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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Blazer Drive 9

[Shounen]Blazer Drive 9th BLAZE : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 12, 2008 12:46 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 9


Faster than I thought, but that's good. Now I can concentrate on FT till ToV comes (yep, no way am I dropping the only series I'm translating to Thai. I actually am catching up with it . . . 10 chapters, huh? Midterm is next week, so it should be done by then~ XD ) I usually push Thai translations away if I have some other manga I have to translate to English with higher priority . . . but . . . unless ToV comes, this chapter of Blazer Drive will be the last for English before I get all my FT done then . . . :3 )

RAW will come sometimes today if not tomorrow. Good thing I finish translating it right after I finish scanning Buster Keel. Enjoy then . . . the manga is firing up~ XD

PS. Game is awesome. I can't say anything more than that. I love it, even if I will have to progress through it rather slowly because I haven't finish ToI yet and ToH is already out. My brother is ahead of me with Blazer Drive (he's already in the 3rd Blaze . . . I'm only in the first one, still leveling up to match up with the wonderful Yaiba. How much I love Hoshi-sama speaking real English, especially his "I CAN FLY!" <3 ) Oh! And . . . just a small note. I change Section -> Area so that it is the same as in the game. Sorry about that . . . >_<"

Blazer Drive
9th BLAZE “Qilin Realm, On a Move!”

Pg. 1
** The evil smile, lurking within the 3rd area’s HQ **

Shuga – That old gas station under the express way the 3rd Area HQ, huh?
Makes sense, a pretty good place to hide

Neiru – Stop that or I’ll scratch you

Shuga – Let’s get going now then

I’ll have this guy light up the party for today
Let’s go

Pg. 2-3
The battle we can’t lose
Had now begun!!!

Pg. 4
Kaine - Here also is . . .
Those egocentric humans’ place, huh?

I’ll free all of you

Pg. 5
Kaine – No sound got reflected back from here

Tenjik – Eh? This isn’t right

I can’t contact Melon-chan at the HQ at all
And I actually was so excited to tell her that you two already finished the training

Misora – Eh?

Yuyuka – Haah, and it just have to go wrong in the good timing like this . . .
Poor Tenjik

Tenjik – Daichi, you have the old mobile phone with you, right?
Can I borrow that for a sec?

Pg. 6
The picture of the brilliant me after become even stronger from the training
Have to save it forever
== Random note . . . but I was wondering what the heck was with Daichi taking a photo of himself with the lens pointing the other way and actually never noticed that . . . I mean . . . this isn’t the first time . . . :p

Gosh, that’s making me kind of shy now
Have to take the picture of the cute me
Tenjik – Hey! Lend me your phone!!!

Daichi – Huh
You erotic porcupine want to see pictures of Misora in swimming suit, huh?

Heck no!
Tenjik – Gah, he is just completely mistaken about this . . .

I’m going to phone the HQ, so give it to me!!!
Daichi – Ah! It won’t work. Both this place and the HQ are underground

Tenjik – Then what is the use of having it then, idiot
Just so outdated
Daichi – I don’t care about the function. I only care that it looks good

Pg. 7
Misora – Hah

Daichi – A dog?
Was it Kenta?

Misora – Did something happen to the pet shop up above?

Yuyuka – Tonko must have ran away again
Maybe it’s because Tenjik rejects her

Daichi – It’s not like it can breed with Tenjik anyway, isn’t it?
Yep, I’m coming

Pg. 8-9
Kaine – Nice sound, right . . . ?

Pg. 10
Melon – An organization had announced that they will
Invade this place

Member – Organization . . . ?

Melon – That’s the Qilin Realm

Member – You mean that Qilin Realm?
That can’t possibly be real, can’t it?

Kuroki – I’ve fought with the guy who had Black Kakutan already . . .
Well, turns out he got away though

Melon – Those people stalked Kuroki
From the look at their strength and ability to obtain information, it’s clear that they indeed live up to their name as a powerful organization

Pg. 11
Kuroki – Umm, division head . . . it’s not like they’re . . . stalking me or anything . . .
Melon – We didn’t know yet how did they know about us

Every one of us is here for the same one purpose
I believe none of you are our traitor

You all are the chosen ones, the ones who these eyes had seen through
Both your power as a Blazer and your reliability

I want you to protect this 3rd Area’s HQ

Pg. 12
You are

Not Isamu, right?

Pg. 13
Kuroki – Bugs!!

They’re invading us now!! Everyone, careful!!

Member – The communication device isn’t working

Pg. 14-15
Neiru – Electromagnetic Mysticker

They shouldn’t be able to use any communication device now
Danji, how is it on that side?

KABUKI SANMAIME (Mosquito Scattered Dance)

Shuga – Alright, now let’s all go invade them as well

Pg. 16
Kuroki – Dammit, they just overdid this one
This isn’t just a leak hole now

But they must have got in this way for sure
Have to search for them now

Pg. 17
No one!?

Shuga – Over here

Let’s start the party now then

Pg. 18
Kaine – Heh . . . so it’s connected to the place like this . . .

. . . So, how much longer are you planning to run away?

The Guardians HQ should be destroyed by now as well

So, no more place for you to return

Pg. 19
Yuyuka – The HQ?!!!
Tenjik – So that’s why we can’t reach them at all
Daichi – There seriously is something going on with the HQ

Yuyuka – That boy’s comrades attack the HQ . . . ?!!
But he’s just perfectly my type. Who really is he?!!

Daichi – He’s a Blazer that used to attack me once, babbling something like
He wants some “power” inside me that I didn’t know of or something

Tenjik – Just as I thought
They’re after Daichi’s power . . .

Kaine – Quickly come on the stage

Pg. 20-21
Chainsaw Noise


Pg. 22
Misora – KYA

Daichi – You all just head for the HQ first!!
The situation on that side seems pretty bad

Pg. 23
Misora – But
Daichi – He’s after me, so as long as I stay here, he won’t chase after you
You’re the Blazer of Guardian now as well, Misora

Misora – But I was thinking that I will be able to help you

Daichi – It’s going to be alright. No way someone as cool as me
Will be done for by some stalker guy
I’m different from before now

Misora – Daichi . . .

Tenjik – Misora-chan, let’s believe in him

Pg. 24
Daichi – Go now, quick!!
Misora – Y- . . . Yep

I’ll come back to help you for sure

Daichi - . . . Even though I was probably just saying it
Lack of Tamamayu in the time like this would make it really tough

I’m going to tell you . . .

Pg. 25
That I’ve changed now!!!

Pg. 26-27
Misora – I never thought there would be an underground pathway like this
Tenjik – It’s the underground path connected to the 3rd area HQ
It’s the leftover of what used a water pathway built to prevent Tokyo’s flooding

Just a little way to go

Misora – Wait, you two are so fast
I just became a Blazer just now, OK?

Neiru – Heh, so you’re the Guardian’s Blazer as well
Misora – Yeah


Pg. 28
Neiru – That’s quite unexpected. I’m a Blazer as well . . .
Misora – Ug

Neiru – But of Qilin Realm though
Have you finished preparing yourself to die as a Blazer now then?

Misora – Die . . . ?
What . . . me . . . ?

Pg. 29
Misora – Kya


Yuyuka – I don’t know who this old woman is
But Tenjik and I will be the one to play with her

Neiru – I’m going to shut that mouth up while babysitting you then

Pg. 30
Tenjik – Misora-chan, quickly head for the HQ
Misora – Y- . . . Yes!!


I’m scared!!

I have to fight with someone like that?
I finally became a Blazer . . . but this is completely different from what I thought

Pg. 31
Even if I reach the HQ, those people will . . .

. . . I’m sorry, everyone . . .

I . . . really . . .
. . . can’t fight . . .

Melon - It’s not like anyone can become a Blazer.
You still need strong will and self-determination.

Misora - I’ll show you the thought and will of the woman.

Daichi - Our Team Sky’s combo might really be the best, I guess.

Misora - . . . I’m sorry . . .

Pg. 32
Melon – The hard-shelled insects I never had seen before . . .
Probably a Summoning-Type Mysticker

Insects gathering up to form a human shape like this
So disgusting

As expected from Qilin Realm’s Blazer
I really hate how nasty they are


Pg. 33

Insects – Who . . . are you?

Misora – . . . I’m sorry . . . Daichi . . . everyone . . .

Pg. 34-35
I’m not confused anymore, since I-
Blazer of Guardian

Pg. 36
Melon – Misora . . .
You’re back?!

Misora – To think that they will attack the HQ like this!!
Are you alright, division head
Melon – I’m alright. I was a bit unprepared

Seems like you’re well refined now
I can see the nice shine in your eye

You’ve become a Blazer now, right?

I have trust in you, Misora

Misora – Yes ma’am!

Pg. 37
Melon – How about Daichi?
Misora – The person named Kaine attacked us in the storeroom and we know from him that the HQ is in danger
So, Daichi stay behind while we come here, said that he’s the person they’re after . . .

And Tenjik-san and Yuyuka-san got attacked by another Blazer on the way

Melon – As I thought . . .

The Qilin Realm invaded into this place as well

Misora, just leave this place to us
You bring this to Daichi
It should be fine to give him this right now

Misora – This is . . . Tamamayu!

Pg. 38
But everyone is . . .
Melon – This is your mission as a Guardian!!

Use some other way to get there so that the enemy Blazers can’t get to you

Go, the new Blazer
Show me the thought and will of a woman

Pg. 39
Misora – I ensure that Tamamayu will reach Daichi’s hand safely
So, division head, please be safe

Melon – Misora
You really are my favorite type

I’ll have to show you the thought and will of a woman as well, maybe

Pg. 40
Daichi – Uwo!!

Don’t be too rash and lose the concentration just yet. This isn’t the end yet
I’ll show you what I got from the training

Calm. NOW!!

Pg. 41

Nice going

Kaine – He stabilized his attack
That’s not the same as before

Pg. 42

Pg. 43

Pg. 44
Misora – Wait for me, Daichi

** The start of the scorching battle! Great, furious Blaze Out!! **

Thank you for reading . . .

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#1. by Chakra ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2008
#2. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Dec 12, 2008
Thanks for the trans.

ToV Ch 4 will be coming soon (one to three days). I just got my issue of ToM ^_~
#3. by ItzRayz ()
Posted on Dec 13, 2008
awesome ~! Thanks
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