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07-Ghost 62

The Villian

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Oct 20, 2010 20:37 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 62

" - speech
[] - narration
ST - small text
Sfx - sounds
Translated for Inmeliora scanlations.

Page 1
Trapped within the conspiracy…

“What a beautiful jewel.
Kapitel 62: The Villian

“If we could just eradicate General Oak,
“The Eye of Michael will be ours to control.

“All that’s left
“is merely to capture the user of the Eye, // that’s all…

Page 2
[] Oh, God!
[] Is there any human who can ever resist // the lure of controlling the world as he wishes?

Sfx: clack
Sfx: clack

“Urgh… my eyes have gone hazy after being bathed in the light of the “Eye”…

“My only chance of getting the “Eye”…
“is before that Ayanami butts in…
Sfx: hazy

Page 3
“If only I could obtain that eye…!!
“If I do…

[] “Wow, you’re amazing!”

Sfx: push

Page 4
“have done… many heinous things…

“which can never
“be undone…

Sfx: whump

“How regrettable, Rear Admiral Nabiki of the Third Fleet.

“The Eye of Michael is mine.

Page 5
“ “I, Nabiki, teamed up with Rear Admiral Shiroki // and plotted to assassinate Rear Admiral Ogi and General Oak
“to assume the topmost rank within the military in order to obtain the Eye of Michael,

“But, unable to bear the weight of the sins I carry, I have decided to die in atonement for my sins.
“In addition, I would like to plead for a lenient sentence for Rear Admiral Shiroki.”

“What do you have to say about this?
“Rear Admiral Shiroki of the Second Fleet.

Page 6
Sfx: Bam!
“That suicide note is a fake!!

“There’s no way… I would even contemplate killing you…!!
“Please, have mercy!! General Oak!!

Sfx: gasp

“How unfortunate, Rear Admiral Shiroki.

Sfx: wave

“Ge… // General Oak!!

Page 7
“Ogi… // Y-you baaassstttaaarrrrdddd!!!

“Hmph… haha. // That suicide note I wrote was a fine piece of work.

“Still, to think Shiroki committed suicide… // heh heh… The only one left is…

“General Oak, isn’t it?

Page 8
“You did a wonderful job in cornering Rear Admiral Shiroki.

“Oh, Katsuragi. Are you finished with the preparations? // We’re going to deal with Ayanami in front of Oak. This is the perfect chance to do it, with him on the verge of death…!!
Sfx: clack
Sfx: clack
“No, the only one left is you.

“What… did you… say…?
“Don’t tell me…

“Are you saying that you have betrayed me, you bastard!?
Sfx: clack
“Whether it’s betrayal or anything…

“The only person I love and respect is Ayanami-sama, him and him alone.

Page 9
“What the hell are you talking about… don’t you remember!?
“Who was it who took care of you since you were 15… // and who adored you so much?!

“The resentment I’ve had during the Raggs War… // You swore to take revenge on Ayanami together with me, didn’t you!?
Sfx: clack
Sfx: clack

Sfx: rumble
Sfx: rumble

“Whaaat!? His Majesty also enlisted the Black Hawks for the war?
“This spot is also within firing range!!

Sfx: boom
Sfx: boom
“Retreat!! We’ll get caught up in the firing!!

Page 10
Sfx: pow pow pow
Sfx: rumble

“They didn’t make it. // My entire unit has been annihilated.

Page 11
“You were my only subordinate who managed to make it back…

[] “Ka…Katsuragi!! Is that you!?”
[] “Yes sir.”

[] “You…you did a good job making it back alive!!”

[] The resentment of having my unit annihilated…
[] We’ll definitely take revenge on Ayanami!!
“I won’t…

“I won’t let you say that you’ve forgotten that!!!

“…I // have only one thing which I hate.

Page 12
“Those eyes of yours.

“With those eyes, you have envied,
“betrayed, // and looked down on many people.

“That expression you harbor as if you’re looking at something dirty…
“Do you have any idea how ugly that is?

Sfx: step

Sfx: whump
“Ayanami-sama doesn’t look at others with such a miserable look.

Page 13
Sfx: comes closer
“When you look at me,

“I feel
“This extremely intolerable feeling as if I’m having mud rubbed right into my soul.

Page 14
Sfx: drop

“Here, the Eye of Michael you wanted so badly.
“Despite my looks, I’m a man of integrity.

“The one who took care of me was, unfortunately, not you.

“Not a single one // of your subordinates
“Survived the war ten years ago.

Page 15
Sfx: pow pow

“Third fleet Intelligence Unit, Lieutenant Commander Katsuragi.
“H…help me…

Sfx: bang
[] His immediate superior is that Oak which Ayanami-sama finds an eyesore…
[] This’ll be convenient.
Sfx: grin

[] It was a simple operation. Since his physique was similar to mine,
[] I only had to work on his face. I reconstructed the cheekbones and nose,
[] Thinned out the flesh, and slit the mouth a little wider…

[] Everything I do is for the sake of Ayanami-sama.

Page 16
“Rear Admiral Ogi is dead?

“Yes sir. The researchers of the Eye found the Eye of Michael
“in his hand after he died.

“…What about Ayanami?
“Yes sir. The Chief of Staff has not yet emerged from the regeneration tank! // Besides, the location of the Eye is…

“…That place
“has a secure security system in place. People without the secret access code are unable to infiltrate it.
“I’m sure only the higher-ups and the researchers are able to enter the place.

Page 17
“The trio was destroyed by their greed for the Eye… // …so it seems.
“However, Ayanami’s alibi // looks too obviously guiltless, that it’s fishy.

“From the beginning,
“He saw through their greed, huh…

“However, even if the higher-ups are eliminated, // the only one with the authority to control the Eyes of Raphael and Michael is the general, which is me.
“As long as I’m alive…
Sfx: tick tick tick

Sfx: snap

Page 18
“Will they’ll kill me, I wonder…?

Sfx: blug blug

Sfx: clack clack

Sfx: pull
“Thank you for your work, Colonel Katsuragi.

Page 19

“Yes sir.
“You did well in infiltrating the locations of the Eye.
“I had no trouble in doing something as simple as gaining Ogi’s trust.

Page 20
“By the way, are you hungry, perhaps?
“We’ve brought a specially made nutrition-replenishing jelly for you!
Sfx: open
“I made it together with him, so the taste should be all right.
“There’s the wine flavor, the coffee flavor, and the blue sky sauce flavor!

“Now that the three hindrances are dead, // the one that’s left is…

Sfx: twack

Page 21
Sfx: fwsh

Sfx: plop

“What’s wrong, Katsuragi?
“…Nothing. It must have been my imagination.

“Recently, there has been a rat // which has been sneakily sniffing around this place.

Sfx: rustle

Page 22
“It doesn’t hurt to be too cautious.
Sfx: clink

[] …Going back three days earlier
“…Well then, please close your eyes slowly.

Page 23
“You will fall asleep on the count of three.
[] In the royal palace’s central research laboratory at the Houburg Fort in the First District…

“Pulse rate: 56 beats/minute.

“Infusing manipulative-type zaiphon.

“Brain waves normal.

Page 24-25
“Commencing maintenance of the Eye of Raphael.
“Continuing into the depths of the Princess’s psyche.

Page 26
“…Do you know who I am?
Sfx: whrrrrr

“…Doctor Nanase…

“That’s right… Good girl.
“Now, which child is it today?

Sfx: roar
“I’m Ouka. // I’m Raphael.

Page 27
“There are traces of the usage of Raphael.
Sfx: clatter

“Alpha waves increasing 25%.
“It’s within 72 hours.

“It’s been three years…
“At that time, the hypnotism was unsuccessful, and this place was blown off, wasn’t it?

“Well, we’re letting Ouka-chan sleep for today.
“Well then, my proud sublime Raphael-chan, how old are you right now?

“I am three years old, as is my mistress.

Page 28
“She was three years old the other day, too. Hasn’t she grown?
“…It can’t be helped. // That was when her trauma occurred.

“Pulse rate rising to 70 beats/minute.

“The Eye of Raphael has been making use of the personality that Ouka-sama has been unconsciously suppressing to appear.

“We’re just controlling it effectively, that’s all.

Page 29
“You’re a little excited today. What happened?

“The user of the Eye of Michael is alive.

Sfx: twitch twitch
“We must kill those people from Raggs.

“When and where did you meet him?
“70 hours 24 minutes and 35 seconds ago, // at the Fourth District’s Krat House.

“…Must… Raggs…

Page 30
“We must kill every single person from Raggs.
Sfx: screech

“The Princess is awakening…!!
“Pulse rate: 129 beats/minute!!
“Inject 30mm of the anxiolytic drug!!

“Raphael-chan, this place is filled only with your allies. // It’s fine.
Sfx: gasp gasp
“Calm down and breathe slowly… that’s right…

Page 31
“The Princess has fallen back to sleep.
“Listen carefully, Raphael-chan. // You mustn’t ever activate when the citizens are watching.
“It’ll attract danger for Ouka-chan.

“Danger for my mistress…
“Then it can’t be helped… // the Raggs people…

“The military will capture the Raggs people for us. // It’d be terrible if Ouka-chan was injured, after all.
“…And that person’s name is?

“His official title is Warheit Tiashe Raggs, // Doctor Nanase.

Page 32
“Thank you, Raphael-chan. // Well then… please sleep for a while.
“On the count of three, Ouka-chan will awaken.

Sfx: opens eyes

“Ouka-sama, the maintenance is over. // How are you feeling?
“Doctor Nanase… // I feel terrible…

“I’ll prescribe some medicine for you. // Please take it twice daily after meals.

Page 33
“…I’m always sleeping, though… // are you sure it’s okay for me to not do anything?
Sfx: wobble

“Yes, this is also a respectable task.
“Here are your clothes, Ouka-sama.

“…I see.
“Thank you, Doctor.

“Report the matter of ‘Warheit Tiashe Raggs’ immediately to the General!!

Page 34
“…It’s surprising that there would be a survivor of the Raggs royalty.
“Furthermore, to think that he’s come into contact with the Princess…

“I want to analyze this data as quickly as possible.

“It’s his destiny to come here eventually…

Teito and Ouka, who grasp the keys. The gears of fate continue to turn…

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