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07-Ghost 63

Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Nov 20, 2010 17:32 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 63

For Inmeliora Scanlations

Page 1
[] “I vowed to live true to myself.”
[] “I don’t want to lose the light shining within me.”
That which becomes a cornerstone…

[] “If I do so, I’m confident that I’ll be able to accept whatever happens.”

Page 2-3
Kapitel 63: Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg
A noble light blooming in tranquility…

Page 4
Sfx: chirp chirp
Sfx: step step

Page 5
“Good morning, Roseamanelle-sama.

“Good morning.

Page 6
“Princess, // allow us to inform you of the schedule for today.

“At ten in the morning, you are to attend the military’s decoration presentation ceremony,
“Have lunch with Sem country’s guest of honour in the Eastern garden at noon, // then go to the Empire’s hospital for a sympathy visit at three in the afternoon…
Sfx: step step

“Oh! // Good morning, Ouka-sama.

“Aunt Granne.

Page 7
“Good morning.
“You’re cute today, too, as always. // Ufufu. That’s right,

“Would you care to take a look at my new pet?
Sfx: clink

“It has such an amusing face, don’t you think?
Sfx: wheeze wheeze

“…Haven’t I told you many times
“Whine for me.
“to refrain from doing acts which trample upon a person’s dignity…?

Page 8
“Oh my! As someone who has not officially ascended to the throne, // I am afraid you have absolutely no authority to order me around.
“How troubling…

“Due to your incessant remarks, I got tired of my last pet,
“and disposed of it just the other day.

“How dare you say that to Ouka-sama…
Sfx: move

“Granne-sama, please forgive me for the interruption.

Page 9
“Oh my, who might you be?
“I hate boys with pretty faces with a passion.

“I am honoured to receive such high praise.
“I have been appointed to be Ouka-sama’s new tutor. // My name is Hakuren Oak.

“As it is predicted that there will be strong winds at noon, // it is of my humble opinion that it would be best if you set off for the health resort at Ukishima F1 as soon as possible…
Sfx: bow

Page 10
“Is that so?
Sfx: clap clap
Sfx: kick
“How unpleasant. Make preparations to leave as quickly as possible.
“Yes, ma’am.

Sfx: hohohoho
“…Thanks, Hakuren.

“Amazing… He managed to handle that Granne-sama…
“Just now, I…
“As expected of an Oak…
“I’m used to handling people like her.

Page 11
“Hahaha, isn’t this pretty?
“Jade-green eyes are especially valuable due to their rarity. // I’m probably the only one who has a collection of this size.

“The slave arena was really fun!
“Looking at the place where those filthy slaves kill each other and die gives me the shivers!
“I didn’t know that even consumables had such a value to their existence.

[] Why are the royalty
[] this rotten…?
Sfx: step step
Sfx: Ufufufu
Sfx: Hahahaha
Sfx: hohoho

Page 12
“Why does this place only have ladies-in-waiting…?

“Hold it right there.

“What are you doing? This black tea is for Ouka-sama…
[] It looks like the usual ladies-in-waiting are on sick leave.

“That tea has been poisoned.

Page 13

“This is your first time experiencing this, right, Hakuren-san?
“It’s quite common.

“Even within the palace, there exist people who are after the life of Ouka-sama,
[] Since she is the first in succession to the throne.

[] Even within the palace, too…!!

“There’s a reaction.
Sfx: von

“My healing-type zaiphon can react to all poisons, // and can remove poisons by containment.
Sfx: vooon

“This is why I check all foods.
ST: If there’s no poison, my zaiphon disappears.
Sfx: bubble
“So it’s just like the froth of detergent which contains and cleans up the dirt.

Page 14
“By the way, // it also has the drawback of reacting to stuff such as overly spicy food,
“But since the princess doesn’t like spicy food, it’s killing two birds with one stone.
“I will go and remake the tea.
[] Spicy food lover
“That’s inconvenient.

“You should also be careful with what you consume.
Sfx: throw

“This is…?
ST: A compact?
Sfx: click
“This is a healing zaiphon compression pack made by Kikune.
ST: You can only use attack type zaiphon, correct?

“If you press that button, zaiphon will be released.
Sfx: voon
“Hey… stop wasting it!!

“Well then, please open your book to page 155.

Page 15
“Let’s review the last lesson regarding the history of the Empire.

Sfx: stare stare

Sfx: whisper
“Did you study together with Teito like this, too?
“That’s right. // …Allow me to show you the item, as promised.

“Oooohh, no doubt about it!!

“Mine’s a cat, and this one’s supposed to be a rabbit.
“My mistake… I don’t get the difference…

Page 16
“Were you close to Teito // since the first time you met him in the church?

“No, we were even fighting in the outset.
“He was not only awkward, // but also short-tempered and stubborn, and above all, he was a crybaby to boot. He was a really troublesome person…
ST: Huh!? What the hell are you saying, you bastard!?

“…But, // Teito changed my life.

[] …He said this to me, who resented my totalitarian father.

[] “I’m grateful to your father.”
[] “Thanks to him, you left home, and because of that, I was able to meet you.”

“At first, I found it impossible to be grateful to my father for that reason. // But when I thought about how, thanks to him, I managed to meet a wonderful friend…
“I felt my resentment melt slightly…

Page 17
“Somehow, // it felt a little easier for me to live compared to in the past.

[] Teito’s words

[] “I swore to live true to myself,”
[] “I don’t want to lose the light shining within me.”

[] Resounded directly within my heart.

[] He

Page 18
[] Was just like a warm light, illuminating my lonely path.

“Good morning, Ouka-sama.

“Good morning.

“Would you please take a look at my new…

“As I will be going to an art exhibition, please allow me to excuse myself.
Sfx: bow

“I hope that you will not lose sight of the light as well, Aunt.

Page 19
“I’ve had enough of playing with my pet. // You may take your leave.
“As you wish.

“Hmph… Honestly! What an impudent brat.

“…It’s somewhat embarrassing to be honest with people you can’t handle, isn’t it?

“The Princess is acting strange?
“I have this feeling that there’s something wrong with the princess ever since we returned from the fourth district…
“You’re reading too much into it, Gyokuran.

Page 20

“You aren’t wearing the earrings which you inherited from your mother on one side… where is it?
ST: Oh.
“I gave it away as a thank-you gift to someone who helped me // when I was attacked by a villain in the Fourth District.

“You gave it away…!? The national treasure-grade jewel that only members of the royalty are allowed to possess!?

“…No, I mustn’t think about that for now…
“More importantly, the damned Oak… his relationship with the princess is getting better and better…!!
ST: Unforgivable!
“Geez, your act of treating him like a rival has gone overboard.

“But I hate that guy’s pedigree!!
“Just because he’s an Oak, he thinks he can get anything he wants!!

“…But apparently Hakuren-san left home at the age of 11 and chose to pursue the path of a bishop.

Page 21
“Without any help of any kind,
“He knocked on the doors of the church, alone…

Page 22
“What’s wrong, Hakuren? Are you carsick?

“Please don’t mind me… I’m just ladysick.
ST: I’m just not used to being surrounded by girls for long periods of time…
“What!? Does that exist!?
“Wha… how rude!

“This started when I was young…
“What’s this album, father?
“You are to wed a good wife when you come of age so you can succeed the Oak family.

“From now on, take your time and choose carefully.
ST: Katrina, 14 years old

[] Day
[] after day…

“Kyaah!! Young Master!!
Sfx: bawl

Page 23
“Even after I left home, he used unknown means to investigate my whereabouts, // and no matter how often I moved from one church to the other, he would always send photos for marriage interviews…
ST: It was an intimidating mystery…
“It’s trauma, huh…
“As expected of the Oaks…
“They’re insane…
“That must have been dreadful…

“Don’t – come – any –closer!!
ST: Stare
ST: How nice.
ST: Stare
“For someone who’s suffered so much, you have such glossy hair and bright skin. // What kind of shampoo do you use?

“I use the church’s handmade shampoo.
“Though, isn’t the beauty of one’s hair and skin a quality determined by birth?

“As expected, he uses such abusive language even at such a time…
“No, I guess it’s natural…

“This path leads straight to the 11 division’s art museum, then? // Let us walk there.

Page 24
“Please wait, I’ll prepare the umbrella…
“It feels good like this!

“When you go out, you should cover your face with your hood to avoid showing your face…
Sfx: disappointed
ST: How troublesome.
“I know.

“Even if you have gotten some free time due to your foreign language teacher being on sick leave, // that is no excuse to let your hair down.
“I know.

“What’s that…? That light… it has a really whitish glow for a gas lamp…

“Is this your first time seeing it?

Page 25
“That’s a street lamp which uses zaiphon as energy.
“Up till now, zaiphon has been reserved for military use, // but it has began to be very widely used in normal districts these days.

“It’ll take a few more years before the use of zaiphon lamps spreads through all the districts.

“Before humans were born, zaiphon originally existed as the energy of life of the land to support the continent of Ukishima, but

“Within the past few years, the Empire has succeeded in extracting massive amounts of zaiphon from the land, // giving birth to new industries in place of gas and quicklime.
“The first district has become the pioneer district, which all districts will be modeled after.

“Transportation is no longer dependent on animals, // and is beginning to utilize zaiphon as a new source of power.
“Transportation, too…

Page 26
Sfx: roar

“The remarkable progress of zaiphon doesn’t just stop there.
“Besides words, images and sounds can now be sent as signals to far away places by using manipulative-type zaiphon.

“This technology was also restricted to military use in the past, but it’s been slowly liberalized for normal use.

“Just recently, it was installed in the First District’s city.
ST: I believe it’s the plaza ahead…

“I was also involved in its development, so // would everyone like to look at the newest images?

Page 27
“Kick-starting the second day of the race is

Page 28
“Stylish Da M Soldier and Great Pink Prince…!!!

Page 29

“The second day of the race was unfortunately delayed for 4 days due to bad weather at Ukishima F3,
“But it restarts starting today!!

“They’re blasting off from F3 to the First District!!!
“This is the same hat as Pink Prince’s!! Come and buy it!!
“That brat’s pretty awesome for being so young!!

Page 30
“I should’ve bet on him!!

“Did you see that!? He did a backflip on the hawkzile!!
Sfx: wooow

“Hey you, you’re frolicking about like a kid!!

“That’s because they’re finally coming over to the First District!!

“This is the first time I’ve seen such an exciting race!!

Page 31
Wild enthusiasm for the Hawkzile race! Will Teito and Ouka’s wish to meet again be granted…?

Sfx: roar

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