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Tales of Zestiria ~Michibiki no Toki~ 5


-> RTS Page for Tales of Zestiria ~Michibiki no Toki~ 5


Tales of Zestiria –Michibiki no Toki-
Chapter 5 “The Mediator”

Pg. 1
** Our promise will always be in my heart… **

Pg. 2
Sorey – This is…the legendary…
Apostle of Doom…
** Legend makes its appearance before them… **

This isn’t good…

We got to run…

Pg. 3
Mikleo – But aren’t dragons what corrupted seraphim become?
Then is that...
Lailah – You’re…Edna!?

So you’ve became a dragon…?

Edna – Of course not.

Pg. 4
Lailah – Edna!

Edna - Don’t do that, brother.

Sorey – “Brother”…?

Edna – You can’t hear my voice anymore, can you…?

He’s coming.
Run for your lives!

Pg. 5
Mikleo – Can we really shake that thing off…!?
Edna – He’ll kill you if you can’t.
Just keep running!

Lailah – Edna…

Pg. 6
Zaveid – Having some fun there, huh?

Lailah – Zaveid!
Edna – That guy…

Zaveid - Let me join too,
Willya, Aizen!!

Pg. 7
Edna – No!

Pg. 8
Dragon – *growl*…

Edna – Don’t.

Pg. 9



Pg. 10
Zaveid – Woah!

Well, gotta get going!
Edna – Wait…

Zaveid – I’ll pass this time.
Catch ya later!

Pg. 11
Sorey - *huff*

We really made it…

Zaveid – That cutie over there,
Are you a follower?

Alisha – [Is this man also a seraph…?]
I’m Alisha.

Pg. 12
Zaveid – I’m Zaveid,

Nice meeting you, Alisha,
And also, the shepherd.

Alisha – I-
Is something a matter?

Zaveid – Can’t say I expect any less.

Kind-hearted and hard-working…

Pg. 13
You sure can still drag yourself into the place like this.
You might end up dead before you even know it though?

Mikleo – [Then Sorey really …]
What are you-!?

Zaveid – Oww!!
C’mon, I just slipped my hand.
Look behind you though!!

Pg. 14

Sorey – Zaveid?
What are you doing…?

Lailah – No!

Pg. 15
Sorey – This isn’t…

You…killed them…?

Pg. 16
Zaveid - Sending hellions off to hell is my way to things.

Sorey – We could’ve just spared their lives by purifying them…

Mikleo – That hellion…
Isn’t just a human, but a seraph as well.
How can you kill fellow seraph!?

Zaveid – Some people might never gain salvation…unless you kill them though?

Pg. 17
Edna - Get out,


Zaveid - OK, OK.
See ya.

Pg. 18
Edna – So,
What do you want with me?
Sorey - Oh yeah.

I’m Sorey.
We need your help.
Alisha – Will you help us create the foundation
For the broken bridge, so we can restore it?
Edna – No.
Sorey – What?

Pg. 19
Edna – I hate humans.
All of you are just selfish and moody.
You only seek out to us when you are in trouble.
I’m really sick of that.

Also, I can’t just leave my brother here.
Why not try coming with us to see the sceneries your brother used to see?
== This is an error line in the actual manga itself. Should be fixed in the tankoubon release, though.

Sorey – But…Edna, is it?
This place is too dangerous.
Mikleo – He’s right.
Or do you have any thoughts?

Edna - Well, I…!

Pg. 20
…I did try to find a way to purify him,
But I just couldn’t find any.

Sorey – Maybe I can purify him?

Lailah – Once one becomes a dragon,
It can’t be purified, even with the flame of purification.

You mean
Edna’s brother can never be saved?

Edna – Not unless we kill him.
Well, if we can even kill him though.

Zaveid – [Some people might never gain salvation…unless you kill them though?]

Pg. 21
Sorey - …Either way, it’s dangerous here, Edna.
I won’t ask you to help us anymore,
But you need to get away from here.
Edna – That’s none of your business.
Just leave me alone.

Sorey - …Your brother used to journey out too, no?

Why not try come with us and see
the sceneries your brother used to see?

If you learn about what your brother had gone through,
You might be able to find a different answer.
You won’t be able to find or change anything if you just stop on your track.

Pg. 22
I also started my journey because I was inspired by this book.
The world I actually see with my eyes is more exciting than what I even imagined!

And it gets me even more excited
To know that there are a lot more new things
That aren’t even written in the book…

That’s why…


Edna – [Aizen…]

Pg. 23
I’ll go with you.

Now, Lailah,
get to the pact of retainer.
Sorey – ! Wait,
You don’t have to…
Edna – You are the one who invited me yourself, aren’t you?

Let’s get it done and over with.
Lailah – Yes,
Please close your eyes…

Pg. 24
…You whom is born with the embodiment of resolve,
I now request for a pact formed between us and for you to aid in my radiant ray of purification.
Should you agree to our pact, I ask you to pronounce your name.

Edna – Hekdhim Jubah
== Edna the Early Blossom

Sorey – Thanks,

Edna – Now, Sorey.
Take me out
To the world.

Pg. 25
Uno – You are back now, shepherd.

Sorey – Uno!

The current is calmed now…
Now we can start restoring the bridge!

Alisha – Thank you very much,
Sir Uno!

Sorey – You OK to go?

Pg. 26
Edna – I don’t like doing things half-baked though.
Can’t I just do it all myself?
Sorey – Eh?

You can’t…
Alisha – Lady Edna,

That is
What we humans have to do.

Edna – Just joking.

…You’re an interesting one.

Sorey – Yeah,
Let’s do this!

Pg. 27
[Hekdhim Jubah!!]

Pg. 28

Pg. 29

Mikleo – Sorey!

Are you alright?

Sorey – Yeah
…I’m fine.

Mikleo – Your face is all pale. What’re you saying!?
You’re acting strange lately!

Sorey – I’m not!!

Pg. 30
Edna – Lailah.

Lailah – Sorey.

Sorey – Woah.

Lailah, Edna…?
Lailah – Yes.

You are our vessel.
This is the form most natural to us.

Pg. 31
But we are bound by a very special pact.
You as a shepherd need to use your spiritual power
to control the power of us, seraphim.

That’s why whenever you use our power,
It also leads to exhaustion on your part.

Mikleo – What the!?
Why didn’t you tell us earlier…?
Edna – Since it’s the pact, duh.
Sorey should already understand that though.

Sorey - …Yes.

Alisha – Are you alright?
I feel a lot better now after those two enter me.

Pg. 32
Lailah – Sorey,
Please tell us whenever you feel unwell.

Sorey – Haha.

Rose – Wh-
What the!

Just what’s this!?

Pg. 33
Sorey – Lailah?
Lailah – I’m sorry, Sorey…
I thought no one else is around…

Edna - …Do you know how other humans will react
After seeing you showing off that extraordinary power.

People’s fear, hatred and abstinence
Can lead to you yourself becoming tainted in malevolence.
So this power shouldn’t be shown in public…

Neft - Shepherd!!

Pg. 34
Oh, thank you!
Thank you so much, shepherd!

Sorey – Mr. Neft…
Neft – We can save Merlindo now!

Rose – Wow, I'm amazed!
Just what’s that just now?
Some kind of shepherd power?
Sorey – Rose,
What are you doing here though?

Pg. 35
Rose - The rep asked me to deliver the medicine.

But when I set off to deliver it,
The bridge is already like this.

Neft - Umm,
Could you use your power to deliver this medicine to Merlindo?

I rushed here, so I was only able to take a few with me,
But if this can help even a single person…
Sorey – If so…
Alisha – That duty,
Please let me be the one to fulfill it.

I was entrusted with the duty to rescue Merlindo.
As a knight, it’s my job to deliver the medicine.

Neft – But Your Highness, how will you cross the river?
Alisha – Ah.

Sorey – Aah,

Pg. 36
In this Age of Chaos, diseases!
May also be the work of hellions and malevolence!

Alisha – Oh! Then the shepherd must be on this mission then!!
You are heading to Merlindo, right?

Please allow this follower to forever follow you!
Edna – What are they doing?
Lailah – Sorey…

Uno – Mikleo, is it?
Can you lend me a hand?

Pg. 37
I will raise the flow to the opposite shore.
I want you to freeze that flow to form a bridge.
Can you do that?

Mikleo – Sure!

Uno – OK, let’s do it then!

Mikleo – Hah!!

Pg. 38

Alisha – Wow!
Sorey – This will do!

Pg. 39
Uno - Your friend seems to have the tendency to just take everything upon himself.
He must have some reasons for
not letting you become a retainer.

Mikleo – I…

Even so,
No, especially so,
you have to accompany him, correct?

It’s alright.

Pg. 40
Mikleo - …Thanks.

Neft – Please deliver it safely for us!

** Next issue with the first color page and start of Merlindo Arc! **

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