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Tales of Berseria 2

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jan 20, 2017 09:09 | Go to Tales of Berseria

-> RTS Page for Tales of Berseria 2


Tales of Berseria
Chapter 2

Pg. 1
[3 years ago…The world was plagued by daemonblight, the epidemic which turned people into monsters.]
[No one knows what the cause or cure for this sudden outbreak was.]
[Those who turned into daemons would attack people, causing chaos throughout the world.]

[There, one man made his appearance.]
[Artorius Collbrande…]
[The ritual he performed in the Scarlet Night drastically changed the world.]

Pg. 2
[The ritual led to descending of several unworldly beings known as malakim,]
[and the organization of exorcists, known as "Abbey"]

[The daemons are all purged by the exorcists who formed pacts with the malakim,]
[leading to apparent peace for the world under an unified “truth”]

[with only one exception…]
[of a woman who set out with her “emotion” for vengeance.]

Pg. 3
** Ignite the flame of vengeance. **

Pg. 4
Guards – Hey, the prisoner just escaped!!
Find and capture her at once!! She’s that thing that was kept in special confinement!


Pg. 5
Velvet – [Powerful fire arte…]
You sure are good at it...

Seres – I no longer am Artorius's malak.

There’s an escape ship at the back of this island.
Let’s hurry to the back port.

Velvet – The observation tower…

Pg. 6
Velvet – There’s a path going around the island underneath that tower, right? That's the shortcut to the port.
If we’re escaping on a ship, we should head that way.

Seres – You’re really well-informed…!

Velvet – Yeah…
I got it from the preys that were thrown down into my cell as they begged for their lives.

Guard – Pass the word!!

Pg. 7
A lot of guards were already taken down! Split our exorcist forces into two and gather up at the front and back gates.
We’ll corner that escaping rat!


Seres – That certainly would make it difficult for us.

Velvet – Then we just have to gather our forces too.
Let’s head to the jail room.

Pg. 8
Seres – These are cells that hold all daemons the exorcists captured…
What are you planning on doing here…?

Velvet – Listen up!! I’ll burst those cages open right now!!
All of you, divide into two forces and get to the front and back gates!
If we can break through there, we’ll be able to get on the ship!!!

Pg. 9
Daemons – Oh!?
For real, sis!
Will we finally be able to get outta here…!?

That’s fantastic!!
Open up these cages for us!! Please!!

Guard – Hm…?


Pg. 10
Velvet - That will keep the guards occupied. Let’s find the observation tower.
Seres – …Are you not going to help them fight…?

Velvet – No. I’m merely using what I can use…
That’s all.

Rokurou – Hey, you…

Velvet – [Since when did he!?]

Pg. 11
Rokurou – Have you seen the sword named Stormhowl…!?
It’s the sword that’s twice bigger than normal sword…
Velvet – Huh!?

Rokurou – Please! If you know anything, tell me!!

Velvet - ...I think,
I saw it in the underground storage room…

Rokurou – Oh, underground storage, right? You have my thanks!!

Pg. 12
Seres – That man…

Magilou – Kukuku…
So easy to creep up close to you...

Velvet – Who’s there!!?

Magilou – Oh, I’m just a magician whose sleep got disturbed by you.

Pg. 13
My friend next door enjoys his kaki too. Put that in Kakikuu
and you get "Magilou".
== I know it sucks. I'm really bad with this. =_="

Aww, the whole prison has turned into a monster festival.
What should I do? Nowhere is safe to go now…

Both for me…
And for you.

Seres - …Who is that girl? That man just now appeared to be a daemon though…
Velvet – Who cares? Let’s hurry.

Pg. 14
Seres - The path had collapsed…

I can sense pursuers coming this way.
It appears we have no time to return back either…

Pg. 15

Pg. 16
Velvet – Ngh!!

Seres – That was really reckless of you…!

Velvet – This is nothing…
compared to that altar he was thrown into…

Seres - …You really are strong…
as though you've formed a “pact”…

It’s the ritual where one made a vow in order to obtain great power.
The harsher the conditions of the vow, the stronger the power becomes.

Pg. 17
In one sense, that vow is merely…
Velvet – “A curse”…right…?

Pg. 18
Oscar – The one who let loose all the prisoners…
Was that you…?

Velvet – [Exorcist…]

Seres – Oscar!
For the praetor like you to be dispatched to this island…!

Oscar – I wasn’t expected you to be helping the escapee, Seres…
Was this Sir Artorius’s order?

Pg. 19
Seres – No, it’s my own “will”.

Oscar – As though malakim, mere tools for exorcists, have any will…

Seres – Please wait! The praetor is nothing like the ordinary exorcists you’ve encountered thus far!

Oscar – You may be a daemon, but still a woman…I shall respect you for that.
My name is Oscar Dragonia, praetor of the Holy Empire of Midgand.
This exorcist sword was entrusted to me by Sir Artorius! Will you be able to fend it!?

Pg. 20

[This daemon is stronger than I thought…Alright then…]

Pg. 21

Velvet – Ugh…

[That malak…is going attacked even his own ally!?]

Oscar - "Show no mercy in face of harsh battle".

Pg. 21
Seres - Such cruelty!!!

Velvet - Tch...!!

Malak - Ugh...

Pg. 22
Velvet - That malak...
just turned into a daemon!?

[Not good...]
[I can't fend that in time...!!]

Pg. 23
Oscar - AGH!!

Velvet - Ugh...!
[What's with that power...!!]

Pg. 24
Velvet - ...Seres?

Seres - That blow...was fatal...

Please...eat me...
My body is currently being bound by the "pact" of lifelong devotion.

Please eat me and obtain that "power"...
the "power" to move on forward.

Pg. 25
Velvet - Why're you...
Seres - Because I have it in me too,

the ever-burning flame
that can never be extinguished, just like yours.

Pg. 26
Velvet - Isn't this Laphicet's!!

Seres - So, I couldn't bring myself to forgive...both this frozen world...
and its people...

Please make haste...
while I still have my breath...

Pg. 27
Velvet - You won't get any thanks or sorry from me for this though.

Seres - That's unnecessary,
as this too...is also...my wish...

Pg. 28
I really endeared...
the days I've spent with you...
and with Arthur...!!

Pg. 29
Dragon - Grr...


Pg. 30-31
Oscar - [Isn't that...Seres's flame...!?]
Did she just...


Pg. 32

Velvet - Go back and tell Artorius.
I'm Velvet Crowe...
one who'll devours all, daemons, malakim or exorcists,

and the worst
"Daemon Eater"...!

Oscar - Retreat for now...!

Pg. 33
Magilou - Hoho!
Out to the nice spot!

Well, I thought I'm a goner when we jumped off from the tower!
Rokorou - You just came out of nowhere and got on my back yourself, didn't you...?


I'm Rokurou Rangetsu. Thanks to you, I was able to retrieve my sword of life, Stormhowl.
I'll definitely repay this debt to you.

Velvet - ...We're almost to the port.
Help me out.

Pg. 34
Magilou - The weather sure is getting up too...

Velvet - Let's set sail.
Magilou - With just us amateurs!?
We'll lose our direction in no time in this kind of weather!?

Velvet - I'll know.
There's always a compass on board the ship.

Pg. 35
Rokurou - ...Got it, this must be Stormhowl's blessing too.
Magilou - Whether to rot in the cell or become bait for the fish...Such a dilemma. Well, whatever.

Velvet - Just you wait...

Pg. 36

Pg. 37
** The new encounter awaits Velvet after she escaped from the prison. **

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