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Tales of Destiny 2 5

Tales of Destiny 2 Ch.5 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 20, 2008 16:04 | Go to Tales of Destiny 2

-> RTS Page for Tales of Destiny 2 5

Is it possible for me to ask for a change in prefix? ToD and ToD2 are actually two different manga, and now that I am doing ToD: DC as well (YAY!! XD ) . . . it's going to be quite a mix~ XD

Anyway, reserved for Eternal Scanlation group only, since I actually feel kind of bad due to that I had been translating ToI then ToI again for WoaA when I actually planned to make the release to come out equal (but again, ToI is considered as exceptional because it is JSQ series - -")

My translation schedule is totally a big mess . . . - -"

Anyhow, enjoy~ :amuse

Tales of Destiny 2
Chapter 5 “The Stout-Armed Demon”

Pg. 111
Barbatos – So you’re the one of the Four Heroes who destroyed the Eye of God in the Heaven-Earth War . . .
*ZUZUZUZUZUZUZUZU* (twist, twist, twist, twist)

Philia Felis, correct?

Philia – Who-Who are you!?

Pg. 112
Barbatos – There’s no need in telling the name to the one who’s going to die
I shall test the genuine power of the so-called title as a hero

*BUN!!* (boom)

Philia – KYAAA!!

Pg. 113

Pg. 114
*BAN* (slam)


Barbatos – Weak . . . too weak

Pg. 115
Can you entertain me with your final agony?
*SHU* (swirl)

Kyle – STOP IT!!
*ZA* (zoom)
Barbatos – What?

Kyle – Leave that person alone!!
Your enemy is me, the future hero, Kyle Dunamis!!

Barbatos - . . . Ku
Kukukuku . . .

A hero!?
For a wimp like you to call yourself a hero!

Pg. 116
You want to die?

*ZOKU* (pressure)

Be gone
*SHUU* (swirl)

Pg. 117
*BUN* (slash)

*BU* (leap)
*BAKA* (boom)
Loni – CAREFUL!!

Kyle – Eh!? The blade doesn’t even hit it
The chair got destroy by just the wind pressure!!

Barbatos – Oh, seems like you’ve got some luck
*DOKUN* (thump)

*DOKUN* (thump)
*DOKUN* (thump)
Loni – This-this is no good. Kyle, that guy is one real monster.

Pg. 118
*BURU* (shiver)
*BURU* (shiver)
Kyle – What should I do!?
*DOKUN* (thump)

*DOKUN* (thump)
Please give me power
*DOKUN* (thump)
*GA* (clench)

Give me courage
*DOKUN* (thump)

*TABA* (land)

Pg. 119
*GAN* (bang)

*ZA* (twist)


*GAKI* (bang)

Pg. 120
Barbatos – The wimp want to pick a fight, huh?

Kyle – ARGH!!

*DOKA* (thud)
Loni – KYLE!!

*KOKU* (nod)

*TABA* (dash)

Pg. 121
*GO* (swoosh)

*GON* (slash)


He catches it just with fingertips . . . !!

Barbatos – I even give more time to you. Can’t you just make me a bit more entertaining?

*ZUO* (boom)

Pg. 122
Loni – Guh!! KYLE . . .

*BON* (dash)

Barbatos – What!?


*DON* (bang)

Pg. 123
Loni – Did we get him!?

*GAKUN* (collapse)

Kyle – At this close of the a distance
So . . . Souhajin still

Can’t penetrate him

Pg. 124
Loni – That-that is the spell inhibitor!!
== I’m not sure if it’s the same one (since I never use and never know how to use such thing - -“) but I’d heard about some trick that can stop the person’s magic before, not Dispell . . . I’m sure I heard about something like that in TotA, but since I never used it and don’t know about it much, I am totally not sure if it is the same or not (I can’t remember the name as well - -“)
*BUN* (swirl)

Despite of that it does take some time to cast, he can just use it in just a second . . .
Just how much different is his power in comparison to ours!?

*ZUKI* (collapse)

Guh, my-my legs . . .

Full-powered Souhajin doesn’t work. The attack that I put in so much power
*GATA* (shiver)
*GATA* (shiver)
Got blocked in just one move. There’s no way we can win an enemy like this . . .


*GO* (slam)
Barbatos – FUH!!

Pg. 125
*ZA ZA ZA* (stop)
なんだ もう弾切れか?
What, you are out already?

After ten years recovering this wound, finally I should be able to run wild again!

*DA* (stump)

*GABA* (thrust)
*GABA* (thrust)
*GABA* (thrust)
*GABA* (thrust)
Kyle – Dammit, my sword can just barely block it

*DO* (punch)


Pg. 126
Loni – KYLE!!

Barbatos – Quite regrettable, but someone like you can’t become a hero . . .

Well then . . .
Let’s get it done and over with then


Fufufu, quite unexpected. To think that we will meet in a place like this
Is this some kind of trick of destiny?

Pg. 127
But anyone who interferes with me shall die!!
The incompetent hero, you can grieve in the depth of afterlife!!

*DA* (dash)


Tch, you are not dead yet?!!

Kyle – I’ll never forgive someone who slights the hero!!
*GI* *GI* *GI* *GI* *GI* (clink, clink, clink, clink)
Reala – KYLE!!

Kyle – At this rate, it’s only up to time now as to when will everybody got killed by this guy
Think! What other way is left for me?!!

Pg. 128
Kid – It’s fine if you put in all the power!!

If it’s Kyle who had mastered Souhajin,
You certainly can just do it with that skill!!

Kyle – There is!
There is one more way that I can use!!

Barbatos – FUH
*GIIIII* (slash)

*GAKI* (stab)

Pg. 129
Barbatos – Now

What are you going to do next?

*TOSU* (stab)


Judas – Kyle! Your sword!! Catch!!
*SHU* (twist)

Pg. 130
*BASHI* (catch)
Kyle – Thanks!! Judas!!

Now!! There is no other chance now!!

*GU* (clench)

I don’t know whether I can do it yet or not . . .
*DA* (dash)

But I’m going to bet everything on this incomplete attack!!
*DA* (dash)

Pg. 131
Loni – What? What is that posture!?

*SHU* *SHU* *SHU* (stab, stab, stab, stab)

Barbatos – Hah, just normal pierces . . .
Kyle – HAH!!

Disable the spell inhibitor cast!!

Loni - What the!? The air around the blade sharpens up due to the rapid piercing!!
*BA* (swoosh)
Could this be!!

GO~~~ KYLE~~~~!!

Pg. 132-133

*DON* (thrust)

Pg. 134
*ZUN* (collapse)

*HAH* (huff)
*HAH* (huff)

*GOKU . . . *

Barbatos – Kukukuku. Feeling good, this pain feels really good.

礼を遅くなったな そろいもそろったこんな華やかな宴にしてもらって
I haven’t thank you yet, have I? For letting me into such a fun party without any exception
I am slow in introducing myself

Pg. 136
My name is Barbatos Goetia

*HA* *HA* *HA* (huff, huff, huff)
Kyle – Kyle Dunamis

Barbatos – Kukuku, I shall
Have that name memorized then . . .

*SHURU* (swirl)

Pg. 137
Kyle - . . . I
Did it
*GATA* (lower)
With the help of everyone in the orphanage

Thanks, everyone

Everyone – KYLE!!

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by jaimacando ()
Posted on Mar 20, 2008
#2. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Mar 21, 2008
Yay! Now I really got to squeeze that proofread for ToD2 Ch 4 from the one that is doing it -_-;

I'll probably just proofread this one myself =/
#3. by Miken-chan ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2008
Judas's reappearance~ :D
*is excited*

Thanks for the trans. Ju-da-su~
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