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07-Ghost 58

Hawkzile race

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Jul 21, 2010 17:08 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 58

For Inmeliora scanlations. For reading only.

Page 1
Kapitel 58: Hawkzile race
Catch up
And don’t stop running!!

Page 2
“Soon, 245 brave competitors will be taking part in the Empire’s most rigorous competition, // with a hundred million Yuus in prize money at stake – The Hawkzile race!

“…If we participate in this race,

“We’ll be able to cross Floating Island F3 from the Fourth District, the competition’s starting point,
“Pass through the First District, and then enter the Third District.
Boxes from left to right: Third district, First district, Fourth district
Boxless words: Houburg Fort, Starting point

Side: Burupya will work hard too!

Page 3
“Is it really all right for us not to go to the Third District’s God House?

“…It’s the First District.

Page 4
“Very soon,

“Everything will be in accordance to your desires…

Sfx: gasp

Page 5

“What’s the matter? You’re scared of being in front of an audience?
“I…I’m not scared!!

Sfx: stomp

“I thought something like this would happen, so I applied for two entrance passes!!
“As expected of you, Brother!! You’re used to setbacks!!

Page 6
“If we win, // we’ll get a hundred and fifty thousand Yuus, that boy inclusive!
“Oh! There they are…

[] B…blonde hair!?

“B…b…b…blonde hair and jade green eyed slaves fetch the highest priceeeeeeee!!
ST: Sssseventy million Yuus!!
“B…brother!! Calm down!! That brat just dyed his hair! A disguise is against the rules!!

“Who cares!! After we sell him away, it’s their problem!!
“…Even so, what a terrible racing name. // Damn brat, you’d better not stand out.

Page 7
“I know.




Page 8
“Aaaaannnddd!! The Hawkzile Race has finally started!!
“Which team will win the hundred million Yuus in prize money!!?
Sfx: waaaaahh

Page 9
Sfx: roar

“An established tactic is to get rid of the weak-looking guys as soon as possible!!
“The less rivals, the better!!

Page 10
Sfx: roar

“First up is them!!

“Little kids
“Should just nap at home!!
Sfx: Crash

Page 11
“Here we go.
Sfx: twirl

Page 12
“Who are you calling a kid!?

Page 13
“Is this what they call a fight on horseback?
Sfx: throw throw

“Damn you!! Acting all conceited!!
Sfx: scream

Sfx: swoosh

“Oh!? What on earth is that team who has magnificently scattered those hefty competitors surrounding them?
Sfx: roar
“Camera, zooooom!!

Page 14
“That’s number 102.

“Wow, they’re new competitors!!!

“It’s the appearance of an unknown super-star!! Their names are…

Page 15
“The holy warriors, Stylish Da M. Soldier and Great Pink Prince…!!! (T/N: I think the M stands for masochist.)
Box: Frau: S. Da M. Soldier, Teito: G. Pink Prince
[] Don’t say those names out loud!!

“Dammit!! Those cool names are ours!!

“Wha!? Frau!! They’re taking a picture of us!!
ST: Stop making that peace sign!!
“So we did draw attention to ourselves.

Sfx: swoosh

Page 16
“Gyahahaha! You’ll get hurt if you look elsewhere!!

Sfx: jump

[] What fantastic gameplay!!

Page 17
“Right back at you. Didn’t you say it was dangerous looking elsewhere?
Sfx: kick

Sfx: grab

“Stylish Da M. Soldier and Great Pink Prince are truly a force to be reckoned with!!
“Wah! The number of cameras has increased!!

Page 18
“Well then!! It’s finally the first obstacle!! The Cave of Natolie!! // The cameras won’t be able to follow them into this cave, but
“If the racers aren’t able to cross the checkpoint, they’re out of the running!!

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this…
Sfx: sputter

Page 19
“Heh, getting cold feet, are we?
Sfx: roar

“Uwa! // Ah! // Gyaaah!!
Sfx: boom


Sfx: grab

“Wha… What are these!?

Page 20
“Gyaaaahh!! They’re vampire baaats!!
Sfx: boom

“It’s a nest of bats.
“There’re too many of them!!

“By the way, they start attacking people with higher body temperatures, so watch out.
ST: Children have higher body temperatures, after all.
Sfx: whack
“Gyaaah!! You should’ve said so earlier!!
ST: You don’t even have a body temperature, do you!!

Sfx: bam

Page 21
Sfx: thump


“The tree…!!!
Sfx: wham

Sfx: burn burn burn
“The heat from the igniting hawkziles have caused the tree to begin its rampage…!!


Page 22
“The exit’s closing up!! We’re going to fly!!
Sfx: rumble rumble

Sfx: fwish


“P…Please help me!!
Sfx: gurgle

Page 23
Sfx: vooon

Sfx: boom

Page 24
Sfx: boom

“T…there’s an explosion in the cave of Natolie!!! // And the racers…
“We’re saved!!

“Amazingly, the racers are fine…!!! // There are many lucky boys this time!!!

Sfx: fwoosh

Page 25
“We’re going, damn brat.
Sfx: crack

“The racers who have surpassed the first obstacle are coming out one after the other!
“Has the movement of the tree’s roots halted?

Sfx: roar

“Those guys…

Page 26

“Mikage… You ate that in order to protect me…!!
“Has his shape changed?

“We’re displaying the current rankings!!

“In first place is the Grace and Leory pair!! // As expected of the former champions!!

“In second place, we have the veteran Peria and Jick pair!! // Third place goes to the youngest pair, Zea and Muri!!

“And as for fourth place, we have the rookies Stylish Da M. Soldier and Great Pink Prince!!

Page 27
“And now!! The next stage is Floating Island F3!! What lies beyond the gate is an entirely different world at a temperature of ten degrees below zero!!
Sfx: blow
“The survival game on ice begins!!

[] S.D.S. and G.P.P pair (Frau and Teito) Time taken from start to F3 checkpoint: 06:32:01 (4 mins 3 sec behind the current lead)

“It’s snowing…
“This is bad…

Page 28
Sfx: blow

“They’ve come.
Who is this woman with her bewitching smile…?

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