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Tales of Zestiria ~Michibiki no Toki~ 11

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 22, 2015 16:28 | Go to Tales of Zestiria ~Michibiki no Toki~

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Tales of Zestiria –Michibiki no Toki-
Chapter 11 “Rose”

Pg. 1
Sparrowfeathers – So,
What’s the plan, Rose?
Rose - Hm, let’s see.

Sparrowfeathers - We’re in this messed up era and the savior ended up becoming the fuel himself.

It’s true that we’ve seen him performing his miracles twice now,
But to think it’ll end up like this.

I wonder what this “salvation” that shepherd is meant to bring is.
Rose – Yeah, that.

That’s what we don’t know.

Sparrowfeathers – So in time like this, we-
Rose – Just have to investigate!

Pg. 2
** The home with friends are waiting in… **

Pg. 3
Dezel – Don’t you dare meddle with her.

Mikleo – A seraph!?
Sorey – But I just…
Dezel – Don’t make me repeat myself.

Edna – You,
Just how are you related to her?

Rose – Hey, what’re you doing…?
I heard a really loud noise.
Dezel – Tsk…

Pg. 4
Sorey - Well, these guys…
Rose – Ack, I said enough with that already!

Sorey – Ah, wait.
Rose – I said!
Sorey – Wah, no punching!!

Rose – But Sorey,
What’ll you do from now then?
Sorey - …There’s someone I have to find.
That guy is the one I-

Rose – A roof leak??

Pg. 5
Mikleo – I’d say you better cool your head down first.
Edna – As you are now, you’ll only kick bucket like before.

Lailah – I understand your agitation.
However, is that really “your answer”?

Back then, you promised with Alisha
That you’ll do what you can do now…
Please do not forget that.
This is your journey, not the shepherd’s, Sorey.

Mikleo - …I have an idea.
How about we check out the ruins inside?
I’m curious about what Mayvin said as well.

Lailah – Sorey.

Sorey – You guys…

Pg. 6
Let’s go all out once in a long while!

Rose – This is the gate that we can’t open,
But we just leave it since we don’t really care.
Sorey – You don’t care…?
Aren’t you curious what it’s like on the other side of this gate?
Rose – Not one bit.

Sorey - …What?
Rose – Nothing.

Just observing the shepherd.
Don’t mind me.
Sorey – You’re weird.

Pg. 7
I don’t see any sort of lock around here either.
Maybe it’s somewhere else…?

I’ll go have a look!

Lailah – Mikleo?

Mikleo - …Back in Elysia, I never really thought about the difference between us and humans.
It felt so natural that we’re both there and perceiving the world in the same way.

But after we journeyed out and met with that Lord of Calamity,
It really hits me.

Pg. 8
We’re barely connected to Sorey because of his power.
When that thread is cut, we’re completely helpless.

Because of that, I doubt I can say that that the path I’m walking on is the same
As Sorey’s…

Edna – It’s not just you, Meebo. We’re all the same.
That’s the gap between seraph and humans that can never be filled.

Lailah – Our birth, our existence, our sense of time;
There’re too many difference between us and humans.

Pg. 9
Even though we’re right next to them,
The world our eyes, our hearts, perceive is never the same.
It’s very depressing indeed…

Mikleo – To be honest, that frightens me.

I’m afraid that one day, I too will not be able to see Sorey…

…Sorey needs “someone who can always see and feel the same world as him”…
He needs a true comrade.

Pg. 10

Sorey – It opened!
Rose – Wow!

Sorey – Well, let’s go in then!
Rose – Let’s!

Sorey – So you are interested about what’s inside too.
Rose – Nope.
What I’m interested in is you, Sorey.

Sparrowfeather – Sorey!

Take this with you.

Pg. 11
The inside is completely untouched,
So we don’t know what’s inside.
Mine might be a bit old, but just hold onto it.

Sorey – It’s heavy…Is this…
Rose – Not a toy sword, obviously.

Sorey – You mean…this sword was used to kill people before…?
Rose – It sure was.
That’s our job after all.

Sorey – …Then I can’t-
Rose – Just take it.
It’s just the same as that rabbit you killed yesterday.

This is how we live.

Pg. 12
Sorey – Is this…
A dragon…?

Pg. 13
Maybe this is…a monument for worshipping dragons?
Mikleo – Worshipping dragons…huh?

Sorey - The being with immense power…
Is this the resemblance of fear then?

Edna – That’s just plain ridiculous.
Do they think they’ll be saved if they hold dragons up as deity?

Sorey – What can we do when in front of an enemy who we cannot do
Anything to, huh…?

Rose – Sorey!
I found a door!

Pg. 14
Sorey – Over there!?
No way can a normal person get to it then.
Mikleoy - Only seraphim or shepherd who can control their power can have access to it…

That’s it. There might be
Mikleo - Some secret about shepherd hidden behind that door!

Sorey - But how are we going to get there…
Rose – Just leave it to me.
Sorey – Eh?

Pg. 15
That was dangerous!!
Rose – Oh, it’s fine.
I went swooshed like that pretty often.

Sorey – Often?
Rose – Our late boss told me,

That “the wind is on Windriser’s side
And we’re able to continue with our journey because of that.”

Pg. 16
Sorey – Windriser?

Rose – We were originally a mercenary group,
But lots of things happened.

Mikleo – You always carry her like that?
Why do you stay with her?
She can’t see us, no?
Dezel – That’s none of your business.

Mikleo – First, this morning, and now this. You really are taking your own liberty.
Does it has something to do with what happened in your past-

Dezel - …And you’ll understand me if I tell you?

Pg. 17
Like you’ll…understand my pain and suffering.

I don’t care what kind of answer you want.

The flame scorching inside here belongs to me.
Don’t you dare pry into it with some stupid sympathy.

Sorey - [Just what happened…to her group?]
Rose - Well, let’s go.

Pg. 18
Sorey – Is this the innermost room?

This is…

The map of Glenwood.

Mayvin – [Begging to be discovered, and waiting somewhere in slumber with hidden secrets.]

Pg. 19
Lailah – A dragonewt!?

It’s a young form of dragon, just like the drake.
[But this feeling…is it…]

Sorey – Stand back, Rose!
This was also a seraph then…!

Pg. 20
Edna – What’re you doing?
Fight properly.

Sorey – I can’t.
I can’t kill it with this sword!

Edna - …You softie.
Sorey, the armitization.
Sorey - Sorry!


Pg. 21
Rose – W-What
Is going on…?

Sorey – Run, Rose!
I’m fighting with a strong hellion…
I mean, like, a ghost!
Rose – A gh-


A ghost…?

Sorey – Whoa.

Pg. 22
Don’t, Rose.
It’s dangerous!

Aren’t you scared of ghost?
Rose – I just hate it, so-

Sorey – Wah!

Rose – You’re the one who don’t get it…

Pg. 23
Mikleo – Rose.
Rose – Eeks!?

Mikleo – Just listen to what I have to say for now.
Rose – [Is this the “friend” Sorey was talking about…?]

Mikleo – That’s just who Sorey is.
I’m his childhood friend, and I still get butterflies just by looking at him.

We seraphim are definitely Sorey’s friends.
But I can’t say for sure if we sense the world in the same way
As he does.

Rose – Because Sorey…is the only human?
Mikleo – Right.
Even if we’re always by his side,

Sorey is always alone.

Pg. 24
You said you don’t understand Sorey, didn’t you?
Of why he helped you.
Rose – Erm, yeah…
[So they were listening…]

Mikleo – But we do.
We know how he is, and why he always seems so caring like this.
That’s why we’re traveling with him.
That’s how we are as comrades.

You want to know too, don’t you?
Then why don’t you come with us?
Together on his journey.

Rose – I-I can see…

Pg. 25
Mikleo - …Please,
Find it.

Rose - …That is…

…I-I’ll fight too!
I’ll go on your journey as well!
Sorey – Eh, what!?

What’re you saying out…
And what about the Scattered Bones!?
Rose – Quit your rambling!

[I’ll see it with my very own eyes!!]
I’m joining for my own journey too!!

Sorey – What the heck did you say to her…
Aah geez!

Lailah – OK. ♪
Rose – Whoa!

Pg. 26
Lailah - May I have your hand?
Rose – Ugh…

[I can touch her…She’s not a ghost.]
[She is present here…]

Lailah – Rose,
We are always here,
right next to you.

I’m Lailah.
Pleasure to meet you.

Rose – Yeah!
** Next issue will come with announcement for tankobon as well as front color page to celebrate “Tales of” series’ 20th anniversary!! **

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