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Star Ocean 2 Second Evolution 1

Star Ocean 2: Second Evolution Chapter 1 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jun 4, 2008 11:31 | Go to Star Ocean 2 Second Evolution

-> RTS Page for Star Ocean 2 Second Evolution 1

Note to myself, learn to stop the hype sometimes. I barely have any concentration while doing the Character Festa part because I got hyped to draw when I look at the characters' rough sketches . . . >.<"

Anyway, I'm stuck with one (short) line. I don't think I should pull back the whole translation with only one line, so I'll post the translation first and continue searching for the meaning of that line later. (Yep, I'm weird >_<") And yeah, other parts, I got stuck a lot with terminology specified to Star Ocean only. >_<"

Reserved for Eternal Scanlation Group only. Please do not use it for scanlation if you are not Eternal. Thanks~ XD

Enjoy~ >_<"

Star Ocean 2: Second Evolution
Chapter 1

Pg. 3
Rena – That time, it was just my feeling . . . yes

If I stay beside you
Any kind of darkness will be turned into light

Pg. 4-5
With the large volume of 48 pages, the new series start!

One game masterpiece has been revived on PSP! Their new story is threaded through Rena’s viewpoint

Star Ocean
Second Evolution
Yoshida Morohe

Pg. 6
Rena – Eh?

Did you call me just now, mother?
Mother – ? I didn’t

Rena – Again . . . ? I’ve been hearing a voice lately
Mother – A voice?

Rena - Someone is calling my name
??? – -na . . .
Rena . . .
Rena – It’s the voiced that I am familiar, as if I’ve heard it somewhere before . . .

Pg. 7
What can it be?
I don’t think it’s just my imagination as well . . .

Mother – And also, Rena, will you stop going to the Forest of Holy Protection today?
The animal there has turned frenzy lately, so it’s dangerous-


Rena – Aow!
Mother, you’re just worried too much

Pg. 8
Children – Ah, Rena
You know, we just pretend to be warrior just now!
Rena, come play with us too

Rena – Aah! So you are the great warrior who is going to safe the
*PAAA* (sparkling)

World <3
Children – That’s it!?

Come on, play with us more!
Rena – Sorry, but I have to get going now
How about you play with Alen?

Something wrong?

Children - Alen hasn’t been playing with us at all lately
He always acts scary

Pg. 9
Rena – Eh?
Isn’t Alen more of the one who is scared rather than making other people scared?
*WA* (uwa)
*WAN!* (woof!)
Children – B-But . . .

Mother – You all! Quickly come and eat your meal
Children – Uwa! Yes
Bye then, Rena!

Rena - . . . They must have mistaken somehow, right?

Pg. 10

Pg. 11
*DOSA . . . * (fall)
In Expel, there is a legend passing on since the past about the “Warrior of Light”

“A warrior” right . . .

When this land of Expel is in danger and the people are in pain, the warrior with alien raiments will appear
That person will wield the sword of light and save the people

Pg. 12
When is it are you going to make your appearance . . . ?
Sir Warrior

Everyone has been waiting for you for so long
Including me . . .

Sir Warrior
If it is you, will you be able to tell me?

The part of me that I’m lacking . . .
Ever since that day, I have always wanted to know
The truth

Pg. 13
*GASA* (shiver)

*GABA* (sit up)

. . . ? Who is there?
*BAKI* (step)

Ape – GRRRR!!

Rena – KYAAA

Pg. 14-15
Claude – Watch out!!
*GA* (step)

*GATSU* (shot)

Pg. 16
*GOSHA* (thud)

*SHUUU* (steam)
*HETA . . . * (fall)

Rena - When this land of Expel is in danger
Claude – Phew
Are you OK?
Rena - And the people are in pain

. . . Could you be . . .
The warrior with the alien raiments
Will appear

Claude – Can you stand?
Rena - That person

Pg. 17
Will wield the sword of light
And save the people

The Warrior of Light!!!

Pg. 18
Claude - . . . Is something wrong? Are you injured?
Rena – Ah
N-No, I’m fine, umm . . .
What should do? I need to say something
Oh yeah, the thing that I practice with the children . . . no, that kind of stupid saying won’t do!

It got to be something clever than that . . . umm

Thank you very much!!

Is- . . . Isn’t that a bit too simple~!!

Pg. 19
*PON* (pat)
Claude – OK! It’s good that you’re safe

*KA* (embarrassed)

And well, I need to ask you something . . .
Rena – Y-

Claude - Where . . .
Am I . . . ?

Pg. 20
Rena – This is where I live, Arlia Village

Claude – Is it really alright to invite me in all of the sudden?

Rena – I want to thank you for helping me as well
You are very welcomed!

Claude – Thanks . . . umm, and your name is . . .
Rena – Ah
That’s right

Pg. 21
I’m Rena
Rena Lanford

Claude – Rena, right?
I’m Claude

*FUFU* (giggle)
Rena – So even the warrior has a name
Uncle – Oh!? Rena!

Rena – Hi, uncle
Uncle – What is this, you have a boyfriend already~~?

Rena – Eh!?
No! This person has just saved my life . . . !!

Pg. 22
Uncle – Hey, you boyfriend!!
*BISHI . . . * (point)
Claude – Heh!?
(side) Me!?

Uncle – Rena has a pretty firm personality and very restless
*GU!* (thumb up)
Protect her well, OK?

Rena – I say no and it means no!!
*BAKII* (punch)
Uncle – GOFU

Rena – Gosh! Let’s get going then, Claude
*PIKU PIKU* (shiver)
Claude – O-OK . . .
I guess I don’t really need to help him specially or anything . . .

Pg. 23
*DON* (emphasis)
Mother – Eat as much as you want, OK?!!

Claude - Thank you . . .
Rena - . . . Mother . . .
Aren’t you making a bit too much . . . ?

Mother – What are you saying!
He helped you, didn’t he? And this is quite a normal serving size for men

Claude – Ah, but it’s very delicious
Though I never eat anything here before
Mother – Oh, you didn’t live around here?

Rena – That’s right! That’s because . . .

Pg. 24
Claude is the Warrior of Light!!

Claude - . . . huh!?

Rena – “The sword of light” and the “foreign clothing” . . .
You are the “Warrior of Light” as said in the legend, right?

Claude - Wa-
. . . Wait a sec!!

Pg. 25
That’s a misunderstanding!
I’m not anything like a warrior!!

Rena – Eh . . .

But . . . ! Didn’t you save me with the sword of light . . . ?
Claude – Eh, you mean this!?
No, it’s not a sword of light or anything . . .
*CHA* (shine)
And I’m just, well . . . a normal traveler, that’s all . . .

Rena – Traveler!? But . . .
Mother – Rena!

Pg. 26
I’m . . . not a warrior

Mother – RENA!!
*DA* (dash)

*BATAN . . . * (shut)

Mother – I’m sorry
She probably will come back in a short while, so don’t worry about it

Pg. 27
Please forgive her
That girl . . . she believe in the Warrior of Light ever since she’s a kid, and is always waiting for that person
Claude – Is that so . . . ?

Mother – Well, you had come on a trip from the very far place then . . .
Claude – Yes
And I don’t really know how to get back as well . . .

Mother – That’s pretty bad, in the horrible time like this that happened ever since Sorcery Globe fell . . .
Claude – Sorcery Globe?

Mother – You don’t know!?

Pg. 28
It’s that meteorite that hit this planet three months ago
We called that the demon stone . . . Sorcery Globe

Claude – Heh . . .

Mother - Not “heh”!!
You really did well at keeping yourself safe up to this time

You can still keep calm like this
Isn’t there anything bad during your trip at all?
Claude – Eh-umm, well . . .

Mother – Because ever since Sorcery Globe fell
The group of monsters all over the world becomes frenzied

Pg. 29
Claude - . . . I see . . .
She is mistaken because I appeared in the time like this then . . . ?

Mother - The nearby town is located at a bit to the north of Arlia
Claude – Thank you very much

Pg. 30
. . . I’m going then

. . . Ah
*KUN* (grab)

*HA* (oh)
Rena – Um . . . umm

Can you . . . accompany me for a bit?
Claude – (side) Accompany!?
O- . . . OK . . .

Pg. 31
*ZA* (wind)

“Accompany” meaning like this . . . ?

Rena – . . . Claude
I’m sorry about yesterday

You . . . saved me
Yet I just mistaken you

But you are

Pg. 32
Not the warrior
But still my life savior

Claude is still Claude

*GA* (shake)
*SAH* (leap)

Pg. 33
Claude – UWA!?
*DOKA* (jump)

T-That tickles
Rena – Claude!
*SU* (lift)

Dog – WOOF!

Claude – A-A dog . . . ?
Dog – WOOF
*KUSUKUSU* (giggle)

Claude – . . . Is it really that funny?
Rena – I-I’m sorry, but . . .

Pg. 34
Your face just now . . .

Claude - . . . Actually, I used to have a dog once
Rena – Heh! That’s great
What is its name then?
Dog – Ha

Claude – It’s called Ratty
Somehow, my dad just looked at its tail and exclaimed out “I got it!” . . .
*HE* (heh)

Pg. 35
*SU* (giggle)

. . . Up to now
There has been no monsters living around here
The view is nice and all the animals just live happily together . . .

Somehow, staying here makes me feel relieved

Claude – Rena, you really like this place, do you?
Rena – Yes!

Dog – WOOF!
Rena – Ah

Pg. 36
. . . So, somehow, I ended up coming here
Even though my mom always say not to come

OK . . . and
How about your father . . . ?

*GYU* (grip)

Pg. 37
Rena – When I was young . . . my father was-

Claude – Eh
Ah, s-sorry about that!!
Rena – No, it’s fine

Claude – Damn it . . .
What an idiot I am? Didn’t I just make her feel bad . . . ?
*GON . . . * (click)

. . . Ah

Pg. 38
You want some candies!?

(side) Now I did it
Isn’t this
Making me more
Like an idiot . . . ?

*. . . PU*(giggle)

Rena – Thanks
I was just thinking about the boy who I used to befriend with in the past
Claude - In the past?

Rena – Yes
Whenever I felt sad, I’d always come to cry around here, but
Dias – Don’t cry, Rena
== It’s Dias . . . right? (still need to get the game :p )

Pg. 39
If you cry, you’re just wasting your tears
So, come on and smile with me
Rena - . . . I really missed him. Wonder what is he doing right now.

Claude - . . . Could this mean that person is your first love?

Rena – No, he is more like a big brother to me
There’s nothing like that at all . . .

Claude – Ah, aow
Sorry, sorry. I was just joking . . .
*GYUU* (grab)

*DOKI* (surprised)

Pg. 40
Claude – Wow
*PA* (withdraw)
Rena – Ne-Never mind

Will you . . .
Come back and play with me again sometimes?
Claude – Of course

*ZAKU* (step)

Pg. 41
Alen – Rena

Rena – Eh? Oh . . .

Alen – Hi . . . long time no see

Rena – Aw, don’t frighten me like that
I haven’t seen you lately, so where have you been?

Claude – . . . ? Is that the person you talked about just now?

Rena – Ah, no, this person is . . . Alen is
My childhood friend and-
*GA* (grab)

Pg. 42
Rena – A- . . . –len . . . ?

What is it? It-It hurts
Alen – Be happy, Rena
The stage is about to complete

Pg. 43
The stage for our wedding

Rena - . . . Wedding . . . ?
What are you saying . . . ?

Claude – Re-

**ZA* (surrounded)

Pg. 44
Alen – Come with me then, Rena
*GUI* (pull)
Rena – No

Let go off me!! What had got into you? What wedding are you . . .

Claude – Stop it
She doesn’t want to, does-
*HYU* (swoosh)

*TSU* (miss)
Rena – Claude!!

Pg. 45
*BA* (push off)

Claude – Damn . . .
*ZA ZA* (step)

Like I will let you!
*CHAKI* (draw)

No wa-

Pg. 46
Rena – STOP IT!!
*BA!* (intervene)

That’s not like you at all, Alen
Claude is just a traveler. Please don’t hurt him!
Alen – Rena . . .
Are you coming with me or not?

Claude – Rena! That man has lost his mind
I’ll be fine, so run away quick

Rena - . . . I
Am going with Alen
Claude – What . . . !?

Pg. 47
Rena – Alen is not always like this, so I’ll be fine
Even if you’re not the legendary warrior
Claude, you better continue on with your journey

Claude – Rena . . .
*ZA* (dash)
Alen – Very good, Rena

Rena – You who covered me in the dazzling light
*DO* (punch)
And had saved me . . .
Alen – Now he probably can continue on his journey then

Rena – Claude, you are

Pg. 48-49
*FURA . . . * (weaken)

To me
The Warrior of Light
*DO* (collapse)

*ZARI . . . * (step)

Celine – I thought I heard someone’s voice, so I come and look
But seems like I find something good here

Pg. 50
** The short moment of happiness meeting with Claude, what is the fate of Rena who had been taken away!? **
Alen – And now, the preparation is completed

*BOO* (glow)

Pg. 51
Memorial for [sO2] turning into comic!!
Rough comic characters Festa!
This corner will reveal the precious rough sketches of the characters drawn by Yoshida Morohe-sensei for this series! With the guide of Yoshida-sensei’s comment, let introduce us to the rough sketches.

== Rena, for the order: The character information (with their name on the heading)  Note with the arrow pointing to the pictures  Side notes around the picture itself (the one that is the mangaka’s handwriting)  the “COMMENT FROM MOROHE YOSHIDA”  (only for Rena and Claude) the one inside the box where it’s the picture of them with different emotions and the whole body picture. Hope it’s not too . . . confusing . . . >_<”

Rena Lanford
A girl who lived alone with her mother in Arlia Village on the planet Expel. She is born with the mysterious healing power, that the question of who really left as a mystery.

The sketch of the back and mantle which isn’t drawn much in the game is being compiled together. It’s understandable that this is to capture Rena’s model from various different angles.
The accessory around the breast part and the small thing like the pendant from the mother, faithfully drawn like in the game is also understandable.
While faithfully revive the character design of the game, Yoshida-sensei’s touch of making it full of live makes him to draw out various expression that are not presented in the game.

The back?
What should the mantle be like!
[Angle] Rena
The vest (blue) is something like this, right?
The mantle should be like this?
ここぞ! という時に胸元から取り出す
She takes it out whenever it said “It’s here!”

Rena Edition
I’m always aware that even though she is a firm person, there is also the cuteness that fit with her age. The editor also told me “draw the thigh nice and well” which is pretty interesting. (laugh)

吉田もろへ [レナ]
Yoshida Morohe [Rena]
First rough draft

Pg. 52
Claude C. Keni
The son of the admiral of the Galaxy Federation, Ronixis. He had been the subject of envy due to that he is assigned an ensign at the young age of 19 because of his father’s help. He remembers the irritation of other people not recognizing him of his own strength.

The dynamic pose is one unique thing. This cut is probably Claude during his battle. It becomes the rough drawing is expected to show the action scene of the comic version.
Same as the fan, the speech that represent the battle result into number is also being brought back! Will those lines make appearance in the comic as well is something to be excited about from now on.
In the first draft, the basic emotion patterns, like happiness, sadness, anger, etc., is being drawn out to capture the character’s uniqueness. Out of all of these, the warm, bright and relaxing smile is specially impressive.

[Expression] I made him more mature-like in the first draft by making the eyebrow a bit neat and smart-looking.
Arm band (?)
What should the inside of the gloves be like?
Bandana is beneath the hair?
Is this around 80% then?
What should the sword design be for the battle?

Claude Edition
I drew him to be a lot younger than his age because it is said that he is a teenager who is still growing. Will he continue to grow from now on and become more like a man, I wondered . . . ?

First rough draft

Pg. 53
Dias Flac
The wandering swordsman who had been rumored as the strongest and Rena’s childhood friend. Due to some events in his past, he seemed to oppose and close down his heart to other people.

More of the mature-looking characteristics are portray than the game’s illustration. Especially the sharp eyes and his cool expression are very well drawn.

Under the mantle
Like this?
What should the patch on the mantle be like?
Since it’s beneath his hair . . .
Maybe it might not need to look this grim, probably? (laugh)
Something like this?

Dias Edition
In contrast to Claude, his image is of the quiet and mature man. I want to quickly draw his smile as well.

Ashton Anchors
The unlucky young man who is possessed by the two-headed dragon. The names of the dragons on his back are “Gyoro” and “Ururun”. He uses the skills which combines heraldry and dual swords style.

The expression that portrays very nicely his “fainthearted personality since birth” is good. That expression and the sharpness of his discernment compared to the two-headed dragon make up his uniqueness.

What is it like at the place where Gyoro and Ururun sprouted out then?
It’s the ribbon that is white, right?
Overall, there are a lot of hackneyed parts, so the deep color and tone is probably fine . . . ?
== Sorry, I’m not totally sure about this one. >_<”
This place like this line here is white as well maybe?
What about the arm guard?

Ashton Edition
“If he is carrying two dragons on his back, then how did he manage to shower or lay down?” is what I ended up worrying about every time I drew him. (laugh)

Celine Jules
Though born in a good family, she is the treasure hunter on journey rather than staying at home. She possesses an extraordinary tenacity when it is something to do with money or the study of heraldry.

開いた胸もとと、右胸のハートマーク。 そして太もも部分にあら紋様など、男性ファンが気になる部分をよりセクシーに描いている。
Open chest and the heart mark on the right breast, as well as tattoo on the thigh and the parts where the male fans might be interested are drawn to be even sexier.

Please make this ring smaller. Actually, I was thinking of taking it out, but if it isn’t there, it seems a bit lonely . . .
The gold part on the belt
Is the tetragon with the pointed edge OK?

Celine Edition
At first, I thought whether I should really take that ring out. But, if the ring is taken out, it looks kind of desolate, thus in the end, I just keep it . . . that ring alone should be enough when talking of Celine (laugh)

Pg. 54
Leon D.S. Geeste
As young as 12 years old, he is the young genius who is related to the development of the Heraldic weapons at the Imperial Laboratory. Probably because he is so young yet so full of knowledge, he is pretty conceit.

白衣と短パンという、ギャップのあるレオンの衣装がかわいらしい。 物知り顔でちょっと生意気な表情も、レオンらしくて◎。
The doctor’s robe and the short pant, the gaps on Leon’s choice of dressing seem really cute. The knowledgeable-looking face and a bit of the conceit expression too is very Leon-like.

Leon Edition
Though Leon is a conceit genius, since he is yet still at the age where he would fawn on the adults . . . he is kind of cute. Those cat ears and the doctor’s robe are totally the greatest.

Precis F. Neumann
A cheerful and healthy girl who is full of curiosity. She likes inventing things and sweet foods, and the strange-looking robot she carried on her back, “Mujinkun No. 1, No. 2” is something she made by herself.
== Sorry if there’s anything wrong, I think I can’t even remember Precis being in Star Ocean EX (yet, we are talking about an anime series I watched 5-6 years ago. I only manage to get her name right because of Star Ocean Blue Sphere manga . . . - -“), so I actually can’t remember her robot’s names . . . of course . . . I mean, if I can’t remember Precis, it’s not like the robot’s name will just pop out of nowhere . . . T^T (The rest of the characters, at least as appeared in this Character Festa, I can remembered, but not Precis . . . for some reasons) Anyway, I’m planning to get Star Ocean 2: Second Evolution real soon, so I can brush out the dust a bit . . . >_<”

With the double teeth, which is the charm point, is also being brought back precisely, the cheerful and vigorous Precis is being drawn.

The robot at the back.
最低でもここまで省略させて預けませんか? 丸いの無い方いいかなという気もしたので
It might be considered as bad, but can I just leave it short like that?
What should the hip be like? And also the part under the jacket . . . ?
Is this like a roller??

Precis Edition
Whenever I draw Precis, I ended up making the same face as her. Her swinging emotion is quite fun to draw.

Yoshida Morohe-sensei comparing the full completed illustration with the rough pictures!!
The Announcing Illustration for the comic version of “SO2”
When the illustration that is used to announce the series in the last issue and the rough drawing are compared together, though the basic structures are the same, quite some number of the differences are found. Especially, the picture on the left-lower corner changes from “Rena’s pendant” to the “unknown character” is one big change. By placing the unknown character in, the complete version seems more story-like.

Complete version
Rough version

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by LegACy ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
Thanks Ju-da-su!
(I'd better finish the color spread soon!)

This really make me feel kinda nostalgic...
#2. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
Yarr...Looks like it's time for me to proofread. Actually Ju-da-su, which line are you stuck at? I can ask one of the other translators to look at it.
#3. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
Actually . . . I bold the line that I'm stuck on. >_<"


#4. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
Ah, I didn't notice.

Would it be better if I asked the translator to look through all 4 of the Character Festa pages?

I'll take note of that line.

Reserved for Eternal Scanlation Group only. Please do not use it for scanlation if you are not Eternal. Thanks~ XD

Heh. Not Eternal XD; That kind of sounded wrong...not eternal...

"I am not Eternal!"
#5. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
wow! A Star Ocean manga *-*! Thx a lot Ju-Da-Su! Where can I find a RAW? ^^U

#6. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
Quote by Rena Chan;892107:
Ah, I didn't notice.

Would it be better if I asked the translator to look through all 4 of the Character Festa pages?

I'll take note of that line.

It would be of great help, since Character Festa is actually what takes me the whole week to try translating this manga. The chapter itself took only 2-3 days . . . :darn

And, I got confused of all the terms. I was like "wait, why is one site called it heraldry while another one call it symbology?? Isn't it the same one or no?" and ". . . who is this girl (meaning Precis :p )?? How come I never remember seeing her before?? :oh "

Heh. Not Eternal XD; That kind of sounded wrong...not eternal...

"I am not Eternal!"

Now that you mentioned it . . . :D


Anyway, it means if you are not you, Rena . . . >_<"

. . .

OK, that makes it sounds even weirder than before . . . >.>"

Quote by DeepEyes:
wow! A Star Ocean manga *-*! Thx a lot Ju-Da-Su! Where can I find a RAW? ^^U


The first chapter RAW is available in Rena's translator recruitment thread for this series in the recruitment section.

Now, to ToI~ (I can't believe the manga got to that fast. And yet, I'm still stuck in Tenos . . . I hope they don't end it that fast, or else ToI will be the most rushy and the most off-tangent (though it's already way off the tangent - -") Tales series manga . . . >_<")
#7. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
Thx a lot Ju-Da-Su & Rena-chan n_n

So, the SQ is out? But ToI isn't going to be published online?

#8. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
Quote by DeepEyes;892269:
Thx a lot Ju-Da-Su & Rena-chan n_n

So, the SQ is out? But ToI isn't going to be published online?


JSQ is out, but ToI ch.8 is out already as well . . . and yep, it's online. ^_^"


I'm currently trying to make it into an usual zipped RAW though. :3
#9. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
Unusual zipped raw...haha.

Actually, the Heraldry and Symbology is a SO2 and SO3 thing. Magic (monshou jutsu is what they call it in the japanese version of SO2 and probably SO3 also, not sure). In the original PS SO2, magic is called Heraldry/Heraldic Arts, in SO3, magic is called Symbology for the US versions of the games.

Don't worry about the terms in general. I know the original SO2 like the back of my hand literally. Now the one issue is for the Ten Sages (Ten Wise Men). Japanese and English names are totally different. I'm going to be using the US names from the original SO2 for this manga, but I also know the japanese names, so wouldn't be much of an issue.
#10. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
It is taking me so long to print screen and work in Paint with it though . . . T^T (I finished 31 pages already, and it's so blurred . . . though I manage to translate 25 pages already . . . >_<")

I know it's the magic. I just can't differentiate. I get it now though . . . (I haven't play SO3 yet as well . . . >_<")

Thank you, Rena~ XD
#11. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
Thx a lot Ju-Da-Su n_n
#12. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
I'm glad my explanation was good XD So yeah...it's just a difference in which they are called between SO2 and SO3.

I need to finish SO3...I have it sitting untouched for god knows how many years now...>_<
#13. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
The only Star Ocean I ever touched so far (excluding this manga) is the anime, Star Ocean EX . . . and that's like 5-6 years ago. I'm amazed enough how I still can remember everyone except Precis . . . >.>" (strange, how come I never notice that she is there at all >_<")

I'm getting SO2: Second Evolution. After all, I love its anime, so . . . XD

So, your username comes from Rena then?? *shot'd for randomness*
#14. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
Actually, it did, back when I played SO2 a lot, and Rena was my favourite female character (Dias is my favourite male character). And since I'm a girl...Chan is actually my family name. Hence Rena Chan. Dias is also my best played character in SO2. I was slamming Universe like a pro with no problems.

I can't wait for Dias to appear in the manga XD
#15. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
I never finish mi SO3 too u.u... I want to play SO1&2 in PSP, but I don't know where the games will come to America u.u... And SO4 in PS3 *-*

#16. by LegACy ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
don't finish SO3, the story got crappy by then... (sigh... I really need to return to be a gamer again... good games appearing left and right)

Ah, I never get the chance to play with dias unfortunately... BTW, anyone remember the name of the 2 alien? the name of the man and woman that your party will encounter if you don't get Ashton in your party?
#17. by DeepEyes ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
I hear that SO3 has a good story =(... I only hate the 2-hours-far-away-saveponits u.u...

#18. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 4, 2008
Opera Vectra and Ernest Raviede

BTW, Dias makes Universe a joke. Ashton sucks in Universe. Claude is better IMO.
#19. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2008
I bought SO3 once, but the seller gave me Xenosaga III instead . . . >.>"

I want to see Ashton in manga . . . >_<"
#20. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2008
Quote by Ju-da-su;893604:
I bought SO3 once, but the seller gave me Xenosaga III instead . . . >.>"

I want to see Ashton in manga . . . >_<"

What? You should have asked for a refund! Those are two totally different games!
#21. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2008
I'm too lazy to go, considered myself stupid since I should have check the game before even coming out of the shop . . . One hour bus trip+walking to get to the place and another hour finding the shop out of some fifties or sixties VCD shops (they all sell games and VCD . . . >.>") in the mall . . . I'm just lazy . . . >.>"


Plus, if possible, I want to try to find the Japanese version of it . . . >_<"
#22. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2008
Although, I think that whoever attended to you doesn't know how to read. I don't see how people can mix up the words Star Ocean Till the End of Time and Xenosaga Episode III (forgot the rest of the title) They don't even sound alike =/
#23. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2008
They just put the game in the wrong box (the box is of SO3 . . . >.>")

My question then is rather "Then does that mean there's a Xenosaga III box with SO3 game in it??? :o " or "Does that mean then that if I say I want to buy Xenosaga III, they will give me SO3 instead??? :amuse "
#24. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2008
O_o...What? The shop rearranges the games in the boxes? They're supposed to sell it as packaged...not open it then...eh
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