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Nurarihyon no Mago Special : Bangaihen: Ukiyoe Chuu Kitan

Ukiyoe Chuu Kitan

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Aug 29, 2010 11:19 | Go to Nurarihyon no Mago

Free for use for scanlations.
It is recommended that you crosscheck with Nurarihyon no Mago translator Niphredil to ensure uniform style and accuracy before using for scanlations.
Advice and corrections appreciated.

" - Dialogue
[] - text within box
ST: small text
Sfx: sound effects
Line break - next panel

Page 1
The Grandson of Nurarihyon (Nurarihyon no Mago)
Extra chapter: Strange tales of Ukiyoe Middle School
Rikuo, currently sleeping…zzz

Page 2
An incident happens at Ukiyoe Middle School, which Rikuo and friends attend… and that is…!?

“Huh? It won’t go in?
Sfx: clatter

“Is something caught in it?
“Rikuo-kun, don’t move too much!
Sfx: clatter

“You’re too enthusiastic, Rikuo-kun.
“Is that so?
Sign: Student Council Room

“Just because Kiyotsugu-kun became the Student Council President, why is he making us help out?
“Cheer up, Kana-chan.

“It’s practice for becoming respectable humans in future!!
“What’s with that!?
“Don’t you think you’re too actively involved in such things, Rikuo-kun…?
“Y…you think?

Page 3
“There! This was caught in it!

“Hmm? What’s that?

On book: The school’s seven mysteries
“The school’s Seven Mysteries?

“Aren’t those school newsletters what Kiyotsugu-kun was collecting just a while back?
“It doesn’t look like they’re related to youkai, though.


“This… and this, too!
Sfx: flap flap

“I’ve seen all of them before at the Nura Clan!!
“What the hell are they doing!?
Sfx: Bam!

Page 4
“I shouldn’t be doing this now!
Sfx: dash
“Where are you going, Rikuo-kun?!

Sfx: Wham


“I…I’m sorry!!

“Are you hurt!?
Sfx: gasp

Page 5

“I’m fine…

Sfx: dash

[] That girl…
“I’ve never seen her before.
“Is she a senior?

“Ah! I shouldn’t be doing this now!
“Where are you going, Rikuo-kun?

Page 6
“Hey, Rikuo-kun!? Why are you in front of the ‘Founding Principal’s statue in the courtyard’, one of the seven mysteries?
Sfx: rumble
“And why are you following me, Kana-chan!?
“It’s rumoured that because it was turned to face the back due to the new school building, it occasionally cries!!

Sfx: glint

Sfx: Eeeekk

Sfx: Eeeeekkkk
“You mustn’t do that… you have to be quiet in the daytime.
[] Youkai Aburakaeshi
“Don’t worry, Kana-chan! It’s just your imagination!!
“Really? Really?

[] Afterwards, Rikuo eradicated in one day the seven mysteries which had existed for many years.
ST: Jump, Kana-chan!
ST: I don’t wanna!
[] Ienaga Kana had a great adventure which was slightly dangerous and slightly perverted, but since this is only 17 pages long, it was cut out. We apologise.
ST: Rikuo-kun Gyaaaaaaaahhh

Page 7
“Five down, two to go…
“Kana-chan left… // I guess it’s only natural, since she was forced to endure all that…



“Why is she here…?
“If I remember correctly, that’s the site of one of the seven mysteries, the ‘fountain where the white snake appears’…

Sfx: gasp

Page 8
Sfx: splash…

Sfx: drip drip
“You came again.
“Thanks, as always.

“It’s fine!

“So… how are you getting on as a human?
“Our entire clan is eye-catching enough as it is… I’ve caused you much trouble.
Sfx: drip drip

“It’s fine, Hii-ojiichan!
“I’m making sure I’m not found out in school!

Page 9
“Hii-jiichan, you’re the school’s land god,
“So you have to take care, okay?

“Sob… How praiseworthy, Rinko.
Sfx: sniffle

“That white snake… it’s a land god?
“I don’t think I’ve seen him before at the main house…

“So that means that girl is…

“Look, it’ll be dark soon… You had better get going.
“Okay. I’ll come again.

Page 10
Sfx: roar

Sfx: slither
“So you came again? // Do you want to play…?

Sfx: dash
“Stop it!! Don’t touch me…
“Oh? How strange.


“You’re a youkai, too…
“Aren’t you~
Sfx: howl

Page 11
Sfx: grab

Sfx: tumble

“But since you’re only one-eighth youkai,

“You’re completely helpless,
“because you’re incomplete…
Sfx: slither
[] Youkai Sunekosuri // One of the school’s seven mysteries. Trips people suddenly.

“S…stop it!

“You call yourself a land god?
“You’re just a brazen youkai who can’t do anything.

“We’re just playing, anyway.
Sfx: slither
“We’re fellow youkai. Let’s get along~

Page 12
Sfx: tap tap
“What are you doing?

“You… can see me…?

“You guys are respectable youkai, right?
“Are you sure you should be doing this? She’s a weak youkai, isn’t she?

“What the heck are you!?

Sfx: rustle

Page 13
“Look at my face caaarefully.
Sfx: kick
[] Nura Clan Traditional Family Technique: Unrevolving Yakuza Kick!!

Sfx: wham slam

“Are you…

“Could… could you be the third, Rikuo-sama?

“You guys are part of the Nura Clan, right?
“Then… it’d be best to remember the face of your young head.
Sfx: Eeeeeeeekkkkkk

Page 14
Sfx: swoosh…

“I awakened my youkai blood unthinkingly. // The one-fourth youkai blood within me…

“Nura Clan?

“Yup… It’s a youkai chivalry organization who’s been taking care of me.

“Still, I’m surprised.
“I never thought that there’d be someone // similar to me…

Page 15
“Up till now, I’ve kept a low profile whenever possible. // Since…

“I’m not a human, nor a youkai… I’m troubled over the fact that I’m an incomplete existence


“When I saw how dignified you were just now,
“I feel more courageous.

“…I see.
“Good for you.

Page 16
Sfx: Ding dong
Sfx: chatter chatter

“Young master-!! Let’s go home!!(ST: Okay?)
“I’m sorry for not accompanying you yesterday since I had to do the shopping. (ST: Okay?)

“Tsurara… You… (ST: called me with that name again!)
“Hey… What’s with the ‘young master’?
“I can’t tell. It’s a secret. <3
“Heh… Is that so!
Sfx: chatter chatter

“She’s such a troublesome strange girl, isn’t she? (ST: Ahaha)
Sfx: bump


“We meet again,
Sfx: smile
“Young head!


“This way, please.
Sfx: pull

Page 17
“Hey, wait…
“Young Master!! What on earth happened yesterday!?
“From now onwards, my subordinate will be escorting you back!

Sfx: Bam
“Wha…what’s with this!?

“My family runs a business, but as we carry Hii-ojiichan’s blood, we’re prospering generation after generation!
“I’m also a part of the Nura Clan… Please allow me to do this much, Young head!

Sfx: Eeeeeekkk!
“Is…is that so!?
“Rikuo-kun, what’s with the ‘Young head’?
[] One of the seven mysteries… ‘The white snake in the fountain’. If you manage to find it, you’ll be blessed with happiness… probably.

[] Land God Shirohebi // Possesses a power that will bring in tremendous fortune. (T/N: Shirohebi = white snake)
ST: I’m old…
“Come once in a while, Shirohebi.
ST: The end

The Young head Rikuo’s new disturbance is…!?

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#1. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2010
Niphredil aready translated this chapter... But she didn't make the translation public. You can see it on her translator's page: "NuraMago bangai-hen and Tegami Bachi 42 have been sent on to their respective groups."
#2. by niphredil ()
Posted on Aug 29, 2010
Thanks for doing this and posting, I love seeing more NuraMago translations out there! (and unok-kun - just because it's being worked on, doesn't mean no one else should do it...)

A-And I just realised you're part of inmeliora, one of my favourite groups... thanks for all your work!!
#3. by kawaiiusagichan ()
Posted on Aug 30, 2010
To unok-kun: Yup, I realised. I just did this for fun. :)

To Niphredil: Oohh! It's such an honour to have you comment on it! I admire you for your NuraMago and Tegami Bachi translations! I love NuraMago (much of it due to your influence) so I just did it for fun! I like waiting for your translations though! Thanks for all your work, too!

This is my first shounen translation. I do mainly josei (inmeliora's comic zero-sum!) and shoujo, so do tell me if I have any errors! Thank you!
#4. by rukiah ()
Posted on Sep 7, 2010
thanks for kawaiiusagichan and make the translation public ^^

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