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07-Ghost 60


+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on May 15, 2010 20:01 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 60

Translations for Inmeliora Scans.
[] Box
" Speech bubbles
ST Small text
Sfx sound effects
// Split bubble or page break
Two newline symbols denote different panels.

(The troubled bishops…)

Sfx: Hyuuuuu…
Sfx: Pan Pan (bursting of fireworks)

Sfx: Pan pan
“Frau and Teito-kun

“are in this city, aren’t they…?


Kapitel 60 – Doubt
Fly towards the brilliant future…


Sfx: assemble

Sfx: squeeze

“Castor, I’ve brought the medicine.

“Master Lab (Lab-shishou), it fits you perfectly!



“It looks like Teito-kun has successfully passed through the Krat residence.
“He’s currently heading southwards from the fourth district. // How’s the condition of your arm?

“Hmm well, this is what I’m good at! // By connecting my heart to my arm, I can completely recreate the minute movements of my joints.
ST: Just look!
“Observe especially this first joint of mine…
ST: Hooray!
“This is the first time that I’ve felt so happy that Glasses is a nerd! // You’ve given me hope that even nerds have their uses!
ST: Look! It says that today’s lucky item is a doll!!
Book: Monthly horoscopes


Sfx: grab!

“Wait… // What’s with this dangerous function!!
“It looks like it’s functioning well.

Sfx: retract
“I’ve lost my ability, but // I can still connect hearts, so it’s fine.

“…But your left eye still can’t see…
“You’re still enduring it as always, Glasses.

“…Goodness, that was a terrible wound.


“Thanks to Labrador, the pain is almost gone, // and since my eyesight wasn’t all that good in the first place, I doubt it’ll cause much difficulty.

“Can you see? This glass eye is rather well done, isn’t it?
“It has become a problem.
ST: Here, here.

“…I wonder how Ayanami is arriving.
“With that in mind, I’ve done some research.

“I had the association’s intelligence to look into it for me,
(T/N: I have no idea what association Castor is referring to… the church, maybe?)
“And I found that he has still not obtained permission to leave the Houberg Fortress.


“It’s true that with such a serious wound inflicted upon him, he’ll be unable to move for a while, but
“Now that he knows that Teito-kun is the Pandora’s box…

“I’d have thought that he would’ve sent some pursuers to go after Teito-kun, but
“There’s been no such report from Frau…

“That’s right… // Considering his arrogant nature, it’s unlike him.

[]It’s too quiet…


“Master Lab and Castor, you two go ahead of me.
“What are you planning to do?

“The matter of Ea and Randkalt has been weighing on my mind.

“Remember the memories we saw in the Central Quarry?
“Both of them left a final message after the Raggs War before disappearing.

[]”The military’s actions are disturbing. We will continue investigating them at the moment.”


“Although Ea and Randkalt have infiltrated the military, // they have not been able to provide us with any information whatsoever.

“Since they are unable to carelessly contact us, // the probability that they’ve successfully infiltrated the upper echelons of the military is very high.


“I suspect that
“Either they are observing Ayanami from a position close to him, to the extent that they have gained Ayanami’s trust,

“That they have betrayed us…

[]”I wonder who is controlling the Pope from the shadows.”


“It is my duty
“To affirm this.


[]Port town of the Fourth district, Neal

“I’ll sell you the tickets to the race cheaply!
“There are many tough competitors this time, too!

Sfx: huff huff huff

“Come place a bet, everyone!!
“The hawkzile race will be starting today!! // Many tough opponents from all over the empire will be battling in terms of wits and speed to win this race, which has the largest amount of prize money!!
“The winner of the race gets an amazing hundred million Yuus in prize money!


“The winning candidate this time is most likely to be the winner for the last contest, the Grace and Leory pair!
“The runner-up pair Peria and Jick won’t lose, either!!
“The youngest pair in history to enter the top eight, Zea and Muri, are very promising as well! // And there’s the dark horse…
Sfx: roar

“Hey gramps! I’ll bet on Grace for 400 Yuus!
“I’ll bet 500 Yuus on Peria!!

“A hawkzile race?
“It’s a large event held once every two years in the Barsburg empire.


“The race covers a total distance of 7000km.
“Neal is the starting point of the race,
“And you have to race through the fourth district, the floating island (Ukishima) F3, the second district, and the third district in this order to reach the northernmost area, which is the goal.

“The rules are: two people comprise a team who will ride their hawkzile while passing through all the designated points.

“In the event that one of the two retires from the race or dies,
“or if their hawkzile is so seriously damaged that it cannot function, they will be disqualified.


“…In other words, if we enter this race,
ST: Although you said it in a roundabout way.
“We’ll be able to cross the second district easily without having our identities checked!!

“However, this race is restricted to registered applicants,
“And the application period has long past.

“Hyahahaha!! I’ve been waiting for you, my 50 million Yuus!!
Sfx: Crash!
“I’ve already expected that you guys would come here!!


“It’s the world’s most beautiful and refined slave trader, Carl-sama!!
“And the world’s most elegant and robust loan shark, Parl-sama!

“We’re the Genius Brothers!! // We’ll make people who oppose us regret it for their entire lives!!
Sfx: appear


“Let’s look for other leads…
Sfx: step step
“They’re ignoring us!!

“Hey!! You brats!! Don’t you have a reaction like “You guys were brothers…!?” or something?
ST: They multiplied when we weren’t looking.
“We’re busy now. We’ll entertain you later.
“…Who was that?

“Bastards!! Did you forget that you broke the mighty Parl-sama’s nose!!
“This is an opportunity to test the hawkzile we modified specifically for the race.

“Eat this!!
“Giga Prince Crasher!!
Sfx: Loom


Sfx: Wham!

Sfx: Smoke

“Bastards!! Look!! The wall has been crushed flat!!
“That’s right.

“Your front glass, that is.
Sfx: menacing


“Ahhhh!! The Giga Prince has…!!

Sfx: clang clang
“Hey, brothers. Are you entering the race?

“Yea…Yeah! // After all, it’s a hundred million Yuus in prize money!! // The mighty Carl-sama will always appear when money is concerned!

“Unfortunately, the important machine you require for the race has been reduced to this state; it’s impossible to participate now, isn’t it?
Sfx: bzzt

“How unfortunate! // How about I replace you in this race?
Sfx: grin
“Wait… // What?
“Eh, brothers?


“Mind handing over your entrance pass right now?



“So // Here’s where the photograph is pasted?
“It’d be terrible if they checked against it…

Sfx: spray

“Wha…!? What are you doing!!!
“This is a blonde spray for your disguise.

“Fear not! It was personally made by Lab, and it’s designed to have minimal side effects on humans and the environment!
Sfx: spray
“You idiot!! I’ve become mottled now!!

“You bastard…
Sfx: shake shake

“Gah! It entered my mouth!!
“You’re too tall! Squat, then!!
Sfx: spray



“The race will be beginning shortly!!
Sfx: roar
“Will the participants please assemble!!

Sfx: crunch


“Now, let’s fly to the second district!!

(Disguise complete! The hawkzile race begins!!)

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