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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

NEET Princess Terrass

NEET Princess Terrass (The Beginning)

+ posted by Katatonia as translation on Jan 5, 2010 05:40 | Go to NEET Princess Terrass

-> RTS Page for NEET Princess Terrass 0

Not to be re-translated in another language. Please do not use this/these translation/s without permission.

NEET Princess Terrass / Chapter 00 / The One-Shot (Prequel)

Page 01:

Preview of the Next Issue:
Narrator: The Princess Guard forces are here in Hinomoto...
Narrator: This part is where the Queen is under the direct control of the convoy near here in Hinomoto.
Narrator: And, he's a rookie soldier named Kasuga Hull, he was appointed to guard the Princess this time.
Narrator: This mission should be filled with glory, but there has been only one problem.

Page 02:

Princess Terrass: Ooh...
Princess Terrass: OoOoOoh...
Princess Terrass: After one week I've finally completed it...!
Princess Terrass: The 1/144 scale of the HG (High-Grade) Dendrobium...!
(TN: Dendrobium is from the Gundam series)
Princess Terrass: Haha---
Princess Terrass: I'll say, even I think its too good...

Page 03:

Kasuga Hull: Princess, you've been working on that plastic model since the morning----!
Kasuga Hull: Hepbu--rn!!
Princess Terrass: What are you doing!?
Princess Terrass: If you intend to do something with my great efforts, instead of laughing find me a crystal!?
Kasuga Hull: You're noisy!!
Kasuga Hull: And, to think you can actually enjoy the aroma of brewed tea like this when it smells like paint in the room. You're supposed to be able to enjoy the tea's aroma------!

Page 04:

Princess Terrass: To make matters worse, it was a room sale consisting of only those cheap tea bags!
Princess Terrass: Did you not just get those black tea leaves from the kitchen involuntarily?
Kasuga Hull: Kaa---------- You're being troublesome!!
Kasuga Hull: They're cheap and simple for a request, which is why I got them!
Princess Terrass: Are you treating me bad intentionally?
Princess Terrass: Rude fellow you want to force this against my will!!
Princess Terrass: Begone!!
Princess Terrass: My golden afternoon has been ruined with your personal affairs!
Kasuga Hull: Mukkaaaaaa!!
Kasuga Hull: To explain that there should be a person with the princess so I don't waste my efforts!
Princess Terrass: What a guy!!
Kasuga Hull: Yes, Yes, I understand...
Kasuga Hull: Oh, besides I'd be super concerned about comfort on your side!!
Kasuga Hull: The most you can do is shut yourself up!
Princess Terrass: KIIIIII!!

Page 05:

Princess Terrass: What a guy!!
Princess Terrass: Who does he think he is!!
Princess Terrass: He's the first bodygaurd that was this rude!!
Princess Terrass: Did mother purposely choose a guy like him for me!
Princess Terrass: Gasp Gasp
Princess Terrass: !
Princess Terrass: Hm... Hmph!
Princess Terrass: This was the tea that was made by him!
Princess Terrass: !
Princess Terrass: It's delicious... That impudent...
Princess Terrass: ......Hmph
Princess Terrass: Whatever, I'm done venting...

Page 06:

Kasuga Hull: What a girl...!
Kasuga Hull: Who does she think she is...!
Kasuga Hull: If thats the princess...!
Kasuga Hull: This country's in a big pinch--!!
Princess Terrass: Fuufuufuu, I see Kasuga, it arrived just now!
Princess Terrass: A week from today~ This will be completed!
Kasuga Hull: Huh...
Kasuga Hull: Am I deceived--------!!! (Don't be fooled)
Girl: WAH!
Guy: Kasuga!?

Page 07:

Body Guard: What happened?
Kasuga Hull: Yes-- Well I don't understand Princess-sama's habbits.
Queen's Guard: Good day!!
Queen's Guard: Oh, who's the escort or something like that who's appointed to Queen-sama.
Queen: Aren't you Kasuga Hull?
Kasuga Hull: Oh
Kasuga Hull: Queen-sama!!
Queen: What the matter? Weren't your orders to stick with Terrass no matter what.
Kasuga Hull: Haa hahaa! Well.. well.. well.. they were.

Page 08:

Kasuga Hull: Oh!! You must mean Princess Terrass, right!!
Kasuga Hull: I told her I needed take a breathe of fresh air in the hallway!!
Queen: Oh, is that so?
Kasuga Hull: Well yeah.
Queen: Kasuga Hull, do you understand?
Queen: Your mission is to raise Terrass as a good citizen.
Queen: Don't you think you've avoided a punishment simply because you have a duty?
Kasuga Hull: I'll do my best with every effort!!
Kasuga Hull: Be... Because I have to return Princess Terrass back to normal immediately!!
Kasuga Hull: Please, excuse me!!
Queen: It's expected of you, Kasuga Hull.
SFX: Hohoho
Bodyguards: Seriously.

Page 09:

Bears (Princess Terrass): He... Hehe...! This guy's nothing but a frame!
Bears (Princess Terrass): We'll make him realize the power of the Silver Near Empire!!
Bears (Princess Terrass): All Hail Silver Near!!
Bears (Princess Terrass): !!! What!!
Bears (Princess Terrass): GUWAAAAAH

Page 10:

Bears (Princess Terrass): Mo... Mother...!!
Princess Terrass: .........
Princess Terrass's Thoughts: That would be great...
Princess Terrass: ...Yes...
Princess Terrass: The weight of this is truly satisfying....
Kasuga Hull: .............
Kasuga Hull: Hey
Princess Terrass: UWAAAAAH

Page 11:

Princess Terrass: Yo Yo Yo... YOUUU...!!
Princess Terrass: Ho... Ho... How long have you been there!!
Kasuga Hull: Uh~~~ ...Even to have the willpower to do this has made me withered already...
Kasuga Hull: ...Oh, is it inevitable?
Kasuga Hull: I've lived doing whatever I pleased and now, now I'm alone within a gate.
Kasuga Hull: It is inevitable! It is inevitable!
Kasuga Hull: Hahaha
Kasuga Hull: Oh!
Kasuga Hull: But that doesn't mean you can have someone show up
Kasuga Hull: Just to play around like this...

Page 12:

Kasuga Hull: ...Uh...Excuse my...
Kasuga Hull: Dis... Dismissal
Princess Terrass: I'll wait!! On one condition!!
Princess Terrass: That you take the effort to help me make this...!!
Princess Terrass: Anyhow, my friend who was supposed to show up isn't here...
Princess Terrass: So I've decided to play fight with you.

Page 13:

Ksuga Hull: Just a minute... Excu... Excuse me..!!
Princess Terrass: Fairly
Princess Terrass: We're going to!!
Princess Terrass: Be stuck!! Be Stuck!!
Princess Terrass: You better fight back or your going to get beat...!!!
Kasuga Hull: GYAAAAA
Text on the Bottom: Anywhere in the world we can make a mistake damn it... As for Princess-sama, she stays indoors...

This Ends, NEET Princess Terrass / Chapter 00 / The One-Shot (Prequel)

TN: What can I say, I love the art of this series it's very cartoony. Anyways, The Princess is a psychopath that's in love with making "Gundam" models. Who would've known this would end up being a prelude chapter doing a homage to Gundam. As for the chapter itself, It was a hell of fun time to see Kasuga lose his mind because the Princess is on a short leash. Hence why the Queen wants him to make her a "Normal Citizen". You'd imagine from all things in the world, A "Queen" would be to busy to be a "Mother", Lol. I guess the "Queen" thinks that making someone a "Normal Citizen" happens over night, Lol. We'll see what happens on the next chapter, When the Princess's antics take over Kasuga's heavy burden of making her "Normal"!

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#1. by bobrianto ()
Posted on Jan 5, 2010
thanks for the translation.

i guess rycolaa will pick this up?
#2. by Katatonia ()
Posted on Jan 5, 2010
Hey what's up? Thanks for the comment ^_^ literally the first thanks in a comment I've gotten so far, Lol. Well, I'm going to be translating this series because I simply love it. Look for more releases soon, I'm always posting something crazy, And like always I hope you enjoy my releases as much as I enjoy translating them =P
#3. by bobrianto ()
Posted on Jan 5, 2010
he he, been waiting the translation for this. since some group (don't remember which one) are doing the prequel before catching up with this one. anyway, good luck =) and work hard
( ´Д`)ノ(´・ω・`) ナデナデ

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