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Okay, I'm planning to do this.

+ posted by Katatonia as news on Jan 26, 2010 00:08 | Go to

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People have asked me yet again, What do I want to do. As stated in my previous news post I wanted nothing to do with release groups who want me to translate shit series I have no interest in (Unless I do have an interest in it). Anyways, I've been well... Busy with life still but... I'm finishing up my translations for JoJo's/ Judge/ and some other stuff I was previously working on. Now the only series I'm planning to do are JoJo's (In Full) that means "Parts 1-6". I'm planning to do Steel Ball Run as well but when I get to it. From what people had told me and from how I feel about JoJo's being one of my favorite series of all time. I'm going to be translating it full time. I want a group that I can depend on to "Re-release" this series with a proper translation. And I'm pretty sure all of the fans from the JoJo's series will also be happy and grateful.

If you look at the old translations it was incomplete in the "Diamond is Unbreakable" Arc. As well as in the Stardust Crusaders/Stone Ocean Arcs. More or less that series was put out and rushed out by really terrible translators. Translators that did one of the most shittiest jobs I've ever seen in my entire life reading a manga series like that. I'm going to translate it because that's my favorite series and I want to be able to read it properly since I own it all complete. As it stands, I got my dudes in Simple-Scans and Bakanahaven which is cool, But... I highly doubt anyone will want to "Redo" this entire series from the start. You'd think since the old scans were shit people would want to read it in a better format, I dunno maybe it's just me who likes it that much who knows.

But if I do or if some other group comes along that is "creditable" that can actually scan good with "high quality proofreaders". I'll be more than happy to hand this over so this can be put out the way it was intended to be put out. I was thinking of also doing Bastard!! as well since that's another one of my favorite series, But that's sometime in the future I'll be working on that. Kinnikuman and such although I want to continue working on it, I don't have any urge to work on it. More or less I own a ton of manga, full series of everything I like, Over (9,000+ manga) and their all brand new as well, Just sitting there. So since they're all sitting on my shelves collecting dust I might as well translate them all. It's kind of why I'm backing off from release groups, I want to focus on my own stuff before I move on to other stuff.

Another thing that I was asked which is pretty cool is what do I listen to. I guess people wonder about me, I didn't know people here were that interested in someone that's cool though. Well, I like a lot of music, Most of the stuff I listen to is from my actual friends in the music industry. I love stuff like Sade, I think she has a wicked sexy voice and I grew up listening to her music, Her new single "Soldier of Love" is a top shelf track. Her entire discography is incredible, Also in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure a character has a stand called "Love Deluxe" after Sade's album Love Deluxe which is pretty wicked. I like Katatonia a lot their one of my favorite Dark/Doom Metal groups of all time, When I was a kid I had all their tapes. That's shocking because they are from Sweden but I thought that was cool I grew up on global metal acts other than American brand metal (Which most of it is shit) Like "60%" is pure garbage and the other "40%" is great.

I love my dude Chino from Deftones that fool can sing and that group is wicked. When I was a lot younger I used to get super duper out of this world weed and get so fucking high listening to their album "White Pony". Thinking about it I remember when "Dave Mirra" came on PSX wayyyy back in the day, That song "Be Quiet and (Drive Far Away) from Deftones was on the soundtrack to the game, That was the shit. If none of you ever heard their album "White Pony" I suggest you cop it, That's one of the greatest fucking albums of that time. When I was in High School we had this weird ass complex in this place called "Buckey Dents" and I used to play a ton of covers from Deftones that was also another cool moment in my life, Lol. The Cure is another group I grew up on, I love that track "If Only Tonight we Could Sleep" from their "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" album. That's a classic from the late 80's, Deftones also covered that too which is pretty wicked, Robert Smith did a collabo with the singer from Placebo for that track too which is ridiculously sick.

I think one of the best soundtracks ever, Well from Middle School I remember was "Spawn" from the live action movie. Man that was so fucking wicked sick, Every track was a goddamn collab, Filter/Crystal Method that's like the best of both worlds. I used to see Filter live when they were touring at the time, Man those were the fucking days. Sneaker Pimps were top shelf at the time, "6 Underground" was the shit. Jon Davis was always great from Korn, Now I don't like the new Korn because they don't have that raw sound that made them so wicked, The last time Korn was great was when Issues came out that was their last best album, everything else after was shit, But hey, Jon Davis as a solo act in "Alone I Play" and his "Queen of the Damned" songs are incredible. He will forever be a wicked singer until the day he literally dies.

There's also Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl is one of the most talented musicians on earth that's living. Layne Staley from Alice In Chains is a godlike singer, Grudge music never sounded so sweet at the time, Soundgarden was wild too Chris Cornel was just vexed off of crazy shit. There's so much stuff I listen to, I couldn't possibly tell you everything it would be ridiculous. Instead, I'll post a link to a song on every translation I do from a song that I like a lot. So you guys can get a fix from the shit I get fixed off of. Everyone from what I heard from friends told me they all like the shit I listen to, So since most of you asked me about that, I'll show you what I like. Most of it is based off of friends I have in the business, and the rest is a ton of foreign. Hopefully you guys can find some wicked shit you'd like and get into new stuff you didn't know about.

Anyways, Imma wrap this up, I'm going to drop my first translation in a while which is going to be from "Part 6" of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure called "Jolyne Kujo: Stone Ocean" I love the entire series, It was great. The first chapter as well as the entire series is LONGGGG tons and tons of text, But the story is memorable. Tell me what you guys think.

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