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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Blazer Drive 8

Blazer Drive 8th BLAZE : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 15, 2008 11:44 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 8

Yes, I'm slow this month . . . >.>"

So, the RAW will come out soon . . . though I don't know how soon though . . . unless someone gives me a good resource for the nervous system (especially CN and spinal cord . . . >_<") then I might give it a boost in speed with the RAW. Other than that, I need to study. University is getting tougher and I have to manage my time.

So . . . for now . . . enjoy XD

PS. Sorry for inconsistency. I'm not really good with that so much, even with Thai. I know it's weird when I just change to "leave the honorifics" (since initially, I'm not very good at changing honorifics to English, but I don't know why on Earth do I leave the honorifics out for the past chapters . . . >_<")

Blazer Drive
8th BLAZE “Training = Can Kicking?”

Pg. 1
Tenjik – And your training from now
Will be “can kicking”

Yuyuka and I will be it
And you two will be the hiding one
Misora – Can kicking, you mean . . .

That game . . . where the person who is it put a can down in one location and protect it while searching for the hiding person?
On the faces – It
(side) Found you, Daichi

Yuyuka – Yep, and if you can kick the can before we find you
And can make it move even a bit, then you clear this training

Daichi – And you think someone as cool as me will play a children game like that? So clunky

Tenjik – It’s not a normal old can kicking though
You put this Mysticker on your body as well

Pg. 2-3
Training and Playing: We enjoy it with all we have

Pg. 4
Daichi – What’s this Mysticker?

Tenjik - Try tracing it

Daichi – There’s something coming out of it!!

Misora – Nothing happened . . .
That means I seriously am not a Blazer yet then

Pg. 5
Tenjik – That Mysticker will quick at responding to the Blazer’s concentration power

Daichi’s power tap is left open so it will just leak out too much

Misora-chan’s power tap is closed too tightly, so even if you try to activate it, it won’t come out

Daichi – And what does that have to do with can kicking?
Tenjik – You will see
Once you play this game while that Mysticker is activated

If you “really can make this can move even a bit”
Then training ends

But, if I found you and step on the can first . . .
Daichi, you’ll get a fart! And Misora-chan . . . fufufu

Pg. 6
Go and hide already
I’m going to begin it now

Training START!!!

-- Section III Guardian Headquarter --
Melon – What! They already know of this place?!!

That’s really what . . . the Qilin Realm said?!!
Kuroki – Yes, the man named Shuga that I fought with said so

I’m also sure that he used the Black Kurotan

But, he exposed himself and even gave us an advanced notice on the attack. That is quite unusual . . .
Melon – Are they planning to go after Daichi while we’re strengthen up this place . . . ?

Pg. 7
If so, then they might also know of Tenjik’s storeroom
that is camouflaged as a pet shop

If so, then we need to send someone there, but
That might end up as we falling right into their trap

Anyhow, it’s better that we gather everyone up
Go work that out
Kuroki – Yes ma’am

Melon – This kind of situation . . . could it possibly be a spy in here . . . ?
. . . No, that isn’t possible . . .

Daichi – Alright! He’s going in the other direction now

Pg. 8
My chance now

OK!! No one is around the can now

I got . . .


Pg. 9
Tenjik – Found you, Daichi!!!

Daichi – WOW


I found you now
Daichi - You came from underneath! That’s cheating!
Just what seriously are you: a porcupine or a porcu-mole!

Dammit! Just how did you know that I’m coming for the can even before I approach it . . . ?
Tenjik – Before that, your punishment

Direct shot!!

Daichi – GYAAAAA!!!

Pg. 10
Misora – Daichi’s voice
So he was found then . . .

Yuyuka – Ah!

Don’t do that . . . *muttering*
Misora – Oh, she was just sleeping?

Yuyuka – Daichi-oniichan, why . . .
Misora – Just what is she dreaming about . . . ?

Anyhow, this is my chance now

Daichi – Dammit!
Tenjik – You’re so noisy!

Pg. 11
Tenjik – Ah!
Daichi – YES!!

Misora – OUCH!!!
What is this? It doesn’t move a bit!!?

Yuyuka - *yawn* Found you, Misora
(side) *muttering*

Daichi + Misora – Just what is with this can kicking game?

Pg. 12
Tenjik – Didn’t I already tell you that this isn’t just an ordinary game?

Actually, inside this can is an activated Mysticker
Used specially for this training

To make this move
You need to have that Mysticker on your arm activated
Or else it wouldn’t even move a pinch

Daichi – Then it shouldn’t be any problem for me

Tenjik – Fufufu, but think about it. My nose can sense the smell
Produced by each Mysticker when activated
From 50 meters away

. . . So that’s how you know that I’m
Coming for the can?!

Pg. 13
For Daichi, you wouldn’t even have to come close to me
And I already know from the smell

Since Misora-chan can’t activate it yet
I won’t be able to notice her by the smell
But even if she kicks the can, it wouldn’t move

In another word, this can kicking game is about suppressing
The power of Mysticker, the spiritual power, and approach the can
Then release the power to kick the can instantly

The training to control your own spiritual power!!

Pg. 14
Daichi – If I can clear this, I won’t faint from using Kandachi and should be able to use Tamamayu

Misora – If I am going to just stop here, I will only become a burden to Daichi . . . I’m going to show the willpower and pride of a girl right now

Tenjik – Why so quiet, you two?
Is the difficulty of this game already scared you off?

Daichi – Heh

That is more of what I will call as a training
It just made me all fired up now!!
Misora – Me too!

Pg. 15
-- Guardian Headquarter --

Kuroki – Had been a while since we last gathered up like this

Melon – I don’t see Kagekyuu at all . . . just where is he . . .

Guardian – That hurts! What the heck was that for?
Sorry, there was an insect on you- . . . what? Dammit, it got away?

Pg. 16
There isn’t any insect, you liar!
There really was just now
Hey, why are you two being noisy? The head will kill you for that!

Tenjik – I smell. I can smell something

Daichi – It’s your own fart, isn’t it?

Tenjik – Somewhere around here . . . ?

Found you, Daichi!

Daichi – NOW!!

Pg. 17
Tenjik – You use vines to-?!!
Daichi – Hahaha! I caught you now, so I can walk up to kick the can with no worri-


Y- . . . You use trap . . . cheating . . .
(side) And . . . isn’t this a bit too deep . . . ?

Tenjik – Like you didn’t lay any trap, stupid
Did you even bother listening to me back then?

Pg. 18
Misora – Even though he said we need to control the spiritual power
But I can’t even make anything to come out . . .

Was it because I didn’t trace the Mysticker properly enough . . . ?
Or is it because I’m not compatible with it . . .

Yuyuka – Found you, Misora!
Misora – UWA!!!

Eh? You aren’t going run back to the can?

Yuyuka – What for? You can’t go and kick the can anyway
So, there is no need for me to hurry back

Misora – Ugh . . .
(arrow) Can’t kick the can

Pg. 19
Yuyuka - Many people can’t become the Blazers even though they match with the requirements
So, just stop pushing yourself and give up

The world of Blazers is cruel, you know?
Misora – It maybe is . . .

That’s why I seriously
Need to become a Blazer

Two heads are always
Better than one, right?

Pg. 20
Yuyuka - . . . By that
You mean Daichi-oniichan . . . ?

Misora – Maybe . . .

Yuyuka - I really hate the devious girl
Who acts mature like you
That’s why I really hate older girls!!

I guess so . . . wonder what it has to end up this way
I’m really envious of the straightforward you

Yuyuka – That’s the end of today’s training!

Pg. 21
-- One idiot failed to realize that the training for the day has ended --

Daichi – DAMMIT~

Tenjik – Your fault for sleeping
Here, your canned breakfast

Daichi – Dog food . . .

Tenjik – Why not? It’s yummy, you know?
Daichi – Don’t go comparing me to you!!!

Pg. 22
Yuyuka – Just think about the reason
You know what the spiritual power is? If you don’t create it as an image
Then how are you supposed to control it?

Tenjik – Guess I’ll give you some hints then

Tenjik + Yuyuka – Just what are you concentrating your spiritual power
== Same for both bubbles. It’s just that the end word is different because of the way they speak, not because of the meaning . . . >_<”

Pg. 23
Daichi – What am I concentrating on . . . ?
Tenjik and the can, of course. What else . . . ?

Misora – Concentrate . . .

I can’t activate the Mysticker . . .
So it’s just obvious that I’ll concentrate on that
Maybe I should go ask Daichi for some tips already

Pg. 24
Daichi + Misora – A falcon

Daichi – So cool
Misora – Is that a hawk?

It’s targeting that small bird . . .
A starling maybe

Pg. 25
Daichi – What? It’s not moving at all
Isn’t that a good position already; with no twigs blocking at all?
Why won’t it go catch that bird right away?

(side) Was it waiting motionlessly for the tree’s shadow?

Pg. 26
I see, the starling’s eye can’t see so well in the dark place
So the starling will be very surprised if the hawk just suddenly appeared out of nowhere

It’s going now!!

Pg. 27-28
Misora – It’s flying in the different angle from where the little bird is!!?

Pg. 29
Daichi + Misora - It caught the bird!!!

It calmly takes the advantage of the shadow . . .

It concentrates on controlling its presence rather than on the prey
. . . And . . . all I was doing is concentrating on Tenjik and the can

Even though what I have to be concentrating on right now
Is actually this Mysticker

Pg. 30
Misora – That hawk
It read the starling’s moves

It doesn’t only concentrate on the starling itself
But also creates the image of what will happen next

All I thought about is this Mysticker;

All about how to activate it

But can’t even create the image of the unseen spiritual power which is the origin of it all

Pg. 31
Yuyuka - You know what the spiritual power is? If you don’t create it as an image
Then how are you supposed to control it?

She might be bad-mouthed, but she did teach me very well

Daichi + Misora – I’ll end this training today!!

Pg. 32
What . . .
Those two just seem strangely cautious

Oh! I smell one person around here . . .

Stupid Daichi, seems like he grows impatient
And is coming close again

Since the smell is fainter now, he must have understand the secret now, but
This isn’t enough yet

Pg. 33
Found you, Da- . . .



Fou- . . .

Misora – Too slow!!

Pg. 34
It moved!!

I did it! The can moved!!
Tenjik – Misora-chan got her Mysticker activated

She came with it already activated
So I got confused, thinking that she was Daichi
(side) What a bold strategy she came up with

Pg. 35
OK!! Mysticker, full blast!!!

Pg. 36
Tenjik - I can’t smell a thing?!!
Daichi can control his spiritual power now as well!?

Misora – Daichi!!

Daichi – I’m going to be so cool now . . .
Tenjik – Found you, Daichi!!

Pg. 37-38
Daichi - SHOOOOOT!!!


Misora – He did it!

Yuyuka – *muttering* . . . a shooting . . . star . . . ?

Pg. 39
Daichi – Ahahaha, you look just like a ball!
Tenjik – And whose fault was it?

Anyway, good job
You should be better at pulling out the power of the Mysticker now

Even of Tamamayu

Misora, you start this training from zero and be able to clear it in two days . . .
You must have a ability as a Blazer even more than what Daichi has

Misora – I . . .
I finally . . .

Become a Blazer!!!

Pg. 40
Daichi - I . . . misunderstood Tenjik at first . . . even though he really is a great Blazer . . .

Tenjik – Ah!

And about those photos of Misora-chan you promised me . . . ?
Daichi – You seriously are just one pervy porcupine

Misora – Eh . . .

That book Mysticker is gone

Pg. 41
Yuyuka – Here, Tengoku (Warden)

Misora - Eh!?

Yuyuka – You like it, didn’t you?
Then take it

Misora – Ah . . . but, that’s . . .

Yuyuka – I’m planning to put something better than Tengoku up on that board anyway

Pg. 42
They’re all my favorite collection. Great, isn’t it?
But I’m not giving you any of them though.

Misora – Thanks, I’ll take a very good care of it
(side) Yuyuka also has her “devious” side, I see

Yuyuka – It really is a great Mysticker though
Maybe a mature woman like you can never use it

Misora – Eh?

Yuyuka – So, I’m taking Daichi-oniichan now so it becomes a fair trade now
Misora - She seriously is very, very straightforward to the very end . . .

Pg. 43

Shuga – Danji, you’re as loud as usual
Can you speak less loudly?

Pg. 44
Shuga – I don’t mind, since today’s champagne is much more delicious than ever


??? – It’s not that “rebellious age” thing again, I hope

Shuga – I’ll make that rebellious boy do as I dictate
If he wants to do the opposite of that, then fine
But my guess is Kaine actually is moving just as I thought right now anyway . . .

Pg. 45
Kaine – I found you

** Kaine made his move!! The big clash following in the next issue!!! **

Thank you for reading . . .

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