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Translations: Gintama 704 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

8.1 Yamada Yuusuke Gekijou 1

Tale 01: Jet Coaster (Part 01)

+ posted by Katatonia as translation on Jan 10, 2010 05:34 | Go to 8.1 Yamada Yuusuke Gekijou

-> RTS Page for 8.1 Yamada Yuusuke Gekijou 1

This translation is a property of BakanaHaven scans. Its for their use only!

Not to be re-translated in another language. Please do not use this/these translation/s without permission.

8.1: Horror Land/Game Land (Tale 01: Jet Coaster, First Act)

Page: 01

Misa: The weather is fine
Misa: It's the ideal weather for an amusement park date, isn't it?
Tatsuya: Yes
Misa: Are you happy? Tatsu-chan?
Tatsuya: As long as it's in your favor, Misa.
Misa: Don't you think it's generally important to visit several places?
Tatsuya: Well, what do you want to do then Misa-san?
Misa: Fufu
Misa: Besides, it's not like I can handle your erections Tatsuya-kun......
Tatsuya: Huh
(TN: I can't make out that scrabble writing by Tatsuya)

Page: 02

Jordan: Hey
Jordan: Hey
Tatsuya: I guess that's Jordan
Misa: After dating for 2 years...
Misa: Does it look so much as a joke to see my face?
Tale 01: Jet Coaster (Part 01)

Page: 03

Tatsuya: So it seems.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Misa's going into selfish mode.
Misa: How can we not go on the most popular attractions in the park, when we came here to celebrate your birthday Tatsu-chan,
Misa: But it doesn't feel like a celebration.

Page: 04

Tatsuya: Essentially you just want to ride it, right Misa?
Misa: Yes
Misa: Unceremoniously
Misa: Even I would say that I wouldve been scared of falling from that height from the best in the world----
Tatsuya: I don't like the sound of that.
Tatsuya: I guess I never mentioned it before when we were in elementary school.
Tatsuya: But, I have bad memories when it comes to roller coasters.
Misa: Is that so?
Tatsuya's Thoughts: It wasn't my intention to ride it last, Misa......
Girl: Hey, mom can you take me?
Girl: Mom is not good at roller coasters.
Girl: Then let's get there early Dad!
Father: Dad is also scared----
Misa: Such a young girl is saying that she wants to ride it.
Tatsuya: Her parents dislikes it.

Page: 05

Misa: Why is Tatsu-chan
SFX: Sniffle
Misa: Being heartless...
Tatsuya: If that's the case... I hate that facial expression a lot!
Misa: But, children also like to say that!
Tatsuya: Please, can you act like a grown up this time.
Misa: Why because you're three years older than me?
SFX: How about this!
Misa: It's Tatsu-chan's birthday celebration and yet he's calling me selfish when I'm not!
Tatsuya: That's right.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Oh, I see that Misa is selfish anyway.
Misa: We make these plans two times a year and they always get ruined......
Misa: Even when we finally show up......
Tatsuya: Likely

Page: 06

Tatsuya: This is the date that Misa has planned for me today.
Tatsuya: ......
Tatsuya: I see
People Screaming: GYAAAA!!
Tatsuya: Ride...
Tatsuya: Do I have to ride?
Misa: Your really asking me that?
Tatsuya: So I just have to do it this one time?
Misa: Yes
Tatsuya: That smiling face is tricky.......
Tatsuya: ......Even if I said anything that was absurd over all
Tatsuya: I can allow it when it comes to Misa's smiling face.
Tatsuya: Because, I'm in love with Misa.

Page: 07

Misa: ...... I thought so.
Misa: Hasn't it stopped?
Tatsuya: What are you talking about, let's go over there.
Person: We'll keep your baggage here.
Misa: Well, let's go, let's go!
Tatsuya: For~~~~ Forgive me.
Tatsuya: Yeah, yeah that's a convenience to crawl aboard this, thanks.

Page: 08

Misa: We should have an early start~
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Wow
Tatsuya's Thoughts: I'm so expressionless for what lies beyond my legs that are hanging down.
Girl: Come on dad!
Girl: You know the best in the world usually go last!!
Father: Don't you wish for your mommy to ride it as well.
Girl: Well you know mommy is squeamish.
Tatsuya: The bar is lowering.
Misa: Are you feeling alright, Tatsu-chan?
Tatsuya: !?

Page: 09

Tatsuya: What's with those men in black?
Guy: You're departing now!
Misa: Isn't this exciting~
Tatsuya: Ah-- It's starting to move... Ah-- It's startng to move......

Page: 10

Tatsuya: Fall Fall Fall Fall
Tatsuya: .........
Tatsuya: ......?
Misa: It stopped, Tatsu-chan.
Tatsuya: Maybe it's a breakdown?
Tatsuya's Thoughts: What kind of joke is this.
Announcer: Please go down,
Announcer:: Everyone, please fall.
(TN: I can't make out that scrabble writing on Tatsuya)

Page: 11

Tatsuya's Thoughts: What is the staff doing!?
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Oh, why are they making announcements......
Announcer: Everyone aboard this roller coaster ride
Announcer: We really appreciate that your participating in this "Race Hanging" game.
People: What's that?
People: What does this announcement mean?
Girl: Dad what's going on?
Misa: Are you alright? Tatsu-chan......
Tatsuya: I'm fine Misa.
Announcer: We will now explain the rules of this "Race Hanging" game now.
Announcer: The rules are simple. The part of the seats where everyone is sitting,
Announcer: will have their seats safety opened. To see who can last until the last person is left hanging.
Tatsuya: !?

Page: 12

Announcer: It's a violation to climb up on the safety device, whoever does it will be killed by fire.
Announcer: Please hang on until the end.
Misa: Hey, Tatsu-chan......
Tatsuya: ............
Announcer: The race will continue until there's only one left hanging.
Announcer: Please hold on, and good luck everyone.
Misa: What's going on??......
People: What? Are you kidding me!?
People: The person who's exhausted will fall from here!?

Page: 13

Boy: I dont like this,
Boy: I want to go back~~~
Girl: Dad, I'm scared.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: What the hell are they talking about!?
Tatsuya's Thoughts: A terrorist crime?
Girl: Hey, drop me off please.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Are they planning to scare people on TV?
Announcer: Everyone, please hold the safeguard firmly.
People: Well... This is a joke? You must be joking, right!?
Announcer: Remove the seats now.

Page: 14

Tatsuya: UWAAAH!
Person: KYAAAAA!

Page: 15

Tatsuya: Th... They really did it!
Mother: They're falling, they're falling!
Girl: What's going on, what's going to happen!?
Mother: HIIIII!
Tatsuya: ...... Even I don't understand.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Stupid things like this
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Shit, Shit!
Tatsuya's Thoughts: They have no meaning.

Page: 16

Tatsuya's Thoughts: No
Tatsuya's Thoughts: It was those strange men in black from a while ago.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: They werent noticed by the customers
Tatsuya's Thoughts: This is... this isnt a joke!?
Misa: Tatsu-chan!!
Misa: Hey, how are we...... turning out.
Tatsuya: ............
Tatsuya: Misa, calm down.

Page: 17

Misa: Okay! Whatever you do, don't release your hand from the safety device!
Misa: It's impossible...!
Misa: Hold on tight and don't look down!
Tatsuya's Thoughts: I don't know how long this will last......
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Anyways, I have no choice but to hold on.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: From the explanation a few moments ago, there can only be one person thats left hanging in the end.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Even if there is two people at the end such as Misa and I.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: One of us has to die.

Page: 18

Girl: It hurts......
Girl: Dad, it hurts......
Girl: Help......
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Who would've guessed that this young girl had so much power compared to a child.
Father: Aya!
Father: Please, Hold onto daddy's body!
Girl: How!?
Girl: Daddy!
Girl: Please, calm down! Grasp the bar firmly with one hand.

Page: 19

Father: Now swing with your other hand and jump onto daddy.
Girl: Da......d...dy...
Father: You can do it Aya!!
Father: Now!!
Girl: Daddy!!
Father: Ugh!!
Tatsuya's Thoughts: She grabbed onto her father!?
Misa: Uh
Tatsuya's Thoughts: That poor girls fear was stopped by her father... She did great! All on her own.
Tatsuya: Misa...... are you okay?
Misa: Uh...... somewhat...
Misa: Tatsu-chan will we?
Misa: Of course...
Boy: I can't hold on!
Boy: It hurts!
Boy: Mom!
Boy: It hurts!

Page: 20

Boy: I'm losing my grip!! I'm going to fall!!
Mother: Yuu-chan, please!! Hold on!
Boy: I'm slipping
SFX: Pant
SFX: Pant
Fingers: Slip Slip
Boy: I'm going to fall!
Mother: Come on Yuu-chan,
Mother: You can make it through!!
Boy: It's...... impossible!!
Boy: Help me mommy!!
Boy: NO......
Boy: AHH!!
Mother: YUU-CHAN!!

Page: 21

Tatsuya's Thoughts: He really...... fell!!
Mother: YUU-CHAN!
Mother: YUU-CHAN!

Page: 22

Mother: NO------
Mother: Yuu-chan
Mother: I'm sorry Yuu-chan... Mommy will come now.
Mother: ----Yuu-chan

Page: 23

Girl: No!
Guy: It's inevitable.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: How can you say those words?
Tatsuya's Thoughts: He really fell and died.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Damn! Dont you even care?!

Page: 24

Tatsuya's Thoughts: I wonder how these people are thinking.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: They dont feel a thing after someone is killed..... They have no feelings after the first death and after the second death, they smile and laugh?!
Misa: Tatsu-chan, that's......
Tatsuya: !
Tatsuya's Thoughts: That's the staff from the amusement park!
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Is the whole amusement park their accomplice!?
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Who's doing this...... and why!?

Page: 25

Tatsuya's Thoughts: If they were separated......
Tatsuya's Thoughts: We can end up dead as well without a reason.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: Misa, I'll be damned if you lose.
Tatsuya's Thoughts: But..... what can we do!?
Tatsuya: SHIT!
Tatsuya: SHIT!
Tatsuya: SHIT!
Misa: Tatsu-chan......
Tatsuya: SHIT!

Page: 26

Narrator: Is there any way to survive within a hopeless race!?
Bottom White Arrow: To be continued

This Ends, 8.1: Horror Land/Game Land (Tale 01: Jet Coaster, First Act)

TN: Yeah, I've been getting tons upon tons and tons of PM's about this series and all that to translate it. And, I've finally translated it. And might I say it's a pretty damn good series. I love how it opens up and how the world of the series is nice and calm. Tatsuya has a fear of riding on roller coaster's and his girlfriend Misa is planning his birthday celebration by taking him for a ride on one. That doesn't sound like a cool girlfriend, As Tatsuya said she's always going into her selfish mode, Like some little child. All the people there want to ride this roller coaster, But there's men in black (yeah, Literally men in black) who are planning some evil wicked shit for these people. Tatsuya notices them and what he comes to find out, Is that if you have a hunch about some wicked bastards planning some awful things. Most defiantly don't go on that ride even if you're with your significant other. With how things unfolded with 3 deaths people with cold hearts and a whole clean up crew in the bottom to mop up the dead bodies, I'll see you guys on Chapter 02!

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#1. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Jan 10, 2010
Oh, wow~ Thanks for the TL. ^_^ I was really hoping someone was going to pick this up what with the interesting premise~ I look forward to seeing you continue to TL this series, and I can't wait to see the scanlation~ Keep up the good work (although you tend to mix up 'than' and 'then' from your cute rap in your profile :P)
#2. by Katatonia ()
Posted on Jan 10, 2010
Yeah Lol, It was a lot of fun to work on this, and I do enjoy it a lot. I noticed no one wanted to pick it up so I was like F that I'm taking this series. Now that I took it, Now everyone wants it, Lol. Well, I intend to translate this as they pop out, Which I'm working on Chapter 02 as we speak. I hope you like my translations though, And as for that rap, Lol, Thanks. =P
#3. by c_k (Global Moderator)
Posted on Jan 15, 2010
Ok, so I'm guilty of not reading your TL ^^;; and I only wanted to express my appreciation of your translation. So I finally checked out the scanlation of 8.1 and there was one part that made me go "huh? O.o" and that was on p.4

where you TLed it as:
Misa: Besides, it's not like I can handle your erections Tatsuya-kun......

That statement kind of came out of nowhere and didn't really seem to make sense to me. It would make sense if they were doing it, but since they weren't, it seemed to come out of nowhere and doesn't relate to what they are talking about.

another part that kind of jumped out to me that kind of didn't make sense was on p.5: http://mangahelpers.com/downloads/read-online/68262/5?t=1263531870

Tatsuya: I guess that's Jordan

It kind of seems weird that a random person named Jordan would say hi to them out of nowhere...
#4. by wbread ()
Posted on Jan 28, 2010
about p.4
she thought about the ride and thought that he would have an erection from this, and she was funny and then she continued aloud, that's all))

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