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Shunkan Lyle 1

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 1, 2015 19:07 | Go to Shunkan Lyle

-> RTS Page for Shunkan Lyle 1

RAW (also scanned by me)

For the raw, you may use it for anything you want, providing that you include a credit to me (a mere mentioning of name possibly with link to either here or my tumblr post would suffice).

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Shunkan Lyle
1st Night

Pg. 1
[The God had said]
[“Let’s make a life deal.”]
** The grand scale serialization by Tanemura Arina x Kikuta Yui, finally started!! **

Pg. 2-3
[Led by their bond,]
[He controls the magic,]
[and descends down]
[to the mystic world]
** The Wizardry Story which crosses the forbidden time and space! **

Pg. 4
Linkenel – Ahahahah
I know. I know.
Just one more, OK?

Pathos - Prince Linkenel!

Pg. 5
Linkenel - Pathos, over here.
Pathos – I was searching for you!
We don’t have time today, so please hurry!!

Linkenel – We still have 3 hours though…
Pathos – We barely only have 3 hours left!

Today is your important coming-to-age ceremony, milord!!

[Kingdom of Magic]
[Linfald Irgalia]

Pg. 6
[Linkenel, who has turned 16, was born]
[with the greatest amount of magical power in history,]
[so strong even he himself could not control it.]

[As such, while he was an infant, the king sealed those powers within him,]
[so to not release it until the prince has come of age.]

[And that seal shall be lifted today…]

Pg. 7
Citizens - Prince Linkenel has become such a wonderful person.
He holds the greatest magical power ever since the founding of our country.
Not only his magical power,
He even modestly talks to us.
Such wise and graceful prince!

Now our country can finally have peace.

Pg. 8
Pathos – Oh, little doggies! You followed him here!
Linkenel – I’m sorry, Pathos! They’re my precious friends.

I won’t be able to see them again after the ceremony is over.

Pathos – Milord…

Pg. 9
Linkenel – I’ve even gone to the Sky Lake with them before.
Pathos – Aww, I’m really jealous.
I can’t even fly my bloom up that high.

Linkenel – This is a secret.
But I also saw
The God of Water, Rieswinn there.

Pg. 10
Pathos – Eh, is that really alright!?
Linkenel – It’s OK. I only saw a silhouette of him.
Even so, he’s really beautiful.

Though I can’t go there anymore.
Soldier – How cute. That’s your worry?

You can.
I’ll protect you.

But please tell me 2 months in advance though. I need to prepare 30 men.

It’s time.

Pg. 11
Linkenel - I’ve always been
Prepared for this day to come.

From now on,
I’ll guide my people as the prince for my country.

Let’s go.

Pg. 12

Pg. 13

Pg. 14
King – Linkenel Linfald Irgalia
On this day of July 1020,
you have now come of age.
To corroborate this occasion, I shall bestow you with this crown.

Pg. 15
Shall the blessings of fairy…prayers of mermaids…
And protection of angels be upon you.

The seal
Shall be lifted.

Pg. 16

Pg. 17
Linkenel – Ah…
The God of Water…Rieswinn…

Pg. 18
Rieswinn – O King of the Magical Realm,
Will you heed to my wish?

King – Wh-…
What may that be…?

Rieswinn - The graceful prince filled with magic.
Hand over Prince Linkenel.

Pg. 19
You saw me
At the lake, did you not?

Your power appeared to be sealed,

But that immense power
Is perfect for stopping my time.

Pg. 20
Gela – Y-…You can’t!!
King – Gela!!
Gela – Linkenel is our treasure!
Even if you are the God, we cannot allow you to take him away!!
I will protect him even at the cost of my life!!

King - Guards!!
Guard – Yessir!


Pg. 21
Linkenel - Milord King!!
Milady Queen!!


Pg. 22

Pg. 23

Rieswinn – Even the legendary dragon knows not of how to breathe fire when it’s born.

Let us make a deal, young prince.
Come with me
And I shall spare your king and queen.

Pg. 24
Linkenel - As
You pleased…

Pg. 25

Lord Rieswinn…Lord Rieswinn, please.
Please at least let him…
Let this child come with me…and stay by my side.
He’s the youngest of his siblings.

Rieswinn – Does that puppy mean so much to you?

Linkenel – Yes…
He is my precious friend…

Pg. 26
Lyle – GWARF

Pg. 27
Linkenel – Ah…

Rieswinn – I have spared your king and queen.
You are now mine…
Your attention must be on me and me alone.

Let us go.
Linkenel – Ah…


Pg. 28

Pg. 29-30

Pg. 31
Yoichi – Master!!

Pg. 32
It’s that…
Dream again…

[I couldn’t…save him again,]

[My master, Linkenel.]

Pg. 33
Good morning!
Sumire – Oh, Youichi. ‘Morning.
Come, have your breakfast.
Yoichi – Thank you!

[Yes, I’m Kanba Yoichi,]
[a tenth grader.]
[I’m currently living with my father…]
[my half-sibling, Kaoru, and Aunt Sumire.]
Friend – ‘Morning, Yoichi!

Pg. 34
Yoichi – ‘Morning!!
Did you guys bring it!?

Cup noodles!!

??? - Man, I’ve always wanted to try eating it in school sometimes!
You think they’ll get angry at us!?
Nah, we’re only going into the school’s kitchen to get some hot water.

The heck!? A water heater!?
Don’t school kitchen supposed to have a kettle or something!?
Never mind, just use the tap or something and get our water!!

Pg. 35
How’s it?
It’s all sodden…
Try it, c’mon.


You’re always so cheerful, Yoichi.
Always so carefree, huh!

Yoichi – You bet. ☆

[Like that kind of person actually exists.]

Pg. 36
[I got that comment pretty often,]
[so often I got sick of it sometimes.]
[What good will saying out my worry even do?]
[Plus, like I’ll go showing off my weakness.]

[since people said that often about me,]
[I guess I just become as they said too.]

Pg. 37
[Is that really just a dream?]
[And this pain is also just an illusion…?]

[I want to see him…]

Friend – Say, you guys remember?
Our classmate, Tennouji Wakaba!
Yeah! That girl who has been unconscious ever since seventh grade from an accident, right?

I heard her condition just recently worsens too!
You serious!?

She was pretty cute as well.
I thought so too!

Pg. 38
What ‘bout you, Yoichi? What’d you think of her?


Yoichi – What’s this place…
A fortune teller?

Pg. 39
??? – Good day.
Yoichi – Wow!!
??? – Are you a customer?

Want to go inside?
Yoichi – Ah…But I only have 200 yens on me…

??? – I’m free, so it’s on the house then.
I’ll tell you your fortune.
Yoichi – Eh?

Pg. 40
??? - Something is saddening you, no?

Come on, this way!!

I see…
Your mother passed away…

Yoichi – 6 years ago…I was only 10.
Back then, I lived with my mother alone.

Pg. 41
Kaoru and his mother, who were our neighbors, used to come over pretty often…
On one holiday, we went to play at the river.
It was then that Kaoru nearly drowned…
My mom went into save him, but got washed away.

During her funeral, my divorced father came to take me in,
But when we reached our home,

Pg. 42
The lady next door
And Kaoru, whom I’ve been playing with all these time, were there.

In another word, the lady next door is his actual wife and Kaoru’s their child.
My mom was only his mistress,
And I’m their illegitimate child.

I don’t know why Kaoru came to play with me, but
We hardly even talked ever since…

Plus, ever since that incident 6 months ago, I’ve been having this strange dream.
??? – Dream?

Pg. 43
Yoichi – And I always woke up after that.

Is this my memory from past life?
Or is it just me trying to escape
The truth of my mother’s death?

??? – What if I say I can let you see the next part of your dream?

Yoichi – The next partl!?
But that dream always ended at the same place? For the whole 6 years!!
??? – That’s why I ask
If you get a chance to see the follow-up.

Pg. 44
Yoichi – Then that’s obvious!
I’m going to go help my master!!

[I like him. I just love him.]
[My master, Linkenel…!]

??? – Then take this charm.
Yoichi – Eh?
??? – Place this coin underneath your pillow.

Pg. 45
You’ll surely obtain…
The kingdom’s magic in your dream…

Yoichi – I’ll get to see what follows after that dream if I put this coin underneath my pillow?
You’re kidding.

[But that was the first time I’ve ever talked]
[about my mother or my dream to anyone.]

Let’s give it a try then.

Pg. 46

Where am I…?
I’m in
a forest…?

[Erm, what’s this about?]
[How did I get here…?]

Pg. 47
Shai – A child?
What are you doing in the place like this?

??? – Shai,
We must’ve frightened him.
Sorry about that.
We’re actually after a bandit right now.

Shai – Are you master’s messenger? I never saw this kind of clothing before..
Yoichi – That’s my line.

Pg. 48
[Though I’ve seen these]

[clothing before…]
??? – Over there!!
He has the coin with him!!


Pg. 49
Yoichi - No!!
Don’t shoot!!

Pg. 50

Pg. 51

[I found it.]
[In the west forest of Linfald Irgalia]
[the magical coin]


Pg. 52

Pg. 53
Master Linkenel…

[one and only]
** What Yoichi dreamed about was Lyle’s memory…!? Hitting the next issue with a color page!! **

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