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My Plans for Now... (Some Unrelated Thoughts)

+ posted by Katatonia as news on Jan 24, 2010 14:52 | Go to

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Well, I've been missing for a while and people are asking me why I haven't posted any new translations as of yet. I've been busy with my real life at the current time, But I intend to come back pretty soon. I've been thinking, and a lot of teams have messaged me to translate series. That's cool and all but honestly, I'm not interested anymore, The amount of people on here who can manipulate someone honestly is disgusting for their own benefits (Like if you're some kind of fucking puppet for them to translate mediocre series). I don't have to give anyone any explanations why, I'm going to work on the series I like, So stop bothering me to translate some series or do "Joints" I have no interest in.

What I'm about to say isn't meant to disrespect or "Bash" Any cultures, It's my view on things currently in the world:

In this time I've been gone I've noticed a ton of bad things going on in the world. As well as stuff going on in the entertainment side of things as well as things in general. I see people are crying over this thing that happened in Haiti, If anyone knows their history like that (Knows it well). Would know that back in the time of slavery when they were held captive by the french, The Haitian's gave their souls to Satan to be freed of the French. No this isn't just made up or some bullshit story, This is the real truth behind that culture of people. They did "Voodoo" another form of Satanic practices and human sacrifices as well. They did the first sacrifice in Haiti to Satan to bless them with "Money, Food and Shelter". More or less that "Culture" of people are cursed forever and that's why people are stepping in to help (But how much could they help is a mystery). Because the presence of Satan lives and breathes in Haiti, I honestly feel sorry for people like that when they know "They" could have given their souls to "God" and asked him to show them the way.

I noticed something really awkward as well since I know a lot about music and I'm involved in it and such. Wyclef Jean was on the news crying about how "His people" are living in a living hell. Now you can ask any Haitian and they'll tell you straight that they gave their souls to Satan to be released of the french through their generations. They will also tell you about Wyclef Jean how he is also a Satanist, In Haiti if anyone is familiar with "The Fugees" the rap crew consisting of Lauren Hill, Pras and Wyclef Jean, Would know their group name is a pun name "Fugees" (Refugees) since they are from Haiti. But their origins go way deeper than that, Wyclef of all people before he had all this "Fame". His father was the head priest/preacher in Haiti a very famous person known around the world. In the form of getting what you want from Satan you have to give up something in return for what you want to have, That form of something you have to give Satan is something that is very precious to you. And that usually results in the death of a family member possibly a friend or someone that is like that.

Now at the time, Wyclef made a pact with Satan and he literally said "You can take my father, If you will give me fame". What makes this even more strange is the time that Wyclef made it in America with Lauren Hill and Pras they were instantly massive. But the other thing that's also strange is how Wyclef's father died. His father was on this hill because in Haiti they have huge hills with homes and such, I wouldn't say it's primitive but it's very old living. And his car was on that hill, Some how his father ended up underneath the car and his body was completely mangled within the cars exterior of the car. And I'm not talking like a broken arm or anything underneath the cars frame his body was completely destroyed, They said it was an unexplained death and no one could think or have an idea how he could have died like that. But when you make deals with the Devil and you want to be something of great importance that's the result.

If people notice Lauren Hill and Pras both down the road in the late 90's left Wyclef because of "Different Views". The real reason was because he was a satanist and they didn't want to have any part of being associated with him. If you noticed in all this time they never even collaborated or anything since they split up. Now all of the sudden I'm home I barely watch TV or anything I flip on the HD and I see Wyclef there crying on MSNBC and I'm thinking to myself "What the fuck is this asshole crying for when he's one of the guiltiest people on earth". You know I could understand Lauren Hill or even DMX crying because they are both Haitian's as well. But seeing Wyclef cry just pissed me off and people sympathize with this fucking liar makes me sick to my stomach. If you want to know how bad the music industry there it is.

Another rapper (Wannabe) That I also hate to death and often tell people don't feed into his music because I know he's bad is Lil' Wayne. Lil' Wayne is a satanist and no this isn't some lie he is and so is all of Cash Money and everyone that's associated and what a coincidence their also all Haitian's. If you catch on to this you'll understand where I'm coming from, And no I'm not a racist because I'm down with really Haitian people and I know Pras from the Fugees personally. What I'm getting at here is most of that culture is great, But 95% of it even the people will tell you with a straight face is completely Satanic. It's sad to say this but they cursed their own fate and they are suffering because of their own "Mistakes". They are so bad over there that there's videos of them tying a man to a pick up truck naked and dragging his body through the streets and they were beating him with sticks "AFTER" he was already dead. That's savage fucked up and animalistic, Not only that but there's people walking on the streets with machetes killing each other for nothing.

People look at "Oh there's a tragedy lets help them" But if people really knew what happened would they even step into that country? And has anyone noticed at all seriously that Haiti is connected to Dominican Republic and they have no problems or "Earthquakes" in DR? Angelina Jolie even said it herself when she was pregnant and went to Haiti it was very dangerous "Because", The "Voodoo Tribes" extract babies from pregnant women, They let them dry out and turn them into a powder and does rituals/spells on people. Now this might sound really fucked up to some people who know nothing about this culture and are finding out about it now, But this culture is very immersed in Voodoo that's their "Country's Religion" and if anyone knew why the Haitian's in Haiti are repenting for all of their sins to God now is because the Devil is taking what's rite-fully his which is their souls and life. A world famous pastor has also revealed this truth and told people what they did in the past to what's cursed them now. But it seems that even those that are in America who are born here are also very bad as well Lil' Wayne and all of Cash Money to name a few.

But it gets even more deep than just Haitian people there's also African people and American people as well who will give their life to the Devil for fame and "Go to that Freemason Route". Jay-Z is no exception Jay-Z is a Freemason and all of his videos as well as "Lil' Wayne" videos all have satanic imagery in them. Jay-Z's new song "On to the Next One" that was played as the first music video of this year on MTV show's that his beliefs are spread out and shown in that video clearly. From depicting 2 people representing the deaths of Brandon Lee (The Crow) and Heathe Ledger (Joker) to showing blood being poured on skulls and upside down crosses, That's not for shock value that's to show you the harsh reality of the music business and to brainwash people. The song itself is very catchy but it's catchy for a reason. Lady Gaga is another "Freemason" and another "Puppet in the world of music" They used her at the 09 VMA's and that whole ordeal was a initiation for Freemasonry's.

Pink herself was doing a ritual on stage, Lady Gaga was doing one as well. People without the understanding of occult symbolism are subjected to this kind of shit and are brainwashed because they don't understand it. My father is a very big religious person and he can notice these things just by a glance, He teaches every religion the way to God in their own religion's from Hinduism to Buddhist. As a kid I learned to see "Underneath the Underneath" Like how Kakashi says in Naruto (No I'm not trying to be funny) that's literally what it is. You have to see underneath the underneath to understand what's really being put in front of you. If you don't grasp what's there it can and will mess you up. People will probably come at me and tell me why would I say something like this or bring it up, But I'm not doing this for "controversial" reasons. I'm literally telling you what I've learned from a culture of peoples and how I observe it now. As well as what I learned being in the music business for as long as I have been from what I've seen and experienced, And trust me it's more than meets the eye.

If you want to know better explanations my good friend shows you in full detail of what's really going on. Check his site out and "You" be the "Judge". ( http://vigilantcitizen.com/ ) We don't put out a truth because we're bored we put it out so people understand the real motives of a culture and of the people/in or out of our country. Anyways, I should be back to translate a lot more manga stuff and work on JoJo's when I have the time, Anyways until then, Be safe and take care of yourselves, Later.

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