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GDGD-Dogs 1

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Feb 25, 2011 16:58 | Go to GDGD-Dogs

-> RTS Page for GDGD-Dogs 1

Page 1
Middle: A tedious daily routine // truly begins!
Left: Who the hell are these guys!?
Bottom: Two books at once!!
The previous issue’s name (rough draft) for the prologue will be printed in the supplemental of ‘Digital ARIA’ in its entirety! With this, you’ll be able to completely understand it!
Tooyama Ema

Page 3
[] Hello everyone! I’m Tezuka Kanna.
Sign: Normal course, Manga course

Sfx: sulk
[] I’m a normal girl attending the manga artist course in high school.

[] …However, I’m keeping a secret from everyone else. The truth is…
Sfx: bonk

“I’m really sorry! Are you all right?
“Geez, what are you doing, Hitomi?
“I’m really sorry!
“It’s fine…

ST: You’re such a klutz.
ST: Oopsie.

Page 4
[] I know very well that I’m the down-to-earth sort who finds fulfillment in her daily life.
“Being apologized to hurts my feelings, on the contrary…

[] Being fulfilled in real life means that I mustn’t waste even a single second.
[] That’s because I have something that I absolutely have to do!!
Sign: Normal course, manga course

[] I’m keeping this under wraps, but the truth is,
Sfx: flip
[] I’ve debuted in a shoujo magazine and I’m currently serializing for the very first time!!

[] And…

Page 5
[] If I’m unable to get favourable survey results with my serialization, I’m going to get cut from the magazine.
Sfx: wham

ST: Second from the back

[] This is bad! Really bad!!
“That’s because my magazine publishes the stories in order of their survey results…

[] I’m vehemently opposed to having my series cut!!

[] Anyway, I have to devote all of my time in school to my manga!
Sfx: clatter

Page 6
Ah! // Yahoo-!

Sfx: slam

Page 7
“Oh? Tezuka-san, are you not going in?

“Sensei… There are students from the normal course in the classroom.

“Oh my!
“But we’re in the manga artist course! ST: Yay!
Sfx: clatter

[] Eh?
ST: Eh…

[] Why…

[] Why…

[] Why are such good-looking guys aiming to be manga artists!?
Sfx: wham

Page 8
“But… // you three weren’t at the entrance ceremony yesterday, were you?
ST: I dun gettit…

“I apologise… The truth was, while I running near the shoe racks yesterday…
“I’m very late!
Sfx: dash

Sfx: crash
Sfx: flutter flutter

“Sorry, I was in a rush…
“Ah, it’s fine. More importantly, you dropped something…

Page 9
“…Hey, is this yours?
“Ah… Yup. What about it?
“I see. So you’re that kind of person, huh?

“What the hell!? Are you making fun of my JumO!? (Note: This is Weekly Shounen Jump, lol.)
“It’s the hottest magazine out there right now!!

“Hmph, mine won’t lose in popularity. This magazine is shines brilliantly like the sun, true to its name.
“And contrary to its name, it goes on sale on Wednesdays, doesn’t it!? (Note: This is probably Weekly Shounen Sunday.)

“Hey hey, aren’t you guys forgetting my ‘Aria’? (Note: Aria is the magazine that GDGD-Dogs is running in.)
“Who’d know that magazine!? ST: That’s a normal magazine, isn’t it!?
“…And with that, a rift started…

Sfx: pant pant

Page 10
“…But well, they’re all manga, aren’t they?
“All creators are amazing.

“…Could it be that you’re in the same manga artist course that I’m in?
“I’m in it, too.
“Eh!! Both of you are in that course, as well!?

Sfx: Pfft

“What the hell, doesn’t that make us comrades?
ST: konk!
“I’ll be in your care from now on, kay?
“…And thus, as we got deeper into our conversation, we forgot about attending the ceremony.

“So that’s what happened.

Page 11
[] You’re kidding, right?

[] There’s just no way people who just met each other could become so well-acquainted!
[] And the fact that amongst the three of them, one of them had ‘Aria’, is just too much of a coincidence!

“Well, since it seems as if just the four of you will be present for today,
“Get along well with each other and do some self-study, okay?
[] Eh?

ST: Good luck-!
[] Wai…

Sfx: silence

Page 12
Sfx: stare

[] This is just impossible… // I just hate getting along with people, and I especially find handsome men (laughs) disgusting!!

[] I guess I should just get going for today.
“Hey, hey.
Sfx: tap tap

Page 13
“I’m Akatsuka Fumio!
Sfx: Yay!
“I aim to become a manga artist so I can buy and read manga as part of my job as a manga artist!

[] I didn’t ask you, blondie!! // Are you an elementary schooler, or what!?
“What a petty dream.

“I’m Fuji Fujio.
“My dream is to sweep away the biggest manga awards: the Kodansha manga award, the Shougakugan manga award, and the Tezuka Osamu cultural award.
[] And what is he going to do with all that!?

[] Winning awards aren’t qualifications, mind you!!

Page 14
“I’m Ishinomori Shouta. I want my manga to be made into a Hollywood movie.
“I intend to surpass Miyazaki’s animes.
Sfx: Teehee.
[] And oh god, He’s already crossed the line into delusion!!

[] …That’s why I hate ordinary people… // Hmm? // Well, I guess I feel a tiny affinity with this glasses guy.

“By the way, calling me ‘Glasses’ is a no-no.
[] Gosh, that feeling immediately turned into dislike.

Sfx: stare
“…I’m Tezuka Kanna.
Sfx: fwip

[] I’d better not associate with them too much…
“I’m leaving…
“Hey, Tezuka-san,

Page 15
“You’re a manga artist, aren’t you?

“Gotcha!! Did I hit the nail on the head? Huh?
Sfx: retreat

[] How… how did they know…?
“I had that feeling when I glanced at your drawings yesterday.
“When I googled it, it was written on Wiki that you were the same age as us.
[] Damn Wiki!!

“…And so, we have something we’d like to consult with you.
Sfx: gasp

[] Could these guys be planning to exhort me in exchange for keeping my secret…?
Sfx: pale…
[] But if this goes out, it could be troublesome…
“The truth is…

Page 16
“Could you teach us how to draw manga?

“But… you’ll learn that in class…
“Without gathering teaching staff, it’s impossible for this school to have proper lessons, right?

Page 17
“I’m want to debut
“and live in a house just like Umezu KaOo-sensei’s!! (Note: This refers to Umezu Kazuo-sensei.)

“That’s why we’re begging you!!
“Manga awards!


[] A… // annoyi…

Page 18
Sfx: nod…

“I guess… it’s better than them spilling the beans…
[] And thus, Kana and the trio’s route to becoming manga artists began.

Page 19
[] Chapter 2
“I heard that there’re some really cool boys in the manga artist course!
ST: Morning-
“Eh? // Isn’t that course full of otakus?

“There!! Those three!
On book: Afternoon


Page 20
“Tezuka-sensei!! // Good morning!!
Sfx: bow
[] They’re already being annoying in the morning…!!

Page 21
“There aren’t any teachers who’re able to hold classes today as well,
“so please do some self-study~
ST: I’ll put the teaching materials here.

“Sensei!! It’s a self-study period, apparently!
Sfx: appear
[] It’d be great if these guys were two-dimensional characters.

“Well then, let’s not waste time. Could you tell us how manga is drawn?
“I’m really good at flip books! (Note: Flip books (or Parapara manga) is the type where you draw many frames, each with a succession of movements such that when you hold one end and flip through it quickly, the character appears as if it is moving.)

[] These guys look like they’re still newbies at this.

“…I guess I should give them the appropriate treatment, then.

Page 22
“…First of all, for the G-pens which are used to draw lines in manga,

“…I want you to carve them out from a block of metal by yourselves.
Sfx: clack clack clack
Sfx: phew

“For real…?
Sfx: murmur
“And as for the ink used for the G-pens…

“You are to extract them from squids.
Sfx: squirt
Sign: ink

Page 23
“Yeah… Pros certainly go all the way, don’t they?
Sfx: chatter chatter
“Isn’t it normally impossible to carve them from metal?
“So that’s the reason why so few people can become manga artists…

“…Isn’t that too soon for us?
“…I guess.
“…We were probably too full of ourselves…
[] That’s right. Give up quickly and just leave me alone!

Sfx: squeeze
“Is it really okay… to give up here…?

“So if we give up, the game’s over… huh…
“Yeah… that’s precisely it.

Page 24
[] Our game hasn’t even started!!

“…Then let’s carve it!!
On headband: Defeat the squid
“How can we call ourselves manga artists if we can’t even handle a squid!?
[] Ah, how annoying.

Page 25
[] This is bad. // The enthusiasm characteristic of ordinary people shown during events which I hate most, like the cultural festival, are beginning to manifest…

ST: It’s a festival, a festival!
Sign: Takoyaki

“…That was how it was done back then,

“However, you can buy them at any art supplies shop these days.
ST: There. The set of materials we were supplied with.

On headband: Defeat the squid

“Eh? // Is this really okay?
“We’re obtaining them this easily…
“We’ll have to use them wisely…
Sfx: fearful fearful

“And? How are we supposed to use them?
[] You’re asking me that!? // Now’s the time you should google it, right!?
Sfx: grr

[] My deadline’s around the corner, mind you!!
“Won’t we know how to, if we watch sensei do it?

Page 26
[] Eh?

Sfx: stare

[] Hey…
“Wow, // look…
[] Wait…

Page 27
“That girl’s being stared at by those three guys…
“How nice…
ST: It’d be great if I could join in…

[] Stop kidding!! Being stared at by real boys
[] just feels like torture to me!!

[] In addition, this is a manuscript for work…
[] I can’t afford to make mistakes…

Sfx: stare
[] Urgh…

Sfx: scratch scratch scratch scratch

Page 28
“It’s finished…

“Amazing!! You’re so skillful…!!
“Wasn’t that great? Wasn’t that fantastic?
Sfx: wow
“What amazing technique, sensei!

ST: As expected, pros are different!!
ST: I’m really moved!!

Page 29
[] You guys should just explode into smithereens!
Sfx: tremble tremble

[] Argh…! My lines are all crooked!! // I can’t use this!! // I have to redo starting from the draft!!
Sfx: cutesy

“Let’s work hard, too!!
Sfx: uproar
ST: Just do whatever you want…

Sfx: scratch scratch scratch scratch

Page 30
“Sorry, it’s impossible for me.
Sfx: sigh

[] …Huh?

“…Me neither.
“For some reason, I’ve become mentally lethargic…
“My eyes are tired, too.

“I guess I’m just not suited to occupations of such intricacies.
“Neither am I.
[] Hey.
[] A manga artist is such an occupation, mind you!

Page 31
“Say, aren’t you guys tired?
“I guess there’s a limit to how much we feel like doing in a day.
“Well, we have plenty of time, anyway.
[] Hey, hey, where has that metal-carving motivation from before gone to?

“Well then, sensei, we’ll be leaving for today.
ST: We’ll work hard starting tomorrow.

Sfx: slam
ST: Let’s go to a manga café~!

Page 32
“I’ve had enough of this school…
Sfx: sob sob sob
[] God of manga… will Kanna be able to endure what lies ahead…?

If you give up, the game’s over…

To be continued on 28th September

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