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07-Ghost 61


+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Oct 20, 2010 20:36 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 61

" - speech
[] - narration
ST - small text
Sfx - sounds
Translated for Inmeliora scanlations.

Page 1
Can their hearts connect…?

[] Why are you

[] always hiding your wounds from me?

Kapitel 61: 50/50

Page 2
Sfx: step

Page 3
Sfx: blow…

Sfx: creak

Sfx: bang bang bang

Sfx: bang

Sfx: bang bang
Sfx: step

Page 4
Sfx: grab

“I’ve got you…!

Page 5
Sfx: sway
Sfx: grabs tightly
Sfx: bang wham

“Hey… what’s up with smearing ketchup on yourself?
“S..shut up!!
ST: You came because you were worried, right?
Sfx: blush

“It was a trap to lure you out!! What’ll you do if you freeze in this weather again!?

“You erased your presence and fled for real… // Do you know what lengths I’ve gone to just to search for you…?
“You idiot… // Quit worrying me…

“Stop behaving so defenselessly towards someone who once tried to lay his hands on you.
Sfx: reach

Page 6
“…I’m sorry.

“You don’t have to force yourself if you’re afraid of me.

“I’m not afraid of you… // It’s just painful…

“I didn’t know what you were thinking.
“But I was more painful for me when you disappeared without explaining anything to me… // so…

Page 7
“Stop hiding things from me.
“If you want to devour my soul, then go right ahead!!

Page 8
“…Stop trying to provoke me… // if I devour you,

“That will mark the time I stop being human.
Sfx: slither

“Devouring me comes at a price!!

Page 9
“Prepare yourself when you come to devour me!!
Sfx: pull
“I’m going to destroy that scythe

“And drag you out, no matter how many times it takes!!!

Page 10
“I won’t let things end.

“For both you, and me.

“What a beautiful soul…

“…Well, that wouldn’t be fair.

Page 11
“Come at me with the intent to kill.

“…What’s with that? // Is it payback for what I said at Ragg’s Castle?

[] ‘If Verloren is about to revive,
[] and you judge it to be my very last moment,
[] then kill me without hesitation.

“With that, we’re even.

“…And you thought I’d accept that!? You’d better work hard yourself!!
ST: So you don’t devour me!
Sfx: whump!

“Pfft… Work hard, you say…?

Page 12
[] Did you know how hard I worked trying not to devour you ever since I met you!?
[] I couldn’t even let my guard down while sleeping; I had to live while constantly spending all my energies trying not to eat you up!!
[] How the hell would I know!! So that thirst for blood I felt from time to time while sleeping was yours, just as I thought…!!!

“…To begin with,
Why are you stuck in this messy situation after we met? // Is it because that scythe wants to devour me?

“Or does it want to corrupt my soul, just like a Wars?

“…I saw you right when you were devouring the soul of a Wars.
“It looked different from how you usually hunted,
“but if that’s also your job,

Page 13
“Then it makes sense for you to want to devour me,
“since I’ve murdered countless people, after all.

“You have an overactive imagination.
Sfx: sit
Sfx: creak
“It’s true that it’s part of my job, // but you’re different.
ST: You saw that?

[] We devour only souls which are unable to return to heaven.
[] When people die, their souls become wings and return to the side of the Chief of Heaven.
[] When the soul itself has been stained in evil, it will become hated by the Chief of Heaven, and, unable to become wings, it cannot return to Heaven.

Page 14
[] Retrieving these souls and sending them to Hades
[] was originally the job of Verloren, who was regarded to be the Chief of Heaven’s greatest masterpiece.

“It’s a place which decides the destination of the souls who are unable to go to Heaven.

[] It was also his job to sort out the destinations of souls.
[] Souls which even he could not save would turn into ashes and disappear.

Page 15
[] But one day, he committed the grave offence of killing the daughter of the Chief of Heaven,
[] escaped to the human world, and released many evil souls.

[] Thereupon, to seal him upon this very land,
[] the Chief of Heaven created the seven ghosts from shards from Verloren’s own self to oppose and punish him.

[] He created us, the seven ghosts, from the same shards as Verloren
[] after sealing Verloren upon this land.
[] Our other role was to purify the world that he had soiled.

[] The reason why we hunt and eat corrupted souls
[] Is so that when our roles as the Seven Ghosts are over, we can bring those souls with us as we return to Heaven.

Page 16
“However, // corrupted souls taste disgusting. No matter how many of them I eat, I can never be satisfied.

“That’s why I instinctively seek for beautiful and delicious souls like yours.

“Verloren’s scythe is targeting you, added to the fact that my rationality is also bordering on the edge of insanity.

“Hold on. Isn’t it strange for you to seek my soul? // My soul is dirty and filthy. Cut the crap.

Page 17
“I don’t know. You’re just extremely delicious.

“What’s with your gaze!? Don’t look at me with those eyesss!!
“Hey, you were the one who told me not to hide anything from you.
Sfx: yawn
“Well, every cloud has a silver lining. // It’s better and less stifling with us ripping out each other’s throats.

“Don’t go on accepting it like it’s natural!
“It’s obvious that my stakes are higher!!

“…Jeez. // Here.

Page 18-19
Sfx: grab
Sfx: jangle

“Put that on!
“That looks more like you that way.

“You’re my bishop-in-charge, after all.

Page 19
ST: Iiiiidiot.
“If you model yourself after me,

“That’d make you a delinquent bishop, too.

“Thanks for pulling me out.

Page 21
Sfx: fssh
“Uwah, // it’s cold!!

“Sorry, Mikage! I turned the wrong tap!!

“I was mulling over some things…

[] …When I was taken into Frau’s heart,
[] I’m sure the boy I met there
[] was probably

[] how Frau looked like in his last moments
[] when he was truly alive.

[] …Did you die because of that scythe?

Page 22
[] When I saw that the stairs of your life had crumbled halfway,
[] and saw the mark of Zehel before me,
[] upon realizing that you had been reborn as a Seven Ghost,
[] just like Ilyusha-san and Xinglu-san,
Sfx: roar

[] My emotions were uncontrollable.

Page 23
[] Perhaps,
[] sharing the same moments with you,
[] whom I may have never been able to meet,

Page 24
[] could be considered an extraordinary miracle…

Page 25

Sfx: Bam
ST: sip…
ST: glug…

“We were about to freeze, you know?
ST: You’re so slow in realizing it.
“How cold of you, Frau.

Page 26
“If you don’t like being covered in ice, then go back to your own rooms to warm up!!
ST: You guys are noisy!!

“Just kidding!
Sfx: flap

ST: Up we go.
“And to think we even brought you your share, too.
“It’s a heater that can work for 24 hours.

“…Geez. // So you were peeping ever since I returned to the room?
“Nope, starting from when you were devouring Velne-san’s soul.

Page 27
“It’d be terrible if you really ate Teito-kun’s soul, after all.
ST: It came out, Frau.
“It’s insurance, got it? Insurance.

“I was positive Teito-kun would help you overcome this,
“since it’s him we’re talking about, after all.

“Good for you, Frau.
“I wonder how much this costs.
“…So // why are you participating in this race?

“We’d be worried,
“If you’re planning to go to the First District’s God House, the Barsburg royal palace, on your own.

Page 28
“If you don’t break through the defences of the Empire’s military forces, // you can’t reach the Barsburg Palace, which is situated in the middle of the Houburg Fortress.

“We’ll accompany you, too.
Sfx: vroon

What will await Teito and company at the First District as they delve further into the truth?

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