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Shunkan Lyle 2

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 7, 2015 19:02 | Go to Shunkan Lyle

-> RTS Page for Shunkan Lyle 2

RAW (also scanned by me)

For the raw, you may use it for anything you want, providing that you include a credit to me (a mere mentioning of name possibly with link to either here or my tumblr post would suffice).

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Shunkan Lyle
2nd Night

Pg. 1
** Open your eyes **
** and heed the voice of the past… **

Pg. 2
[Master Linkenel, who caught interest of the God of Water, Rieswinn, and was abducted.]
[My one and only]
[Beloved master]

Pg. 3
Yoichi – [He’s alive]
[and unchanged from that day at all.]

Fortune teller – Ah,
Today’s another quiet, sunny day.


Pg. 4
Fortune teller – Yes, fortune teller here.

Yoichi – The forest,
Some bandits, and my master.
And that coin. Cosin.
Fortune teller – Now, now. Calm down.

Yoichi – I just went to Linfald Irgalia!!
And found my master!!

Pg. 5
What’s that coin?
You know anything?
Fortune teller – No, I don’t.
I only put a charm into the coin,

For your wish
To be granted…

Yoichi – [My wish…]

Fortune teller – I’ll take the coin back now.
Yoichi – Ah.

Pg. 6
What’re you doing!!?
Fortune teller - You should feel at ease now that you know your master’s safe, correct?
Now, please forget about that world.

You won’t be able to come back, alright…?

Pg. 7
That was
A close one.

Pg. 8
Marimo - Aw man…he’s surrounded by girls again. He’s just so graceful…
Kaoru the Twilight Noble…

And look at us, on the contrary…
Just why are we so unpopular?
Kakki – Give it up, Marimo.
We can just look at our name to know we stand no chance.
Plus, girls aren’t humans.
They’re aliens.

More importantly, Yoichi,
Let’s have a aluminum foil table tennis match!!

Pg. 9
It stops bouncing!
Girls - What, it’s those three idiots again?
Boys are all just animals.

Yoichi – That fortune teller already knew
That I don’t really care if I never come back.

My dad may appear loving on the surface,
But I hate him for leaving my mom.

I like Marimo and Kakki, but
They’re different.

Pg. 10
[When I think of Master Linkenel,]
[I just seem to lose myself.]

[“Yoichi” will disappear]
[and become “Lyle”…]

But I still have to get back that coin,

Pg. 11

Woman - Ah,

I’m sorry…

Yoichi - [Wow, she’s beautiful!]
N-No, I…
Was careless myself…

Pg. 12

This photo…
Is Tennouji Wakaba’s?

Woman – You…
Know Wakaba!?

Pg. 13
Yoichi - [Ah…!]
O-…Oh yes, I was her classmate.
We went to the same primary school…

Woman - Can you please go see her?
Yoichi – Huh…?
[“Go see her”?]

[I thought Tennouji is still unconscious for this whole time…]

Woman – I’m sorry for stopping you...
I just thought she might recover if her friend comes to talk to her.
No one comes to see her anymore…

Pg. 14
Yoichi - Miss…!!

I can give it a try...!

Pg. 15
Woman – You probably already know this…
But she has been like this ever since she fell off the mountain during her hiking camp…
She really loved singing,
And always sang.

Pg. 16
Yoichi – I know.
She’s well-known for it…
[That’s all I know, in fact…]

But there’s this once.

The ball!

What should I do? I…need to pay for this?
But I don’t have that much money…

Shit. What to do? What to do?
The teacher is coming.

Pg. 17
Y-You’re Tennouji Wakaba!!
Why are you here!?
Oh, you’re playing piano here!!?

Wakaba – Kanba…
Yoichi – Y-Yes?

Pg. 18
Wakaba - Will you listen to my song?

Yoichi – Eh, me?
Wakaba – Yup.
Yoichi – You’ll sing for me?
Wakaba – Yup.

Yoichi – Wow, I sure will!
Please sing for me!!

Wakaba – I…have the support from teachers.
They won’t interrupt me when I play the piano.

Pg. 19
Please make your run before I finish my song.

[She blushed after saying those words.]

[I exited of the room as she said.]
[I heard her singing even after that day too,]
[but as I got better with the ball, I no longer broke any windows.]

Pg. 20

Let’s see.


I just have to go see Master Linkenel!!

Pg. 21
[If I can see the person I want to see,]
[then I want it at this very moment…]

Pg. 22

This place…

Pg. 23
[It’s Linfald Irgalia…!!]
I made it!! I’m back!!

No time to be fooling around! I have to find Master Linkenel…!

But how do I get to
the west forest…?

I did often come to the town area around the castle ground with my master,
But I was a dog, and only cared about my master, not my surrounding.
Plus, that was 16 years ago. I can barely remember anything…

Pg. 24
Excuse me. How do I get to the west forest?
Civillian – The west forest?

They already closed the gate though.
It’s dangerous, so I would advise you otherwise though.

Yoichi – [No way…]

[What should I do?...I finally came,]
[but I can’t go find my master.]

I’m hungry…

Pg. 25
That looks yummy…

Miss, how much is this?
Vendor – 50 garans, dear.

Yoichi – Garan!? Not yens!?

[That’s obvious now that I think of it.]
What should I do? I don’t have any…

Pg. 26
This coin’s also here too…?

Vendor – Dear, that precious coin…!
You have to keep it safe!!

[What’s that…?]

This coin isn’t the currency here too…?
Is this a magic coin then, seeing as this is the kingdom of magic?

Pg. 27
Man - Kiddo,
Hand that over to me, willya?

Yoichi – No thanks.

Man - Then don’t go showing it off…

in front of people!!
Yoichi – Whoa!!

Pg. 28

That’s awesome!!
This really is the kingdom of magic!!
Man – Huh? What’re you saying?
You’re a Syphis?

I’ll make you into a coin too then!!

Yoichi – WHOA!!

Pg. 29

Shoot! What should I do!!?

Crap, a dead end?

Man – Fufu…


Pg. 30

Pg. 31

Pg. 32
Gate - It’s forbidden to use offensive spells in town.

Man - It’s the “flame slicer”

Pg. 33
Yoichi – Gate…

[Captain of Master Linkenel’s royal guards…]

Ounse - Sir Gate! There you are!!
Gate - Ounce.

Ounce – Actually…
Gate – If it’s about that, I already heard it.

Pg. 34
I’ll go outside and search the west forest.

You guys search the east valley!
Ounse – Yessir.

Gate - Now, why are you-

Where did he go?

[I’ll go outside and search the west forest.]
Yoichi – I can’t catch what he’s searching for,
But this is my chance.

Pg. 35
[If I follow him, I can go to the west forest…!]


Whoa, he’s fast!!
He’s already over there!!


[I won’t be able to go to the forest if I lose sight of him…]
[Master Linkenel!]

Pg. 36
Don’t underestimate the power
Of Master Linkenel’s Lyle…!!

Pg. 37

[Damn…Does he even have to run so fast…?]
And why is he so calm?

[This is the gate, huh…?]
There’re so many soldiers here…
The air here feels so tense…

[Now, how can I go out to the forest…]

Pg. 38
[The soldiers are all going outside!]
I see!
They assembled here to participate in the search!


Pg. 39
[The west forest…]

[This gate seems different from when I came…It’s really lit up,]
[it just looks so illusive…]

Pg. 40
[It made me remember the lantern festival]
[I went to with my mom every year…]
Mother – [Yoichi.]

[This loneliness is sweeping me]
[away all alone, like a swift squall.]

[Master Linkenel,]
[if you’re still alive,]
[then I want to be beside you again.]

Pg. 41
Huh? What’s that?
It’s glowing so bright…


What’s this!?
A cocoon?
It’s so cute!!

[And so warm…]

Pg. 42

What the?
I just tripped on something.

Fortune teller – [Now,]
[please forget about that world.]

Pg. 43
[You won’t be able to come back, alright…?]
** A girl Yoichi met there, but that face… **

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