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07-Ghost 59

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Jul 21, 2010 17:12 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 59

Translated for Inmeliora Scanlations.

Page 1
Velne: How are the boys this year?
Sfx: flip
Kapitel 59: Predator

Velne: Hmm…
Velne: They’re so-so.

Velne: Hmm… // Out of the question.
Box: Garl, Parl

Velne: Ooh! This one’s not bad! // But it’d be better if his hair colour was lighter…

Velne: Fantastic!
Velne: This child looks great! (Sfx: chuckle chuckle)

Page 2
Announcer: The second half of the first day of the Hawkzile race will see our competitors battling it out ten degrees below zero on Floating Island F3! // There are three checkpoints around the icy mountains.
Box: Velniza Castle

Announcer: The third checkpoint is a popular tourist destination, the Velniza Castle!! // It is this place where they will stay for the night! Wow! How extravagant!!

Announcer: However, we have some bad news!!

Page 3
Announcer: Due to the blizzard, there is a whiteout of the camera images!!
Sfx: blow
Announcer: What will be the fate of the racers!?

Teito: I…I can hardly see!!
Frau: Wow, some people may not survive the night.

Garl and Parl: Bwahahaha!! Found yaaaa!! // Is that engine of yours performing poorly in the cold temperature? What happened to your earlier vitality?!
Sfx: rumble
Teito: What now!?
Frau: They’re scary once you’ve incurred their wrath.

Page 4
Teito: Frau!! We can’t spend time fighting with them!! We’ve got to shake them off… // Geh!!
Sfx: crack

Teito: Your arm’s frozen!!!
Sfx: Gyaaaaaahh!
Frau: Damn brat. Switch drivers.

Teito: Leave it to me!!
Teito: How long more can you hold on for!?
Sfx: grip

Page 5
Competitor: I’m not letting you go!!
Sfx: whoosh

Sfx: vooon

Page 6
Sfx: boom boom

Mikage: Burupya!
[Teito] Who cares about those checkpoints!!

[Teito] I have to get to a warm place fast…!!!

Sfx: pat
Frau: Hey.
Frau: It’s a cliff 500 meters ahead, so turn left.

Page 7
Teito: Frau!

Frau: Don’t worry. I’m all right.

Frau: This gentle death god will guide your way.

Page 8
Leory: Grace, we’ve entered the territory of the ice dragon. // Try not to aggravate it and proceed with caution.
Sfx: zoom
Sfx: crack crack (T/N: Is that a dragon?)

Leory and Grace: It’s Peria and Jigg! // Yo! How are you guys coming along!?
Sfx: zoom

Peria and Jigg: There’s no need for greetings!
Sfx: splash
Peria and Jigg: We have a big sponsor! // So we can’t have someone spoiling our moods, now can we?

Sfx: pssh // pssh (shooting sound)
Sfx: splash
Leory and Grace: What are you doing!?

Sfx: crack

Page 9
Leory and Grace: The ice dragon!!
Leory and Grace: It appeared!!
Sfx: roar

Sfx: slam
Leory and Grace: It started attacking suddenly!!

Leory and Grace: Weren’t they supposed to be gentle creatures…
Sfx: roar
Peria and Jigg: Hahaha! Farewell!!

Sfx: touch
Leory and Grace: Don’t tell me… is this dragon blood!?

Page 10
Leory and Grace: Dammit!! What a despicable thing to do!!
Sfx: roar
Leory and Grace: They’re trying to take revenge for their comrades…!!! (T/N: i.e. the dragon thinks they were the ones who killed the dragon, since they have dragon blood on them.)

Sfx: wham

Page 11
Teito: What’s that!?
Teito: It’s falling over here…!?

Sfx: Wham
Leory and Grace: Uwaahh!

Teito: Are you alright!?

Leory and Grace: Yeah… Thanks, kid, you’re a lifesaver!
[] Grace and Leory pair, Day one: second place, 08:17:01 (38 seconds behind the current lead)
Sfx: roar

Peria and Jigg: Grr… Foiling our ploy… that nuisance…!!
Sfx: crumble

Page 12
Peria and Jigg: I’ll remember this…!!
Sfx: crush

Peria and Jigg: Ah.
Sfx: drip
Sfx: clatter

[] Peria and Jigg pair, Day one: 27th place, 08:30:57, (14 mins 34 sec behind the current lead)

[] Floating Island F3, Velniza Castle

Page 13
[] S.D.S. and G.P.P. pair (Frau and Teito), from starting point to Velneza Castle: 08:16:23 (currently leading)
Teito: We’ve arrived!! // It’s Velneza Castle!!

Velne: Welcome.
Velne: I am Velne, and I am in charge of Velneza Castle.
Velne: Did you all enjoy the race?

Page 14
Sfx: Ooohhh!!
Everyone: It was really enjoyable!!

Sfx: haha
Frau: Rather, I’d love to enjoy myself with such a gorgeous woman.
Teito: Can you let this guy out?

Person: It’s the Stylish Da M. and Pink Prince team, right? Here is the key to room 405…
Sfx: snatch
Teito: Thank you very much!

Sfx: bam

Sfx: splash

Page 15
Sfx: fsssssh

Sfx: splosh

Teito: Are… are you all right now?
Sfx: ba-thump ba-thump

Frau: Yeah. // If we were to lose this beautiful body worthy of being a national treasure, it’d break the hearts of young ladies worldwide.
Teito: Idiot!

Page 16
Teito: …I…
Teito: Was so worried, you know…

Frau: I’m already dead.

Frau: This body was something I borrowed. // It’s hardier than normal humans, and amazingly stubborn, you know?

Page 17
Teito: Don’t say that.
Teito: With that body, you exist in this world. // You get angry, and laugh at times.
Teito: How is that any different from me?

Frau: …Hey hey, I’m different from you…
Sfx: splash

Frau: I’m not worked up over my height, and I don’t reek of milk, don’t you think?
Sfx: annoyed
Teito: Shall I freeze just that irritating mouth of yours?

Page 18
Teito: In my world, you’re alive…

Page 19
Frau: …Sorry. // Thanks, damn brat.
Sfx: ruffle

Teito: I’m tired too!
Sfx: smack

Teito: If you’re that grateful, then finish up quickly and let me use the bathroom!!

Page 20
Sfx: close
Sfx: creak

[Teito] I’m really tired…
[Teito] I’m sleepy…

Sfx: whoosh

Sfx: clatter

Page 21
Frau: Hey damn brat, the bathroom’s empty now.

Mikage: Burupya!

Sfx: bam!

Frau: …Tch.

Page 22
Sfx: step step

Person 1: Velne-san!!

Person 2: If possible, would you like to have dinner with us…!?
ST: Please step on me!

Velne: I’m sorry, I’m afraid I have to entertain another visitor.

Sfx: close

Page 23
Velne: Oh my, where did you enter from?
Velne: …If I remember correctly… // You’re Stylish Da M. Soldier, aren’t you?
ST: Was it Da M.?

Frau: I’m honoured that such a beauty knows my name.
ST: When we’re playing, I’m actually an S.

Velne: Ufufu. How may I help you?
Frau: If I’m not mistaken, the damn brat was here.

Page 24
Velne: That child in your team? Unfortunately, I haven’t seen him. // Since this is a popular tourist spot, could he have gone sightseeing?

Frau: That figures.
Frau: Well, I’d like to have some fun myself.

Frau: If possible, something other than sightseeing would be great.

Velne: Oh my, are you asking me out?

Page 25
Velne: I can’t refuse you…

[Teito] …Where… is this place…?
[Teito] I have the feeling I’ve been enclosed within a narrow space like this before…

Sfx: clatter
Teito: Gasp!

Teito: Graaahh!
Sfx: bam

Teito: Why… am I in a coffin…?

Page 26
[Teito] Wha…
[Teito] What is this place…!?

Sfx: slash

Velne: That scythe… Could it be…

Page 27
Velne: A Seven Ghost!!?
Frau: This room absolutely reeks of blood. // You feed here, don’t you…?

Sfx: screech

Frau: At a popular tourist destination where there is a constant flow of people, you can pick your prey as you wish. // Within these mountains, it’s not strange for a few people to encounter mishaps.
Sfx: crack/rip (x4)
Frau: Am I right? Wars…

Page 28
[Teito] I have to get out of here fast…!!

Velne: My beauty
Velne: Is eternal!!
Sfx: roar

Frau: A futile wish.
Frau: Don’t you find it strange?
Sfx: flap

Frau: Someone who forsakes her own humanity can’t possibly retain her beauty as a human, now can she?

Page 29
Frau: Well then, here I come.

Velne: You say that, // but you’re just the same!!
Velne: No matter how much you pretend to be human, you cannot deny that thirst of yours!!

Velne: Since you were also made from a fragment of Verloren-sama yourself!!!

Page 30
Velne: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaa…

[Frau] …Ah,
[Frau] How disgusting…

Page 31
Sfx: open

[Frau] I want

[Frau] A
[Frau] tastier soul

[Frau] A tastier soul…

Page 32
Teito appears at the worst time! What will Frau do to Teito…!?

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