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Tales of Zestiria ~Michibiki no Toki~ 1


-> RTS Page for Tales of Zestiria ~Michibiki no Toki~ 1

RAW (Also scanned by me)

Please do not use either the raw nor the translation for scanlation without my permission.

Tales of Zestiria ~Michibiki no Toki~
Chapter 1 “The Dawn of Hope”

Pg. 1
Sorey - As I thought!

The hero who wields the holy sword…

** The manga of “Tales of” series 20th anniversary title starts now!! **

Pg. 2-3
It’s the mural of the “Shepherd”!

** Passionate Faith will one day turn into “Hope” **

Pg. 4
I finally found it…

Mikleo - You beat me this time,

Sorey – Mikleo!

Mikleo - Not happening next time though.

Sorey - I knew the Shepherd had been with us since the Asgard Era.

Pg. 5
Mikleo – Isn’t it too soon to conclude like that?
We still don’t know if this ruin’s from before the Asgard Era.
Sorey – Umm…
Mikleo – It must just be a fa-…

Sorey – Earthquake!?
Mikleo – This is…
Something must’ve entered Gramps’-


[The floor-]


Pg. 6
Sorey – What should we do, Mikleo?

Mikleo – [Another ruin…?]
[That pond!]

[I can use this…]


Pg. 7
Sorey – Ack

Mikleo – Are you alright?

Pg. 8
Sorey - Thanks!

Who would’ve known that there’ll also be a ruin down here…

Glad we fell down then…
Mikleo – And it’s all thanks to me.
Now we’re even.

Sorey – I don’t think that’s entirely true though.
Mikleo – You would’ve been squashed if not because of my help.
Sorey – Ugh…

Mikleo - I don’t object us exploring here, but we still don’t know the cause of that tremor back then.

Let’s stay cautious while finding the exit.
Sorey – OK.

Pg. 9
So cold…

Doesn’t it just get chilly all of the sudden?
Mikleo – I don’t feel anything though.

??? – KYAAAAA!!

Mikleo – A scream!?

Sorey – It came from upstairs!!

Pg. 10
What are you doing there!!?
Lunarre – Well, what do we have here?

Trying to intervene with my meal?

Pg. 11
Sorey – T-This guy…
He isn’t normal…

Mikleo – That bizarre appearance,
That must be…”Hellion”.

Sorey – Hellion!?

They’re monsters born from defilement…
Only the “Power of Purification” can defeat them.
Neither of us can do that!

Pg. 12
Mikleo – Gramps told us to run right away if we ever encounter them.
Sorey - But if we don’t do something, that girl will…

If we can at least draw it away from there!
Mikleo – Sorey!

Lunarre – Woah now. That kiddy sword isn’t going to kill me!


Sorey – [Blue flame!?]

Pg. 13
You alright? Can you stand?
[That’s not Heavenly Arte.]
Alisha – You are…
Sorey – [Is that Hellion’s power…?]

Alisha – Don’t need to care about me!
It’s dangerous here. Run!

Sorey – [This girl…isn’t a Seraph!?]

Lunarre – Here I come!!

Too slow!

Pg. 14
Sorey – Ngh…
Lunarre – Hehehe, not bad!

I’m super hyped now though…?


Sorey – Mikleo!

Pg. 15
T-Took you long enough.
Mikleo – Your fault for dashing out first.

Lunarre – I’ll eat all of you!!
Sorey – He’s coming!

Lunarre - How ‘bout this!

Pg. 16
Mikleo – Unleash the spiral streams!

Lunarre – Damn,


Sorey – And one more,

Pg. 17
== Soaring Stream!!

Alisha – [What’s that power…?]

[This is just like…]
[in the legend…]

Pg. 18
Lunarre – [This area has some irksome power.]
[I can’t even use my power fully enough.]

[It’s about time then…]

Sorey – He got away!
Mikleo – He’s a Hellion! No need to chase after him.

Sorey – Hellion…

Alisha – I thank you
For helping me.

Pg. 19
Sorey – I’m Sorey!

Alisha – Sorey?
Sorey - Nice to meet you.

Alisha – I-Is something the matter?

Sorey - …Hey, Mikleo.
This has been bothering me, but
Isn’t she…
Mikleo – Yeah, no doubt

She’s a human.

Pg. 20
Sorey – Eek!
Alisha – Sorey?

Mikleo – She seriously is just a human.
Unlike you, she can’t even see me as I’m a Seraph.
Sorey – Guess you’re right…

Who are you?
And why are you in this place?

Alisha - That’s

Pg. 21
E-Either way,
I’ll take my leave now.
Sorey – Eh?

Alisha – I have to prepare to get back to the capital.

Mikleo – We should get going as well.

Sorey – There are Hellions roaming in this place.
It’s dangerous if we just let her go alone.

I got an idea!
How about you come to my place!
Mikleo – What!?

Pg. 22
Sorey - Gramps is in the village, so he shouldn’t be able to enter so easily.
Alisha – Gramps…?
Sorey – You can make your preparation there too.

Alisha – But…is it really OK
for you to invite a stranger like me there?

Mikleo – Yeah, Sorey!
We should stay away from humans!
And if you take her to the village, Gramps will…!

Sorey – I can’t just leave a person in need alone.

That’s all!
Mikleo - …I warned you.

Pg. 23
[Land of Seraphs, Izuchi]
Gramps – You…FOOL!!!!

Why did you guide a human to our village!?
You know the rules, yet chose to break it!?

Sorey – Sorry, Gramps.
I just can’t leave her like that…

Humans will only bring calamity to our village.
Did I not always tell you that?

Pg. 24
Sorey – But I’m
A human too.

Gramps - You’ve lived with us ever since you were little.
You have the ability to know our presence and converse with us.

Normal humans cannot.
There is a big difference between you and other humans.

Mikleo – But she’s the first human Sorey ever encountered.

Pg. 25
Gramps - I wouldn’t call someone who cannot see or hear as we do
As friends who we can live together with.

To protect you,
And our whole village,
Alisha – [There’s no one here…]
Gramps - We need to eliminate unneeded invader.
Once she finishes her preparation tomorrow, send her back to the lower world.

Do you understand?
Sorey – Yes…

Mikleo – Gramps…

Gramps - I know, Mikleo.

His feeling is straightforward and sincere.

Pg. 26
That’s why
I’m really worried about him.

Sorey – By the way, you came from the capital, right?
What was it like there?

Alisha – I live in
The Capital of Hyland Kingdom, Ladylake.

Sorey – Ladylake? Isn’t that…
The one in the Legend of the Holy Sword!?

Alisha – You really knows a lot.
Sorey – It’s also written in the Seraph Records.

The legend says that the one who can draw the Holy Sword
Protected by Lake Maiden would become a Shepherd, right?

Alisha – The Seraph Records…so you read it too?

Pg. 27

Sorey – You don’t mean…
Alisha – I’ve also read through it multiple times.

Alisha – My birthplace, Ladylake is the city blessed with water.
It used to fill with carefree people who just love to party and have fun.

Sorey – “Used to”?

Alisha – That was…
In the past.

Sorey – Oh,
The lower world has its problem too then…

Pg. 28
I’ve actually never leave here before…
Alisha – You live here all by yourself!?
Sorey – Haha…

I’ve read this over and over again ever since I was a kid.

My dream
Is to someday travel around to all the ruins in this world.

Alisha – Anyone who reads the Seraph Records would also say that,
Myself included actually.

But right now, we cannot even speak of that dream anymore.

…Could we
Go outside for a bit?

Pg. 29
…For several decades now,
The world has faced with several unexplainable disasters.

Sorey – Disasters?

Alisha - From unknown epidemics to everlasting storms;
People suddenly bursting into flame;
There’re even absurd rumors like walking corpses.

Because of all the mysterious events around the world,
All our resources will likely diminish in the near future, leading to famine.

And the worst problem of all: As countries lose their resources, they might wage war over remaining resources.
Once that happens,
There’s no more stopping it.

Pg. 30
Sorey – Is there no other way?
Alisha – I couldn’t think of any.

That’s why I turn to the legend,
And go on a journey to find some clues.
Though it’s not like I can find any…

Legend of the Shepherd…

Long ago, in the Mythical Era, whenever the world is covered in darkness,
He will make his appearance to reclaim the light.

Even as time passed, whenever the world fell into calamity,
People will speak of the legend and pray for salvation.

There, the Shepherd will make His appearance and rid the world of darkness.
Once peace befall onto people, the Shepherd will vanish
From the heart of people, only leaving the legend behind.

Sorey – [Shepherd…]

Pg. 31
Alisha – Sorey,
Thank you very much.
Sorey – Take care though.

Alisha - …Alisha
Sorey – Eh?

Alisha – My name is Alisha Diefda,
knight of Hyland Kingdom.

Sorey – Alisha…

Alisha – Sorey,
I really believe Seraphs do exist,

that the legends as told by the Seraph Records
are not just make-up stories.

Pg. 32
And the one who can rid all the disasters in this world is-

Sorey – Shepherd,

Alisha - …You really aren’t going to laugh at that.
Everyone in capital all make fun of it.

Sorey – Since I believe that too.

Alisha – Ladylake is about to hold the Holy Sword Ceremony.
There’ll also be the Trial of Sword as mentioned in the Legend of the Shepherd.

Pg. 33
Would you try out for the Trial of Sword as well?

The Shepherd as mentioned in the Legend…
I believe He
Would be someone like you.

Pg. 34
Mikleo – What’s wrong, Sorey?
You’ve been spacing out for this entire day.

Sorey – Yeah…

Mikleo – Try to consider about gramps’ feeling too, OK?

Sorey – Yeah…

Pg. 35
Sorey – They’ll sure panic…if they saw me going off alone like this,
Both gramps and Mikleo.

[But I…]

Sorey – Alright, let’s go!
Mikleo – Go where?

Sorey – M-Mikleo,
Why are you…
Mikleo – You’re going to the lower world, aren’t you?

…I just knew it.

Pg. 36
Sorey – Umm,
Mikleo – You’re not going off by yourself.

I’m going too.

Sorey – Thanks, Mikleo!
I’m so happy now that you’re coming with me!

Mikleo - Like someone like you who don’t even know
how to lie will be able to live among the humans.
Sorey – Haha.
What’s that?

Mikleo – Oh,
And I have something for you.

Pg. 37
Gramps told me
To give this to you.

Sorey – Isn’t this the Shepherd Emblem…?
But why to me?

Mikleo - Gramps already knew as well,
That you’ll one day leave this place as a human.

“Live freely on the path of which you’ve chosen”
“To the best of your ability”,
He said.

Pg. 38
Sorey – Let’s go.

Pg. 39-40
This is
The world!!

Pg. 41
The scenery is so nice!

Even the air seems different.

I thought the lower world is filled with defilement,
But do you feel anything?
Mikleo – Not that much, I guess.

But it’s not as clean as Izuchi though.
Sorey – Really?

Mikleo – And stop getting so excited and noisy already…
Sorey – You can’t blame me!

This is your first time in the lower world too.
I know you’re actually excited too, right?
Mikleo - …Fine, whatever you want.

Sorey – Oh, over there!

Pg. 42
[The Lake Capital, Ladylake]


So this is the capital…
I’m speechless…

Mikleo – [But…]
[Such intense defilement…]

Pg. 43
Rose – Is this your first time in Ladylake?

We’re the “Sparrow Wings”,
A caravan of merchants.

I’m the leader of the group, Eguille.

And this girl here is Rose.
Nice to meet you.

Sorey – That carriage is so big.
You mean you’re travelling around then?
Rose – Yup!
We’ve gone to every corners of the world.

Pg. 44
Sorey - Of the world…
Rose - You came from the other side of the mountain, right?
So what brought you here?

Sorey – Woah, how did you know that?
Rose – Your shoes are all muddy.
Sorey – Wah!

Oh, right.
Alisha invited me to attend the Holy Sword Ceremony.
Do you know where and when does that take place?

Rose – The princess invited you!?
Sorey – [Princess…?]

Rose – Then you better hurry.

Pg. 45
Alisha - Lately, we have faced with several hardships from scanty crops, epidemics and tension with neighboring countries.
Thus, we had to put this ceremony to halt for all these years due to the circumstances we are in.

However, I believe because it’s in this particular era
That we should treasure these mythical rituals even more.

Sorey – She’s so good…

I want to go and say hi to her,
But guess I can’t right now…

Mikleo – [We’re in the church which worships the Holy Sword of the Shepherd,]
[and yet the defilement here is even worse than outside.]

Pg. 46
Sorey, look at the sword pedestal.

Is that…
The Lake Maiden!?

She’s a Seraph.
I’m guessing that the sword cannot be drawn unless you’ve talked to her.
Normal people would never be able to do that.

Sorey – Awesome…
The legend really is true!!

Pg. 47
Alisha - O Lake Maiden,

Please show me your power,
And cleanse me of my bitter sin
With your scorching flame.

People of Ladylake!
Let us pray for our peace and prosperity in this ceremony.

People - What good does that even do!

Pg. 48
Will prayer even give us back our jobs!?

The parliament seizes the trading rights to all the weaponry and food products
Because they’re planning to start a war, don’t they!?
You’re just going to leave us to die, are you!?

Knight – Silence!!
Don’t interfere with the ceremony!!

Alisha – Stop it!

People – You bastard dare pointing your weapon at me!!?
Why you!!

Pg. 49
Lailah – No!
If you let loose of that hostility,
You’ll give birth
To the Hellion!!

Hellion – GRRRRR!!

Mikleo – People just turned into Hellion…!?
Sorey – This is just the same as that fox guy…

Pg. 50
Hellion – GRRRR

Alisha – Sorey!?
Sorey – Lake Maiden, can’t you do something about this!!?

Lailah – You can see me…?

Pg. 51
Mikleo - You have the Power of Purification, don’t you!?
Lailah – And you’re a Seraph…?

Mikleo - If we don’t do something, the defilement pouring from that guy
Will just give birth to even more Hellions.

Lailah - …I myself cannot use the Power of Purification.

That power belongs to the one
Who can draw that sword and becomes my sword.

Sorey – If that’s the case!
Mikleo – Sorey!!

Lailah – Please wait!

Pg. 52
By becoming my sword,
You’ll have to become my vessel,
And bear that fate.

In exchange for the Power of Purification, the power that’s beyond any humans,
People may turn on you and even kill your heart.

There will also be times when you have to make agonizing decision
In order to protect people and Seraphs from Hellions.

It will be an unimaginably lonely struggle.

Pg. 53
Sorey – Can you tell me your name?
Lailah – Eh?

I’m Lailah.

Sorey - Lailah…
want to explore all the ruins around the world.

My dream
Is to find ways for people and Seraphs to live together happily just like during the Mythical Era,
And I believe ancient history has an answer to that.

Pg. 54
If I can save both people and Seraphs by purifying the Hellions,

That’ll lead me to my dream. That’s what I believe.

Mikleo – This isn’t good.
More and more Hellions are sprouting…!!

Sorey - So Lailah,

Become the Shepherd!

Pg. 55
Lailah – I’ve been waiting for so long,

For someone who possesses the heart, so pure it doesn’t give rise to defilement
And who can hear my voice.

Sorey – [This heat…]
[so this is the power of the Shepherd.]

Lailah – Now, Sorey!
Draw the sword!!

Pg. 56

Pg. 57
Mikleo - Sorey…

[Legend of the Shepherd]
Sorey – Let’s do this, Lailah!!

Pg. 58
[Long ago, in the Mythical Era, whenever the world is covered in darkness,]
[He will make his appearance to reclaim the light.]

[Even as time passed, whenever the world fell into calamity,]
[People will speak of the legend and pray for salvation.]

[There, the Shepherd will make His appearance and rid the world of darkness.]

Pg. 59
[And in Glenwood Continent, Year 1000]

[The story of the Shepherd who appears in the age known as “Era of Calamity” is about to begin.]

** The new Shepherd brings light to the world!! **

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