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Tales of Destiny 2 4

Tales of Destiny 2 Chapter 4 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 31, 2007 13:52 | Go to Tales of Destiny 2

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[sizeptpt="5"]HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE~~!!! XD

And here is for Rena~! X3 NEW YEAR TRANSLATION FOR ETERNAL~!! XD (sorry, I'm just so excited X3)



Tales of Destiny 2
Chapter 4 “The Holy Maiden of the Radiance”

Pg. 88-89
*WAI WAI* (crowded)
*GAYA GAYA* (crowded)
Kyle – WOW! SO COOL~~~!!

So this is the number one city on land
*WAI WAI* (crowded)
The Holy City, Aigrette!!

Loni – Look there, Kyle. That’s the headquarter of the Order of Atamoni
The Straylize Temple

Pg. 90
It’s said that it’s an organization that had been secretly kept
The Eye of God which originally caused problem to the world during the Heaven and Earth War
*HYOI HYOI* (whoosh whoosh)

Kyle – Hey, Loni!! I’d never seen this fruit before~~!!
*KARAN* (drop)
Loni – (side) You are not listening to me . . .

To forget the reason for coming here and just dash out
Because you’re like that, you . . . huh?

*GOKU . . . * (gulp)

Well, just a bit is fine, wouldn’t it?!
*PYON PYON* (bounce bounce)

Kyle – Ahh, I’m so full!

Pg. 91

*GUGU . . . * (crawl)
*JIWA* (sob)
Man – I- I got defeated by monsters . . . help . . . me . . .
Kyle – Uwwaa! Anyone please help ~~~!!!
== Doesn’t make sense when you come to think of it. I mean, Kyle wants to be a hero . . . IMO, he is more likely to help the person himself (taking that he just jump into the problem a couple of time in the game because he wants to become a hero X3 ) But anyway . . . XD

*FUWA* (float)

*SU* (reach)

*POWA* (glow)

Pg. 92
Man – My-my body seems light? All the wounds are healed as well!!

Can-Can you be . . .
The Holy Maiden of the Radiance, Elraine-sama!!

Pg. 93
Civilians – She cured the dying man!!
Is that the famous power of the miracle as the rumors said?!!

Long live Elraine-sama!!
*ZA ZA ZA ZA ZA ZA ZA ZA ZA* (footsteps)

The Holy Maiden~~!!
*ZA* (cheer)

Pg. 94
Kyle – Eh!?

. . . Somehow

Loni did say that she is the woman who worsen the Order, but
Somehow, it’s totally different from what I imagined

Pg. 95
That lens on the chest~~!!

Wah! This is bad!

*ZA* (approach)

Soldier - Who are you to act rudely in front of Elraine-sama!!
Kyle – Umm, well, it’s not . . .

Since I know of another girl with that same lens, so I . . .

Pg. 96
Elraine – That’s an interesting talk. You know of a person who has this same object?

Kyle – Ah, yes. That girl has the pendant . . .

Loni – HEY, KYLE!!
Kyle – Ah, Loni

Soldier – Elraine-sama, it’s about time to go . . .
Elraine - . . . Yes

Excuse me then, Kyle-san. Let’s end the talk for this time
Kyle – Ah, yes!

*BASA* (swoosh)

Pg. 97
Civilians – Elraine-sama!!

Loni – O-Oi, isn’t that the highest bishop in Order of Atamoni, Elraine?!
What did you two talk about!?

Kyle – That person is somehow similar
Loni – Eh?
Kyle – to that lens girl

Pg. 98
How was it? Loni
Loni – Well, today is not the service day, so the temple is off-limit for outsiders. How ‘bout you?
Kyle – Yeah, someone said they saw a girl wearing pink dress heading towards the temple
However, if she can’t get pass the gate, she is likely to be somewhere around there

Pg. 99
Hey Loni, is there any other way to get to the temple?
Loni – Umm~~

There seem to be and there seem not to be
Kyle – Huh?

Loni – I heard it from the caption of the knight fraction
That under Aigrette, there is a ruin that connect to the temple

Pg. 100
出口の方はなにぶん大昔の遺跡だ 今でもつながってるかどうか
If we think of the entrance, it’s possible to think of this place
But this way is still going through the ruin from long time ago in the past. Whether or not it’s still connected nowadays, I’m not sure

Kyle – Even though it worries me, but there is no alternative. Let’s go then, Loni
Loni – O-OK

Huh? Somehow, it feels as if I forgot something
Wonder what it is . . .
Ah well

Kyle – Uwa~ It’s so wide and pit dark in here. All we can see is the floor
Loni – If our eyes get used to it, it should be fine
Oh!? Though it is made way back in the past, the lamps still give out dim light!?

Kyle – Yosh, let’s proceed with these light then

Pg. 101
Loni – Don’t . . . don’t you feel as if we are being watched?
Kyle – Eh? There wouldn’t be anyone living in this kind of place
Loni – Well, guess you’re right. Hahaha

Huh? It seems as if the light moves just now . . .
*BOON* (shift)

The eyes are getting use to it bit by bit now

Pg. 102

Loni – AH! I remembered now!! The captain once said that “there are fearsome golems which are to attack the invaders with their powerful strength living in this ruin”!!
Kyle – EH
Loni - . . . Moreover

Captain – Taken that I already warn you guys, I hope there is no such idiot who forgets about it and enters the ruin, get it?
Loni – There won’t~! There are not going to be one!!

Loni – And that so-said idiots are . . .

Pg. 103
Kyle + Loni – TWO OF US~~!!

Pg. 104
Reala – Philia-san

Where should I go in order to meet with a hero!?
What should I do . . .

Philia – Before that, for what purpose are you searching for a hero?
Can you please tell me that? Reala-san

Pg. 105
Reala - . . . Yes

The true hero is the one who possess the power to change the every people of these world, even the hearts of the fools
The source of that power, the source of the power that can alter the world is needed

And I also want to know what that power really is

But please believe me!! I surely am not intended to use it for an evil cost

Pg. 106
*SU* (pat)

Philia – I’m sorry. I didn’t ask for that purpose
Since I am not the hero who you are searching for
I’m just wondering whether I can be of any help to you

Reala-san, is it OK if I ask you one more question?
Reala – Yes

Philia - Even though it might sound very rash, but what is it you are getting to?
Also, the way you talked just now, it is as if you can look through the near future . . .

*BAKU* (explode)

*SHURU . . . *slither*

Pg. 107
Barbatos – So you are one of the Four Heroes who is said to destroy the Eye of God . . .
Philia Philis, correct?

Pg. 108
Kyle – WOW~~ That’s huge
Loni - This seems to be main church of the Straylize Temple

Pg. 109
Only the high-ranking priests are allowed to enter this area, so this is also my first time here
*BA* (flap)
Kyle – Heh
Loni – Well then, what shall we do? Since it is pretty much expected that this is as far as we can get by following that lens girl’s footsteps
She probably is meeting with Philia-san right now

Kyle – Umm, Loni. The Philia-san you’re talking about, isn’t she my father’s comrade?
Loni – Well yeah
Kyle – Then do you think she will know where my father is right now?

Loni - . . . well, guess so
Reala - KYAAA

Pg. 110
Loni – That scream just now, isn’t it?!!
Kyle – It’s the lens girl’s!! Let’s go, Loni!!
*DA* (dash)

It’s from the other side of that door!!

*BAN* (bang)


Thank you for reading . . . AND HAPPY NEW YEAR~~!! XD

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#1. by niphredil ()
Posted on Dec 31, 2007
thanks very much, happy new year to you too ^^
#2. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jan 1, 2008
Cool XD

The cleans are almost done too =3
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