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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Tales of Destiny 2 6

[Shounen]Tales of Destiny 2 Chapter 6 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Feb 21, 2009 17:45 | Go to Tales of Destiny 2

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In the end, since I'm feeling bad for no reason today but need to get ToD2 done (yep, even if you say there's no rush, Rena. I'll feel even more guilty not giving it to you fast enough . . . -_-") . . . I bombard myself with Key to My Heart, and know what . . . it works . . . >_>"

Weird . . . maybe the reason I don't feel like translating One Piece today is because I really lack motivation . . . I mean, at least Key to My Heart fixed it up a bit and boost my hype up, enough to translate (plus a little bit of proofreading just to make sure things sound alright) ToD2 . . . and it makes me want to play the game . . . but have to finish with ToE first . . . >_<"

ENJOY~! Sorry if some part of it still don't sound well or correct. Got to admit that I'm emo this evening. >_<"

Reserved for Eternal

PS. Am translating ch.7 . . . should be done sometimes tomorrow . . . I'm really, really sorry again, Rena, for not translating for ToD2 enough even while I know that you want to finish volume 1 . . . >_<"

Tales of Destiny 2
Chapter 6 “Friends”

Pg. 137
*PACHI* (open eye)

Loni – Oh!! You’re awake now!? Kyle!!

Kyle – E-eh? Where am I?
Loni – Oh, this is Philia’s room

Kyle – Philia?

Pg. 138
Philia – Nice to meet you, Kyle. I’m the priest of the church of Atamoni
Philia Felice

How shall I thank you for saving me in that time of crisis?
Kyle – Eh, no, you don’t really have to . . . !!
Philia – Reala, you should thank him as well

*BORO BORO* (dip dip)

Reala – I’m sorry
I’m really sorry
All this happens because I . . .

Pg. 139
Kyle – Those tears are not good

I’m just taking it from my mom, but
Tears actually are something you let out when you’re very happy

So for that, it’s better to not let them out, no matter how painful you are . . .
I think like that also

Oh yeah!
I’m going to protect you forever, so that you won’t cry again!

If I do so, then I can prove myself to you that I can also become a hero
OK! Decided then!!

Pg. 140
Philia – I think it is better that way as well
Reala – Philia

Philia – Reala, I think your journey is going to be full of difficulties
You will need some accompanies sooner and later either way

Loni – Well, I actually was expecting that anyway. Since we’ve already come this far, I’m totally OK with it.


Kyle – So, once again
Umm . . . your name?

Pg. 141
Reala - . . . Rea-

Kyle – Alright, let’s help each other from now on then

Pg. 142
Reala – Please to be with you too

Kyle – I was wondering ever since we met at the ruins back then

Why are you searching for a hero?

Pg. 143
Reala - . . . well . . . because I need to borrow his power . . .
That’s all I can tell you for now
. . . I’m sorry

Kyle - Ah, umm
Well, you had been through a lot as well, right?

Ah, Judas!
You’re waiting for us!?

Judas – Kyle
It’s about something you asked before, but

Pg. 144
I’ll accompany you guys on this journey as well
It’s pretty clear from that battle a while back
That it’d be pitiful if I let you guys go on alone

Loni – He!!
*PIKU* (surprised)

Kyle – Really!? Judas!
*KOKE* (handshake)
Great~!! Now I have the strength of a thousand men!!


Pg. 145
Kyle – Alright~! Let’s get going then, the four of us!!
Reala, where should we head to next?
Reala - . . . well

There is still one more hero that I know
He’s “Woodrow Kelvin”, the king of the grand capital, Heidelberg, in Phandaria

Judas – If so, then we should head to Snowfreer via ocean liner

Kyle – OK!! Let’s ride on that liner to go see the last hero then
LET’S GO~~!!

Pg. 146
Sailor - The liner heading for Snowfreer is this way~~!!
We’ll be departing soon~~!!

*ZAAA* (wave)


Pg. 147
*GAII* (clang)

Judas - Too much futile movements!

You do have to think more before acting!

You are the one who came up to me saying you want to learn about swordplay yourself
So don’t give me that mushy look!

Pg. 148
And here I thought I should give you a serious training, now that you came asking it from me
If you’re like this, you think I can really stick for long with you? . . . You just make my head spins

Kyle – I’m already at my fullest without you telling me

I have to master Garen Souhajin which I was fluke to be able to use it, or else-

Judas – I don’t know what is the hurry for, but
You won’t learn anything from me with that weak power
*TO TO* (step)

Kyle – Gosh~~
How am I supposed to stay calm right now!!

Pg. 149
If we were to fight with that mysterious guy again during this journey

That guy is the guy who can handle a two-handed ax
With a single hand when I was giving in all I got, OK!?

Pg. 150
His one hand alone has that much power
If he uses both hands . . . !

I can’t just practice like when I was at my village!
I have to be stronger, a lot stronger! I’ll protect everyone


Pg. 151
Loni – Are you alone?

I’m the little lamb, who had been dazed by that beauty of yours
If you would allow me, may I be by your side, my radiant lady?
Woman – Well, that’s pleasing to hear!

Though, I’m sorry
*MUSHA* (appear)
But I am already married
Loni – Huh!?

Hehehe . . . sometimes, fate could be really cruel!
*BORO* (beaten up)

But this time alone can never stop me from going forward!!
*GACHA!!* (open)

Hello there~~ SWEET LADIES~~~!!

Pg. 152
GAAAH~~!! I’M SORRY~~~!!

Could it possibly be that, the people onboard this ship
Usually push more than pull perhaps?

Chef – Well, would be good if we actually arrive there safely this time

Eh? What do you mean by that?
Oh, you’re new here so you didn’t know it yet, right?

There is an area around this part of the ocean called the Devil’s Reef
A fearsome monster, or what some called as the Sea’s King, comes out once in a while in that area
Loni – Sea’s King!?

Pg. 153
Kyle – Finally found you, Reala!

Reala – . . . Ky-Kyle

Kyle – Wow~!! This is great!!
I can’t see anything but the sea

The wind feels so good that I feel like I’m floating in the sky!!
Reala – You’re right

Pg. 154
Kyle – Somehow, this is quite unexpected
Reala – Eh?
Kyle – Well, like, a girl sitting on the high places like this.

. . . Isn’t that more like what you might say, I wonder


Pg. 155
Reala – Ahahaha, what is that!
Are you trying to mimic me saying “SCARY~!!”!? That’s totally not like me

Kyle – Re-Really? I didn’t sound like you at all?
Reala – Ahahaha!!

*BASA BASA* (wind)

Pg. 156
Reala - . . . Umm, can I ask you something?
Kyle – Yep?
Reala – Why do you want to become a hero?

Kyle – Well, one thing is I want to be like my dad, certainly
He’s big, kind, warm, and very strong, and he always smiles and makes everyone smile along with him
My dad didn’t use the power of the lens or just his arm power, but he actually is strong. It’s not visible, but I can feel it

When I’m still young, I might not really understand it, but right now, I got a feeling that I know it now, what that “invisible power” is
I can feel that whenever I can finally get close to that, then that moment is when I become a hero

Ah, but since my dad was out on a journey ever since I was a kid, I didn’t meet him ever since though
Reala – Eh, is that so?

Pg. 157
Then what will you do if you meet with your dad during this journey?
Kyle - Eh?
Umm . . . let’s see

I want to eat Marble Curry together with him

Since both of us really like it
*ZAPA* (wave)

Wha-What is this shaking!!?
*GARA GARA* (vibrate)

*TSURU* (slip)
Reala – Kyle!!

Pg. 158
*BASHAN* (splash)


Kyle, careful!!
Kyle – Eh!?

A-A monster!?

Thank you for reading . . .

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