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Tales of Destiny 2 7

[Shounen]Tales of Destiny 2 Chapter 7 : : Ju-da-su

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Feb 22, 2009 02:05 | Go to Tales of Destiny 2

-> RTS Page for Tales of Destiny 2 7

Have to say . . . guilt really is driving me around here . . . and starting to make me a bit bored of Key to my Heart for a moment . . . am changing songs now then . . . >_>"

Enjoy! Sorry once again that it took me way, WAY too long to get anything accomplished nicely for one of my favorite games ever . . . :(

Reserved for Eternal Scanlation Group

Tales of Destiny 2
Chapter 7 “Miracle”

Pg. 159
Loni – Kyle, hold onto this!!
*SHU* (throw)

Kyle – Thanks, Loni
*BASHA* (splash)


*DAH* (dash)
I won’t let you damage the ship anymore than this!!

Pg. 160
*SHAKI* (draw)

*ZAN* (slash)

*ZUN ZUN ZUN* (thrust)

*GYUN* (wrap)

Pg. 161
It seriously can crush me down!!

*ZUN* (slash)

Man! You really scared me by dashing out alone
Kyle – Loni! Judas!!

Pg. 162

Ehehe . . .
Loni – What is it, Kyle?

Well, it really is good to have friends with me

Judas – (Fuh!! Nonsense!)

Kyle – Eh!?

Sailor – The Sea King is beneath the ship~~

Pg. 163
フン してやられたなへさきにいたのは
Heh, that one on the prow really did it
Is this what I should call a feint?



Loni – Kuh!! That was one big holing on the bilge that thing made!!

Pg. 164
Kyle – Uwa! The water is already this high!?
The whole feet are under water now. Be careful!!

Loni – Even if we beat this thing down, there’s no way we can fix that big of a hole . . .

Judas - Stop wasting your time! We’re charging in now, Kyle!! Loni!!
*CHIYA* (draw)
Kyle – Yep!!

Pg. 165
Judas – HAH
*ZAN* (slash)
Loni – HAH

Kyle – EAT THIS!!
*DAH* (dash)


Pg. 166

Loni – Dammit! We did managed to defeat the monster
But what should we do with this water!!

Kyle – I don’t think we can do anything just by ourselves here
First, let’s hurry and go tell everyone of the situation!!

The water is coming into the ship now!!
Everyone, go up to the deck~!!

Pg. 167
O-Oi! What are you stopping here for?

*BIEEE!!* (cry)
Child – UWAAA~~ I’m scared, mommy~~!!


If a boy like you cries at the small things like this, people will laugh at you, alright?
We’ll reach the port for sure, so just tolerate for a bit more, OK?

Boy - . . . Uuu

Pg. 168
Reala – Yep, so go up with everyone now, alright?

People – Everyone is on the deck now, right?
In the middle of the sea like this, women and children won’t be able to make it even if they swim
What should we do now then!?

HE~Y!! The life boats are all gone now because of those monsters~!!

Pg. 169
*ZAWA . . . *
Does this mean this is the end of all of us?
*ZAWA . . . *

Kyle – Everyone, you can’t give up right now
There must still be a way! There HAS to be a way!!

Judas – You do understand of our current situation, don’t you? Reala

Then use it . . . your power

Pg. 170
Reala – Ho-
How did you!?

Judas – Right now is not the time for that
If you use your power, you might be able to save these people, am I right?
Reala – Bu-But! If I failed, the ship might scatter into pieces . . .

Boy – You can
You can save all of us, right?
== Sorry, I seriously failed at getting the English word for the simplest words existed . . . and I don’t want to leave it as “oneechan” as well . . . since I do choose which one I should leave all those Japanese romaji and which I shouldn’t, and I cut all those options for Tales of manga. I’m not leaving those in any of them. -_-“

*KYUH . . . * (clench)

*KIN* (shine)

Pg. 171
Loni – H-Hey! What the heck is happening!?
Judas – Reala is about to make the ship float right to Snowfreer!


Reala – FLOAT UP!!!
*KAH* (shine)

Pg. 172
*ZAAAAAA* (float)

People – The ship is floating in midair!!

Kyle – That light, where did I saw it before . . .

Pg. 172
People – Hey, I see Snowfreer now!!

We’re saved. We SERIOUSLY are saved now!!

Pg. 173
Kyle – Reala

Who really are you . . .

Loni – That’s why I said that is not it!!

I was just asking how did you know about Reala’s “power”
Isn’t it obvious that I am curious since we’re friends?
Can you stop being so oblique? If you really don’t trust me that badly, then say it out

Pg. 174
Dammit!! Just why do you have to act in such an outrageous way!?
Fine then, everyone does have something they can’t say to others anyway
But let me tell you one thing

*GAM* (punch)

If you ever do anything dangerous to Kyle
Then you better be prepared

Judas – I actually thought that this time, it will be different
I continue to deceiving people, leading all my friends astray

Pg. 176
Even if it’ll lead to the path of my own destruction
I have to hide everything without fail
I have no intention to take off this mask

As an atonement to those guys
I do wonder to how much of my wish will really become true

Tales of Destiny 2 [1] END

Pg. 177
Makoto 2 Gou – Nice to meet with you all. I’m Makoto 2 Gou, the one who drew this manga
I don’t really have anything very special, since I just like games, TV and watches

But I’m a very happy man, since I always thought to myself that I want to draw a manga featuring a growth of a young boy
So to say then, Kyle is

The best MAYBE!!
*BIKU* (shocked)

. . . Not really, he’s the hero I longed for. So be nice, Kyle~
*POMU . . . * (pat)

*GAKOH* (kick)
Aow <3

Thank you for reading . . .

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Rena Chan

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