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07-Ghost 64


+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Dec 3, 2010 09:18 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 64

" - Dialogue
[] - Narration
Sfx - sound
ST - small text

Translated for Inmeliora Scanlations.

Page 1
Kapitel 64: Tiashe
Embrace the sacred memories…

Page 2
“The stage for the second day of the Hawkzile race will begin from Ukishima F3
“with the Houburg Fort in the First District as the goal!! // The racers will be staying at Houburg View, the Empire Hotel which has a world-class 5-star rating!!
Box: Fourth District, First District

“There’ll be a view of skyscrapers from the window, with the fort at the centre!!
“The lighting-up at night will be a magnificent sight!! // My… how romantic!

Page 3
“Leading the race are the new stars, Stylish Da M Soldier and Great Pink Prince…!!!
“Each of the racers will utilize their time leads from the first day of the race as a headstart!!

“The first is a slalom course in the air from F3 to the First District…!!

“If they fail to pass through all the designated barrier rings, the racers will be disqualified!!

Page 4
“Are you all right, Frau?
“Relax, I received a heater from Lab, so I won’t freeze this time.

“Though, this Hawkzile isn’t suited for use in such cold weather…
Sfx: vroom

“Heeeeeeeeyyy Da Mmmmmm!!
“Your machine won’t be able to withstand the cold weather!!!

Sfx: screech
“Quit pushing!! // The barrier’s…

“Ah… oh no!!
“Having directly touched the barrier, the Zea and Emily pair is out of the running!
Sfx: boom

Page 5
“Move it move it move it…!!
Sfx: Vroom vroom

“You’re watching the star performance of Karl-sama and Parl-sama!!
“Normal attacks won’t work on those brats!!

“This is the final weapon which will blast them into smithereens!!!
Sfx: screech

Page 6
“Eat this!! // Our great custom-made Pink Magnum!!!
Sfx: boom

Sfx: grip

Sfx: hit

“No waaaaaayyyy!!!

Page 7
Sfx: boom
Sfx: sputter
“It really blasted them to smithereens.
“Ahh…!! // The brave competitors are being done in one after the other…!!!

“Continuing the lead is da M and Pink Prince!! // The female fans are already high-strung!!
“For real?
“You’re so cool, Stylish-sama…!!
“Kya…!! Marry me…!!

“Come here to me, my honeys.

Sfx: wham
ST: Yeah!

Page 8
“W…why are we standing out this much?
ST: Even though we just wanted to go to the First District in peace!!
“Frau, // reduce the speed!!

“Let’s slip into their midst!!
“Don’t be an idiot, // they’ll mob us!!
Sfx: menacing

“So the little midget’s still here!! Why don’t you just retire from the race!!

Sfx: bonk

Page 9
“Here is Jigg and Peria, on standby in front of the Venelza Castle!!

“They have an unfavourable 14 minute delay!!!

[] About 72 minutes after the start of the race,
[] The leader of the group has arrived within the territorial airspace of the First District.

“And there we have a clear view of the continent of the First District!!

“The scenery unfolding before us right now // is a vestige of the Raggs War…

Page 10-11
“The “Eye of God”!!!

Page 12
Sfx: ba-thump

[] “Protect everyone!!”
Sfx: ba-thump

[] “Stop that kid!!”

Page 13
[] “The Eye of Raphael // has fallen!!”
Sfx: ba-thump

Sfx: ba-thump
[] That’s…
[] Those remains are…

Page 14
[] Those were the remains that I left
[] When I intercepted Raphael during the Raggs War…

Sfx: fwump

Page 15
“Tiashe!! That’s enough!!
“Please, stop it…!!

“I don’t know… why… I can’t… move… // but…
“Neither… can she…

“I hope… // she’ll be… // all right…

“It hasn’t even been a full two days since the resonance began…

Page 16
“Prepare our troops against the further advancement of the Barsburg Army!!
“Hasn’t the reply from the God Houses arrived yet!? // Go to them in person at once…

[] Ah…
[] It’s the burning smell of the land…

“Tiashe… no, Teito… can you stand?

Sfx: wobble

Page 17
“You’re a strong child who never gives up till the end. // You have to listen to what the Father says, okay?

Sfx: touch

“Thanks for being born…
“I’m the happiest person in the universe.

Sfx: smooth
“Thanks for bringing me into this world, Daddy…

“…? What’s wrong? // Daddy… are you hurting anywhere?
“Are you okay?

Page 18
“Kreuz… // You will go to the God Houses to relay the news directly to them.
“Yes sir!

“I will remain in the castle.
“One last thing…

“…Could you erase all the memories of Tiashe that I have within me?

“There exists within the ‘enemy’ people who wish for Verloren’s revival.
“If there’s a chance that they’ll search within my memories when I’m captured… that must never happen.

Page 19
“May God protect you…

[] “Father, where are we going?”
[] “We’re going to tell everyone the truth.”

“This way!!
“I can see some survivors!!
Sfx: vroom

“Heh! It’s a priest and a kid! // This’ll be easy!!


Page 20
Sfx: slash

“The Beast squadron Black… // appears!!
Sfx: thud thud


“I’m sorry I’m late, Prince, Kreuz-dono.

Page 21
“Agas-dono… // Mark-dono, and even Caran-dono…
“Why are you here…?

“We’ve been ordered by His Majesty to guard you to the God Houses.
“The mountainous road ahead has a strong magnetic field, so we cannot proceed via Hawkzile.
“Let us proceed quickly.

“Okay, let us go.

Page 22
“Uwah!! The Hawkziles have suddenly gone berserk!
Sfx: screech
Sfx: sizzle
“Abandon it and advance!!

“It appears that the number of pursuers have increased.

“I’ll take care of this.
“You guys go on quickly.
Sfx: clink


“Mar-kun!! Mar-kun!!

“You have to catch up with us, okay? Promise!

Page 23
“My heart will always be with you, Prince.

Sfx: boom

“A swordsman so strong he can split the land…?

“To think that a warrior of such skill still remained…

Page 24
“We can’t approach him like this!! We have to wait for reinforcements…
“Damn it…

Page 25
“Make way.
“You’re blocking me.
Sfx: appear

“Tha…that guy’s with the Black Hawks…!!

Sfx: step

Page 26
“Will you let me have some fun?

Sfx: dash

Sfx: pop

Page 27
“Father!! Go back!!
Sfx: whirl

“Mar-kun’s in trouble!!

Sfx: whump

“Hmm, you’re not half bad!

Page 28
“But you’re boring.
Sfx: throw

Sfx: drip drip

“Father!! Go back!!

“I will not.
“We have to hurry up, for Mark’s sake, too…!!

Page 29
[] Prince, please do not be sad.

[] It is my pride // to do this.

[] My heart

[] Will always be with you, Prince.

Page 30
Sfx: boom

Sfx: running

“Wha… the land has sunken…!?
Sfx: sizzle

Page 31
Sfx: reach

“Huff… my, oh my.
Sfx: clatter
“I’d be dead if I wasn’t a Warsfeil.

“Well then…
Sfx: throw

Mark has fallen!
Where will Hyuuga head towards…?

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