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07-Ghost 65

Tiashe 2

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Jan 21, 2011 21:45 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 65

For Inmeliora Scanlations

Page 1
Kapitel 65: Tiashe 2

“We’ll reach the port in about 2km via this shortcut!!

“As of now, we may still be able to make it through the neutral Rald dukedom
“and enter the Barsburg Empire.

“Judging by the alertness of the patrolling enemy forces, // I’d say that they have yet to invade the port in the inner areas!!
Box: Raggs Kingdom, Rald dukedom, Barsburg Empire

[] “If the body of Veloren is provided with a soul, the seal will no longer be effective.”
[] “The vessel for tonight”
[] “is truly beautiful.”

Seeking the beginning of a solution…

Page 2
“We’ve got to inform the Empire of the Pope’s betrayal!!
“We have to stop this war somehow!!!
Sfx: boom boom

Page 5
Sfx: ba-thump

“? This is Ka-kun’s precious muffler…

“Please take care of it until I return.

Page 6
Sfx: throw

Sfx: clang

Page 7
“Do you think // the Pandora’s box is still in the Raggs Kingdom?

Sfx: voon

Page 8
Sfx: fwsssh

Page 9
Sfx: boom

Sfx: step

“You’re pretty good.

Page 10
Sfx: vrrrrr

Sfx: boom


Page 11
“Ka-kun’s in trouble!!

[] Please…
[] Activate…!!
Sfx: voon

Sfx: fwssh

Page 12
[] Why has ‘seeing’
[] become the only thing I can do?

[] Mar-kun!!
[] Ka-kun!!

“You mustn’t!! If you use any more power, you’ll die, too!!

“If you wield a sword of wind,
Sfx: slash

Sfx: boom

Page 13
“Then I’ll just rain down a shower of swords.
Sfx: rumble

“Ka-kun’ll die!!!

“Ka-kun, you’re always wearing a muffler…
“Do you feel cold? Are you alright?

“No, Prince. This is my lucky charm. // I received this from a Sister when I was an orphan.

Page 14
Sfx: clink clink clink clink

“So Ka-kun loves that person.
“Lo… (Cough cough)
“Ah, just as I thought, you’ve caught a cold!!
“No, that’s not it.
“You need to sleep…

Page 15
“My, oh my.

“To have received such a reception
“must mean that I’ve got the right spot.

“Still, these people use such interesting techniques.

“Something like this, I guess?
Sfx: fwssh

Page 16
Sfx: voooon

Sfx: boom

Page 17
Sfx: pow pow pow

Sfx: fwssh

Page 18
Sfx: block


Page 19

Sfx: slash

Sfx: boom

Page 20
Sfx: fwsssh

“There it is!

“Beyond the bridge!!
“A second wave is coming!!

Sfx: gasp

Page 21
Sfx: ba-thump

[] Help.

“Commencing research…
[] …Raphael?
[] What happened?
[] You were not supposed to be able to awaken any more.
“Raphael awakening at 1263.5 km south southeast…

Page 22
“Access level 10…

“There is a response to an attack by the Eye of Raphael!!!
“It’s set to target my master!!!

“7 seconds to impact!!!


Ah… jeez.
“I was at a good spot, so please don’t interrupt me.

Page 26
Sfx: crumble crumble

Sfx: grab
“Nice catch!!

Sfx: boom


Page 27
“Prince, this is the last game of toss-me-up we’re playing, okay?



Page 28

Sfx: shine

Page 29
Sfx: boom

Page 30
“He was supposed to have become beyond recovery just like Master…

Page 31
“As expected of the first Princess. She is a vessel appropriate for becoming the next Empress.
“With the upgraded brainwashing program, we have succeeded in the optimization of the rebooted program.

Page 32
The tragic form of the young Ouka. What is happening in the Barsburg Empire…?

“Well then, please observe
“the true power of the Eye of Raphael.

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