but if you can't find one then I'd be more than willing to make a section on my scanlation group's Wordpress site that you could post the translations on. Thanks for translating this, I've been waiting to see it for a while!
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jul 3, 2013
Baka-Tsuki is the most famous site for novel translation and also the only site where a lot of contributors collaborate.
There are a couple of other novel groups, which have their own blog.

So I'm afraid that you're left with two choices:
1) Make a new site that competes with BT in hosting various "groups"
2) Make your own blog

I suggest you go with 2). I also made a simply blog for my novel translation.
Not much to handle on that sector. Simple layout, post your translation in a simple tab and done.
Or do you have some kind of problem with blogs?
#3. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 4, 2013
Not totally a problem, but since I'm not exactly sure how long will I keep up with it, taken that novel does take much more effort to translate than manga and anime. Not to mention, I don't exactly know how to promote any blog...

But thanks for the suggestion though. I think I'll just make a blog then, and will see how to make it public. >.>"
#4. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2013
Blogs can easily be hosted for free and even a no-IT-nerd like me managed it^^
Afterwards you can add a group on MU for your releases and promote your blog on a couple of forums in their novel section like animesuki and so on.

If you really have trouble managing a blog, you can take jagman up on his offer^^

Also, may I ask which series you have in mind?
#5. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jul 5, 2013
Just Hataraku Maou-sama! at the moment, since I don't think I've seen any translations of that lying around at all, just a whole bunch of bits and pieces of spoilers scattered all over. And actually, this is the first novel series I've ever read past volume 1, so guess that's all I can handle then. ^_^"

Though I don't know if it was because I haven't searched well enough though. If there already some translations lying around, then guess I won't take it up either. Don't want to stick into other translator's thing too much, plus I could just get my hype out on the manga instead...
#6. by PROzess ()
Posted on Jul 6, 2013
Like always the anime sparked the interest :)
Well, that's the point I guess.
I don't know of any existing translation of it either.

Good luck with it, novel tls can be tedious^^
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