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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Tales of Zestiria ~Michibiki no Toki~ 12


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Tales of Zestiria –Michibiki no Toki-
Chapter 12 “The path where the wind blows”

Pg. 1
** The blessed wind sweeping through the blue sky. **

Pg. 2
** As Rose forms her pact to become a squire… **

Lailah – Please feel our existence with everything you have.
That way, we can fully share our power with you.

The power to defeat hellions
And continue our journey.

Lailah – Sorey, I have to apologize for disturbing you,
But please give Rose a true name.
Sorey – “WILKIS WILK!”
Lailah – Eh!?

Haha, alright.
Rose – What’s it?

Lailah – It’s a very good name.
Please take good care of it.

Pg. 3
Rose - [Whoa, what’s this?]
[Now I can feel so many things…]

[I’ve felt this long before this…]
[It’s so…! So…]

And who’re you?

Dezel – Make me your sub lord.

Pg. 4
Lailah - …Why do you want to be my sub lord?
Can you please tell me your reason?

Dezel – For revenge.

Pg. 5
Sorey – Eh!?
Mikleo – What’s wrong?

Sorey – A sub lord pact!?

Pg. 6
Rose – What’s your name?
Dezel – I already told you.
My true name is “Lukeim Yurlin”.
Say it and get armitized now.

Rose – That’s long!
You have another name
That’s shorter than this, don’t you!?

Dezel – Dezel!

Rose – OK, Dezel.
Let’s go!
Lukeim Yurlin!

Pg. 7
Sorey – What’s that weapon…

Mikleo – The power of wind…!?

I know her spiritual resonance is high,
But to think she will armitize right away-

Pg. 8
Lailah - To use armitization, not only is high resonance required,
but one must also be accustomed to seraphim’s power.
Rose might have very high resonance level,
But she shouldn’t be able to achieve that without the latter.

[Could it be that Dezel…]

Edna - …I can’t let that slide though.

Rose – I feel like I can do anything now!

Pg. 9

Too slow!!

Don’t you fall back…!

Sorey – She’s pretty good…
Mikleo – [But does it feel a bit off though?]

Pg. 10
Virulent Shards!!
== “Slashing Wing” is the actual Japanese incantation, but localized one only says the name…right? /me only played the Japanese version.


Edna – That girl…she’s channeling too much power.
This isn’t good.


Pg. 11
Sorey – It just…vanished?
That wasn’t a seraph turned into a hellion?

Rose - Sorey.

Sorey – What’s that…?
A dragon…?

Pg. 12
It is engulfing us…?
Rose – But I already finished it off!?

Pg. 13

Pg. 14

Pg. 15

Pg. 16
Sorey – Wh-What was that…!?
Rolance army…are moving out to war?
It doesn’t seem like something that happens recently either…

A past memory…?
Rose – But whose?
Sorey – I don’t know either…

But does that means that man…was Heldalf before he became a hellion…?

Mikleo – Also…
His subordinate was meddling with humans…?
It looks like she agitated the army into waging war…

Pg. 17
Sorey – He used war…to create malevolence and hellions.

Mikleo – The source of malevolence, “Lord of Calamity”
I see. His motive is clear now.
But there’s still one thing we don’t know.

Edna – “Why did he become a hellion with such an immense amount of malevolence?”…


Sorey – Yeah.
And I have to find that out.

Is that right, Lailah?

Lailah – O-Oh, yes.
That’s right.

Pg. 18
Sorey – Not to mention,
What was that thing that show us these memories,
And why…

I’m getting real hyped now!!
Mikleo – There’s no holding you back now, huh.
Sorey – I know you’re excited too.

Dezel – Hey, pull yourself together!

Sorey – Rose!?
Dezel – What’s this?

Pg. 19
Lailah – She probably took in too much of your power.

The excessive amount of Dezel’s power
Must’ve overwhelmed her consciousness during armitization.

Armitization is the power which a human with shepherd power and a seraph execute together.
Dezel – Tsk.
Lailah - If the seraph takes complete control,
Then it’s no different from hellion.

Dezel – Will she be OK then?

Lailah – She should wake up if she rests a bit.
But if you keep this up after this,

Pg. 20
Dezel – That’s my problem.
Don’t butt in.
Lailah – …You really are a pain.
Edna – Should I smack him up?

Mikleo – You really care a lot about Rose, do you?
Dezel – …You’re glued to the shepherd too, aren’t you?

Mikleo – What do you mean?

Because Rose became a squire,
You became a sub lord along with her.
Can you tell us why?

Pg. 21
Dezel - …I need the power of armitus to achieve my goal.
For that, I’m going to use all of you.

Mikleo – What’s that?

Dezel – A hellion killed my friend, framed the “Windrisers” as criminal,
And forced us to become an assassin guild,
I will have my revenge.

Rose – [We were originally a mercenary group,]
[But lots of things happened.]

That bastard took my light away.
This time, I’ll take everything away
From it…!

Sorey – [Dezel didn’t want the purification…]
You’re going to kill him?

Pg. 22
Dezel – I need the armatus for it.
I need that power to oppose the malevolence.

Edna – An ideal vessel to overcome and take control at will;
You secretly made that preparation while possessing her, huh?

Sorey – That’s why she can armitize right away then?
Mikleo – Lailah,
Why did you accept this guy as your sub lord?
Lailah – Because he’s exactly like this.

While Dezel is filled with vengeance, he didn’t become a hellion
Because he has a pure vessel.
A person who bears pure and clean heart doesn’t give birth to malevolence…
Rose is the same as Sorey.

Pg. 23
Mikleo – I see…if Rose comes with us,
Dezel will lose his vessel,
And eventually become a hellion because of the malevolence from his vengeance…

Lailah – It’s alright. Dezel is also a seraph.
Truth still stands that he can become a powerful ally
who can help us purify malevolence.

Dezel – Don’t tell Rose about me though.

She believed she can survive up until now through her own power.
She doesn’t need to know what I do and what I’m trying to achieve behind her back…

Pg. 24
Sorey – She’s still unconscious. I’ll carry her then.

Dezel – No need for that…!
She’ll wake up soon enough.
Sorey – Eh?

But if we leave her like this…

Edna – Looks like we got someone interesting here.
Mikleo – Yeah.

Sorey – I think you should just let me…
Dezel – SHUT UP! [I’ll carry her like this!!]

Pg. 25
Rose – Eh?
Sparrowfeather – Boss!

Sorey – ‘Morning.
Are you feeling better now?

Lailah – Good morning, Rose.

Sorey – Why do you have to frighten that much?
You were fine before.

Rose – I know, but it’s scary when I can only hear their voice!!

…Where are they by the way?
Sorey – Well, I’m their vessel,
So let’s just say…they’re inside me.

Pg. 26
Lailah - Boo♪
Rose – Oh.

Either way, no talking without coming out.
It scares me.
Lailah – [“Oh”…]

Sorey – I’m surprised how Rose had changed.
This is relieving.
Mikleo – But we still have some problems.

Eguille – Her fear started ever since she was this little.

Sparrowfeather - She would go “There’s something here!” “It’s here but it isn’t!”
“It isn’t, but it’s here!”
all the time.

Pg. 27
But when she came to her age,
She suddenly said with straight face
That “she’ll just pretend nothing’s there.”

Lailah – So that’s why she couldn’t see seraphim
Even with that high resonance power.

Sorey – And you guys aren’t surprised
about her being able to see seraphim?

Sparrowfeather – Well, we were shocked at first too,
But we can guess that’s probably the case.

Our past boss is a man with strong faith.
I heard Lord Seraphim actually protect us during our journey from the past too.

Sorey - You’ve always been together then.

Pg. 28
Rose – Well,
We’re like family after all.

Sorey – Family…

Oh yeah,
Lunarre…was it?
Is he with you guys?

Rose – He’s currently missing…Do you know anything about him?

Sorey – Eh…umm.
Rose - …OK.

Pg. 29
Well, don’t mind that then! That’s our problem.
We’ll settle this ourselves.

I’ll come across him eventually in this journey anyway,
So that’s two birds with one stone!

Eguille – You’re really going?
Rose – Yup.
Don’t worry. I’ll still keep up with my work too.
In fact, this is also part of my work.

Sorey – Is it really alright though? This journey is-
Rose – Aah, enough with that now!

I barely have some business to attend to on your journey.
If we can help each other out on the way, then it’s a plus.

Pg. 30
That’s what a journey is, right?

Sorey - …You’re right!

Sparrowfeather – Take care.
Don’t stray away with strangers though, boss.

Rose - I’m already with a strange enough guy though.
Sorey – Now that’s just sad…

Sparrowfeather – Wait,

Pg. 31
Glad I made it in time.
Here, take this.

My boss ordered me
To go find it.
Rose – You’re really hopeless without it after all.

Sorey - …Thanks.

I’m returning this to you, Eguille.

Eguille – Alright. That’s good.

Pg. 32
…Will they be OK, I wonder?
Sparrowfeather – Oh, boss should be fine.
Eguille – I’m not worried about her.

I’m more worried about the shepherd.

Rose – So, Sorey,
Where’re we heading next?
Sorey – Umm,
We’ll head to Rolance.

I’m sure we’ll find
Some secret behind the Lord of Calamity there!

Rose – Agreed.
Well, let’s head to Lastonbell first then!!

Pg. 33
Lunarre – This rain is so gloomy…

Symonne – I actually like it though.
This pricking drizzle
And this painful silence pressing in,
Our lord’s very pleased.

Yes, more.

This world must remain unchanged.
** What is the world that girl dreams of!? **

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