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Tales of Zestiria ~Michibiki no Toki~ 17


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Tales of Zestiria –Michibiki no Toki-
Chapter 17 “The Origin Village”

Pg. 1
Lailah – I should’ve watched over him a bit more.

I should’ve realized it faster…and talked to him more…

Zaveid – Don’t make that face. Your beauty will be all wasted.

Well, may be good once in a while though.

Pg. 2
Lailah – Please stop it…

Zaveid – And what’s that?
Lailah – Making paper crafts makes me feel relaxed
As I don’t have to think of unnecessary things.

Zaveid – Oh, I see.
Lailah – Ah…

That hat…
Zaveid – Looks good on me, right?

Lailah – You were acquainted with Dezel, correct?
Zaveid – I did know him a bit in the past, yeah.
Though he doesn’t seem to remember it.

Pg. 3
Lailah – I really feel slightly empty inside.

Zaveid - …You’re bound to run into that often when you live a long life.

Both lonely
And feelings…

There are also things you have to accomplish
even at the cost of something precious to you.

Wasn’t that how you obtained it too?
You too even went
as far as making an oath to obtain the purification power.

Lailah – Zaveid…
Zaveid – So, Lailah,

Pg. 4
Will you make me your sub lord?

Lailah – Eh?

Zaveid – Good sir shepherd won’t return my precious weapon!
He must still hold grudge against me since Rayfalke.
Without that, it would tough traveling alone…
Lailah – But even if you say that to me…

Zaveid – So, let’s get going then,
To your friends.

Pg. 5
Mikleo - This cathedral has gathered worship since the Asgard Era.
Without blessings from very powerful seraph, this probably wouldn’t be possible.

Sorey – But Maotelus isn’t in this cathedral.
Was he ever here even …?
If we can find him, we may be able to get some hints for our journey too.

Rose – Who is this Maotelus anyway though?
Sorey – Well…It’s said he’s the leader of the Five Lords who provide blessing for the entire land…

But no one knows his appearance.
Everything about him is a mystery that some documents even deny his existence.

Pg. 6
Edna – His power is the power of purification.
For humans to be able to live as human, for seraphim to be safe from malevolence,
And for everyone to be able to live together in this land.

Rose – Purification…
You mean like Lailah’s?

Edna - Originally, he was the only one with the power of purification.
Thus, he had several sub lords to channel his power to the shepherds,
So they can help him purify the malevolence throughout the land.

Mikleo – Wait.
If that power belongs to Maotelus alone,
Then how come our prime lord, Lailah, is able to use it?

Edna – That’s her oath.
…Let’s not talk about it.

Pg. 7
Zaveid – You looking up on Maotelus?

Lailah – I’ll wait out-…
Zaveid – Hold on first.

It’s just as you guys guessed, Maotelus isn’t here.
He certainly was in the past,
But suddenly, he just concealed himself.

You do realize that, don’t you, Edna?
As you’re the earth seraph.

Edna – There’s this one period where the land…the power surging inside the earth vein itself became corrupted.

Zaveid – And that power is?

Sorey – Maotelus…!?

Pg. 8
Edna – Malevolence is indefinitely produced so long as there are humans.
That’s why Maotelus uses this entire land as his vessel to create
Large blessing domain in order to prevent it from overflowing…

Mikleo – If the land itself becomes corrupted, that means…

Without shepherds, unpurified malevolence corroded Maotelus
So did the land, his vessel, the more he is corrupted…It just goes in a vicious circle.

Right now, his blessing was already cut short,
Since “a dozen of years” ago.

Sorey – Wasn’t that also when disasters started to happen…?
Edna – Right.
As Maotelus concealed himself and his blessing was lost,
The Lord of Calamity made his appearance during that same time.

Pg. 9
That can’t mean…

Edna – You guessed it.
I could feel it back at the battlefield.
Heldalf is linked to Maotelus.

Zaveid – That’s it!

Let me join on your journey too, will you?

Sorey - …Why?

Zaveid – I have business with Mao-kid and you have business with the Calamity Dude.
Dunno what happened, but as they’re linked now, we’ll have to take care of them both or else this disaster will never end,
Which means our goal and path are the same.

I’ll need my gun if I was to go alone, but will you give it back to me then?
Sorey – No.
Zaveid – Right?

Pg. 10
Sorey – You’re saying that you’re going to kill him using this, are you?

Zaveid – That’s exactly why.
If I go with the shepherd, I may be able to work something out without having to kill him.

Plus, I was entrusted with this after all.

Sorey – Zaveid…
…But we still don’t know where to find Maotelus…

Zaveid – Oh?
Sorey – Lailah…?

Pg. 11
I’ve actually been thinking ever since Neif told me.
Wasn’t it the shepherd from 20 years ago who wrote this Celestial Records?
Mikleo – That was quite a leaping conclusion though.

Considered its literary style and popularization, it’s clear that it isn’t an ancient record.
Plus, there aren’t that many who could write about the legend of shepherd and seraphim with such details.

Sorey – But why would he say that there has been no shepherd for 200 years…?

The shepherd who tried to erase himself from history
And Maotelus, the source of shepherd’s power, who concealed himself not long after;
Doesn’t that sound strange to you?

Mikleo – Plus, I don’t understand why he would need to hide his status as the shepherd as well.

Pg. 12
Lailah – So he really didn’t write anything about himself…
Sorey – Then he really…

Lailah – The one Mr.Neif was referring to was indeed the previous shepherd.
And I had accompanied him on his journey.

The path he walked on was one of solitude,
faced with selfish expectations and hopes, fear of his power and greed for control over his power.
They added up to become the burden shepherd had to bear,
Tormenting him.

The calls for help are neither good nor evil.
That continued eating into his heart.

Shepherds are messiahs who save the world from darkness,
But who then will notice the pain shepherds themselves must suffer?

Pg. 13
Due to that, the previous shepherd withdrew himself from his mission.

Mikleo – But weren’t you with-
Lailah – Indeed.

I…did travel with him, but
I wasn’t unable to truly be with him.

I left him as his journey as a shepherd ended,
And waited for the new shepherd to appear.

Pg. 14
Sorey – Lailah, you’ve never read this before, right?
You can borrow mine.

Lailah – Eh, but…

Sorey – You might see the previous shepherd’s journey as full of pain and suffering,
But I actually don’t think so though.

Mikleo – After all, we were inspired to set out on our journey after reading someone’s journey in that book.
And Sorey did become a shepherd too.

Sorey – I believe the memories of this journey want you to find it too.

Pg. 15
There’re still documents we haven’t read yet.
Let’s continue our investigation, Mikleo.
Mikleo – Right!

Zaveid – Neither your oath nor your past are curses, you know?
Let’s go along with a smile.

Pg. 16
Michael – People and seraphim really did live together in the past!

I think I’ll write about our journey into a book one day.

People no longer worship seraphim and I’ve become the only shepherd.
I don’t want people to just cling onto that single ray of hope no one knows when it will come.
I want people to embrace that ray of hope inside each and every one.
That’s why I want to tell all in this continent of the potential within them.

Pg. 17
Lailah – I’ll return this to you, Sorey.
Thank you very much.

Sorey – You already read through it?
Lailah – No.

I still have the memories of that journey right in here.

Pg. 18
Allow me to ask you again.

What Zaveid said yesterday is most likely true.
Now that you’ve gained that knowledge, what will you do?

Sorey – I want to help Maotelus.
If Maotelus being corrupted is the cause of these disasters,
And if he and Lord of Calamity are connected,

Then that’s where my journey will go.

Pg. 19
My dream of finding a way for humans and seraphim to live together in peace,
My mission as a shepherd,
My urge to aid those who suffer out there;
All of it.

It doesn’t matter how ragged the path ahead may be

Or if it isn’t all bright and roses like what I imagined,
from reading books.

I’m sure I can proceed on my path, with everyone by my side.

Lailah – Sorey…
I’m sure you will…

Pg. 20
Rose – Oh, a fair wind.

…He said he’ll be with us too.
Sorey – Yeah…we can’t afford to stop here.

Lailah – Let’s head out then,
To Ladylake.

Pg. 21
Sorey – Ladylake…?

Zaveid – Hey, my sub lord pact!
Sorey+Lailah – Ah.

Sorey – It has really been a while!

Mikleo – Somehow, it doesn’t feel as uncomfortable as last time though.
Lailah – That’s perhaps because Sorey’s power has become stronger.

Zaveid – Aah, having a vessel is really a bliss.
Rose – What are you, an old man?

Pg. 22
Lailah – This ruin is connected to shepherds in the past.
Sorey – Umm, it’s locked though…

The emblem of Hyland’s Royal Family…
And the keyhole…but its shape is really strange.

The knife Alisha left with me…

We did it!

Mayvin – So you’ve come this far?
Sorey – Mayvin! Why are you here?

Pg. 23
Mayvin - …Just feel it.
You should be able to see it.

No regret, right?

Lailah – It’s because I don’t want to regret that I’m moving forward,
Mr.Mayvin, the Storyteller of Time.

Pg. 24
Lailah – This is the altar of the sacred blade.
I made my pact with the previous shepherd here.
Sorey – Wow…this blade is huge!

Blades symbolize people’s wishes to sever disasters and malevolence, opening the path to the future.

Sorey – So you’re Maotelus?

Pg. 25
Zaveid – It may be corrupted, but that certainly is part of Mao-kid’s power leaking from the earth vein.

Lailah – Sorey,
What you’re about to witness is the truth behind the origin of the calamity.

…Will you see though it with your own eyes?

Sorey – I want to know it
Ever since the moment we’re led here.
If I run away now,
There’s nowhere else for me to go.

Mikleo – Sorey.

Pg. 26
Michael – I’m sorry for bringing you all the way here,
But this land is very nice, isn’t it?
The pure land, away from malevolence of cities.

There’s no way I can let my friend become corrupted like that.

I do feel bad for worshippers at the cathedral,
But the prayers people had offered to you for such long time
Will definitely aid them from now onwards.

My journey as the shepherd had concluded,
But there’re still things that I can do.

Pg. 27
In this village, built by people who came with me,
Even if we’re just small village, if we continue worshipping the seraphim,
This tiny ray of light should connect to our new brethren, spreading that faith even wider.

So, Maotelus,
Let’s protect this land together.

Let’s start from this village.

The Origin Village, Camlann.

Pg. 28
General Heldalf…
How much longer are you planning to keep us like this?

Heldalf – We are protecting you from the Hyland.
You should be grateful to us even, shepherd.
Muse – It has been months since you’ve come here…
This isn’t called protecting.
This is just confinement!

Michael - Hyland only made their moves
Because you Rolance seized this village.

I’ll never allow your lust to corrupt this cathedral!

Don’t you dare come near this place!

Pg. 29
Muse – Michael…

Soldier - Sir,
The Hyland Army is attacking! Please allow us to pre-
Heldalf – Gather the soldiers.
We’re retreating.

Soldier – Retreating…sir?

Heldalf – We’ll use the moment while those hungry beasts were preying on this village to attack.
This village is merely our bait,
And they had completely fallen for it.

I’ve already stationed our soldiers around this village.
Go assemble with them.
Soldier – Yessir!

Pg. 30
It’s the enemy’s base! Crush it down!

Michael – What’s Heldalf doing!!?
Villager - …Heldalf…had abandoned…our village…and fled…

Michael – What…!?

Villager – Shepherd,
Please protect Lord Maotelus…

Michael – Maotelus…!
But with this intense malevolence…

Pg. 31
Muse – NO!!

My child!
My child!!

Pg. 32
Michael – Ugh…!

He’s alive…

He’s still alive…

Pg. 33

We’ve lost everything…
Maotelus has turned into a hellion,
And this child is no longer…
Muse – Michael…?

Michael - Because of one man's foolish ambition…
All our hopes had turned into despair.

Pg. 34
Now, take this sacrifice, Maotelus.
May “eternal solitude” fall upon the man who caused this disaster!!

This is my answer.

Bear this hell you yourself have created.

Pg. 35
Soldier – There he is!!

Are you planning to set us up!?
You dare to belittle us,
Heldalf! Prepare yourself!!

Pg. 36
Pierce through all of them!


Pg. 37

Michael – Do you despise me, Maotelus?
…My answer had become like this…
Or do you…

Pg. 38
Zenrus – This is horrible…

Muse – Lord Zenrus…!
Zenrus – Oh, Muse!
What happened here?

My brother…
He made a sacrifice to Lord Maotelus…

Zenrus – As I thought. The malevolence of this magnitude…
The corrupted wish of the shepherd must have engulfed Maotelus…

And that child?

Pg. 39
Muse – This is my son who Michael sacrificed.
He was reincarnated from within the flame of malevolence.
Zenrus – So he was reincarnated into a seraph…
A wish has given birth to another miracle…

Muse – …Lord Zenrus, please take care of this child.
I have to seal away this malevolence before it drifted into Elysia…

Zenrus – Are you intending to become the sacrifice to seal the path
Leading to Elysia in order to lock Maotelus here?

Muse – If I use the power of oath, even a human like myself-
Zenrus – That will come with great cost.
Also, as Maotelus uses the entire land as his vessel,
Even if you limit his power here, it won’t last very long.

Pg. 40
Muse – Even so, we, humans…
Had brought this upon ourselves.

I never knew she was pregnant…

He’s still breathing.
Such a small child…He must’ve just born very recently
Due to all the commotion…

Zenrus – This must be fate…I shall take this child as well.
Though I'm not sure…if I can save a child born so prematurely.

Pg. 41
With the shepherd fallen and Maotelus become a hellion,
the world of chaos will most likely ensue.
However, if a human child and seraph child are raised together, then maybe…

Muse – Are you saying that you’ll raise these children to become a shepherd and his sub lord?

Zenrus - …What these children will become is all depend on them.
We shall only act as their guidance to that hope.

Muse – This fate may one day turn into the curse and duty that burden and pain you.
However, mom will entrust you with this hope;
Entrust our dreams on this miracle.

Pg. 42
Farewell, Mikleo…
My boy.

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