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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Death Note 108

Death Note 108

+ posted by karasu as translation on May 11, 2006 16:11 | Go to Death Note

-> RTS Page for Death Note 108


here you go:

Page 108:

page 1

most left:
Kira's case has ended.

page 2

Page 108. END
Red, The colour of life.

Original: Ooba Tsugumi
Manga: Obata Takeshi

page 3
1 Year Later, 28 January 2011

SFX: buooo, baaa, paaa...

???: What the hell? The old man's not coming to welcome me, isn't he?

Girl a: ahh, Preparation study for exam is stuupid! Well, who wanna go for a drink?
girl b: Let's go, Let's go!
girl c: Me too..

sfx: paa, papaa, buoooooo

page 4

sfx: ba, ba, ba, do

motor1: kyahahaha
motor2: sfx: zudozudo jyaka jyaka
(translator note: might be some kind of music playing in his bike or something..)

Ide: Yet, There're still people believing "Kira's taking a rest". But, the world has returned completely to how it was before Kira appeared.

Ide: ...... Try getting your motivation back already, Matsuda
Matsuda: ....

Matsuda: I've understood that.Still however, is it possible that what we've done isn't really alright? Occasionally, I'm still thinking about that.
Ide: It was decided that it was alright, wasn't it?

Ide: If not so, we won't understand for what sake we were fighting...
Matsuda: ... Even if you say so ...

page 5

sfx: pi pi pi (Beep Beep Beep)

Watari: This is Watari. It's from L, may it be alright to connect you to him?
sfx: kacha kacha

Aizawa: L...
Yes, It's fine.

L: Mr. Aizawa. Sorry for calling you all of a sudden, but I've personally chased a criminal group for half a year. In 3 days, they will be having a "party" in Japan.
There, In order to capture them, Would you lend me your power?

sfx: paki

page 6

sfx: pi pi pi (beep beep beep)

Ide: It's Aizawa

Ide: 31st January, YellowBox, Big-scale drug-transaction?
Matsuda: ... YellowBox ...

Ide: Such information, just where did you get it from?
Phone: It's L.

Ide: L is it..
Matsuda: ...

Ide: Um, Understood.
Sfx: pi.

page 7

Ide: L has chased this syndicate for more than half a year. L said to meet from 21:00 to discuss what has been previously arranged.

Matsuda: ... L ... YellowBox...

Matsuda: From that day, today is exactly 1 year after... Such coincidence, do you think there's a connection too?
Ide: ... Seems like it.

Matsuda: Haaah.. working with L.. I don't really wanna do it...

Ide: Matsuda.
Matsuda: Because.. Near, for sure, he killed Mikami.

Ide: Still with your theory huh.. You can't say it's "For Sure".
Matsuda: No, this reasoning is for sure.

Matsuda: 10 days after that day, Mikami gone crazy in prison and died.

page 8

That day 1 year ago, Mikami brought a fake notebook
Gevanni brought back pages from the real notebook to Near. So, Near possess the pages of the notebook separately.
"Mikami Teru, without knowing the notebook is fake nor tried to find out if it's real, on 28 January 2010, went to YellowBox at 13:30. Went mad and die 10 days later." He must've decided to write something like that.

Near also said that Mikami is very careful. If he already thought before-hand that Light might have told him to check it before coming to the place...
In order to prevent that at that time, he wrote those line I mentioned before. By never knowing that it is fake, Mikami's choice of actions are already very restricted.

Ide: well, Let's just say if your theory is true, the notebook doesn't exist anymore. There's no proof.
Matsuda: Therefore, that reverse reasoning has become my proof, isn't it?

page 9

That time, Ryuuku confessed to near about the 2 fake rules, the 13 days rule and the burning of the book rule. Immediately, Near burned both of the notebooks.
With that, what he wrote about Mikami, the evidence, disappeared. Normally, people would be too scared to try to burn them.

Ide: .... Whether he was really controlling Mikami... or whether Mikami's not taking any communication with Light-kun. Whichever it is, maybe he already knew everything beforehand.
Matsuda: No, he did control him.

Ide: The only thing I can say for sure... Near also said it. That notebook is...

Ide: The worst ever in history. The strongest homicide weapon.

page 10

Matsuda: But, Ide-san. Maybe, Near has already thought that it was fake when he was working on the note mikami was carrying.
Ide: hn? That's a new theory.

Matsuda: Try this. Near already knew about the connection between Lidner and Mello. Through Lidner, he can let Mello listen to anything that'll be more convenient for Near.

By doing that, he can read Mello's move. No, Near made him move.

Matsuda: With Mello taking action, Near would know if the note is fake. Even if he didn't take actions, it is possible that he obtain some hints by reading his moves.

Ide: ....
Matsuda: ...

page 11
Ide: Regardless, you're thinking too much. Isn't it Near who proposed the date to be 28th of January...
Matsuda: That's why. Mello decided to take action, in order to get ahead of Near.

Matsuda: With that in mind, if Mello didn't move...or if Mello did move, but nothing developed.
Matsuda: "I thought so, 28th is no good after all", Near would possibly say something like that.

Ide: ... Matsuda, you think too much ...

Ide: Your reasoning is not a reasoning...
Matsuda: not a reasoning?

page 12

Ide: A wish, that's what it is.
Matsuda: wish?

Ide: Yes, it is just your wish ..

Matsuda: ...

Ide: Light-kun is Kira, but...

Ide: You liked Light-kun, didn't you?

Matsuda: ...

page 13

Matsuda: Just a wish, huh...? maybe it is..

sfx: kii

Ide: I've told you earlier. What we've done is alright.
Matsuda: Why, Ide-san, How can you say it's for sure?

Ide: ....
Matsuda: No, I'm sorry. I tried comparing Kira's society and current society, and I understand I'm being warped, but...

Ide: No. Personally, I don't think you're way of thinking is warped. I didn't clearly said Near is justice. I was saying "This is alright" because... If Near was defeated there.

Ide: We all won't be alive today.
Just that.

Matsuda: ...well if you put it that way...

Matsuda: That's the way it is then.

page 14

Mogi: Otsukaresama-desu
(translator's note: Otsukaresama-desu is formal greeting between co-workers. Literally means "Much appreciated" / "Enough for today" or something like that)
Yamamoto : Otsukaresama-desu

Matsuda: Ooh. Yamamoto. To be able to participate in this meeting, you climbed up well, don't you.

Matsuda: After the job's done, you wanna go drinking again with me, Yamamoto?
Yamamoto: Eh? Again...? Please pardon me, Matsuda-san...

L : This is L. Everyone seems to be ready.

L : Then, I'll promptly discuss the circumstances.

Matsuda: Yeah, yeah, please do so...

?? : Matsuda! Listen carefully!

page 15-16(no text)

page 17-18( no text)

page 19

?? : Kira-sama

page 20 (no text, Translator note: Is that Misa?)
page 21

Thank you for reading. Ooba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi, Please look forward to both sensei's next work.

Bottom: Death Note - End

it's a quick one, i kinda rushed it.. just check for stupid grammatical errors along the way if you will, thanks :D

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VASSiLi, poyraztayfur

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#1. by Hermie (vs. The World.)
Posted on May 11, 2006
Thanks dude, it's appreciated. ^__^
#2. by Lyre ()
Posted on May 11, 2006
Thanks a lot :smile-big
#3. by ZabuzaKakashi ()
Posted on May 11, 2006
Thanks so much for that translation :D!
#4. by gto0o ()
Posted on May 11, 2006
Good job Karasu!!! My scanlation's up ;)

#5. by karasu ()
Posted on May 11, 2006
oops... i did some updates before i posted the translation here.. gtoOo, you must've used the old translation 1-11 that i did in the raw/scanlation/translation thread didn't you?
the last page says "thanks to aidoku, ooba tsugumi, obata takeshi, please look forwardto ryou sensei's next piece of work.."
lol, i thought that line was really strange (aidoku's kanji literally means "love poison") but i checked other dictionary and turns out it really means "reading with pleasure".. and ryou-sensei refers to "both sensei" actually...
:D i think that's the only major thing and it's not a big deal (*i think... coz it's not affecting the storyline anyway... but of course, obata-sensei and ooba-sensei might be pissed off coz that's their credits:D)

"Thank you for reading. Ooba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi, Please look forward to both sensei's next work."
that should be it...

and btw.. nice font you used for the last page there... really getting it in the mood :D
#6. by gto0o ()
Posted on May 12, 2006
Quote by karasu :

oops... i did some updates before i posted the translation here.. gtoOo, you must've used the old translation 1-11 that i did in the raw/scanlation/translation thread didn't you?

Yup.. That's what i did. Pages 1-11 were already done and i was in a hurry 4 a quick release ...

Quote by karasu :
... but of course, obata-sensei and ooba-sensei might be pissed off coz that's their credits:D)

"Thank you for reading. Ooba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi, Please look forward to both sensei's next work."
that should be it...

and btw.. nice font you used for the last page there... really getting it in the mood :D

Hope both sensei will forgive me  :s
As long as it's the author's credits i guess i'll have to post a v2  :smile-big
That's the right thing to do ... Guess i didn't find the time 4 v2 earlier...

Anyway here's v2 with the right credits :)
[color=blue]Death Note [108.v2][scanlated by gto0o][/color]
#7. by karasu ()
Posted on May 15, 2006
ya-ha, awesome!
(sorry, been watching too many es21 animes :D)

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