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07-Ghost 66

Tiashe 3

+ posted by kawaiiusagichan as translation on Mar 25, 2011 18:51 | Go to 07-Ghost

-> RTS Page for 07-Ghost 66

Page 1
[] Why were we born?

The memories of the past etched into the mind…

Page 2
[] The light dwells
[] within those unwavering eyes,
[] and with those hands,
[] grasp the limitless future
Kapitel 66: Tiashe 3

Page 4
“Well then, please observe
“The true power of the Eye of Raphael.

Sfx: pant pant pant

“Mar-kun!! // Ka-kun!!

“Don’t go there!! // Come back!!

Page 5
Sfx: swoosh

“Activating level 82
“Impact confirmed.
“Targeted site 1280km away.

Page 6
“Stop… // it!!
“Stop right now!!
[] This is // the voice of // that child.
“Preparing for attack.

“Intruder detected… bzzz…
Sfx: roar

Page 7
“Eliminating immediately.
Sfx: roar

“Activating level 80.
“Stop it now!!
Sfx: Bzzz

“Targeted site 1378km away.

“Impact confirmed. Annihilating 1179 km2.
“Don’t kill any more!! // Don’t destroy any more!!

Page 8
Sfx: bam

Page 9
[] …Who are you?

[] Are you the child I’m fighting against…?

“don’t want… to kill anyone anymore…

Page 10
“Oh!! Amazing!!
“1/6 of that continent has vanished!!

“Kuh… That’s enough, stop it right now!!
Sfx: bam
“That land is our spoils of war!! You’re decreasing our precious resources!!

“My, my. // This Raggs War which we have wished for since years ago…

“How about enjoying it for a while longer?
“This is an excellent opportunity to test out the fruits of our research, after all…

Page 11
“You fool!! // Have you forgotten!?
“The goal of our military is to acquire that continent!!

“The amount of zaiphon reserves in the Raggs continent is twice that of our Empire’s… // In other words, it’s a goldmine of a continent…
“In the coming age, we will establish zaiphon as our Empire’s new industry, // and monopolize the world’s economy.

“That’s right.
“To start a war,

Page 12
“Any reason would suffice.

Page 14
[] She vanished…?

“I’ve switched Raphael to standby mode.

Sfx: rumble

Page 15
“Please take a look at the analysis of the activation level data.

“It was set at level 10 in only this place.
“However, at the other 12 impact sites, the activation levels were set at high values, ranging from 90-70…

“Hmm… try recalibrating it.
“I’m sure this will further increase the accuracy.

Page 16
“Well then, here’s the schedule for recalibration…

Sfx: swoosh

“What… in the world…

Page 17
“The harbor…
“The continent… was annihilated…

Page 18
“I’m glad this old church was still left standing…
“Prince… please stretch out your hands. // I’ll tend to your wounds…



“…Mar-kun and // Ka-kun and…
“…Akkun and… everyone… // Everyone fought so hard for us, but…

Page 19
“I couldn’t protect them…
“I couldn’t… protect them…

“Prince… // Prince, listen well.
Sfx: squeeze

“This is their pride.
“You have an important mission. // To allow you to survive, they entrusted you with their lives and departed.

Page 20
“You must not let go
“of this baton of your life which they entrusted you with.

Page 21
[] “My heart is always with you, Prince.”

[] “Please take care of it until I get back.”

[] “This is the last game of toss-me-up we’re playing, okay?”

Page 22
Sfx: rustle

Sfx: gasp

Page 23
“And I thought this place would definitely be the correct spot.

Sfx: roll

Page 25
[] Huh…? It’s suddenly completely dark…
[] Where is this place…? A tunnel…?

Sfx: rub rub

Sfx: rub
“…? It’s so bright…

Sfx: rub

Page 26
“Is this place… Heaven…?

“Good work,
Sfx: thud

“I’ve brought Vertrag.

Page 27-28
“We’ll have you return Pandora’s Box,

Page 29
Teito and the Father, surrounded. Will they be able to get through this desperate situation…?

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