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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Tales of Zestiria ~Michibiki no Toki~ 10


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Tales of Zestiria –Michibiki no Toki-
Chapter 10 “The Flipside of War”

Pg. 1
** Those eyes mirror his karma. **

Pg. 2
** Facing the immense malevolence… **
Heldalf – Are you the new Shepherd?

The premonition of death
Must be rather luscious.

Lailah – You mustn’t!
We stand no chance against him…

Sorey – But if we don’t do something,
This battle will never end!

This is…
No longer the “war” Alisha was talking about!

Pg. 3
Sorey – GWAH…!

Pg. 4
Lailah – Sorey…

Heldalf – This glaring purity, such beauty
Must mean you’ll make the best masterpiece of all.

Pg. 5
Sorey – [What’s this…?]
[I’m losing my strength…]

[I don’t even have enough strength to stand…]

Symonne – See that, Shepherd?
How’s it? Depressing? Chilling? Suffocating…?

Pg. 6
This is the truth of the world.

You’re not going to cut a thing
with that toy of yours.

Lunarre – Pathetic little runt.

…’da hell
Is with that sickening face?
Symonne – Hands off, fox.

Pg. 7
The key to extract the finest of delight
Is to wait patiently until the fruit ripens
And falls down to the ground.

Lunarre – You’re just clueless.
You don’t even know how that tastes, eh?

Symonne - Stop howling.
Even a vulgar guy like you will soon understand…

Our lord’s vision.

Pg. 8
Sorey - …Ugh!


Heldalf – My name is Heldalf.
Young Shepherd…
Show me your struggle to survive…Fufufu…

Pg. 9
Sorey – What exactly was that…?

Hey, Lailah! Edna!


[Is he a hellion…?]
Soldier – Uugh…
Sorey – [But I can’t see his form…]

Pg. 10
[What should I do…?]
[I also lost my sword…]

[and my friends…]

[The Scattered Bone…!?]
Rose – Hey!

Pg. 11
Sorey – This place is…

Did he just save me?

Pg. 12

I can’t just leave her here.

But where is this place?
Did we get washed away by the river…?
It’s getting dark, so we can’t move freely either…

[Everyone is gone too…more like, I can’t sense them…]
[Just what did that lion guy do?]

Pg. 13
Rose - *RUMBLE…*

Sorey - *sigh*…

Well, I’m hungry too…


A knife,
Let me borrow this one sec then.

Pg. 14
Sorey – You’re awake?
Rose – …What is up with this?

Sorey – You’re hungry too, aren’t you?
Let’s eat together.

…So you’re part of the assassin guild.
They called you boss too, right?
Rose – Yeah.

Sorey – Well, I guess.

Pg. 15
Rose – Hey, Sorey.
Why didn’t you just leave me?

Sorey - You collapsed right in front of me. How can I not help you?
Rose – Even when I’m from an assassin guild?

Sorey – Then why are you helping me, Rose?
When you’re from an assassin guild.

Rose – Dunno.
I’ll decide later whether helping you is a good idea or not.
I’m eating then.

Pg. 16
Wow, I’m full.
Sorey – Me too.

Rose - Hm.

Can I have my knife back?

Sorey - Oh, sorry.
I just borrowed it.

Rose – You sure you don’t want to hold onto it?
You’re unarmed, aren’t you?
I might be after you, who knows?

Sorey – Didn’t you said you’ll “decide later”?

Pg. 17
Rose – …You’re right.

But you’re seriously weird.
Sorey – Am I…?

Rose – Hey,
How about a walk?
Sorey - It’s already night. It’s dangerous.

Rose – We’ll be fine.
Don’t underestimate an assassin, ‘kay?
There’s a ruin right ahead. That’s our hideout.

At least that’s better than sleeping outdoors.

Pg. 18
I’m back!
Sorey – Good evening.

Guild – The Shepherd…?

Rose, you...
Why did you bring him here?
Rose – Why? No reason, I guess.

Guild – And the Shepherd sure can drag himself into an assassin guild, huh?

Rose - You bet.
Sorey – “You bet”…?

Rose – Well,
It’s not like “we can’t kill you because we’re the assassin guild”.
You might not know this, but ever since the Sacred Blade Festival,
We got more and more requests to kill you.

Pg. 19
Guild - No matter what you’re up doing,
There’ll always be people with ill intent towards you.
Such business as assassination can thrive partly because
you play parts in making it so.

Should we decide that you, the Shepherd, is but a threat to people,
We’ll eliminate you without a second thought.
Don’t forget that.

Rose – Too late
To be regretting now.

Mayvin – You’ve a rare guest.

Pg. 20
Rose – Uncle Mayvin!
Mayvin – Long time no see, little lady.

So this is…the rumored Shepherd?
Sorey – I’m Sorey.

Rose – This man is Mayvin.
He isn’t part of the guild, but he’s our benefactor.
Mayvin – I’m one of the scarce explorers.

I’m into traveling around following this book over here after all.
Sorey – The Celestial Record!

Mayvin – Oh,
Quite a perceptive one you are.

I was worried because of the rumor about the outbreak, but…
Looks like all of you are fine.
Rose – I think I’ll need to see how the requests go for a while.
There just isn’t a single job worth doing.

Pg. 21
Sorey – That’s right.
How is the war going then!?

Mayvin – It’s a truce for now.
After all, there seems to be chaos everywhere after soldiers went mad, killing their own comrades.
Both sides had no choice but to retreat.

You were in the battlefield, weren’t you?
Some rumored that your mystical power is what caused all the madness and chaos.

Sorey – My power…

Mayvin – Anyway, I’ll take my leave now.
Rose – Eh, already?
Mayvin – Better not slack off though, little lady.

With the Shepherd surfacing and war outbreak…
The era is about to move greatly.

You young ones may have plenty of time
To take a sidetrack and ponder.

Pg. 22
time certainly is flowing and the world is moving.
Don’t let that slip away.

That’s right, Sorey.
Since you’re already here,
Why not try solving the mystery of the ruin in here?

This ruin isn’t in the Celestial Record,
When it isn’t exactly a hard place to find.

It certainly is here.
There are countless ruins and legends like this which is never
recorded in books nor people’s memory.
You won’t see them just by gazing at books and maps, right?

Pg. 23
Sorey – …Only when you see it with your very own eyes
Will you be able to know the truth behind the legends…

Mayvin – Perfect!

They said explorers can hear the voice of ruins,

Begging to be discovered,
And waiting somewhere in slumber with hidden secrets.
Go find them.

Sorey - …Yes!

Mayvin – Later then.

Pg. 24
Mikleo – God, just look at him…
This is the assassin’s base! At least be a little more wary.
Edna – Bet he’s just lonely without his pals.
Sorey – Uh…
Lailah – It really is irritating when he cannot hear us.

Sorey – You guys!
Mikleo – Sorey!
You’re back to normal now?

Sorey - You guys had me really worried…
Just vanishing like that!
But what exactly happened…?

Lailah - …Your domain as a shepherd
Lost to the lord’s domain.
That temporarily paralyzes your resonance,
And thus your shepherd power.

Pg. 25
Sorey - [All because I’m weak…]
Is he the Lord of Calamity?

Lailah – There’s no mistaken that.
I doubt there’s anyone else who can envelope with such immense malevolence.

Sorey - …It’s not only the malevolence.
That’s like a mess of so many things mixing in together.
I can’t even imagine what can possibly cause such malevolence.

Mikleo – There may be some reasons then.

Lailah – You must find it,
And challenge the lord with your “answer” in mind…
Guild – G-Good morning, Shepherd…

Pg. 26
You slept well?

Rose – …What are you mumbling to yourself?
Sorey – Eh, oh. Umm…

My friends are right here.
Rose – Huh?
Sorey – They’re seraphim.

Rose – T-That’s not funny.
No, no way. That’s just nonsense.

Lailah – She denies us that much? Now I’m on fire.
Sorey! Let’s try that.
Sorey – Eh, that again…?
Mikleo – Oww.

Pg. 27
Rose – W-What?
Sorey – Listen closely, Rose.
Rose – Huh…

Lailah – Rose♪
Can you he-


Pg. 28
Sorey – Wait…
Rose - I hear nothing!!
Sorey – Calm down.
Rose – You idiot
Let me go!!

Sorey – Rose, listen up!
I only just closed my eyes…

Rose – I don’t hear anything!!

Edna – Behind you~

Pg. 29

Guild – You’ve really touched her button, Shepherd.
Our boss just can’t handle this kind of thing.

Edna – Well, that was a disaster.
Sorey – I’m…
Starting to lose my confidence now…

But her reaction…
Lailah – Yes,
Her resonance level is really exceptional.

Sorey – But why…

Pg. 30
Dezel – Don’t do that stupid thing to her.
** Who is this seraph!? **

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