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07-Ghost 68

The Land of Seele

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Mar 19, 2011 08:20 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 68

Page 1
“We’ll have you return Pandora’s box,

“I refuse.
Sfx: voon

The huge crisis of a desperate situation…?

“If you intend to fight me,
“I will fight back, with all my power.
Sfx: bam

“There, see, told ya so.
“Just as I thought, we should’ve investigated the pope first.

Page 2
“You don’t have to worry. We know that you’re righteous.
[] Zehel

“I believe that you of all people will be able to protect that child till the end.
[] Profe

“We’ve convened under Jio-sama’s order // to investigate the pope, who made you out to be a bad person.
[] Fest

“We have to eliminate those
[] Ea

“Who intend to revive Verloren with all of our powers.
[] Randkalt

“This is the result we have obtained by ‘looking’ into the pope’s past with my power.
[] Relikt

“We now know
“That the pope is the true culprit
“Who is intending to revive Verloren.

Page 4
Kapitel 68: The Land of Seele

Shall I give you what you want?

Page 5
“Although we can only peep into or seal the memories that he remembers,
“Relikt is able to accurately go back in time // and recreate the past. Everyone was looking at that.

“However, // that does not mean that we saw all of the pope’s personal history.
“At best, we could only examine the 2 week period right before the war broke out,
“Since time flows at the same rate in reality while we are looking at the past.

[] The day before the ritual to transfer Pandora’s Box,
[] The Queen of Raggs appeared before the pope…
“Is it true that if I present this child to you, // my crimes will be forgiven?

“You will receive the blessings of God, and in addition, if you kill this child, you will be cursed…
“Before that happens, entrust him to me.

Page 6
“I sent you an envoy for that purpose.
“Oh… You are able to forsee everything, Pope…

“Fufu… Without knowing what he’ll used for…
[] The pope, who obtained the Prince,
[] Hid the child, put asleep by medicine, within the new Pandora’s Box,

[] Instigated the King of Raggs, and thus, succeeded in placing Verloren’s body within the child…

“There’s one thing I don’t understand, though. Why did the Queen hand the child over to the pope? // We should have investigated the queen…
ST: Hmm…
“…No, there is no need.

“Five years ago,
“The wedding between His Majesty and Tiashe’s mother, Miryia-sama, whom His Majesty fell in love with, // was not officially accepted due to their different social statuses…

Page 7
“Princess Vanessa from Antewort
“Was the one who later became his official wife in a political marriage…

“Because thedeeply jealous queen hated Tiashe,
“Out of concern for Tiashe, His Majesty allowed him to spend most of his days in the church.

[] …However,
[] When Tiashe was in the Raggs Castle that day,
[] An envoy had come from the Barsburg Empire, and I had travelled together with him to the Empire.
[] When I reached my destination, I found out that Tiashe had died.
[] By the time I had returned to the Raggs Castle, the funeral had already ended,
[] And His Majesty and I chased after the queen to the church…

“Your Majesty.
“The transfer of Pandora’s Box has been completed successfully.

Page 8
“I still do not believe… // that Tiashe is… dead…

“That corpse and Tiashe are just like two peas in a pod…

“That is not Tiashe.
“There’s no way I would have mistaken!

“Everyone else in the castle thinks I’m mad, but I’m urgently searching for the real Tiashe. You too…

“What are you saying, // dear!?
“That child was killed!! // That educator killed him!!

Page 9
“Please excuse me for this, Queen… but you seem to be trembling quite a bit…
“Is anything the matter?

“I know nothing!!
“I don’t know a single thing…!!

“Vanessa… I know that you don’t think very well of Tiashe…

Page 10
“Even if you’ve hidden Tiashe,
“I won’t be angry.

“Since we promised that we would share everything with each other,
“If you know anything, // would you please tell me?

“You treasure me very much.
“Just like how you treasure everyone equally, // you treasure me as well.

Page 11

“No matter how affectionately you look at me, // even if you gathered a million of such gazes,
“It can never match that one gaze you give that child born from that mistress!!

Page 12
“The reason being
“You look at that child as if you were seeing both child and mother!!

“That mistress will soon die…

“My chest feels as if it’s bursting from sadness.
“And it’s not because I feel sorry for the mistress.

“You continue to love that child more and more

Page 13
“Since within that child,
“That mistress continually lives on, for eternity!!

“Looking at that child at your side,
“I have to continue spending my life in misery.

“How many times
“Have I thought, ‘If only that child never existed’…

Page 14
“That’s why… // I gave…
“That child // to the pope…

Sfx: dash

Sfx: crack

“Forgive me, King of Raggs.

Page 15
[] Pope…
[] Why…
[] Tell me why!!

“If he gets revived and fuses with me in this body,
“I’ll be able to obtain all the wisdoms of the Seven Ghosts.

“If so, I’ll be able to save
“A great many more people!!

“Vertrag!! // No one will believe in what you say!!
“I am the Pope!!]
Sfx: crack

Page 16
“Raggs has betrayed us
“And stolen Pandora’s Box!!

“…Is that so. // …However, Vertrag, this matter has yet to be made public.
“For the pope, a symbol to guide the conscience of others, // to want to revive evil is an incident that is unheard of.
“It’s inevitable that the people would be in a state of mayhem.

“However, Archbishop Jio and the God Houses who already know of the truth
“Have already started confidential conferences with the Barsburg Empire.

“I’m sure the war will end soon.

“The King of Raggs…!!

Page 17
“This is great…
“This is really great…!!

“Still, to think that the object where Verloren’s spirit resides is in such a small brat…
ST: Hahahaha
Sfx: poke poke poke

ST: chi

Sfx: wham
“Stop touching my master so familiarly, you XXX!!
ST: Tch, I missed, huh.

Page 18
“Hey, he just said XXX. How was he brought up, huh?
“Michael-sama, I’m begging you,
Sfx: jerking
Sfx: sullen
“Please don’t make Tiashe say those words.
“That Queen may have been the cause.

“But it’s cute for a boy to be this energetic!
Sfx: hug

“You’re pretty as well, Profe.
ST: Ufufu
“Discrimination, eh, you bastard?

“Umm, sorry to disturb you while you’re busy, // but what will happen to what’s within this child?
Sfx: Hey hey

“Only Verloren’s past memories dwell within his wandering ‘soul’,
“But within the object where Verloren’s spirit resides lies all of our originator’s powers, doesn’t it? // Power equivalent to all 7 of ours.

Page 19
“You have a point… This is the first time I’ve seen a Pandora’s Box that is alive, // but will a human vessel be able to withstand it?
ST: Putting aside the issue of life and death.
“It would be able to last a hundred years, as a rough estimate.

“My master is already functioning splendidly as Pandora’s Box // to the extent that Verloren cannot be separated from my master.
“That is, as long as my master continues using my power to seal it.
“I will do my utmost to protect my master’s soul from being devoured. // Relax.

“…So, the problem is // having a living Pandora’s Box loitering around with its key attached to it.
ST: It’s exactly like having a double stroke of good luck. (literally: a duck carrying an onion)

Page 20
“If this gets disclosed to the public, forget the Barsburg Military,
“I was being silent since just now, but there you go pushing your luck!!
“Quit calling my master stuff like // brat or duck!! Zehel!!
Sfx: shoot shoot shoot shoot
“Military organizations throughout the world and those wishing for Verloren’s revival // would all attack this brat unanimously.

“There is no longer a place for this brat to live peacefully. // Gah!
Sfx: whump

“There are 2 reasons why I plan to go around to the God Houses.
“The first is to negotiate a ceasefire…

“The other is to bring this child to the Land of Seele.

Page 21
“So that was exactly what we were thinking of, huh.

“The Land of Seele… on the surface, // it’s said to be a holy land where, if one goes there, his body will cease to exist and his soul will be purified,
“No matter what terrible crimes he has committed or how corrupted he is, but

“The truth is that it is a forbidden land which lies beyond after passing through the gates of Hell… // A system programmed by the Chief of Heaven
“To completely eliminate Verloren.

Page 22
“Verloren’s execution grounds, so to speak.

“A millennium ago, the first generation of Ghosts // planned to drive Verloren to those execution grounds, but
“His power was far stronger than they had imagined.

“That was why there was a limit to sealing each and every part of him,
“With his ‘body’ sealed in the Eye of Michael
“And his ‘soul’ in the Eye of Raphael…

Page 23
“After that, // the previous generations tried to bring Pandora’s Box, which contained Verloren’s body, to Seele, but // not a single person succeeded.
“The reason was that that no one could bring in anything besides his own self into the Land of Seele.
“But it may be possible for this child, // whose body contains Verloren.

Page 24
“But having this child pass through the gates of hell…?

“Actually, this child went through hell just a moment ago while coming…

“I believe it would be wise to erase this child’s memories of the war…
“It’s too much for him.
“If he ever gets caught up in hatred, // this child may unlock the seal himself and revive Verloren…
Sfx: grab

“I… can still go on. // I promised Daddy…
“Mar-kun… Ka-kun… // Akkun too…

Page 25
“That I would not release my grip on the baton of life, for everyone’s sake.
“I won’t give up until the end.

“He’s got some unexpected fighting spirit.

Page 26
“They say that one should not hesitate when doing something good, so how about heading to the God Houses now? // I’ll bring you to your destination in a jiffy with my powers.
ST: By the way, where is this place?
ST: We’re at Ukishima H8.
“That really helps, Randkalt.

“Vertrag, do you remember the sequence to Seele? // The destinations of the gate of hell is divided into the different types of sin.
ST: Normal hell goes from rings 1 to 9. (Note: probably refers to the geography of Hell having 9 concentric rings deeper into the Earth and deeoer into the various punishments of Hell etc, from Divina commedia.)
“Accordingly, only the sin of Verloren is able to go to Seele.
“The method is simple. // You just have to collect the sins from the seven God Houses
“Who are the Seven Ghosts’, and consequently, Verloren’s descendents.

Page 27
“Those sins you collect will become the key,
“So hand it over to that child.

“In doing so, you can guide this child to the land of Seele.

“The Chief of Heaven is waiting beyond that. // He’ll apparently grant any one of your wishes.
“When you meet him, say this:

Page 28
“‘I want to
“Return to this world again.’

Page 30
[] …Ah, I know
[] hands that are similar to these.

[] They are a little violent,
[] but in some respects, gentle
[] and big…

Both past and present… The warm thoughts supporting Teito…

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